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Anger as deportees held in solitary confinement

TT/David Landes · 13 Oct 2009, 08:14

Published: 13 Oct 2009 08:14 GMT+02:00

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“Based on humanitarian grounds, it’s unacceptable that Sweden has a system like this,” said Anders Leckne, head of corrections at the Kronoberg remand centre in Stockholm, to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

In the first six months of this year, 128 people awaiting deportation were placed in remand centres even though they had not committed any crime.

The length of time people were held in remand centres ranged from a few weeks up to 390 days, according to statistics from the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) reviewed by DN.

The Migration Board can hold someone threatened with deportation if the agency believes the person may go into hiding in an attempt to avoid being expelled from the country.

If the agency then believes they may be a risk to themselves, or to others at the Migration Board’s detention centres, people can be placed in a remand centre by a civil servant.

“It’s wrong that a person who feels extreme anxiety ahead of deportation, and who as a result may act up, ends up sitting in solitary confinement 23 hours a day,” said Mats Edsgården of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (Kriminalvården) to DN.

The Migration Board's Niclas Axelsson is part of a commission looking into alternative solutions for how to deal with people set for deportation and admits that the current system leaves room for improvement.

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"Placing people in remand centres isn't an ideal solution," he told the newspaper.

TT/David Landes (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:45 October 13, 2009 by Stormysmoker
Since when has someone entering a country illegaly not commited any crime?

It has already been decided that they shouldn't be there or they wouldn't be getting deported in the first place!
10:01 October 13, 2009 by Texrusso
Stormysmoker, you are such an id-i-o-t and seems like you think from the ass. It is not crime to seek asylum, there is a provision in the law for it. I don't want to spend more time explaining to your small brain what an asylum seeker is. But if you would ask then I will give more details about the process. You need to educate your self on the matter, if you can access thelocal.se on the net, that means you at least knows how to use the internet. So read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refugee S-c-u-m!
10:18 October 13, 2009 by xavidx
If the agency then believes they may be a risk to themselves, or to others at the Migration Board's detention centres, people can be placed in a remand centre by a civil servant

So they go to some sort of agency. And if the agency thinks they are a threat to the personal they sit in Jail instead.

Sounds about right to me. If i was some assylum seeker and get stuck with some agency and I threaten someone then I would be a risk to the personal and to the other people staying at the agency. sitting in jail instead seems logical. nothing wrong with that I would say
10:21 October 13, 2009 by Stormysmoker

I guess you wouldn't have a clue about what an Idiot is then.

As I said in my post these people have been through the "claiming asylum" process and been refused or they would not be getting deported.

I know about what asylum seekers are, having contacts with a number of them in the UK. Many are genuine but just because someone applies for asylum doesn't mean that they are acting legally!
11:30 October 13, 2009 by Donato Tagliano

What a stupid ass you are or you really think from the ass. If you do not know anything it is better to shut up.
12:02 October 13, 2009 by princeally

I agree with Texrusso and Donato Tagliano,,coz to me it seems like you are think from your dick and not frm your mind,,go and get Education,, before you SHRAB your smell mouth..shut yr smelly mouth if you dont know what is the meanning of refugee..
12:34 October 13, 2009 by Stormysmoker
So much for reasoned argument and comment, all I see are purile insults!

I guess that shows the level of intelegence of some posters.
12:40 October 13, 2009 by Rick Methven

intelegence ?

Do you mean intelligence? LOL
13:07 October 13, 2009 by Beynch
How can we guarantee their appearance at their immigration hearings if they are not detained? These people, after all, have violated Swedish law. Chances are that if we did not confine them they would simply disappear underground. The nauive open borders cabal thinks that this can be solved if we only flung all gates open. Where does one draw the line?
13:14 October 13, 2009 by Texrusso
To Stormysmoker: Please watch this video: http://media.causes.com/510213?p_id=13083982&ref=nf

I think this 12 years old has a lot of lesson to teach you. You are just full of hate and wickedness. When you die, you will be consumated by the earth: Earth to Earth, dust to dust! You will not take the Earth with you, nor will you take your country or passport with you. All you will leave in this World is a legacy of your hate and wickedness. May the forces be with us!
13:34 October 13, 2009 by Stormysmoker
Yet more purile insults from a master of reasoning and discussion!

I don't agree with you 100% so I'm evil and full of hate.

