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Immigration increases foreign trade: study

David Landes · 17 Sep 2009, 16:11

Published: 17 Sep 2009 16:11 GMT+02:00

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Between 2002 and 2007, roughly 200,000 people immigrated to Sweden. During the same period, the total value of Sweden’s imports and exports nearly doubled, and according to research carried out by economist Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, there is a connection between the two phenomena.

By looking at both trade and immigration statistics for the five year period, Hatzigeorgiou concluded that every 10 percent increase in the number of immigrants to Sweden from a specific country increased Sweden’s exports to that country by 6 percent.

At the same time, imports from the same country increased by 9 percent on average.

“The study shows that if immigration increased by about 12,000 people, that leads to an increase in exports of about 7 billion kronor ($1 billion),” Hatzigeorgiou said in an interview posted on the Swedish foreign ministry website.

Currently, immigrants account for roughly 20 percent of all new companies formed in Sweden, with an estimated 250,000 companies run by residents with foreign backgrounds.

According to Hatzigeorgiou, immigrants contribute to increased foreign trade by offering specialized knowledge, cultural competence, and contacts to Swedish businesses looking to export to new markets.

“[Immigrant entrepreneurs] are well-equipped to do business in their former homelands and can also serve as guides to Swedish companies who want to establish themselves abroad,” he said.

Hatzigeorgiou's work, which is set for publication in November in Ekonomisk Debatt, a Swedish economic journal, has been used as the basis for a new project to help expose foreign-born business owners in Sweden to business opportunities abroad.

“We have a unique resource among our foreign-born which we haven’t paid enough attention to. This study shows that immigration is something extremely positive for Sweden,” trade minister Ewa Björling told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

The project, entitled Kosmopolit, calls for the creation of networks of foreign-born entrepreneurs that will allow them to exchange information and experiences with one another.

“In other countries, like the United States, for example, these sorts of networks get created on their own,” said Hatzigeorgiou.

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“In Sweden, these sorts of networks don’t exist in the same way.”

Currently, the network consists of about 50 mostly small- and medium-sized businesses, but according to Björling, large, traditional Swedish companies likes Ericsson, Volvo AB, and Scania have also shown an interest in the project.

“It’s important for large companies to absorb these lessons and understand the importance of employing people with foreign backgrounds,” she told DN.

David Landes (david.landes@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:45 September 17, 2009 by this_aint_sparta
Lets now wait for the "SONs OF THE SOIL" to convince Andreas Hatzigeorgiou that "BUT STILL"
16:52 September 17, 2009 by waspy
"...every 10 percent increase in the number of immigrants to Sweden from a specific country increased Sweden's exports to that country by 6 percent.

At the same time, imports from the same country increased by 9 percent on average."

If exports increase by 6% while imports rise by 9% that would eventually result in a trade deficit, or an increase in an existing trade deficit, with the country of origin of those immigrants.

So I guess the conclusion is that immigration is bad for maintaining or establishing a trade surplus.
16:59 September 17, 2009 by summer
i can say that this report is true. Though many will doubt, but this is a reality
17:19 September 17, 2009 by Greg in Canada
The other thing immigrants tend to bring in is better restaurants.

This study doesn't take in consideration of the freeloaders who have immigrated and aren't working or haven't started their own businesses or the possible social consequences that mass immigration to Sweden can create.

There are pros and cons of "multi-culturalism".
18:26 September 17, 2009 by occassional
Oh yes...and as a direct consequence you can now buy your favourite brand of bulgur at your local supermarket and pick your favourite Afghanistan travel brochures at the local barber when you trim your crop. There is also a wider selection of designer range burqas to be availed of for any occassion, all flown in as the trade demand soars.
18:51 September 17, 2009 by MTH
Sweden was PERFECT before immigration. We dont need immigrants. What needs to be made better is the immigrants countries itself. In that case what needs to be done, if this news are true, is to bring sweedish people to those countries, and so they would benefit of the trade. Also i wish immigrants would get a sense of PATIOTIC feelings for their mother lands and go back there to FIGHT AND MAKE THEIR OWN COUTRIES BETTER!!!.
19:17 September 17, 2009 by Per Johansson52
again a good positive news about immigrants, It would help Sweden

