Choosing a topic to blog about

There are a million things to blog about in Sweden. You can be as as creative as you want to be. Here are are just a few suggestions for blogs that could be interesting to other readers.

Photos – Post your Swedish images

Legal – Are you a lawyer offering advice? Have you had a brush with the law and need advice? Are you battling Swedish bureaucracy?

Home improvement – Are you a DIY expert? Are you grappling with the DIY lingo? Are you a keen observer of the latest in home design?

Clubs and associations – Want to promote your local church, community group, sports club or student network?

Cooking – Are you attempting to master the Swedish kitchen? Do you have a supply of recipes to share with the world?

Sport – Are you honing your skills in a Swedish sport? Would you like to help people keep abreast of developments in Swedish football, ice hockey, or any of those sports where they ski and shoot things?

Design – Sweden is famous for design – have you got anything to say about it?

Language – What’s your experience of learning the language? What are your favourite words? What are your biggest bloopers?

Job hunting – How do you find a job in Sweden?

Home hunting – How do you navigate the property minefield? How do you buy a home when your patience runs out?

Business – What’s there to know about Swedish telecoms, forestry, clean-tech, energy, technology etc.? How do you set up a business in Sweden?

Culture & Entertainment – What are the best and worst Swedish bands, movies, artists, plays, choreographers, television shows, writers? What’s it like to be a culture vulture in Sweden? What’s it like to be a performer in Sweden?

New in Sweden – What are your first impressions of Sweden? How are you integrating? Are you disintegrating? What’s the asylum seeker process like? Are you one of the ‘hidden’?

Students – What’s it like being an exchange student in Sweden? What’s it like being a Swedish student elsewhere in the world?

Parenting – How do you find a school for your child? What’s it like bringing up bilingual kids? How do you deal with teen angst?

Love & relationships – What’s it like being single in Sweden? What’s it like being married to a Swede? Do you have advice for the lovelorn?

Politics – Where do you stand?

Fashion – What are the current trends in Sweden? Who are the best fashion designers?

Nature & Wildlife – Where are the best places to go hunting and fishing? Why should people not hunt or fish? Where are the most beautiful places in Sweden?

Places – What are the best and worst things about Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Norrland, Värmland, Arjeplog etc.?

Swedish stuff seen around the world

Sweden reported around the world

Health – How do I find my way around the health system? What can I do to stay healthy?

…and much, much more.

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