I'll answer your further posts when you grow a brain cell to keep your other one company.
14:01 October 13, 2009 by antoniolgj
I'm with you Beynch.

If these people are not locked up they will run away stay illegally. How many news we have already seen about undocumented immigrants?

What I think the Swedish government should do is deport them at once, solving the detention problem and cleaning up Sweden at the same time.
14:02 October 13, 2009 by Texrusso
Stormysmoker: You have been living too much in your comfort zone and so you have failed to put your self in other peoples shoes. Yes there are many fake asylum application, and still there are real applicant with real needs. Your migration board are humans and can't play God and are also liable of mistakes and contradictions. So, that is the more reason why every asylum application must be treated as individual case regardless of how bias the handling officials maybe. Its is not a crime for someone to entrer sweden without paper and seek asylum. There are back and forths to these cases if you so may so wish to know. And by the way, the penalty to illegal entry to Sweden is not a jail sentence but a fine. Even though that was not the issue as you so compounded. The main issue here is remanding ASYLUM SEEKERS IN JAIL for such issues as when they resist the torture and abuse melted upon them. When the system has failed, then Asylum seekers must pay the price. You should know that as soon as people are held in Asylum deportation centers, the government should do everything possible to see that the deportation process is carried out as quickly as possibly. Holding someone in an Asylum detention center is almost like holding them in detention/JAIL as there is no movement. Even families with children, responsible individuals and citizens of countries and held in detention camps sometimes for months, over a year and so forth. Where there only SIN is they have seeked Asylum in Sweden. What I am trying to tell you is that it is wrong and its ILEGAL, it is Unlawful, it is unethical, it is immoral and it inhumane. It is not difference from those held at Guantamo Bay. When some of this people held in these Deportation camps are held over a year and are frustrated as a result, they are thrown into JAIL to wait with criminals while their deportation is pending. Tell me what it takes to deport a person after decission are made and finalized by the relvant authorities to evict a person out of a country?? . I will tell you, it takes buying a flight ticker for the victim and sending a police officer with him or her to the airport. Why must that process take months or more than a year, unless the officials spends time drinking coffee and lazying about while their victims lanquish in detention camps with frustrations. You have failed in your mind to show any objectivity in your presentation so I see a mind clouded with hate and Stormy smoke. Have a a nice day!!!

Detention/Remand centers and JAILS were people suspected of crime awaiting trial are kept under isolation and solitary confirment until their case is heard. In these cases, they are not allowed to speak to anyone or take any form of contact to the outside World, even visitors or guest are not allowed except your lawayers.
14:19 October 13, 2009 by Beynch
At least Storysmoker says what he needs to say in 7 lines or less. But you, Texrusso, are writing in epic diction. I have said it before, and will say it again, if you can't make your case, in a forum like this, in 7 line or less, don't say it! I can't even read your gibberish.
14:35 October 13, 2009 by Texrusso
Beynch: To educate a knockle head takes 1000s of lines and episode, its hard to do it in few lines as I tried earlier. I know it may even take a life time to get it into his skull. But at least I tried. So Beynch, back off!!!!! my piece was for the stormysmoker.
15:08 October 13, 2009 by Thompsuleme
hey ;Stormysmoker, Texrusso, Beynch.

Everyone has a right to his/her reasonings.There is ststement by someone in authority to look into it which states admittedly, that it will be improved. I have met people with false claims who abscond,and the genuine from other Nationalities.Sweden is one of the most Liberal countries in the world,bringing the case to the fore is a plus and im sure the awaiting deportees will get better treatment.Texrusso look at treatments in austria,germany etc,

Stormysmoker, Beynch, I know ur concerns and sweden needs to check the influx of people to save its society,but at what cost?

Guys lets argue as civilized people and not monsters.I am an african living in sweden, and I love its people.

I am African and have met all concerned.
15:13 October 13, 2009 by Beynch
I would submit that this forum is not to "educate in 1000s of lines". It is to express opinions, and raise issues, in the interest of freedom of expression and diverging opinions. Also, it's `knuckle head`, not `knockle head`. By the way my opinion is that there must be a way illegal entrants are ensured departure after a deportation sentence. That's not 'bias`. That's upholding the law and preserving the best interests of the Swedish nation.
15:21 October 13, 2009 by soultraveler3
Beynch you're right.