Every year America accepts more than 100000 people including their families... Sweden is a big country we need more people as well to have strong economy...
19:17 September 17, 2009 by tigger007

what immigrants would you like to be moving to sweden? MTH for some reason people who move to sweden from more MODERN states,they aren't immigrants they are visitors on a long holiday.i have been living in SWE for 7.5yrs i'm i a immigrant too. i hope so because i moved here and i'm patiotic as hell to america and proud of it but, get this i would fight for sweden if an invader would try to take over sweden. MTH why would i feel this way? i will tell you my home is my backyard and i'll be damn if anybody tries to tell me what to do in my backyard!

this is an immigrant speaking!
19:20 September 17, 2009 by efm
Swedish people immigrated to the USA, spec. in the midwest and they have contributed to the wealth and dynamism of the USA. So did Italians, Jews,

English, Irish, Chinese,Norwegians, Filipinos, Mexicans etc.

I don't know if Sweden realized that, and perhaps the Racist nativism always prevail in Sweden.

One half of Nobel prize winners from the USA are of foreign birth.

USA wants the best and brightest from all over the world.
21:26 September 17, 2009 by svenskdod
The article doesn't not indicate any ethnicity. If SÄPO doesn't actually include this then why would this agency. It would be interesting to see these statistics.

Immigration from refugees is not the way to develop trade relations. Incentives for skilled, or educated people is what is needed. There is very high unemployment right now, and increasing the uneducated or unskilled population is just adding to the problem. If this plan leads to more highly educated people in Sweden, then I hope they succeed here.

However if this agency/committee simply continues on the path that is before us, then it is heading for severe social and financial problems. The unrest that has begun in towns like Uppsala, Rosengård, etc is just the beginning. High unemployment leads to more crime and social unrest.

I hope this leads to a better situation in Sweden, but to me it looks like just another committee that will discuss many things, but actually do nothing. This is the Swedish way......
21:38 September 17, 2009 by bettan1
How did I know the "Lebensborn" gang would chime in on this one ???
22:36 September 17, 2009 by max79
Social benefits, the low scale wars in the suburbs, crime etc... oh yeah, we really earn a lot from having them all here!!!
23:10 September 17, 2009 by mkvgtired
Immigration is good. As long as the "import" associated with the immigrants is not a radical religious ideology.
23:37 September 17, 2009 by face2face2talk
@ MTH:

Each country that accept immigrants follow some targets. Look at Canada or Australia! They are absorbing the immigrants from all over the world. They are attracting the best well-educated talents and skilled workers from developing countries. Why they need them?! They can't close the gates?! Of course, they can do that but it indicates of a very amateur view if you say that immigrants should come back and make their own countries better! Be sure that if some social and financial aspects were perfect in their homelands, they didn't need to migrate and come to Sweden to start from ZERO!

Your government knows very well that what's going on and how to manage them in a right way.Don't worry!
23:58 September 17, 2009 by jag2009

I tell you what lets take all the immirgrants out of Sweden would you then take out all the Swedish from America etc... By the time you get down to the "TRUE GENTIC SWEDISH" which have no other blood you can really begin to wonder if taking out the immirgrants is a good idea. Learn from the european countries: Germany, UK, France. You seem to forget you speak english... UK .... the imports and medical Germany.... you basically realy on immirgrants...even your doctors are foreign...
00:45 September 18, 2009 by ppk
@ Per Johansson52,

"Sweden is a big country we need more people as well to have strong economy"

Don't you think that Sweden have already a strong economy?

I think so, and I think too it comes with Swedish culture. Replace Swedish culture by third world culture and wait to see...

And even if you right, is economy more important than way of life?

Each culture must have the right to survive, especialy when this culture attract all the world.

