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Obama to 'shut down' Öresund Bridge

Charlotte Webb · 30 Sep 2009, 12:45

Published: 30 Sep 2009 12:45 GMT+02:00

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The Öresund Bridge Consortium announced on Tuesday that the bridge, which carries both rail and road traffic between Malmö and Copenhagen, will be closed during the morning rush hour and at lunchtime on Friday in conjunction with Obama's visit to the Danish capital.

The decision to shut down the major traffic artery at one of the busiest times of the day confounded Henrik Andersson, a representative for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden (Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren)

"It will cause a lot of problems," he told The Local.

"I find it peculiar that they are shutting the bridge down. A lot of people will have to adjust their schedules."

And representatives of Skånetrafiken, the organization charged with managing public transportation in the area, were also frustrated that they only received word a few days ahead of the expected closure.

“We were....surprised. Let's put it like that,” said spokesperson Ulrika Mebeius.

“Nobody had informed us or our colleagues at the Swedish Rail Administration.”

Skånetrafiken is now scrambling to come up with alternate arrangements for Swedish travellers who need to make their way to Denmark on Friday morning.

Andersson added that he expected the closing of the bridge to have a negative impact on area businesses.

“There are also going to be problems for many business travellers who will be unable to reach their flights on time," he said.

Obama is making a quick visit to Copenhagen to lobby the Internal Olympic Committee to choose his adopted home town of Chicago as a host city for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

During the hours of 7.30am to 8.30am no trains or cars will be allowed across the bridge as the US president is whisked from Copenhagen's Kastrup airport to the Bella Centre conference facilities where the meetings are taking place.

Traffic across the Öresund Bridge will again be shut down from 11.30am to 12.30pm, as Obama returns to the airport.

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However, the Öresund Consortium added that the times are subject to change in accordance with the presidential schedule.

Skånetrafiken is currently working to notify Swedish passengers about the closing of the bridge in hopes of minimizing the impact of the closure.

Information will also be continuously updated via signs, the Öresund Bridge website, as well as through a mobile phone text messaging service

Charlotte Webb (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:24 September 30, 2009 by J.Ravier
Once again, can America impose its will on Europe ? "Yes we can!" Who said that things were going to change with the new president ? What was McCain's moto by the way ? Oh yes: "America first!"... I think that it speaks by itself!
17:06 September 30, 2009 by boby
Sad that there are so many nut cases in Malmo and Copenhagen that the bridge needs to be closed to avoid risk of attack on Obama.

I would suggest US to boycot scandinavian countries all together, bunch of US haters. Let them relay on theie muslim friends.
17:29 September 30, 2009 by bettan1
Yes, they must protect him from Rosengård Polis. They might want to through rocks.

Go figure!
18:57 September 30, 2009 by Nora

You think terrorists are poor fish like you to cross the bridge in the morning of Obama's visit?!

And by the way, it's better to suggest US not "to lobby the Internal Olympic Committee" and do more important things such as learning to respect the human rights (there might be a relation between Olympic and the human rights ...but not with lobby!) and of course putting more budget for educating bunch of simple-minded people.
19:17 September 30, 2009 by sebseb
First, no one wants the O.G. in the USA. It will be just a pain. They have to close down the bridge just because Obama is stopping over. So, what will it be if USA get the O.G. ? Yes, they will need martial law for the time of the O.G.
19:27 September 30, 2009 by Captcha
Obama does not give a damn about who has to wait in traffic. There was no good reason for him fly to Denmark.
19:40 September 30, 2009 by reason
Clearly they must close the bridge to protect the endangered Scanian dialect from Obama.
20:05 September 30, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Obama is the first sitting President to pitch for the Olympics to be brought to the US. Its also no surprise that he took this upon himself because he sees the IOC dollars that he can funnel his cronies in Chicago. This guy is in so deep with the Chicago politicos and unions, there frankly no other way to see why else he would be take such a interest.

If the Olympics were set for Dallas or Denver would he do the same? I doubt it.

And don't give me this "Its a great economic opportunity for chicago/america" nonsense. The IOC fund is a huge slush fund. He knows this.

BTW, how did the Athens Olympic village work out after the Olympics left town? Pretty much a wasteland last I checked. Olympics are a economic black hole. Sadly Obama knows nothing about nothing economics.
20:05 September 30, 2009 by Torvig
The bridge is not being closed for obama. It is being closed for that safe and secure delivery of the Presidential Teleprompter.
20:08 September 30, 2009 by skisalomon
@Captcha - You're absolutely correct, Obama probably doesn't worry a bit about the traffic issue. It is not his decision nor his job to deal with that aspect, the US Secret Service is charged with his safety and protection. They may come across as heavy handed and overbearing at times but it is their job to protect the most powerful man in the world, not one that is taken lightly.