"How can we guarantee their appearance at their immigration hearings if they are not detained? These people, after all, have violated Swedish law. Chances are that if we did not confine them they would simply disappear underground."

That happens all the time in other EU countries. Immigrants come into a country illegaly are caught then only TOLD to show up again to be deported.

Lol, yeah right! Wonder how many of them show up again. /rolls eyes

It's so stupid to for governments to think they can release someone who either came here illegally or didn't leave when they were supposed to, and think that they'll just show up again to be sent back home.

If you don't go through the legal process to stay in a country you shouldn't be there.

I don't blame anyone for wanting a better life, but if they don't show any respect for the laws of the country they're trying to enter, send them back.

Apply for residence, like we all did. Get in the system, learn the language, obey the laws, respect and accept the culture and don't be a burden on the tax payers.

Anyone willing to do it the right way should be welcome.

Letting people who are in a country illegally run around while waiting to be deported is plain stupid. Less than 1% would likely ever do the right thing and show back. They had the chance to do it right and choose not to, it shows they can't be trusted.
15:38 October 13, 2009 by Texrusso
soultraveler3: How can you apply for residence permit when you are an Asylum seker? Do u really believe that everyone who applies for residence permit gets it? For me it doesn't even matter if he has right to be granted Asylum or not. Everyone has the right to try to improve themselves and lives. Seeking Asylum should not be a criminal offence that requires more than a year JAIL sentence or anything of sort. What is even the big deal?
16:01 October 13, 2009 by Thompsuleme
If your writing a book I could refer you to an agent. Please maximum of ten lines per comment.

By the way I think the system on deporttion is flawed and has to be improved to a maximum of two weeks in monitored conditions before actual deportation from the second a verdict is reaached.

Fair guys!! :)
16:14 October 13, 2009 by Texrusso
Thompsuleme: Well, you do not make the rules as to how much a person should write. It is up to Thelocal.se to put a limit on how much text they want. As far I know it is more than 3000 words. You can filter what you want to read, as no body is forced to read anything here. Freedom of expression and freedom to choose if to write 3000 words is everyones right. You can send your feedback to the local on that. So cut the chase! As for the two weeks, I agree with you, two weeks should be the maximum time of holding anyone for deportation, so let us be fair.
17:25 October 13, 2009 by Thompsuleme
hey Texrusso Ur right, Its just that its easier for some of us who want a read and comment to do so I a short time frame due to daily tasks, but hey, u got me fair and square there!I DEFINITLY DONT MAKE THE RULES.

As an afterthought My wife is Austrian and over there even Legal immigrants with residence and visa and whatsover get a special detention center and they are absolutely ruthless to you if you are not holding an Austrian passport or a "1st generation" western one(call it shoot nd ask questions after).

. Guys lets cut Sweden a slack! they know how to fix problems (except the Heist) :),

18:26 October 13, 2009 by Douglas Garner
Back to the article... is solitary the best way to go, or should we be considering alternatives? How about monitored house arrest as a first step? Why can the deportation hearings or decisions take over a year? Why are they held incommunicado... even in prison that is reserved as a sprecial form of punishment?
18:46 October 13, 2009 by waspy
@Douglas Garner

The reason for the delay may include legal appeals by the person who is going to be deported. Another reason for the delay might be problems with the country of origin of the asylum seeker or illegal immigrant refusing to accept them back.

Not all countries are willing to take back their citizens.

Here's a story from the US on their situation with illegal immigrants:

"As of February, at least eight countries were refusing to take back 139,000 illegal immigrants that the United States has ordered deported, including Vietnam, Jamaica, China, India, Ethiopia, Laos, Eritrea, and Iran, according to Specter's office. They include 18,000 convicted felons. More countries refuse to take back immigrants, but the eight were the major violators, staffers said."


I guess part of the solution would be a ban on issuing travel, work and student visas to those countries and any others that refuse to take back their own people.
19:20 October 13, 2009 by Texrusso
@Waspy: Yeah, no country will refuse to take back her citizen if you present the right DOCUMENT to prove that they are citizens. The case is that Most of this western countries tried doing things they wount accept them selves. Trying to deport someone without travel document. Also, you are wrong about decission and appeal. Those held under custody have already received the final decision from the highest court for deportation and can't appeal any further. As for Austria, Austria is becoming the next facist neo Nazi state in Europe with FINLAND leading on the top chat. Have a nice day!
20:03 October 13, 2009 by boby
@ Texrusso and the rest of the PC extreme left brigade

I hope that your children fulfil you dream and become devote Muslims. Especially that your daughters find a nice chap from Afghanistan, marry him and move to leave by Sharia in Kabul.