Nine millions peoples it's not enough to play the deadly game of open immigration.
02:29 September 18, 2009 by ofdesign
I like this article's thinking!!! I think Sweden can be the key to Middle East peace. You see, Israel can't take in the Palestinians because the Jews would be killed off. The Palestinians don't want to absorb 4,000,000 4th generation so-called 'refugees' into a land with limited space and resources. In places like Lebanon the Palestinians are locked into camps, they are not allowed political representation, freedom of profession, or academic freedom -- who could absorb them in the name of peace? SWEDEN!!! If Sweden absorbs 2,000,000 Palestinians, the exports would increase by 5000%!. In addditiion, the Palestinians would make terrific Swedish citizins. The people are very similar.
02:35 September 18, 2009 by efm
I don't think that accepting other cultures will somewhat degrade or diminish Swedish culture. That's a narrow minded view common among conservatives.

Any educated business oriented or talented people admitted to Sweden makes Sweden better and richer and better. The insecure Swedes will say no to that.

I think Sweden should change it's quota system and admit people who will potentially contribute tothe betterment of the country.

Why do you think the USA admits doctors, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world? By the way it also accept farm workers to harvest crops!

Those 9 million swedes can only do so much. If it wants to compete in the world stage, it should be smart enough to attract talents, brains, ,money, and yes other people to help and contribute to Sweden.
03:02 September 18, 2009 by Tony Ryals
I am not racist or neccessarily even culturist but from afar I look at Europe's assimilation of Middle Eastern immigrants and also a culture of no birth control and importing of Islam and I grow afraid for you.It is true your 'leaders' are very myopic and making dealswith MidEast devilsthat will come back.

It does not solve population growth problem but at least in America the majority have been Mexican and Latin American and at least their religion is usually Catholic and so they don-t really have strick Islamic like dress codes,etc..In fact I think anyone who wants Sharia law should bne allowed to immgrate to Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Dubai or UAE immediately and have a right to a Mosque built there by those Islamofacists my U.S.government supports with hanging lynch mob style the leaders of the secular Baathist Party of Iraq,etc..

I propose reciprocation.If any Swede or person of the EU so wishes I suggest they have a right to demand that the Saudi,Kuwait and EU royals open a homeland for Palestinian or Afghanistan or other Mideast refugees including the Iraq

Aramaic speaking Christians whose Iraq homeland has been decimated by their collusion with the U.S. and Israelis who caused 9/11 and themost recent chaos in Middle East and world history to begin with.

It was the Kuwait Al Sabah royals who with Marvin Bush,lesser known of the G.H.W.Bush's idiot killer sons,who 'guarded' Dulles and the WTC before and on 9/11 in the first place leading to a Shiite facist 'democaracy' that destroyed Tariq Aziz Christian Aramaic(language of 'Jesus)speaking people in Iraq the first place.It was the SAUDIS WHO FUNDED MANY OF THE SAUDI SUSPECTS IN THE 9/11 TRAGEDY AS WELL.It was the Sheikh Mohamed of Dubai(WHO NOW CONTROLS MUCH OF SWEDISH OMX STOCK EXCHANGE) whose country and banks sent money pre 9/11 to Mohamed Atta at Wally Hilliard's terrorist flight school in Venice,Florida owned by Wally Hilliard,friend to ex Florida Governor Jeb Bush.It was the Netherlands that had two citizens training them there !And the Netherlands also hosted the main office of Israeli scum and Israeli government connected ICTS International who 'guard Logan Airport where the two planes that hit the New York WTC on 9/11/01 originated from in the first place,running a massive stock fraud against Americans at the same time!The Israelis,Saudis, Kuwaitis,Dubai and UAE OWE US all war reparations for 9/11.

Maybe some Swedes or Europeans or Americans would like to try their hands at desert agriculture and have a Koran and Torah free MidEast zone.Is that possible ? And if not,the countries mentioned above and their leaders need to be pressured and lobbyed by both the EU and the U.S. WHO SUPPORT AND DEFEND THESE ISLAMOFACIST STATES !

I'd say Bildt should be lobbying for you for a change and not for Barack Osama and Rahm Emanuel and the sheikhs of Kuwait and Dubai and Saudi Arabia or religious fanatics of Israel ! Save the Europeans for a change.
03:42 September 18, 2009 by Tony Ryals
Swedish government is sure silent about these transients who boarded

the Russian boat off Sedish coast.Are they Russian or I sraeli mafia or what ?


