Man held for setting ex-wife on fire

A 51-year-old man has been remanded into custody after setting fire to his ex-wife in Gävle in eastern Sweden.

According to prosecutors, the man attempted to murder the 31-year-old woman by burning her to death. She remains in hospital with burns over 80 percent of her body, the Aftonbladet newspaper reports.

The man and his ex-wife, as well as three children were all injured in the fire, which took place in an apartment on the night of Saturday, October 3rd.

Details of the blaze, described as “explosive”, remain sketchy, with one neighbour telling Aftonbladet there was a smell of flammable liquid in the building’s stairwell.

The two adults are being treated at Uppsala University Hospital for serious burn injuries. The children, two of which were fathered by the 51-year-old, received only minor injuries.

Police were initially unable to say what caused the fire, but were able to question the 51-year-old man a few days later.

On Tuesday, the man was remanded into custody on suspicions of attempted murder, although he denies the accusations.

“The woman is still in serious condition and her prognosis remains uncertain,” prosecutor Birgitta Fernlund told the TT news agency.

Fernlund said that the couple recently divorced, but she wouldn’t say anything about possible motives for the crime.

The remand hearing was held at the hospital because the man also remains in need of treatment for his injuries.