Until then f@@k off, we have the right to protect our culture and way of life.
21:33 October 13, 2009 by waspy

Why don't they have the correct documents?

Do you think it might be because they are instructed by smugglers to destroy their documents before they apply for asylum?

In the cases in which documents have been intentionally destroyed their long detention is their own fault.
22:01 October 13, 2009 by Captcha
Judging from some of the detestable comments by asylum seekers like Texrusso and Donato, perhaps the computers should be removed for the remand centres.
22:13 October 13, 2009 by travels
If remand centers are too much for asylums seekers and they cannot wait there while their cases are been processed or their appeals heard, then deport them right away. In most cases if they are let loose in the country they will stay illegally and will not show up for hearings so as not to be deported. Sweden has a right to its sovereignty and to accept or not any refugee or immigrant that shows up to its borders, and even more so when without proper papers to enter or stay in the country.
03:11 October 14, 2009 by Marc the Texan
Stormysmoker, you're right! I support your positions. Your detractors just laid rght into you with personal attacks because they have no valid arguments.
08:42 October 14, 2009 by Osokin
"Let's take to the streets

You and I we're life's refugees

But like Bonnie and Clyde we're free

Don't say there's nothing between us..."
09:13 October 14, 2009 by benraph
I support stormy smoker 100%. Texrusso, you are proof of give an inch take a mile, you are rude and vile and just garbles on. And Boby is right, Sweden has the right to protect its culture, The more left they move, the more people like Texrusso come over and start demanding changes to this and that law and want their culture to replace Swedens. It may be too late already.
11:36 October 14, 2009 by Texrusso
@waspy , benraph, travels, Marc the Texan: Now I see what your group is made of, stormy smoker have gone to hire his underdog Neo Nazi groups. Do you really agree that torturing people under detention and holding them for over a year in isolattion in your detention center Makes Sweden a more sovereign nation?. F-o-o-ls! I bet you kids are just some group of teenagers displaying juvenile deliquencies on the net. There is no need for me educate you kids. Get a life kids!!!
17:14 October 14, 2009 by mkvgtired
Texrusso, of course countries will refuse to take back their citizens, especially if they are convicted felons. They dont want to pay to keep them in jail.

So Swedes give the US tons of crap for keeping terrorists locked up in solitary confinement, but Sweden does it to people who's only infraction was that their asylum papers were denied. Way to lead by example HYPOCRITES!!
17:17 October 14, 2009 by travels

You minimize and ridicule the real and deep suffering of people that are or have been indeed tortured by calling detention at a Swedish remand center torture.

I am no neo-Nazi or anything of the kind, all the opposite. But you seem to think that Sweden should just open its door to anyone who whishes to just come in and stay; the country has the right and obligation to its citizens to not do that, like any other country in the world, that is what sovereignty is all about and Sweden is no more or less sovereign by acting like any country does and should. If people don't like being held while their cases are been processed they can leave, go to wherever they came from or to another country, they do not have an automatic right to come in and stay. For its size Sweden is already a very generous country as far as all the immigrants and asylum seekers it takes in, this is not a free for all.
09:33 October 15, 2009 by Stormysmoker

It's obvious that anyone that does not agree with you 100% and anyone that does not give you whatever you ask for has to be a neo-nazi faschist racist idiot in your opinion.

This brings me to the conclusion that your mind must be so addled that you have no concept of the meaning of the words.

You can also have no concept of the meaning of asylum or torture or you would not denigrate the efforts of genuine asylum seekers who have had to escape their countries because of the torture that they have suffered.

Each country has it's laws and customs which have been set up and tuned over the centuries to protect the needs and values of it's citizens. Strangers to those countries should expect to conform to the rules without constantly complaining that they don't like it there and if they don't like the rules go somewhere else in the first place.

Which countries bordering Sweden have asylum seekers trying to get in?

By international law they are the only ones who should be applying there(unless they arrive by air direct from the country that they need asylum from) , so anyone else is getting a bonus even being considered.

It's all very well that people want to better themselves but there are righ ways and wrong ways of doing it.

