Passed out vodka lover comes to sporting lewd tattoo

A 27-year-old man from northern Sweden has certain regrets about drinking a full bottle of vodka after waking up the morning after with a six inch penis tattooed on his leg, newspaper Aftonbladet reports.

The man with the obscene tattoo, identified only as Joel, recalls little of the evening that led to the ink-filled art attack.

“The last thing I remember is leaving my apartment,” he told Aftonbladet.

But friends were soon able to fill him in on all the gory details of a raucous May evening in Umeå.

After hitting one of the town’s nightspots, the group headed for a hamburger joint where Joel waxed lyrical about a tattoo of a mustache on a companion’s finger. With a belly full of booze and an eye for adventure, he announced to all present that he too would like to get himself a drunken tattoo.

Little did he know that the next booth was occupied by a tattoo artist, who immediately expressed an interest in fulfilling Joel’s wish just as long as he was given free rein to express himself fully on the drunk man’s limbs.

Joel and a friend subsequently took off with the stranger in a taxi. But despite waking up with an x-rated leg, Joel said he felt no anger toward the dirty-minded doodler.

“I found out afterwards who it was. He works at a studio here. But I went along with it, he didn’t exactly force me.”

Joel said he was initially worried what his mother would think, adding that he did not bathe in public at all this summer.

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