No good reason for him to fly to Denmark? Are you serious? Each of the potential host cities will be represented by their country's leaders, why should Chicago be any different? Getting an Olympic bid is a huge deal for any city.
20:32 September 30, 2009 by Nemesis
This is pointlessly stupid.

Tell him to land elsewhere. There is lots of other airports in Danmarl, including military airports.

A lot of people rely on the bridge for getting to work and delivering goods.

Just because America is making its recession worse, does not give them the right to cause more hardships here.
20:34 September 30, 2009 by Beynch
Why should we close the bridge for this ametican mistake. It would have been OK to close it for Bush, but not this Ohaba, or whatever his name is.
20:42 September 30, 2009 by skisalomon
How is this an American mistake? Security details such as this are a joint operation between host government entities and the Secret Service. In all likelihood it was the Danish security services that made this decision. Is it an imposition for commuters, sure but this happens around the world when prominent people visit. Two weeks from now, people wont even remember this.
21:49 September 30, 2009 by Nutcracker
Surely they don't need to close the bridge, Obama can walk on water.

As for Chicago, if that hell-hole gets to host the Olympics, I suggest all competing athletes bring their own security guards: Chicago's the crime capitol of the US. It's Obama's home town, after all.
22:12 September 30, 2009 by Texas15
I am shocked by these comments. According to the media here in the US, Barack Obama is the most beloved president in US history by the EU nations. (LOL) Do not think this guy represents America for a minute. His approval rating in the US have fallen since taking office faster than any president in US history. Just the fact that he is wasting taxpayer money at a time when the economy is underwater to go promote this issue, has most americans furious.
22:28 September 30, 2009 by Nutcracker
Texas15: Trawling the web, I just read this week's Newsweek article ripping Obama, say's he's too impressed with his own 'aura', failed to accomplish a single goal since taking office, lack of content in what he says, "self-referential and self-reverential" and "on his way to being a one-term President." But my favorite bit is "Obama seems to think he'll get credit for the breathtaking scope of his ambition." http://www.newsweek.com/id/216210

I love it when the Left starts devouring its own. And, to inject a bit of humor over The Big Zero, have a read at Barack's Teleprompter blogsite: http://baracksteleprompter.blogspot.com
23:32 September 30, 2009 by Nemesis
Obama is not from the left.

Obama is more right wing than any politician in Europe, by far.

You may not realise that American politics is so far to the right on average that even the American left is more right wing than anything in Europe.

Also no transport should be disrupted just because an American is visiting Europe.

The next time an European is visiting the USA, will they close all the interstate highways, just so the European can get to Disneyland with a smooth drive. I don't think so and it should not apply the other way around.

I have seen American visits before. They always demand maximum disruption. It is nothing to do with security. It is so they can make make themselves feel important.
00:10 October 1, 2009 by Staffs
Gerald Celente predicts Obamageddon in 2012.

Lots to read on the web for enquiring minds.
00:13 October 1, 2009 by jag2009
In my opinion everyone is jumping in complaining america do this, that and the other, when the UK had no problem with him comming over. London will even have a seperate lane for athletes:P

"Once again, can America impose its will on Europe ? "Yes we can!" as previously stated by J.Ravier .

I think the difference is that U.S. is a massive power force. There is only one country in europe where I see the americans have followed and thats the UK. As brothers in arms. Another example would be the banking crisis. As soon as Iceland went bust, many people from all over the world were depositing savings into irish banks as it was safe. The UK decided to "print money" into the ecconomy and it left U.S. in a tricky position, so they had no choice but to follow. I believe as always the Americans and the Brittish are the brothers who will follow eachother, and back eachother nomatter what.

