Sex crime suspect on trial following jail cell pass at female officer

A 48-year-old man is on trial in Helsingborg in south-western Sweden for having sexually assaulted a police officer following an interrogation for other alleged sex crimes.

“I wanted to commend her for shaking her rear end so nicely,” the man said in court on Wednesday, according to the Helsingborg Dagbladet.

The 48-year-old’s fondling of the female officer’s backside came after he had been questioned about a number of other sex-related crimes.

The man was being escorted to his detention cell by two female officers, and while the three were waiting for the cell door to open, the 48-year-old suddenly reach out and grabbed a hold of one of the officer’s buttocks.

“He grabbed me with a rather large hand and managed to grab the whole cheek. I felt violated and dirty,” the police woman said in court when describing the incident.

The 48-year-old, who hails from Lithuania, then shocked the courtroom further by explaining that he was justified in reaching out to the female officer because she had been giving him long stares and that felt he had sort of gone a date with her during their police car ride to the station and during the interrogation, according to the newspaper.

He then added that he had no intention of having sex with the officer, but merely wanted to compliment her with a pat on the rump “like you do in Lithuania where the women are quite pleased by such gestures”.

In addition to sexual molestation charges, the 48-year-old man also stands accused attempted rape and of assaulting another man in an unrelated incident.

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