Politician calls for green diaper bonus

Politicians have used their full powers of imagination in drafting more than 3,000 parliamentary motions this year that deal with everything from the need for a Minister of the Suburbs to a government inquiry into the lives of cats.

Politician calls for green diaper bonus

By the time the deadline for parliamentary motions was passed on Tuesday, administrators said the tally had reached 3,815 motions of the year, up 136 on the previous year.

Désirée Pethrus Engström of the Christian Democrats is urging the government to bring in a bonus for families that choose cloth nappies for their kids, while Birgitta Ohlsson of the Liberal Party is calling for dogs to be specially trained to help combat violence against woman.

Solveig Hellquist of the Liberal Party called on the government to launch an inquiry into the lives of cats in a bid to raise the societal status of our feline friends.

Chatrine Pålsson Ahlgren and Yvonne Andersson of the Christian Democrats are in favour of the introduction of tax breaks for health treatments beneficial to body and soul as a means of halting a deterioration of the nation’s health.

Amineh Kakabaveh of the Left Party raises the issue of the possible need for a Minister of the Suburbs in view of mounting disturbances on the outskirts of Swedish cities.

The motions will now make their way to the various parliamentary committees for processing and further consideration.

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