Helicopter heist hits global top ten list

Helicopter heist hits global top ten list
September's helicopter cash depot heist in Stockholm qualifies as one of the ten most spectacular heists of all time, according to a new list published by Time magazine.

The website of the high circulation US weekly likens the audacious chopper-borne smash and grab to a scene from Mission Impossible.

“Just before sunrise on Sept. 23, the burglars arrived on the rooftop of the GS4 cash depot, smashed the glass roof, detonated their way to the building’s vault, and hoisted themselves — and the bags of money they made off with — back up to the helicopter,” writes Time.

The magazine also notes that the robbers were brazen enough to create a decoy using a bag labeled with the word ‘BOMB’.

The Västberga cash depot heist comes in at number ten on Time’s list, which is topped by the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911 (see below for full list).

Professor of criminology Leif G W Persson does not think the helicopter heist merits its place among history’s most spectacular.

“It’s certainly quite unique for Scandinavia with all the logistics involved and everything. But no, I don’t think so,” he told newspaper Aftonbladet.

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