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Swedish girls suffer widespread harassment: report

TT/The Local · 20 Sep 2009, 10:30

Published: 20 Sep 2009 10:30 GMT+02:00

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There are large differences between how girls and boys are affected from violence in society.

"Girls are more exposed to sexual violence, while boys are more exposed to physical violence," Helena Blom, one of the researchers in Sundsvall in northern Sweden told Sveriges Radio's Ekot news programme.

Over 2,000 young girls and almost 1,000 young men who paid a visit to one of nine selected youth clinics in the spring of 2007 were included in the study.

The young people were given a series of questions to respond to describing their experiences of violence and grade the level of severity.

The survey showed that six percent of girls had experienced the most serious sexual offence - rape.

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The research has been conducted in collaboration with Umeå University and the National Centre for Knowledge on Men's Violence Against Women (NCK).

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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11:35 September 20, 2009 by unkle strunkle
"Sweden needs to do much more to clamp down on rapists, according to reports from Amnesty International and the United Nations. Jennifer Heape examines the disparity between the country's high incidence of rape and its low conviction rate."

11:40 September 20, 2009 by here for the summer
Why doesn't this trigger a response in Sweden to protect it's children?
11:42 September 20, 2009 by magic1964
The problem is that if Swedish government put tougher rules against rapist.......it will be considered against human rights by amnesty. Amnesty and other associations are actually one of the reason why rapes and crimes are increasing.
12:22 September 20, 2009 by futureishere
6%??? Isn't this figure outrageous?
12:38 September 20, 2009 by here for the summer
@magic1964 i think it is the opposite of what you say. The Amnesty International says that Sweden is wrong for not enforcing rape laws. as reported in the local.

"Sweden needs to do much more to clamp down on rapists, according to reports from Amnesty International and the United Nations. Jennifer Heape examines the disparity between the country's high incidence of rape and its low conviction rate. "
12:42 September 20, 2009 by Dr. Dillner
Castration is an effective punishment.
13:12 September 20, 2009 by magic1964
OK.....for once I agree with amnesty !!!
13:17 September 20, 2009 by here for the summer
The biggest concern to me is that these victims are children .. this is about girls not women ..
15:27 September 20, 2009 by Erwin Mahnke
And let us be clear about this - it is not the breast feeding Swedish men raping the girls, nor some Norwegian trolls from the woods.

But you want it exactly like this, don't you?
15:31 September 20, 2009 by CarlBlack
This would be serious if it was true, but I doubt the quality of the survey, especially if its organizer wants to get media attention. First of all it is statistically influenced by being done at a clinic and not a more common place like a school. it could have been even done in a section where rape victims are likely to be sent. Second, the formulation is also important: I've heard that Sweden tends to classify as a rape also a situation when girl agree to have a sex while being drunk, and later changes her mind.
15:33 September 20, 2009 by Captcha
This makes for an eye catching story, but you need to ask yourself who did the research, and do they have an agenda.

The Umia group findings may be self-serving. Harassment could mean "you throw like a girl" or it could be very troublesome in nature and tone. Rape was not defined. It may be a seven year old boy trying to simulate sex with a seven year old girl or a homosexual pedophile intent on doing what they do. I believe THE LOCAL should have provided more detail. But then again, I'm usually wrong.
15:45 September 20, 2009 by eZee.se
Think of the children....
16:15 September 20, 2009 by expert
I feel sorry for the girls...., punishment should be strict for the rapists.
16:18 September 20, 2009 by DreEstwd
Well, we all know who is doing the vast majority of the raping. Just vote SD and solve this problem. Also, Swedish women should be smarter than to involve themselves with Middle Eastern men.
17:51 September 20, 2009 by Uncle
I agree with CarlBlack. Thousands of teens are drinking alcohol in liters. A girl wakes up the next morning with a guy in her bed and claims a rape. What the hell? The guys are usually as drunk as the chicks - why the responsibility is solely on them, may I ask?

