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Parish councillor jailed for raping grandchildren

TT/The Local · 1 Oct 2009, 09:48

Published: 01 Oct 2009 09:48 GMT+02:00

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The man is reported to still hold several positions of responsibility within the parish and continues to deny the charges that he repeatedly abused his grandchildren while serving as their baby-sitter, according to the Metro newspaper.

The newspaper writes that neither the local parish council nor the diocese of Stockholm had previously been aware of either the ongoing investigation or the man's conviction.

"Other things got in the way. In any case I have been convicted despite my denials and intend to appeal," the man said to the newspaper, by way of explanation for why he had not informed the local church authorities.

The man looked after his grandchildren on a regular weekly basis at his daughter's home. The man forced his two grandchildren to watch pornographic films and then regularly raped and assaulted them over a three year period.

The assaults ended when the children were aged 10 and six-years-old and came to light only when the eldest began therapy.

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The Stockholm district court convicted the man based on the testimony of several witnesses which it deemed to be reliable and trustworthy.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:23 October 1, 2009 by karex
Two words: Life Inprisonment. Even that's too good for him if he's guilty.
11:28 October 1, 2009 by RoyceD
how about instead of 4 years of 3 solid meals a day, educational training programs, satellite TV, free internet and the ability to create an even more dangerous undetectable network of rapists, why not instead that he gets raped for three years?
11:44 October 1, 2009 by Fonzerella
Am I missing something here or is there an error in the article? My screen says he got only 4 years but that's clearly wrong - what did he really get, life?
11:56 October 1, 2009 by Dazzler
No Fonz, its not a misprint. However it should be noted if he were growing a pot plant he would be serving 20 years to life.
11:59 October 1, 2009 by peropaco
@Fonzerrella, there is nothing wrong with your screen. I am surprised he even got that much. Rapist have it easy in this country. I think the Swedish tourism board should start promoting rape spree. Their logo should read: come to Sweden and rape as many as you can and if you are caught don't worry; the penal system will only sentence you to 4 years at max with weekends leave.
12:29 October 1, 2009 by Nemesis
This is disgusting. Four years in jail for raping children. The judge should be arrested and put in jail with him.

At minimum he should be put in jail for life. Why is there no calls for him to be castrated, preferably without surgical equipment.

I wonder. Has any judges of prosectutors in Sweden ever been accussed of child rape?
12:49 October 1, 2009 by thegraou
In France, the body of a woman just has been found. She has been raped by a man, who spent 7 years in prison for having kidnapped and raped a 13 years old girl in 2000.

Come on, what do you think this man will do after 4 years (if he does 4 years!) ???

I left France to Sweden coz I thought the life was really better here, but I haven't stopped reading this kind of sentence for multiple rapes, on minor or not for 1 year now... I'm really afraid about the future here...
13:00 October 1, 2009 by Staffs
I disagree with the above comments, which I believe to be ill-informed and judgemental.

There seems to be almost no evidence here other than a testimony of a child in therapy many years later.

Of course, children don't lie do they, no , never.

There has also been many recorded instances of children in therapy having words put into their mouths, or worse, for innocent things they have said to be interpreted as something else purely because of an agenda held by the social services.

I really would hate to be judged by you people in a court.
13:03 October 1, 2009 by Eric Cantona
If I was the father of these children then the question of the length of his prison sentence (guilt presumed) wouldn't be the debate - the debate would be the length of my prison sentence for having removed him from the planet.
13:12 October 1, 2009 by Staffs
From the article:

The Stockholm district court convicted the man based on the testimony of several witnesses which it deemed to be reliable and trustworthy.

In other words there were no witnesses, because if there were why did this take so long to come to light?

What there was were several people giving their opinion, one man's word versus another, or one man's word versus a child's.

How can one word versus another be a basis for sound judgement and locking a man away for 4 years?
13:27 October 1, 2009 by Gwrhyr
It's that mob-mentality. As soon as someone is accused of something as heinous as this, they are automatically guilty in the eyes of the masses.

Just like everyone on a sex-offender registry is automatically a child-rapist, even if the only reason they're on the list is because hackers used their computer to share violent pornography without the original computer owner even knowing.

It's dumb, but people go crazy when they hear about child rape. It's kind of perverted how much they WANT the allegations to be true.

