Third helicopter suspect remanded into custody

A 36-year-old man arrested in connection with the helicopter heist robbery in Västberga last week has been remanded into custody by a Stockholm court.

Third helicopter suspect remanded into custody

The man is the third person to have been remanded into custody as police investigations continue into the audacious robbery.

At 1pm on Thursday afternoon the Stockholm district court opened a remand hearing for the man in the court’s security room, after a scheduled hearing for Wednesday was postponed.

The man was informed on Wednesday evening of the charges levelled against him during a resumed interrogation.

“The remand hearing was now held as it should be,” defence counsel Johan Eriksson said referring to his prior criticism over a lack of available information.

The man was remanded into custody on suspicion of being an accessory to aggravated robbery after having originally been charged with aggravated robbery.

“They are uncertain, it means that the prosecutor’s initial claims are not considered to have sufficient support,” Eriksson said.

The 36-year-old continues to deny the allegations against him and has demanded that he be released.

A warrant for the arrest of a further 31-year-old man has been issued on Thursday, according to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The man is reported to have worked at the same youth recreation centre as one of the suspects, a 29-year-old man released after Wednesday’s remand hearing.

The man had not been arrested by 3pm on Friday, according to a police source to the TT news agency, but is thought to remain in Sweden.

Two men suspected of involvement in the heist were remanded into custody by the court on Wednesday.

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Teen girls tied to crime with pre-robbery selfie

Two teenage girls suspected of robbing a restaurant have been tied to the crime after police seized images from their phones showing the pair posing before a mirror wearing balaclavas and holding a knife.

Teen girls tied to crime with pre-robbery selfie

The two girls, who are cousins, are suspected of robbing a hamburger store in Halmstad, southern Sweden, in late March. During the robbery, the thieves had a large kitchen knife that they used to threaten the staff at the restaurant.

“Give me the money otherwise I’ll stab you,” they said, according to the restaurant chef account of the robbery, wrote the Aftonbladet newspaper.

“Calm down, I’ll open the till,” he responded.

The pair managed to get away with 2,420 kronor ($370), but were traced by police sniffer dogs back to their grandparents’ apartment, outside which a bag was found with the knife and balaclavas. The girls were arrested on the scene.

During the arrest, officers confiscated a phone on which they found pictures of the duo before the robbery wearing the balaclavas and holding the knife.

While the younger of the two girls is too young to be charged, her 17-year-old accomplice will stand trial on August 2nd. The seized pictures will be used as evidence against the teen, as will DNA traces taken from her balaclava.

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