Many of the cases that ARE considered a rape in liberal Sweden are not considered as such in many western countries.
18:04 September 20, 2009 by here for the summer
@carlback and @uncle ,

In the case you imagine who is giving drugs or alcohol to underage people. It's illegal even in Sweden to provide alcohol to people under 18. 2nd in Sweden as in most of the west it's impossible for a person beyond a certain level of intoxication to consent .. so in this case Sweden is no different.
19:37 September 20, 2009 by glamelixir
I know of many swedish girls that "fake that they have been rape" during trips in order to claim insurence money. According to Trigg hansa, they are not allow to ask for details about it and give away up tp 150.000 kr not to make them feel unconfortable with the situation.

I am also aware of the same situation in Stockholm, they try to catch unaware immigrants to then claim money at forsakningskassan.

I still believe sweden should have bigger punishment and I don't want to underestimate awful situations that might be happening. But this other side of the story exists. Swedes can be corrupt as well.
21:24 September 20, 2009 by ThoreauHD
If you were citizens with guns and not disarmed slaves to a government, this wouldn't be an issue. Enjoy your status as sheep.
22:05 September 20, 2009 by someoneonthenet
From what is mentioned in the article survey is extremely biased. I agree that punishment should be a lot more harsh for repeat offenders and rape should be defined more clearly. if you were drunk and regret having sex, you should not be able to say rape unless you resisted or other person got you drunk (or drugged you) without you knowing.


Have you considered that rapists would also get the gun. You should stay in USA (or any other country where you can enjoy your gun) and enjoy your gun which gives you so much peace of mind (and it might actually protect you if you encounter some criminal who is unarmed or worse with gun than you).

I doubt you can provide a reliable survey that proves guns reduce crime.
22:16 September 20, 2009 by jag2009
I'm not sure of the accuracy of this survey but sure its a well known statistic that rape is high in Sweden. I do have to say though I believe alot do "claim" to be rapped which havn't and classifications on certain things make you wonder. I feel sorry for the girls/women who do get treated badly and rapped.

Just as every country there is a certain amount of currupt business which goes on and sweden is no different. I do also believe sweden were one if not the last country to stop incest so I think its so mind-boggling to say the least.
22:47 September 20, 2009 by superturbo
funny how they choose to leave out that this study was conducted among visitors at juvenile reception and diagnostic centers at nine cities/municipalities across the nation... People visting such a place usually go there to search for help of different kind so the outcome of this survey is not very surprising. Bad tabloid journalism I'd say...

See Aftonbladet's article: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article5824723.ab
23:18 September 20, 2009 by Michael84
this is so sad. sometimes i think Sverige has to strengthen measurements against rapists but then when i think about it more carefully i find it useless.

Do you really think when lets say a guy is about to do it think about the legal punishments that would follow him, maybe after finishing the crime but not before and putting some strict punishments i suppose just turn the number of raped girls to missing girls !
23:55 September 20, 2009 by Minnesota Viking
Most of the rapists are probably Muslim immigrants. Next door, a Norwegian political official responded to reports of sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslim men against native women by advising Norwegian girls to dress more modestly to accommodate the religious views of their "guests." That's the price you pay for multi-culturalism, white guilt, political correctness, and liberal immigration laws.
02:47 September 21, 2009 by Vlad the Impailer
Sweedish Girls if your men will not defend you.. Go to America..

There they have all manner of special suprises for Terrorists who attack women or anyone else.

09:54 September 21, 2009 by Tancred
What the bloody hell is going on in Sweden????? You know its your immigrant community that is doing this and yet your media and politicians are silent/complicite. Your police stand by and let it continue.

Is it OK for migrants to harrass and rape your women? Do they deserve it? Do they have no Human Rights?

Have you NO BALLS.....

Why can't you speak out and name the communities and cultures that perpetrate these crimes? Why no action?

My ancesters were of Viking blood who came to England. I can you that it wouldn't be tolerated where I live.

Perhaps all the Vikings left Scandinavia and just left the sheep behind.

You face extinction and seem to be happy to embrace it.

11:51 September 21, 2009 by Barbara Anne
Poor Sweeden and poors little girls...

Get a burka and then you'll get peace. remenber that "miscreant" women got the "right" of bein raped by muslims...

Don't worry, it's nearly the same in all European countries having a big immigration from muslims countries... as they say, immigration is a fabulous chance for us....rapes, assaults, violences, robberies, attacks and anti-White racism...