Lawyers for suspected Arctic Sea hijackers say clients are peaceful seamen who needed help

Bureau News September 16th, 2009

MOSCOW - Lawyers for eight men accused of hijacking the Arctic Sea freighter as it passed through the Baltic Sea said Wednesday their clients are peaceful seamen who were merely practicing maritime skills when their boat ran into trouble.

They said the eight defendants who have been charged in a Russian court with abduction and piracy had done nothing wrong and only climbed onto the freighter off Sweden to seek help because their inflatable rubber boat was taking on water...
04:49 September 18, 2009 by soultraveler3
mkvgtired is 100% right.

"Immigration is good. As long as the "import" associated with the immigrants is not a radical religious ideology."

Diversity almost always improves the quality of live in a country.

The HUGE problem here in Sweden is that almost all of the immigrants are refugees with radical religious views.

Alot of these people have been told their whole lives that "western culture" is evil and that anyone who isn't muslim has no morals. Most of these immigrants also take their religion alot more seriously than most people of western cultures do.

Yeah, there's nuts in just about every religion but the percentage of extremists is higher among people from certain countries. Combine that with the fact that violence is commonplace there and it becomes a really dangerous mix.

Why doesn't Sweden look to countries with a more similar ethos? There are many people from different parts of the world that would love the chance at a new and better life in Sweden. Those people would be more willing to assimilate into the culture and alot more appreicative.

You wouldn't have the problem of Swedish women being viewed as targets of violence because of how they're dressed. You wouldn't have people setting fires and throwing stones and bottles at police that are trying to help people.

Sure there'd still be some problems, but not as many and not as severe.

Not to mention the fact that helping people from all over the world versus helping people from only one part of the world would lead to more diversity. Different restaurants, different stores, different art.

Imo, this article isn't doing much besides pointing out an obivious fact. When non-swedes move here of course they're going to want something different than köttbullar och potatis. That goes for clothing too, not everyone in the world wants to wear skin tight everything in all black. :)

Just as a side note, I'd be curious to see how many of those 250,000 companies are pizza and hamburger places. Sweden supports more pizza / hamburger places than I thought humanly possible.

I live in a town of about 10,000 and there is literally over 30 different places to get kebab, pizza, korv etc. I know many people that eat at those places multiple times per week. It's sick and I think it's funny that every swede I talk to likes to rip on americans about our eating habits.
05:05 September 18, 2009 by Greg in Canada
Some of you people are getting it - only accept immigrants that will assimulate and contribute to the society in a positive way. Tell the others to stay home. Sweden should encourage "business class" immigration. People that have money to invest in business creation should be fast tracked through the system as should people that have skills that are needed in the job markets.
12:42 September 18, 2009 by Rick Methven

"The HUGE problem here in Sweden is that ALMOST ALL of the immigrants are refugees with radical religious views"

So in your small town of 10,000 people you are overrun by jihadists. Are all your pizza and kebab outlets hotbeds of radical Muslims?. Come off it. Where is your proof that almost all immigrants are radical Muslims?. As to the Pizza parlors and Kebab houses, how many serve korv or what about Pizza with Skinka? These are not 'Radical Muslims'. Even touching pork is abhorrent to any true Muslim. I am allergic to pork and pork products and have to be careful what I eat. Eating in an immigrant run restaurant is no guarantee that the food is pork free, because the people running them are either not Muslim or are secular Muslims who do not follow the faith. The past month has been an eye opener to see how many of these so called and despised 'radical Muslims' that we are being swamped with are sitting in cafes and bars in the middle of the day having a beer or a fika during Ramadan. Just because they come from a so called 'Muslim Country' that they are either practicing or radical. 85% of Swedes are members of the Church of Sweden and pay 1.98% of their income to the Church. Does that means that they are Radical Christians? How many full churches have you seen in Sweden on a Sunday morning?

I live in a City of 130,000 people. We have so many kebab and Pizza outlets that I could not begin to count. Many Swedes prefer them to McDonalds or Burger King. They also prefer a good Swedish MAX burger to the less healthy American alternatives when they have the choice.

