Swedish drinking song contest comes to sober climax

The annual Swedish drinking song championships has been decided. Peter Roadson from Skurup in southern Sweden has claimed the title despite leaving the snaps in the sideboard.

The Historical Museum of Wines and Spirits in Stockholm stands arranges the tournament to find the drinking song of the year and invites submissions from all enthusiastic snaps lovers and songwriters.

Peter Roadson proved this year that the two need not go hand in hand when the title of ‘drinking song singer of the year’ is at stake.

“It was the first time I had taken part but it felt like I found the right tone straight away,” he told the TT news agency after his win.

When asked how many shots of snaps were partaken in order to put together his winning song, entitled “Väntans visa” (‘The waiting song’), he replied:

“None actually! I heard last year’s entry by Caj Gustafsson and went to work the next day and wrote the song immediately. It works that way with some songs,” Peter Roadson said.

To listen to all of this year’s entries for drinking song of the year visit the museum’s website at The Historical Museum of Wines and Spirits

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