And watch as my comment is misconstrued by some to be be supportive of chid rape... so I better add a disclaimer: these crimes are sickening, disgusting and heinous, and nobody should have to suffer like that.

But it can also be heinous to have your life ruined by false allegations of this nature, so I think people in general ought not lose their cool so quickly. And it can also be just as heinous to be a child who goes through that crime and then finds nobody believes them. So all in all it's a lot more complicated than people want to think it is, so it's easier to just say "BURN THE PERP ON THE STAKE, even if I don't know any specifics about the case nor evidence!".
13:30 October 1, 2009 by DreEstwd
Assuming that this guy did actually rape these children, I would agree with Eric Cantona. And you know what? I would take my sweet time killing this guy and do it in the worst possible manner because, heck, this is Sweden...and I know that I'm only going to get 4 years or less for it anyways.

I used to joke with friends from back home about the Swedish justice system being so lenient that you could do something as horrid as rape of a infant and only get 4 years in prison. Never thought that was actually the case.
13:36 October 1, 2009 by delusion1982
I wont be surprised the story is true, specially coming from the church, this ain't new at all for the church to raise up and provide the society with such people.

I am not with harsh punishments for doubtful cases, but com'on child rape isn't usually done in public places where collecting eye-witnesses is that easy, all you got is the children testimonies, and bearing in mind they got therapy, it is unlikely they would both lie to put their grandfather in prison, it is also unlikely the therapist brainwashed them with these ideas.
14:19 October 1, 2009 by survivor6901
For the comment - "Of course, children don't lie do they, no , never." We are all fully aware that children can lie, but have you ever stopped to think how these poor children must be feeling, knowing that many people, (such as yourself), will probably not believe them.

I myself was abused as a child, and the person that ruined my life has never paid for what he did, because some felt as I child it could be possible I was just imagining what had happened.

Incidently - my abuser has gone on to attack many other young girls, but still due to do-gooders evades justice.

What has happened to these children will stay with them forever, what the grandfather has done will be finished when he's served his time.

He should be named so other poor innocent children aren't hurt.
15:38 October 1, 2009 by Nemesis

I agree.

the child rapists should be named.

When I lived in Ireland I saw so many of them walk awy from justice, due to the actions of the do-gooders, who are in fact people with vested interests.
15:39 October 1, 2009 by ppk
@ DreEstwd,

Read what you write: you are a sadist, same patern as the parish councillor.
15:49 October 1, 2009 by Rick Methven
@ DreEstwd

You are a very sick person. No need to worry about 4 years for the sort of sadistic murder you propose. When you are in prison and the other inmates find out about your views as posted on other stories in TL, you will only last a short time. I suppose you are upset that you can not blame this on Muslims.
16:15 October 1, 2009 by ironman294
If he is indeed guilty he should be sentenced to 4 yrs of raping the judge who only gacve him 4 yrs. Then prision in America where the inmates will rape him for 4 yrs and then murdered.

Sverige is screwed-up
16:39 October 1, 2009 by DreEstwd
@PPK and Rick Meth-

Well, I guess that we disagree on the type of punishment that this a-hole should suffer. However, instead of attacking me, why don't you post your feelings on the actual article. That is what this comment space is here for. Since you are not coming out against what has happened to these kids (I forgo the word 'allegedly' since he was convicted) I guess that you are quite ok with it. You people are the sick ones. Rick, you have often mentioned that you have a son. Of course you only bring that up when you are trying to defend Muslim crime (and he's not even Arabic so that is confusing, but a different argument I guess). For that reason, I am most surprised that you would rather use your opportunity to comment for a personal attack on me than a comment on this story. But I guess that shows where your values lie.

As far as Muslims are concerned, Rick Meth, they aren't mentioned in the article and I didn't say anything about them here. So why are you bringing them up? To the both of you, you would rather propagate your radical, blind PC ideology than condemn child rape or a flawed justice system that seems to only be promoting it. I think that you guys need to take a long look at yourselves.
17:16 October 1, 2009 by Tati
What sort of sick state and juridical system gives 4 year sentence for a repeated rape of children??? One can get a longer sentence for a tax fraud in this country!

Sweden shocks me sometimes...
17:38 October 1, 2009 by "green Swede"
christ! does anyone know why this deviant only got 4 yrs???? I mean the legalaties in as much as how does the repeated RAPE of a 7yr old and 3yr old equate to 48 MONTHS,if that? It's bloody sureal!
18:01 October 1, 2009 by insect
Something doesn't ring right with the trusted witnesses in this story.