Immigrants to any country like to have the food that they eat in their country of origin, that normal. That has meant that there has been a increase in the number of new immigrant owned companies importing food from the countries where immigrants originate. These companies, pay taxes to the government just like any Swedish company does. They also help promote export of Swedish goods to those countries. It is all good business and increases the GNP of the country.
13:03 September 18, 2009 by Beynch
What else does it increase? And what kind of balance act do we need to engage in in order to create a palatable Swdish society?
13:20 September 18, 2009 by glamelixir
I think some unnecesary racist comments about immigrants are due to a lack of analysis in the matter.

Sweden's problem with immigration is that most of the immigrants are refugies with no or little possibilities of integration due to lack of education or religious backgrounds. (as many of you wisely stated) How on earth are we going to deal with cultural differences if the ones coming in are extremists that prefer to lock themselves in gettos not to change their believes. Tolerance is not even brought by the ones entering the country even.

On the other hand Sweden has a big bounch of highly educated immigrants with amazing cvs from their homelands, who ended here as free mover or as "refugees of love" as I state. Many of them EU citizens even (as it is my case italian, licenciat in PR, master degree in psychology and public opinion and speaking fluent 4 languages including Swedish). This kind of immigrants either return due to the lack of possibilities or stay for love living a misserable life serving tables or cleaning toilets while Swedes that barely ended gymnasiet teach their kids in school.

Sweden has to review their policies about immigration. As a EU citizen many times I have found myself fighting for my rights in migrationsverket or skatteverket, when I needn't do that. This country has an agreement with mine, and I have no doubts that I, and many other highly educated immigrants that I meet daily and are in my situation, could bring to this country expertise and knowladge as well as a new vision of multiculturalism.

These refugee policy, that has created a huge amount of dependant people on the system, who in many cases are bringing illegally their other family members and opening a falafel store in the black market are making a generalized concept of immigration that is not true. SWEDEN is scared of talking or pushing them out, they are scared of being called racists, but at the same time they discriminate other immigrants on daily basis by denying their rights, or not giving chances for an expertise job.

I worked 12 years in the music industry in Argentina, I have all the contacts needed in that country which has many music festivals and imports music. Sweden has music export as one of his biggest industries. How come nobody is interested in that asset? how come the only job I can get in Sweden is being a waitress? This kind of stories are constant if you talk to highly educated immigrants.

I think we should start talking about immigration making some specific statements and not generalizing so much.
14:31 September 18, 2009 by soultraveler3
Lol " Rick Methven!

Didn't mean to get your panties in a twist there. :)

What I said about most immigrants to sweden being refugees with radical religious views is true.

1) A huge percentage of immigrants to Sweden are refugees. There's no arguing that.

2) When I said radical religious views I meant in comparison to western religions and through the eyes of western culture and society. That is also true. I'm not talking about jihadists.

Western religions, for the most part, don't force women to cover parts of their face or body, don't have restrictions on what you can eat, allow women to be independent etc.

Religion in general doesn't play as big a role in western society and is does in middle eastern society. When thousands of people with completly differnt views on life, society, religion and women move into a country the size of Sweden it's going to and has caused problems.

and...just for the record I never said muslims, you did. So maybe look at yourself before going off on some rant about what another person posted. Especially when your rant, for the most part centered on what the other person said in jest. Note the smiley face and the fact that I said it was funny.

I don't care if it's a local kiosk, a Max or a McDonalds, it's all nasty, craptastic food I won't touch. Btw, I seriously doubt that Max is of much better nutrional value than the evil american chains, but if it makes you feels better to assume so, go for it lol.

Relax, breathe, and untwist those panties. :)
16:27 September 18, 2009 by DreEstwd
Don't worry, Soultraveler. The appropriately named, Rick Meth-van is on a mission to bring every single refugee/asylum seeker from the worst places in the world to Sweden for any reason. And once they are here, he wants to make sure that they are allowed to commit as much crime as possible, take as much bidrag as they can and integrate as little as possible. And if anyone says anything about it, Rick Meth-van will be the first to let them know how much of a RACIST they really are. Because why should he let anything as petty as facts or statistics get in the way of his crusade to stamp out racism wherever it may or may not exist?
16:56 September 18, 2009 by Pauli
What typical rubbish routinely churned out in every western country to justify the complete demographic and cultural change fostered upon its inhabitants without mandate.