Hooo lucky are we !
12:54 September 21, 2009 by peropaco
Comment: Its funny to see how the lynch mob is always ready to place all the blame of their shortcomings on a minority group. Almost reminiscent to the what they did to my ancestors in the 30s,40s, and pretty much till today. Muslims are not the onew to fear you know. It is people like you and all the garbage you expound from that little tiny brain you walk around with. It wasnt a muslim publisher at aftontabladet that printed the article againts the IDF. It was a respected member of this society. White, Christian, married with kids and a whife who probably cheats on him.
13:13 September 21, 2009 by CarlBlack
@here for the summer: Do you think that teens don't find ways to get alcohol themselves? You never did it?

And everyone who modifies voluntarily his cognitive abilities by alcohol or other drugs is responsible for what he is doing while drunk. If you drive while being drunk and cause an accident, the fact that you were unable to control yourself is no excuse, and you can hardly blame the other person you were drinking with. And the same is with other things. Everyone has a chance to observe what alcohol is doing with him, and next time decide for himself whether to drink or not.
18:38 September 21, 2009 by DreEstwd
For all the Muslim apologists.....

Rapes charges in Sweden have QUADRUPLED over the last 25 years. I have several sources for that statistic if you require them. And lest we forget this quote which accurately reflects the view that Muslim men take towards Swedish women....

"It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl," says Hamid. "The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably fu**ed before, anyway. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she retains her virginity until she marries." "It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore…… girl, I mean;" says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. "I don't have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get fu**ed to pieces."

Pull your heads out of the sand people. It aint alcohol that is the problem here.
19:28 September 21, 2009 by trinaican
You guys have officially won the Retarded award of the week


Barbara Anne


Vlad the Impailer

Erwin Mahnke

These people hide behind the anonyminity that these forums provide to say their ill informed, passionate rants. If you really feel like this, why dont you join in on the annual neo nazi demonstrations in Stockholm, carry a placard or something...at least people would respect you more if you publicly let your opinions be known. Ooops..they probably wont accept u either seeing that no matter how much romanticized viking blood you have...youre STILL an immigrant..taking their jobs and their women

and to the Local....reading the comment section of this paper depresses me. I am all for freedom of speech..but there must be more that can be done to encourage intelligent discourse in your user commentary section.

Comments from the aforementioned users cheapen the integrity of the paper.

Its sad that this is one of the major papers for the English speaking community in Sweden
21:30 September 21, 2009 by jack sprat
A bit of a shocker for a country that supposedly prides itself on taking good care of its young people.
22:16 September 21, 2009 by avngingandbright
This is unbelievable. You know, only 2% of the world's population are White women of breeding age. They are all so striking beautiful and kind at heart, yet they throw themselves away in the name of political correctness and destroy their bloodlines and their country by miscegenation in the face of the men that love them so much. It is truly tragic. All these native lands of Europeans are being overrun by people that have no concern other than to miscegenate with the local populace and systematically wipe out all the Whites that are left in the world (it's 8% of the world population now) while arrogant, hedonistic Whites are off partying and not having children. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and am half-White and half-Chinese, and I have nothing but respect for Whites, how beautiful and kind they are, how tolerant and open minded, and their wonderful, vast culture, and am quite jealous of pure-blood Whites that do not know what a gift they were born with. Yet you throw it away! I can only tell you what a living hell it is to live in Brooklyn. My girlfriend is constantly harassed and I can do nothing about it by law. It is truly terrible. I am begging, literally begging the West to wake up and stop this demographic nightmare, or we will be plunged into a world of darkness and ugliness that would make even a strong man like me want to leave it forever.

23:09 September 21, 2009 by DreEstwd
@ avngingandbright

You've got nothing to be jealous of, homey. The Asian culture is long, rich and beautiful. The people are peaceful and have wonderful values and qualities. Actually, I think a lot of guys consider half-asian/half-white women to be the most beautiful anywhere. I know I do. Btw, I'd feel safer in Brooklyn than Malmö. So would your girl, I'm sure.