BTW...super comments everyone its nice to read a varied view on everything.
00:53 October 1, 2009 by Dr. Dillner
Please, when he arrives, keep him there; we're tired of him here (in the USA).
02:51 October 1, 2009 by Jack123
Its not that , but he is a President of the United states o, i understand that its hard for people to wait in traffic but its once in a life time that he would pass , it isnt like he is going to live in Denmark but the thing is why doesnt he come to sweden ?
08:48 October 1, 2009 by Nutcracker
Jack123: This lame-duck Marxist tool is on record as saying there are 57 states in the US (he's confusing it with the OIC, Organisation of Islamic Conference's 57 Moslem nations, I suspect); he really isn't up to complexities like Sweden as a nation (probably thinks it's part of Denmark anyhow, it's just over that bridge, after all!)
09:13 October 1, 2009 by Baned
J.Ravier, did you even read the article or just the title? Gotta give it to the media for skewing things to favor more hate - I mean Michael Jackson is out of the picture now so I suppose anyone is fair game.
14:13 October 1, 2009 by taki 183
I find many of these response to be very provinicial. I guess this is the first time people have been inconvenienced by a visiting dignitary. Try living/working in New York City where streets and highways are often closed at the most inopportune times to accommodate dignitaries visiting the UN and, of course, protestors.
15:06 October 1, 2009 by tadchem
As long as people keep treating Obama like he's something special, he will continue to believe that he is, and expect special treatment. He doesn't need anymore 'enablers.' He needs to be humbled.
20:45 October 1, 2009 by mkvgtired

Once again, can America impose its will on Europe ? "Yes we can!"

The host country always has the final decision on what to leave open and what to close. So try complaining to YOUR representatives. I know it is easier to blame someone half way around the world for your problems, but doesn't it get old after a while? taki 183, exactly what I was going to say. If you have ever been around an international conference (or the UN for that matter) you would know they DO block of streets for visiting dignitaries, yes, even those from the EU. As mentioned earlier, sorry, they wont block off the highways for average Europeans to get to Disney World, but if a European head of state visits you better believe streets are blocked off and they get a police escort. Obviously this is just another excuse for America bashing. Continue your small minded hate filled rants.
20:51 October 1, 2009 by Seltue12
Come on people, He is the most powerful man in the world and President of my country and your know the enemies we have created so for security reasons we have to.
22:08 October 1, 2009 by Nutcracker
Nemesis: No, European & US political terminology aren't the same but no way is Obama 'right-wing'; Obama is a Marxist, completely committed to wealth distribution (which is what lies behind his 'universal health care' plan that covers 20 million illegal aliens & non-tax payers; the Democrats have veered to the Left since the 1930s, turning an economic crisis into a depression from which the world only recovered due to preparations, on both sides, for war. The problem for present-day Dems is their party was taken over by the most left-wing faction, quite unrepresentative of the basically conservative nature of most citizens & Obama was sold to them on a false race issue with most media keeping silent about his record, his terrorist associates, his own racism & his radical political views. BHO's 'change' (that phony stimulus package) is scheduled to add $9 trillion debt over the next decade along with next year's tax hikes to cover it. The Dems won't get their 'universal health care' passed, 56% of US is opposed to it, with the figs rising each week according to Rasmussen polls & the Dems fearful of the 2010 mid-term elections. He's a total novice & appeaser in foreign policy with dangerous totalitarian leanings on domestic issues.
14:09 October 2, 2009 by Nemesis
Nutcracker, the stimulus package came from Bush as in the Republicans. The US is in a economic mess because of radical right wong ideas. You only have right wing and extreme right wing. The US has no left wing factions.

All US politicans are against universal health care, an idea which in Europe is so far to the right that it is seen as insane. To me, a capitalist, Universal health care is a right. Also as a capitalist, I know that when an extreme occurs, there is a revolt against it, so I am happy with the Scandinavium system. History tells us there needs to be restraint.

The USA will recover temporarily from this crash, but the seeds have been planted for USA, UK and Ireland to end up in the third world due to colossal debt, which will collapse them.

Europe is integrating more every day. Soon China, India, Japan, Korea, Europe and Brazil will be the major players. As China, Europe, Korea and Brazil tend to think long term, the short term thinking of the USA, will hopefully vanish into history.

The next time there is an economic crash, which the USA is already laying the seeds of, the USA will only have itself to blame, no one else. For once in its life, the USA will be forced to admit it has made a mistake, because it will have the begging bowl out, the next time.
17:55 October 2, 2009 by redfish
J. Ravier, Actually the McCain slogan you're talking about is 'Country First', not 'America First'.
18:07 October 2, 2009 by mkvgtired
Nutcracker, the stimulus package came from Bush as in the Republicans. The US is in a economic mess because of radical right wong ideas. You only have right wing and extreme right wing. The US has no left wing factions.