And as always, these figures, if anyone is brave enough to scrutinise them will be revealed as completely false - there was a recent similar report in the UK and proper research showed that the any real additional revenue was being sent back overseas to the immigrants homeland and not being kept in the UK and that the figures in the original study were false in any case and the cost of benefit, housing and the cost and effects of crime far outweighed any perceived benefit.

Wake up!

Already firemen in Rosengård are reporting that fires are started deliberately so that the Muslims can ambush them, that they are having to wear special helmets to protect against the rocks being thrown at them, and are having to borrow bullet proof vests to their job!! Insane!!!


And these immigrants are still a minority even in this area!! Who would have thought that this could happen in Sweden 20 years ago?

All the rubbish about a country "needs" third world immigrants is just the economic lie replacement / bolster to the false sentimental lie that you are responsible for "refugees."

Every western country has thousands of its own graduates going without work; and of course more doctors, nurses, etc. are only needed when the population expands rapidly and exponentially through mass immigration, a factor that is then used to justify more!!!

This is not racism - that old PC favourite for heretics - this is common sense and reality.

Wake up Sweden!
12:14 September 19, 2009 by Playmaker
well if you belive are not. most all swedes i work with (construction ind.) do not see me as an immigrant. people who come from america, canada, austrila, New Zeeland. are not seen as immigrants maybe it is because i am white also. my whole electric company voted for SD. someone has said in earlier post that "birds of a feather flock together" well i know other american and we do not live in the same area. you dont see americans or other western countries trying to live in the same place. so does that mean we are of the same flock with a different tounge? it is mainly muslims who huddel together. thats why Sodeltalie is called "little bagdad". so i do not see myself as a immigrant. maybe because most western countries have the same ideals.

Is there any other people who flock together i can only think of muslims. so immigration does need to be like Finland, norway, USA. bring in those who can help, contribute from day 1

sorry for the spelling mistakes did not have time to look up all words, but i think you can understand me.

13:13 September 19, 2009 by Tutu
the study is telling us what we already know. Only ignorant and shallow minded swedes have problem with immigrants. Volvo, ikea, saab, electrolux, skanska and others did not build their business empires on 9 million swedes.

However i have problem with the kind of people Sweden let in. they encourage polical refugees more than economic ones. They prefer people with no profession that than the educated ones but with unfavourable circumstance. That is why usa have Obama today. People that have nothing to offer than trouble are allowed in. These people ran away from persecution to Sweden. AFter they have being fed by sweden they RETALIATED by wanting to bomb sweden in favour of the country and religion that chased them out in the first place.
13:28 September 19, 2009 by Tutu
I saw a poster in uk some years ago defining what racism is. The posters shows differrent kind of brains that represent races, sexes, heights and so on. The poster proves that all these do not affect smartness. The poster showed a racist as being retarded. I thought racists have shallow brains and never think outside of the box. They only see things from their own point of view and will never accept any other view than that that their retarded brains gave them
16:20 September 19, 2009 by Pauli

I have never seen any such poster - maybe you can provide a link to it?

But if you really think a poster can prove anything then I would suggest that indicates a "shallow retarded brain."

You see these types of insults are the lifeblood of the PC cultist upon discovering that their all powerful trump smear of 'racist" hs no effect on some people - these people must be mentally ill.

This is the real truth of third world immigration:

In Denmark non-whites committed 68% of all rapes, and it was revealed that non-whites were over-represented in all crime by an average of 46% and in Copenhagen 47.5% of prisoners on remand for serious crimes were non-white. In Norway it was found that two out of three charged with rape in Oslo were non-white, whilst in Sweden it as found that a rapist was four times more likely to have been born abroad - with Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominating the group of rape suspects and that non-whites were responsible for 25% of all crime in Sweden A survey in Australia found that in Melbourne magistrate's courts, offenders from the horn of Africa and the Middle East were 20 times the representative proportion of their population…


In the UK it was leaked that 73% of those charged with knife crime were non-white (whist the victims made up the largest group) Over 70 per cent of London's gun suspects were black, as were 50 per cent of the victims. In 80% of gang rape cases, the defendants were black. There are five times more young blacks in prison then whites.