Sorry if the truth hurts you. I'm just going by statistics and facts. You're the only one saying anything about Nazis. Are people supposed to just ignore that women are getting raped in this country? Because that is what you're suggesting here. If it was my fellow North Americans doing most of the raping that goes on in Sweden then I would admit it and be ashamed. I certainly wouldn't just hide from it and call everyone who pointed that out a bunch of racists.
00:07 September 22, 2009 by Re-Horakhty
@avngingandbrigh if you're from Brooklyn you know deal. Colorless boys keep their heads down and look at their shoes. As for you being from a pure blood line that's laughable. Since all other so called races are but diluted variations of the African / Black race family. WHITES GENETICALLY WEAKER THAN BLACKS, STUDY FINDS

White Americans are both genetically weaker and less diverse than their black compatriots, a Cornell University-led study finds.

Analyzing the genetic makeup of 20 Americans of European ancestry and 15 African-Americans, researchers found that the former showed much less variation among 10,000 tested genes than did the latter, which was expected.

They also found that Europeans had many more possibly harmful mutations than did Africans

"Since we tend to think of European populations as quite large, we did not expect to see a significant difference in the distribution of neutral and deleterious variation between the two populations," said senior co-author Carlos Bustamante, an assistant professor of biological statistics and computational biology at Cornell.

It's been known for years that all non-Africans are descended from a small group, perhaps only a few dozen individuals, who left the continent between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago.

But the Cornell study, published in the journal Nature Thursday, indicates that Europeans went through a second "population bottleneck," probably about 30,000 years ago, when the ancestral population was again reduced to relatively few in number

The doubly diluted genetic diversity has allowed "bad" mutations to build up in the European population, something that the more genetically varied African population has had more success in weeding out.


@avngingandbrigh your idiocy is quite amusing. Colorless people didn't make ANYTHING in this country better. You have destroyed EVERYWHERE you have roamed. You have continually taken credit for accomplishments that other groups are responsible for.

As for Swedish women being raped I find the practice of rape by men on women or men on men abhorrent however it is a proven fact that most women are raped by their own "race" / family members. The only thing that you said correctly was that Mutant Inbred Albinos are less than 1/10th of the world population going extinct. Please stand out in the sun for me to speed up the process Mr. "Superior"(oxymoron).
00:36 September 22, 2009 by double concerto
Such a sad dirty and discredited little country Sweden has become, only since they adopted multiculture.
00:49 September 22, 2009 by totyis
To be silent about these statistics and about those who commit them means to condemn the victims of the rapes. If the state does not protect the children, then the law should be taken in own hands. Two and a half years prison for two rapes (as I've read lately ) means mocking the poor girls. This has to stop.
00:49 September 22, 2009 by someoneonthenet
There are so many people blaming immigrants for most rapes, can someone provide link to any reliable survey which indicates this ? I am not disputing that immigrants are more likely to commit most crime, i just want some proof that increase in rape cases in last 25 years is mostly due to immigration.

From what I know most rapes (73% in USA) are committed by people the victim knows and occur in their homes (> 66%, with ~ 40% in victims home) so it is hard to believe that situation in Sweden is completely opposite and immigrants are responsible for most rapes (at least when victim is native swede).

To the people who think that rapes do not occur in USA, ~16% of women in USA are sexually assaulted in their lifetime (maybe you should make punishments more harsh). You should also look at South Africa (women there are more likely to be raped than learning how to read).
01:25 September 22, 2009 by DreEstwd

Here is a good link for alot of the statistics. Pretty alarming- http://fjordman.blogspot.com/2005/12/immigrant-rape-wave-in-sweden.html

Here's another one with a good article and some statistics from earlier this month-


You be the judge.
01:46 September 22, 2009 by odinmp5
this is scary.

in colombia (where i live) you rape someone and igf you get caught youll be dead in minutes. if you make it after the beating youll stay in jail for 40 years.
03:22 September 22, 2009 by someoneonthenet
I want to read the survey (If you can provide the link of Brå report mentioned in both links that would be great). Both articles were were written by people who are not very fond of Muslims, so it is hard to believe what they say without any reference. Wouldn't it have been better to call criminals blacks or Africans than Muslims, after all top 4 countries mentioned are in Africa, where rape is much more common (this includes both Muslim and Christian countries) than anywhere else in the world. Also if i am not wrong aren't most Muslims in Sweden from Middle-east, Iran etc.

