Irish ‘Yes’ paves way for two new Swedish MEPs

The Irish "Yes" vote to the Lisbon treaty means that two further Swedes are set to take their place in an expanded EU parliament - provided that the Irish vote is backed up by the Czechs.

Amelia Andersdotter and Jens Nilsson are set to fill the two extra MEP places provided by the Lisbon treaty.

“I have not managed to think much about it – I am currently a full-time student in Lund. But in parliament I will be working with trade policy questions,” Amelia Andersdotter, who is set to take her seat as a member for the Pirate Party, told the TT news agency.

She contends that the EU’s tolls policy prevents small and medium-sized companies from importing goods from “low-cost countries” such as India and China.

“The EU line in international negotiations needs to be reformed.”

The second place is earmarked for Jens Nilsson, currently a Social Democratic county councillor in Östersund. He is happy that a Social Democrat from the north of Sweden will get the mandate.

“The Social Democrats performed very well in the election here in the north and we though that we would claim a sixth mandate. It now feels that the situation has been corrected,” he said to TT.

In the parliament Nilsson is keen to take a place on the committee which deals with regional policy.

“The work to develop a region has to be met with European policies that support it. I have worked with regional development questions for more than ten years, and think that I can have a significant influence in Brussels,” Jens Nilsson said.

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