Just one link for each due to link spam policy, but all are available

Sweden wake up!!!
19:04 September 19, 2009 by Nutcracker
Paul: Well said. They are certainly waking up in Brussels, where Moslems have been rioting for several nights in 5 Moslem-dominated districts. Vlaams Belang says if the police are unable to quell the rioting that the army should be called in. Among the wounded policemen, one has said of the mayor, who has done nothing, that the mayor "has chosen the side of his electorate" (meaning the Moslems). This: (a future voting bloc), supposedly cheap labor (except that most Moslems don't work & are drains on the economies), and the promise by the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference) of unrestricted access to oil by the EU, are the real reasons for Moslem presence in Europe, not the 'refugees from persecution' line. http://downeastblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/heavy-rioting-in-parts-of-brussels-by.html
01:13 September 20, 2009 by totyis

What a heck is going on in Brussels? Thanks for the link. Found another one related to this http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xaj37v_emerging-new-english-generation-man_lifestyle

The guy that speaks at min 5 is a judge in a sharia court in london. I've seen him even on some Swedish chanel in a documentary.
09:26 September 20, 2009 by Leprehcaun
@ Tutu!

It's sad that you're serious. You are a perfect example of an immigrate that I hate. An immigrant who say, "we built Sweden and your companies, you can't do anything without us". There are so many stup!d things you said that I'm not sure where to start.

1. I have big problems with immigrants yet I have friends of all skin colors. You can have valid problems with immigrants because there are many many valid problems with immigrants; your whole comment is one of them.

2. Those businesses haven't, at all, built their empires with the help of immigrants. At all. All of those companies built their empires before this whole mass immigration started too and immigrants are usually poor and the only company that you people can afford to buy things at is IKEA and you don't buy enough to actually make a difference in profits.

3. We let in refugees because they need help, because they might be killed. We HATE economic immigration. The only thing worse than economic immigration is sexual immigration (Americans). I'd rather die than let either in, but my death wouldn't stop it so..

4. Obama was born in the US, his mother was uneducated. He got his education at Harvard, it has nothing to do with their immigration policy.

I think that's it.
12:38 September 20, 2009 by Beynch
Sweden needs a 10-year moratorium on all immigration, except for skilled, highly educated, workers. Special emphasis on a moratorium on family reunion immigration(familjeåterförening) All new arrivals should be barred from any use of public assistance.
13:15 September 20, 2009 by Nutcracker

One of the authors of the book reviewed (Modern Day Trojan Horse: Islamic Doctrine of Migration (hijra) is Sam Solomon, a former moslem and trained Sharia jurist and now a convert to Christianity. Migration to non-moslem countries is part of islamic doctrine of hijra, duty to migrate and to increase numbers of moslems in formerly non-moslem areas, to build mosques, raise the profile of islam and moslems there, establish sharia finance, demand accommodation to islamic practices from non-moslems, etc, as preparatory to other forms of jihad for the victory of islam.
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This tasty cake is an autumn staple in Swedish cafés. Why not make it yourself!

Facebook slammed for cutting Swedish breast cancer video
File photo of the landing page of the Swedish version of Facebook. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The social media giant removed a breast cancer awareness video because it deemed the images "offensive," according to the Swedish Cancer Society.

Pastor rapped for depicting rival as Nazi in church play
A different pastor. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The pastor allegedly found it funny.

In Pictures: Look inside this perfect Swedish island home
This modern Gotland home was designed and built by two Swedes. Photo: United Frog Studios/AB

Anna-Lena and Johan designed and built their home with tall beautiful windows, a smart heating system, and a separate section for their greyhounds.

Cannabis worth millions seized at Swedish port
A file photo of a Swedish police cannabis find not related to the story. Photo: Polisen

The 300kg haul was found by in a truck which drove off a ferry in Karlskrona.

Roll over Volvo: there’s a new Swedish car in town
Photo: Björn Olsson

Car developers in Gothenburg have given Volvo a new sibling.

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