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Many young Swedes doubt al-Qaida 9/11 guilt

TT/The Local · 1 Nov 2009, 22:35

Published: 01 Nov 2009 09:27 GMT+01:00
Updated: 01 Nov 2009 22:35 GMT+01:00

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The TV4 programme Kalla Fakta, which commissioned the survey, will on Sunday address the subject of the Truth Movement, an international group which espouses the conspiracy theory that the terror network al-Qaida was not behind the September 11th attacks.

The movement, also known as the "September 11th research community" argues that it was in fact the US government that staged the attacks, which claimed the lives of 3,000 people, in order to legitimize the war on terrorism.

The Novus poll indicates that a significant number of young Swedes are persuaded by the logic of the argument.

Of the 1,000 Swedes surveyed in an internet panel, 70 percent responded that al-Qaida were behind the attacks, while seven percent did not think so.

Among those under-30 only 58 percent believed responsibility lay with al-Qaida, while 15 percent did not.

When asked whether the US government orchestrated the attacks, eight percent supported the theory while 64 percent rejected it.

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However among the under-30s there was once again more scepticism: 51 percent rejected the conspiracy theory while 18 percent believed that the US government, led at the time by President George W Bush, had a role in the attacks.

As many as 31 percent of the young people interviewed in the survey responded that they did not know what to believe.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:26 November 1, 2009 by Pont-y-garreg
So most young Swedes don't believe the conspiracy theories.

Your headline is therefore totally misleading.

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who will believe the most ridiculous theories if posted on the internet and dressed up with false logic, dubious statistics and manipulated circumstantial evidence.

These are the same type of people who deny climate change and still believe the Earth is flat.

That this The Local gives any credence to these ideas is most worrying.
11:10 November 1, 2009 by Nemesis
@ journalists in the Local.

As journalists you have a duty not to give credence to conspiracy theory lunacy.

On September 11th approximately 3000 people from almost 100 countries died. It is not funny. It is not appropiate to make up stories for amusement regarding the event and it is inappropiate for journalists to give any credence to conspiracy theories.

@ Conspiracy theorists.

Regarding the Bush government and conspiracy theorists. How they completely screwed up the invasions of Iraq and Afghanisation, let alone everything else they ever did, should tell anyone what would happen if they had even attempted to cary out something like the well organised September 11th attacks in the USA.


I have seen the videos of Alex Jones and others. They would make good entertainment, if the subjects they cover were not so serious.

What most of you who follow conspiracy thoerists need to consider, is this.

The same conspiracy theorists who claim 911 was a hoak, see our social structures that assist the disabled, weak and impoverished as something that has to be dismantled at all costs. They are against the welfare state, free education and free health care. They want every shop to sell guns. They are against everything we have in Europe. They want to destroy our society and replace it with the American system where only the rich get healthcare.

Stop and think.

The 911 terrorists were mostly Saudi Arabian. 15 out of the 19 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. We have not bombed Saudi Arabia, because they are allies of the USA.

If I had been president of the USA, I would have carpet bombed Saudi Arabia and Afghanisatan with thermonuclear weaponary, into sheets of glass, for not immediately turning all terrorists and there associates over for execution.

Also Wahabbiaism, the crazy fundementalist form of Islam that originates from Saudi Arabia needs to be banned and routed out. Wahabbianism is determined to create a jihad war between Islam and everyone else. If the Saudi Government keeps giving Wahabbi's funding and diplomatic immunity, we should sieze all there assets, invade them with no kid gloves and take the oil from them, for supporting and encouraging fundementalism / terrorism.
11:15 November 1, 2009 by debs
only one in five think it was an inside job,,, that s a big surprise , i thought most of us know it was ??!!
11:25 November 1, 2009 by calebian22
Good grief! I wonder when the study that shows a high rate of mental illness in under 30-year old Swedes will be published?
11:42 November 1, 2009 by Beynch
This story is written with the explicit purpose of promoting the idea that W lay behind the 9/11 attacks. Were it true, that one five beleive this nonsense, then that's a sad reflection on the influence exersized by SSU, AFA and other bottom scraping filth. Get real for Christ's sake! I'm disappointed that The Local would even publish such rubbish. Luckily it is a damned orwellian lie that one in five belive in this outrageous conspiracy theory.
11:42 November 1, 2009 by viper
Well 911 is not the only incident in history where US killed its own citizens to wage war on any foreign nation pearl harbour, USS Liberty incident are few to name. Al Qaida is offspring of CIA which is still uses it as tool for it's own interest.
11:55 November 1, 2009 by Atlas
So they used Internet to make the polls!!!
12:33 November 1, 2009 by groom
I reckon we are just living with a bunch of idiots of recent....any right mind wouldn't come close of thinking that.... the US govt " had a hand" in this....silly morrons..i guess the Swedish population is become.......i better stop here..
12:41 November 1, 2009 by Guest
Comment: @Nemesis A typical US tone, a conjugation of Al-Qaida and Taliban - take everything from rest of world with -- shows a definite reflection/relation. And 19 passengers (oh terrorists) were hijackers, I dont understand how come DM US have this technology to investigate the deads and not rest of the world. About Conspiracy theorists: gentleman your previous administration have screwed up with 911 plan. Researches and detectives have proved this incident was an engineering piece of art. Sooner or later some one will manage to speak from INSIDE as well. now about your peaceful country; should i remind you their evil contribution to the world, WW2, Vietnam, gulf-war, weapon smuggling (Africa ... ), production of Taliban against USSR, again selling of weapons to war zone "Israel", invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, how much you will defend ?. When killing becomes profession it doesn't matter who is victim so whey not US innocent peoples for their fun???
12:51 November 1, 2009 by Iraniboy
To be honest Bush administration didn't need any motivation at all! Only some lies were sufficient for an attack! Iraq has nothing to do 9/11. Iraq had a brutal dictaor but it didn't become brutal just in 2000s. It was already brutal since decades ago!! and US admin didn't give a damn about it.
12:55 November 1, 2009 by Random Guy
... uh we were talking about GW Bush here folks.