I searched 'Brå' site and according to one report there were 2261 rapes (which included penetration) in 2004, 3 times higher than two decades ago, increase is partly due to "legislative change introduced in 1998 has led to certain offences that would previously have been recorded as sexual coercion or attempted rape, subsequently being recorded as consummated crimes". It also mentions that in only 20% of rapes victim was committed by complete strangers.

It would be interesting to find how many victims are immigrants. If anyone knows please answer.
06:14 September 22, 2009 by Rmille2282
Why are Swedes rapists? Commentary on an article a week or two back about Swedes not making a big deal about sex are exactly the reason there is so much raping and sex abuse in Sweden. The males are trained to take advantage of the mentality of non-resistance by Swedish girls. This is a very sick phenomenon. Meanwhile, the Swedish girls are not very intelligent it appears. Perhaps this is what happens over time in all societies in which Jewish citizens have declined in population.
08:16 September 22, 2009 by si
I see someone is trying has put up a link to the bnp site in support of an argument - what a fool !
08:45 September 22, 2009 by trinaican
This is for DreEstwd and all the obviously uneducated people on this forum.

Where are the statistics that conclusively link the rise in rapes to the rise in immigrants? (except fjordman...everyone knows he is a spreader of neo nazi propaganda) Which brings me to my other point...people should check the integrity of their sources before they quote of source from their sources.

The local just wants to increase their readership which is why they print sensational news like this. They neglect to state exactly who comprised this study group. what a convenient deletion! Their study group was skewed toward troubled youths...which makes the incidence of this higher when compared to the national level. Thus it is not a good indicator of national stats. Additionally, I didnt call anyone racist...I called you guys RETARDED...there is a difference

Also...where in my section did I say or even remotely imply to ignore rapes? I am a female...I agree with everyone else that holds the view that sweden should have tougher sentences for their rapists...they talk about the human rights of the criminals...but I wonder if they think about the human rights of the victims. Rape is abhorrent regardless of who does it. Period. So what I dont understand is how come people dont stick to the topic...that is what I was commenting on. Its amazing how on the local anytime there is something about the general rise in crime...people often jump to the muslim immigrants...and thats a bit unfair

Where are the stats?

In the rare incidence that you do 'quote from somewhere, where are these stats that u guys use coming from?

Just because you THINK something is true..doesnt mean it is ACTUALLY true... you let your distaste for a certain group of people cloud your judgement..the same thinking of HITLER actually...he blamed the jews for the social ills...and eventually led people to exterminate millions of them

learn from history

elevate your mind
10:06 September 22, 2009 by Tancred
Sweden and its people will be history in around two generations.

Do you have lemmings in Northern Sweden? Have you adopted the myth of mass suicide?

I will watch the disapearance of the Swedish race with interest.
14:43 September 22, 2009 by DreEstwd

>>>Where are the statistics that conclusively link the rise in rapes to the rise in immigrants? >>>

I provided the statistics for you but it looks like I have to do the math as well. A little over 20 years ago, Sweden started bringing in refugees from the Middle East. In the last 20+ years, rapes have either quadrupled in Sweden. And you are calling whom a retard?? Then you go and attack the sources.

FYI, people!! You can criticize the BNP or Fjordman all you want but they were just re-printing results of a study done by the EU ITSELF as well as Brå - the Swedish Crime Prevention Council!! Do you expect to find those statistics on pro-Muslim on Social Democrat websites?? Again, you are calling whom a retard??

>>>Their study group was skewed toward troubled youths...which makes the incidence of this higher when compared to the national level. Thus it is not a good indicator of national stats.>>>

But the statistics that I provided DO show the national level. Take a look for yourself. In fact, why don't you do some homework of your own and show me something solid that supports your position?

>>>Also...where in my section did I say or even remotely imply to ignore rapes? I am a female...>>>

So you're female but you don't really want to get to the root of the problem. I guess it's just easier to call people retards. Nice.

>>>Rape is abhorrent regardless of who does it. Period. So what I dont understand is how come people dont stick to the topic...that is what I was commenting on.>>>

Agreed that rape is abhorrent. People are sticking to the topic, they are just digging a little deeper into the cause of the problem than you are willing to. Pretty amazing considering you are the one who is talking about "elevating one's mind."