If it actually happened over many years and they did witness it, they should also be thrown in jail. What exactly were they doing? Sitting with popcorn outside the windows to watch then later they realized, "Oh, he was doing something illegal and I should testify"?
19:28 October 1, 2009 by Per Johansson52
Which Country has the lowest rate rape in the world? Can you name it please?
20:09 October 1, 2009 by Re-Horakhty
Many more good "White" men do this to their relatives yet no one reports them.

Nonetheless, whatever the cause for this behavior in Western nations the crime is still chilling.
21:01 October 1, 2009 by ppk
Allo Re-Horakhty,

I was in North Kivu (Congo) three weeks ago. I can tell you, White. Yellow, Brown, Red or Black, we are all the same, for the best and for the worst. Sadly too often for the worst.

@ Insect

You right, this story sound like "tabloid stuff". No real journalistic work behind it.


Justice doesn't mean vengeance, at least in civilized country. Vengeance comes from very low, don't expect it could bring a "cleaning", in the contrary.
21:25 October 1, 2009 by Dinaricman
Re-Horakhty, what happened you don't post on the NY Post anymore? I have tracked you down. Pretty good for a European wouldn't you say?

This man needs to be put to death. There is no point in trying to understand why he did it. Once a child rapist always a child rapist. Add Roman to the green mile as well.
21:37 October 1, 2009 by double concerto
It seems that no matter what truly awful and wicked deeds that the worst type of psychopath criminal commits , no matter how many women or children you rape and pimp out...the sentence is the same...4 years in a holiday camp with total secrecy as to the criminals identity. It is utter madness and the Swedish people are going to be raped to hell if this lunacy is allowed to continue.
21:53 October 1, 2009 by Dinaricman

Some of those here are Liberal Marxists. They know that there is no way to defend child rape. However, they will do it if it is a mean to their end. A Liberal Marxist seeks chaos and disorder. Free the prisoners, bankrupt the country, make the state the all providing god. Destroy all national and racial identity and make the world one large pool of people. Then and only then will we have happiness's. HAHA what a crock?
10:08 October 2, 2009 by Rick Methven

You said "And you know what? I would take my sweet time killing this guy and do it in the worst possible manner because, heck, this is Sweden...and I know that I'm only going to get 4 years or less for it anyways"

I agree that this guy has done a terrible crime, preying on his own family and children put in his trust. Personally, I believe that all rapists and pedophiles should be locked up for a long time and chemically castrated before they are released. They should also be permanently monitored after release.

BUT that is the job of the legal system, Your post stinks of a vigilante attitude and has a strong element of sadism. Two wrongs will never make a right.

If you want to know what my values are, I stand for justice and truth and against propaganda of any sort, right left or center.

Please leave my son out of your posts. You know nothing about him or me

Re being PC, I decry a lot of things that happen/are said under the banner of being Politically Correct . In my view, the whole PC thing has got out of hand. However, if condemning the thoughtless sadistic comments and outright lies that you put in your posts, is being PC, then I am proud to be PC.
16:15 October 2, 2009 by DreEstwd
My choice of words were more to make a point about how much raping children sickens me. Probably could've used a better set of words but whatever. The fact remains that this guy gets only 4 years in jail for a hideous, disgusting crime and that is RIDICULOUS. Sure, the judicial system has their job but it is the job of the people to speak out against the system if it is not working. In this case and many others like it, the system is seriously flawed. At least you say that you consider the crime is terrible and that is refreshing. It sure took enough to get that comment out of you though.

As far me bringing up your son is concerned, I did it for 2 reasons: First, because it was astonishing to me that, as a father, you would rather speak out against me then condemn this sort of crime. Second, because you've mentioned him on here before and how it fuels your ultra "anti-racism" attitude. I just think the attitude is misguided. In my opinion, you should be going after the criminals who perpetuate the anti-Muslim feelings in society and not the people who are anti-crime. Now that is the last I'll say about that because I respect you as a parent and your son as well. My girlfriend was adopted from another country as a child as well so I have a ton of respect for you and him in that regard.

Finally, I stand for justice and truth as well. The thing is, people have different opinions about what constitutes truth and justice. Understand that there are reasons, facts and statistics while I and others feel the way we do about things. It has nothing to do with blind racism.
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