Young sex offenders escape investigation

Every fifth case of a reported sexual offence involving Swedish teenagers is not investigated by the social services, according to a report by Sveriges Radio youth current affairs programme Generation Z.

In 20 percent of reported cases of sex offences involving teenagers the social services neither open an investigation nor pursue other measures.

Among the reported cases are some which involve allegations of repeated offences.

“I consider this a betrayal against young people. I am especially thinking about those who have committed assault against several victims,” Cecilia Kjellgren, a researcher at Lund University, to Sveriges Radio.

“It is a betrayal against the individual, and it is also a huge betrayal against the children who could potentially fall victim,” she said.

It is known that only ten percent of alleged sex offences committed by teenagers are reported to the social services.

In order to find out what it is done to follow up the cases, Generation Z sent out 1,500 surveys to those responsible for handling the cases across the country.

The programme received 940 replies and of those it was confirmed that four out of five cases are subject to an investigation.

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