>>>Additionally, I didnt call anyone racist...>>>

And I quote....."If you really feel like this, why dont you join in on the annual neo nazi demonstrations in Stockholm"

Suggesting that I join a neo-nazi demonstration is as equal as it gets to calling me a racist. For someone calling other people "retards", you seem to be substantially short on facts and obviously haven't done your homework on any of this. Just criticized others and the statistics that they are providing. Go learn a thing or two and then come back. Class dismissed.

15:29 September 22, 2009 by T Murphy
"Concealed handgun laws reduce violent crime for two reasons. First, they reduce the number of attempted crimes because criminals are uncertain which potential victims can defend themselves. Second, victims who have guns are in a much better position to defend themselves." (Lott interview UC Press - http://www.press.uchicago.edu/Misc/Chicago/493636.html)

Read "More Guns, Less Crime" by John R. Lott - it is well documented, footnoted throughout and makes a compelling case sampling statistics regarding crime and the distribution of firearms in all 3,054 counties in the United States between 1977 and 1994.

Also, those who do not wish to carry are vicariously protected by those who do.

I am level headed, a pilot and spent four years in the US Army. I've been round guns since my father taught me to shoot when I was seven years old and I carry a concealed handgun at all times and places the law allows. It's just a tool.
17:23 September 22, 2009 by seekingtruth
One big reason the rape-percentage is so high in Sweden is because it probably has among the most strict definition of it in the world.

E.g. rape = 15 year old has sex with a 14 year old (underage/minor), or any adult touching an underage in ANY perceivable sexual way.

Most countries just consider rape a violent sexual assault on women.

Anyway, it's a shame for every citizen in Sweden that the country does such a poor job of protecting it's children.
19:03 September 22, 2009 by Affe
Here you have some interesting statistics. Not about rape but about robbery and the number of immigrants in the region.

The correlation is quite interesting.

grey = number of citizens in the municipality.

blue= number of people with foreign background in the municipality 2008/2009 (both parents born outside Sweden)

red = robbery total of 1996-2008

21:04 September 22, 2009 by DreEstwd
Thanks, Affe. Nice work, btw.
22:32 September 22, 2009 by trinaican
Dear DreEstwd

I have a couple burning questions.

1) What planet are you from?

2) If you have a couple bad apples in a bunch, does that make the whole bunch rotten?

In case youre confused about why Im bringing up apples here...its what you call an ANALOGY...let me break it down for you

You perceive muslims as the cause of rapes..and because of that according to u..they are all bad.

3) Show me these so called EU stats that fjordman and the other white supremacist websites sourced their prints from?

I challenge you..I really want to see where on any official EU sites would they print that there is a POSITIVE correlation between the rise of the moslem pop in EU to the rise in crime..thats the pedestal on which your whole bullshit argument is based

4) Do you have a job? or ANYTHING to occupy your time during the day other than to look up stats in FJORDMAN who said that the Bosnian war was blown way out of proportion by the 'establishment'. Seeing that this man is your idol..who is this 'establishment'...or the other mythical places he bases his arguments?

Its sorta like you read one blog...or one set of views and form your whole opinion on it

You said Im short on facts??? Quoting from Fjordman who is an anonymous blogger is like quoting from Daffy Duck..who is he..why is it that people who have these views cant have some BALLS and identify exactly who they are and say your opinions out loud

thus the reason why I said you should go to the nazi demonstrations because beside the factt that they are racist, they are also fiercly nationalistic and islamophobic...sounds like they are right up your alley..two out of three aint bad

Furthermore..you seem to think Islam is the problem...you need a lesson in comparison it seems...

what about the Christian euro descendants who are now in the middle east not only raping but killing thousands of people based on someone's bogus war...wasnt it the christians who also dropped the atomic bomb in Japan??

If islam is bad..then using your reasoning..Christians are the root of all evil.

but now I wish to revise one of my ealier statements...I really think you are an unapologetic racist. You hide behind your ill begotten pseudo facts and this anonymous blog site to say your crap...

