Reinfeldt and Olofsson back Green party talks

The Moderates and Centre party have backed Alliance coalition partner the Liberal party in calls to work with the Green party instead of the Sweden Democrats if the far-right party held the balance of power in parliament after the 2010 general election.

Reinfeldt and Olofsson back Green party talks

“We are not going to render ourselves dependent on the Sweden Democrats, it is a party which has strongly brutalized its ‘us against them’ thinking,” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said.

“It would be impossible to work with such a party,” the Moderate party leader declared, echoing Liberal party leader Jan Björklund’s statement on Friday.

Centre party leader Maud Olofsson also followed the Liberal party line in ruling out a cooperation with the Sweden Democrats, arguing that the most natural step would be to sound out the Green party over a cooperation.

“We will not make ourselves dependent on xenophobic forces. We have been very clear on that even if certain parties in the opposition and within the media have not grasped that,” Olofsson said.

Green party spokesperson, Maria Wetterstrand, raised the prospect this week of cooperating with the centre-right Alliance parties in the case that the far-right Sweden Democrats managed to gather the four percent support required to claim parliamentary seats.

“If we are bigger than the others, then it would be logical for the Centre party and Liberal party to open up for discussions with us,” she told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Jan Björklund on Friday explained the choice of the Green party as a prospective government partner as being due to the fact that it “is not a socialist party.”

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Sweden Democrat politician charged for posting Hitler tribute

A politician for the populist Sweden Democrat party has been charged with hate crimes after his social media account posted a picture of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and compared black people to monkeys.

Sweden Democrat politician charged for posting Hitler tribute

Mikael Lundin, the deputy chair of the Sweden Democrats in the city of Östersund in northwest Sweden, was charged with hate crimes after the organisation Näthatsgranskaren reported him to the police for a series of posts made by his profile on the Russian social media group VK. 

The posts included a series of pictures praising Hitler, including one with the words “our oath: all for Germany”, and one comparing black people with apes, according to the prosecutor in the case. 

He also in 2017 posted a picture which called for Sweden’s then Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven to be assassinated. 

Lundin denies making the posts, claiming that someone in his household may have been using his account. 

“I cannot give away that much now, but a lot of things are going to come out during the court case,” he told the anti-extremist website Expo. “It may be that someone has logged into my account and posted stuff up there.” 

In his interview with the police, Lundin said that he suspected that either someone in his household had shared the posts, or that he had been hacked. 

An analysis of Lundin’s VK account shows that he is closely linked to members of the extreme neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR), with the extremist group’s leader Simon Lindberg and its parliamentary leader Pär Öberg both among his friends. 

The Sweden Democrats called the posts that Lundin is accused of making as “unusually distasteful and serious”, and said it had opened an investigation into whether Lundin should have his membership annulled. 

“There are reasons to doubt the credibility of the explanations which have been given and the party has, as a result, decided to open an investigation into him in its membership committee,” Ludvig Grufman, a press secretary for the party, said. “The individual in question has also been encouraged to resign from his party posts.”