If I wanted to move to South Africa and set myself up in a diamond field, would that be allowed?

If I wanted to go to Nigeria and tap into one of the oil pipelines would that be allowed?

If I wanted to go to China and live off handouts would I be so rich that I could send for the rest of my family to live off them too?

The answer is no! So I don't choose to go to any of those countries. I stay in one where I can work and earn a living and support myself, I follow the rules and if I don't like them I work to change them through the system. If I really don't like them I even disobey a few of them, but I do expect to take the punishment when I get caught.

It's called taking responsibility for my actions not blaming everyone else because I'm not a king.

Grow up, grow your 2nd brain cell and get yourself a life!
11:11 October 15, 2009 by Texrusso
@mkvgtired, Stormysmoker , Travels, mkvgtired: You twisted an article from the local which reads: "Anger as deportees held in solitary confinement" into hatred mongering instead of focusing on the point. Stormysmoker, please read again your first reponse to the article below which prompted my response: According to Stormysmoker I quote: "09:45 October 13, 2009 by Stormysmoker

Since when has someone entering a country illegaly not commited any crime?

It has already been decided that they shouldn't be there or they wouldn't be getting deported in the first place!" --End of Quote.

Now read your self stormysmoker, your tantrum above has no correlation with the article. And it shows that you are bais, does not understand a thing about the subject under review and are just subjective. The article is not saying Sweden should give up her soverignty, the article did not call for immigrants to invade Sweden, the article did not encourage immigrants to setup a diamond field in Sweden, or tap Swedish Oil or Gold. The article was just informational that Asylum seekers waiting for deportation are held in ISolation for over a year and that is the subject under review. Why not focus on the main point than twisting the matter, unless you are everything I think you and your cheap Neo Nazi gangs are, promugating your facist propoganda on thelocal. So one more time, you are and your i-di-o-ti-c chronies, and hate mongers can display your juvenile deliquencies all you can. But you cannot change the independent thinkers. Kids!!!!
14:24 October 15, 2009 by rumcajs
@ waspy , benraph, travels, Marc the Texan, beynch and antonio.

Requesting political asylum is NOT a crime and the fact that their asylum is denied doesnt mean they should wait fro dep. in jail. You guys say that if they don't do it like that, they would stay in black, but in that case we'd have to put in jail students and averybody without a permanent r.permit too... guessing that they would stay in black when their visas finish.

Even if that was a good point, so let's keep'em in some different kind of custody, but not in jail like if they had done something "bad".
14:46 October 15, 2009 by Stormysmoker

In case your brain is also too addled to recognise your own nom de plume, I addressed my last comment to you not to any genuine asylum seekers or anyone else.

I'm not having any tantrum, at nearly 50 years old I'm long past your childish games and it's also been a while since I was described as a kid!

I repeat:-

Grow up, grow your 2nd brain cell and get yourself a life!
15:46 October 15, 2009 by mkvgtired
Texrusso, since I "twisted" the story what you are saying is that it is not hypocritical to denounce holding terrorists in solitary confinement, while doing the same thing to people who's only crime was having their asylum request denied?

You are right, everyone should follow the Swedish immigration model, including solitary confinement. The Swedish government can do no wrong.
15:49 October 15, 2009 by Rick Methven
It is not about letting failed asylum seekers loose, its about the method of detention and the conditions that they are kept under while awaiting deportation. In Sweden these people are kept in Prison alongside criminals on remand awaiting trial or sentencing. And we know that Sweden only holds the most violent and hardened criminals on remand. These failed asylum seekers have committed no crime in Sweden and should not be locked up with common criminals. What is needed here is the same as in other European countries, specialist, secure accommodation that is specifically for asylum seekers. A place where they can be held until they are either given permission to stay or deported back to the country they came from. A facility that is not shared with criminals
22:43 October 19, 2009 by travels
"The Migration Board can hold someone threatened with deportation if the agency believes the person may go into hiding in an attempt to avoid being expelled from the country.

If the agency then believes they may be a risk to themselves, or to others at the Migration Board's detention centres, people can be placed in a remand centre by a civil servant."

From the article above. It goes on a case by case basis, not everyone is held and of those held not all are held in a remand center. There might also be some criminals among asylum seekers.
20:02 October 28, 2009 by Authentica
Reading the comments on certain articles on this site is the highlight of my evenings :)
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