5) ( and this is the last question..I promise)...Did your mommy deny you a teat when you were young? why are you so angry? you have a chip on your shoulder for middle eastern people and so you say anything to discredit them as a people

Furthermore...I am done cheapening myself to argue with half brained, hairless chested 'men' like yourself

continue with your angry tirade..and to the local..I really am gonna stop reading your user comments...you have a bunch of islamophobe white supremacists subscribing to your site..which is abhorrent
00:50 September 23, 2009 by Authentica

I felt so depressed after reading your comment. I often forget that people with beliefs such as yours do exist. Man, you've got some serious stuff going on in your brain. Get some help. Btw, way to go, trinaican.
03:52 September 23, 2009 by SamUSA
well from what i understand from when i was in sweden... there are a lot of rapes going on in sweden with immigrant and swedes toward swedish women.

one thing i also noticed is that SOME OF THE GIRLS are asking for it. i watch so many swedish girls be the BIGGEST TEASERS in the world... and leave with who ever and then claim they didnt want what they got.

maybe sweden should legalize pepper spray or some common no fatal self defense mechanism. im in Nevada, USA ... and here my roommate carriers a knife AND ITS LEGAL.

defend yourself and stop being a tease...maybe it would lower the swedish rape statistics. AND.. remember... sweden is know for it liberal views. REMEMBER SWEDISH EROTICA????

08:38 September 23, 2009 by trinaican
@ Authentica

thank you...the local needs to take a good look at this DreEstwd fella...and the rest of these chicken brained slimy maggots. Imagine this morning. I was peacefully reading another article...enjoying other ppl's intelligent comments until I came accross this baboon's babble.

Ruined my morning coffee

He is always in some strife or agument with another person with his bogus arguments and he is quick to jump from commenting on how bad the actual crimeis to try to guess and even betting that it was a muslim middle eastern immigrant that caused it

I read his rationale for saying it must be a muslim for a crime commited in Malmo ( Malmo, mercedes=muslim)

and he claims he aint a racist???


and you know what is even more comical..if he lives in Sweden....he is an immigrant himself...I dont understand how some immigrants see themselves as better than other immigrants.

If you have a problem with immigrants..then why is he here?

If this racist had a problem with middle eastern people in general...and he obviously likes to check online for anti moslem stuff..he could have easily seen that Sweden has alot of muslims...and he probably...for his own peace of mind...should not have not come

Im sure his Google search for his racist shreiks goes something like this:' People who dont like moslems' or ' If you despise moslems..raise your right hand' or some crap like that

Im not a muslim myself...but I feel so sorry for them

If he ever stopped to talk to them he would realise that alot of them are normal people like anyone else...that they are equally not impressed by extremists and alot pf them have come here to make an honest living

Funny how another immigrant is trying to make another immigrant unwelcome in a country that aint even his!!!

Im sure he is gonna respond like a deluded parrot...shreiking as if by rote that 900% crime increases have occurred...and call us muslim apologists blah blah blsh...come with something fresh if you actually dare to respond and once again and expose the largesse of your stupidity for everyone else to see
10:24 September 23, 2009 by Tancred
I agree with T Murphy.

In the UK the populace have had their right to bear arms taken away. Now only criminals have weapons and they can be certain their victims do not. Gun crime has spiraled and many inner city areas are "no-go" for the native British population..

Thankfully I now live in France where it is perfectly legal for me to own a variety of guns, some specifically for self defence, and the laws on my right to defend myself, my family and property are clear.

Crime is virtually unknown where I live as criminals know the risks they run.
11:11 September 23, 2009 by DreEstwd

Boy, talk about an angry rant! In your two previous posts you have done absolutely NOTHING to prove your argument at all. The only thing that you can do is call people names and freak out all over your keyboard. Again, my statistics were from Brå (you probably don't even know what that is, even after I told you) and the UN. If those sources aren't good enough for you then God himself probably wouldn't be a good enough source for you. Furthermore, a poster here named Affe gave us even more actual statistics from Brå but in your blind rage you probably didn't even notice that.