The first stimulus package yes. Obama voted in favor of it, but you are correct Bush signed it into law. I believe Nutcracker was referring to the $1 Trillion package passed immediately after Obama was elected. The one he promised would keep unemployment under 8%.
18:17 October 2, 2009 by redfish

Hillary Clinton tried to push through universal healthcare in the 90s. So I guess she isn't right-wing is she? Most Democrats in Congress would like a single-payer system also---they're just afraid of proposing one because of how bad it lost public support last time, so they're coming to the center and proposing a public option instead. Yes, the center: If the right-wing view is the private sector can take care of things, and the left-wing view is the public sector should take care of things, then anything else is somewhere in the center, and there's a wide variety of policy choices that fit there. An American can easily say that it isn't that the US doesn't have left-wing views, but Europe that doesn't have right-wing views.
20:24 October 2, 2009 by tigger007

i love it when you european dusche bags bow down to a country greater the YOU!!

it make me smile all over and the ones that are always HATING on america. like we say at home eat a DY¤&CK!
21:22 October 2, 2009 by jag2009

I think your find its the swedes who can't except anything not swedish, yet they believe they hold "brother terms" with U.S. They don't mind moving to the U.S. or even to the UK.Always quick to critises thats because there small and inferior. I hope your "europen dusche bags" comment is not directed at the UK because I think if anything we are close countries, brothers in arms. Its a shame sweden turn there back as soon as the going gets tough.


Yes the UK has got a 1 trillion GPB Debt, but to say it will collapse is stupid. Do you really think america , UK would collapse? For starters what happens in either of the countries goes to the other. taxpayers will be paying it off. But look at it in another way.....America, UK, Gibraltar, Australia, there is too much power at stake so nothing will happen in terms of third world.
21:51 October 2, 2009 by Dagem Hailemariam
If I were taking the morning commute and found out the bridge would be closed...I would say thank you, take the day off and go fishing :-D

Good god you all like to criticize...If any of you do live in Mälmo or Copenhagen, stay home and spend the day with your family and friends doing something fun!

Communication...Compassion...Compromise are useful tools in any discussion :-D

PS: Generalizations are not productive!
21:56 October 2, 2009 by Nutcracker
Great news that Brazil will host the Olympics! I'm glad for them, they have style and can use the boost to their economy. As for Obama and his 'sales pitch' for Chicago, I don't think his "friends" among the Chicago thuggery will forget how he fumbled it. So, it's back to doing whatever further damage he can do to the American nation. Roll on 2010 and 2012...
23:25 October 2, 2009 by skisalomon
'Fumbled it'? Really? I thought it was pretty widely accepted that the bid would go to Rio, I guess you didn't get that memo. The Olympics have never been held in South America yet have been held in the US a few times in recent history. Hardly a surprise that Chicago did not get the bid.
03:36 October 3, 2009 by BoweryBoy
J Ravier..

Once again, can America impose its will on Europe ? "Yes we can!" Who said that things were going to change with the new president ?

Sadly, Americans are still dictating bridge closings to Europe. I know Obama ran on a platform of "just say no, bridge closings must go" but you've been double crossed once again by the Americans. Suck it up pal. There were easily 1,000,000 people in New York last week inconvienced by street closings for the UN. For 5 days. Americans didn't rush to the Internet to whine and cry like a baby with a dump in his diapers. Now shape up and stand tall.
12:37 October 4, 2009 by princeally
To be honest with you guys,Obama deserve all special treatment every where he goes,coz he is a president of big nation compare with denmark and all scandinavian counties as well..4 those that they complained i believe there are opposition supporters or Obama`s haters...
18:23 October 4, 2009 by kamerun
these things happen all the time. if the head of government of any european state were to visit the USA i bet security arrangements will be made.but of course people need a forum to prove they are ignorant, racist jerks.
23:32 October 5, 2009 by mkvgtired
Just a follow up. I was just recently inconvenienced by a speech hosted by the Chicago Counsel on Global Affairs. I am not sure which foreign leader was here but my bus had to take a different, more lengthy, route. I did not see an article about this in the local newspapers so I figured I would come here to complain. How dare they impose their schedule on me!
01:18 November 13, 2009 by Malmoman

You don't know much about European politics....

Berlusconi makes Obama look like Lars Ohly. Have you looked at Poland in recent years...Russia is technically part of Europe..Plus there are still a few pseudo-fascist states downeast.

Until you have a civil rights movement and truly get invandrare equal rights you have little right to criticize the US about.

Fix the problems at home before you point fingers. Having been raised in the eastern US and lived in Cambridge Mass and 8 years in Sweden I have seen true liberalism and it ain't in Sweden.
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