Thank God that you're not a lawyer because you would probably lose every case you were involved in. You can keep ranting and name-calling all you want. I've proven my case with evidence and and also am clearly not a racist. My best friend here is from Iraq and she was forced out of her country by Muslims (or face public stoning) because she was not Muslim. If you want to defend those people as well, then fine. If you want to keep your head in the clouds as it pertains to why Sweden has the highest rate of rapes in all of Europe, then fine. I'm done.
11:32 September 23, 2009 by Rick Methven
Sadly I think it is high time that Posts in the local should be moderated. The Nazi brigade has taken over to push their filth and lies. posters like DreEstwd continue to take any subject and turn it into a racist rant, irrespective of the subject. I find it upsetting that I can no longer read anything on the local without being bombarded with the rantings of biased, idiots. come on TL bring in a moderator to stop providing a soap box for these morons
13:09 September 29, 2009 by aris boundakis
It is very sad to see how those fascists who defend the intolerant, misogynist and violent ideology called Islam denounce any one who dares to criticise its outrageousness as a racist.

If a moderator is needed here perhaps she or who could gently remind halfwits like Rick Methven that you can try to repress and hide the truth but it will come out in the end.
16:58 September 29, 2009 by spy
I don't want to demean genuine crimes but people often say bizarre things in surveys for a variety of reasons. It would be more telling if these figures were based on police figures.
13:58 October 3, 2009 by hogar

White Americans are both genetically weaker and less diverse than their black compatriot…[/quote]So, do you have some civilization in Africa? I expect some painters and inventors, when blacks have so strong genes. Do you have black da Vinci, Tesla, Newton? What are minorities doing in Sweden? Who call them in Sweden? Are Swedish people need immigrants?

/quoteColorless people didn't make ANYTHING in this country better. You have destroyed EVERYWHERE you have roamed./quote

Idi Amin, Rhodesia, black bruthas raping children to "cure" AIDS in Africa...

Re-Horakhty: http://piv.pivpiv.dk/

If muslims, arabs, blacks, and other immigrant scum don't like Sweden and Swedish people and can't integrate in swedish culture, GTFO.
Today's headlines
Hundreds protest Swedish asylum laws
Around 1,000 people protested in Stockholm. Photo: Fredrik Persson/ TT

Hundreds of people on Saturday demonstrated in Stockholm and in many other parts of the country to protest Sweden’s tough new laws on asylum-seekers.

Dylan removes Nobel-mention from website
The American musician has more or less responded to the news with silence. Photo: Per Wahlberg

American singer-song writer Bob Dylan has removed any mention of him being named one of this year’s Nobel Prize laureates on his official website.

Refugee crisis
Asylum requests in Sweden down by 70 percent
Sweden's migration minister Morgan Johansson. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

Sweden received 70 percent fewer requests for asylum in the period between January and September 2016 than it did during the same time last year, the country’s justice and migration minister Morgan Johansson has revealed.

The unique story of Stockholm's floating libraries
The Stockholm archipelago book boat. Photo: Roger Hill.

Writer Roger Hill details his journeys on the boats that carry books over Stockholm's waterways and to its most remote places.

Refugee crisis
Second Stockholm asylum centre fire in a week
The new incident follows a similar fire in Fagersjö last week (pictured). Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Police suspect arson in the blaze, as well as a similar incident which occurred last Sunday.

More misery for Ericsson as losses pile up
Ericsson interim CEO Jan Frykhammar presenting its third quarter results. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT

The bad news just keeps coming from the Swedish telecoms giant.

Facebook 'sorry' for removing Swedish cancer video
A computer displaying Facebook's landing page. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT

The social media giant had censored a video explaining how women should check for suspicious lumps in their breasts.

Watch this amazing footage of Sweden’s landscapes
A still from the aerial footage of Sweden. Photo: Nate Summer-Cook

The spectacular drone footage captures both Sweden's south and the opposite extreme, thousands of kilometres north.

Sweden could be allowed to keep border controls: EU
Police ID checks at Hyllie station in southern Sweden. Photo: Stig-Åke Jönsson/TT

Sweden could be allowed to keep ID controls on its border with Denmark beyond the current end date of November, following discussions among EU leaders in Brussels last night.

Why women in Sweden will work for free by November
File photo of a woman working in a Swedish office. Photo: Anders Willund/TT

A new study into the gender pay gap suggests Sweden still has some work to do.

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