if you are dumb enough to think he and his gang and enough brain matter to cook anything like this up, then you should be turned into hamburger meat.

anyone who ever lived during the 8 years of GW Bush knows what a fool he was(is)!
13:06 November 1, 2009 by fridayz
I agree with them!
13:28 November 1, 2009 by freezebtn
Not very bright them Swedes.
13:39 November 1, 2009 by delusion1982
Why do I feel that it's only those conservative American' TL readers who didn't digest this article. Only those nationalist brain-washed citizens, who don't even practice their basic right of thinking, but blindly follow their government press secretaries whatever they say.

I do not believe in both cases, I though still doubt that both can be true. But due to the overwhelming benefit USA harvested out of 9/11, it would always feel to me that "the purpose justifies the means" approach might have been taken at some secret level in USA.
13:43 November 1, 2009 by askin
I don't know if I should write a comment among those written by top specialists in this case, who knew exactly what happened, but I have at least these questions:

1- A group of students were well positioned against the building which was hit by the plane and collapsed, and filmed the incident in all its detail. Was this a co-incident?

2- The same day, some 2500 (?) who worked in a jewelry workshop in the same building did not go to their jobs.

Was this also a coincident?

3- Two ? passports were found (the papers said) on the ground

after the plane crash, and they were said to belong to the terrorists who were in the plane.

How come even the steel melted in this building, but these passports didn't burn? And the persons to whom these passports belonged, were found in the same day, in the Middle East, said the papers.

4- The film 9/11 , a documentary, talked about a conspiracy also. Was this also a coincidence?
13:47 November 1, 2009 by peropaco
Almost one in three swedes under 30 is an alcoholic. Almost one out of three women in sweden cheats at the drop of a hat. One out of two Swedish men prefer thai women cause they are inferior. Four out of five swedish women turn really ugly after the age of 35. Most swedish men are thought from an early age that women wears the pants inthe home. Most swedish men are bald and have small nuts :-))
13:48 November 1, 2009 by bezjaj
Is anybody surprised? young Swedes = kids of immigrant Muslims. AsK them if they want Sharia laws too, but don't be surprised at the answer, please. Sweden is the country of big and small surprises-the last communist state and Soon the first Caliphate in Europe.
13:53 November 1, 2009 by billyb362
It is because of articles like THIS that I've been looking all over the Swedish University web sites seeking courses in MEDIA BIAS in journalism.

There seems to be almost no responsibility or accountability for what journalists write about, how they articulate it, and with what purpose they manipulate the content.

The real intent of this article speaks volumes about the personal mentality and bias sentiments of the journalist who wrote it, and his/her inability to refrain from provoking others to affirm his/her beliefs.

(The particular journalist didn't provide a name)

There will come a day that when news media behaves in this manner a watchdog media group will call them on it!
14:11 November 1, 2009 by tzatara1
The purpose of any US government is to be a major factor in world's economic scene without matter of the cost. Just Bush's family is more impertinently. Everything is money,they control the politics. US needed a reason to start war and if can't find it,well ...... they will create some. The US economy is build on "innocent sacrifices " like those.

One simple count : war = money = politics = war for money = money for war =politics for more money , for more wars......

9/11 was the key who can open any door.

Africa , Middle East , South Russia , Korea .....its like tourist agency. Just choice your destination and start shooting.

Do you want a be part of this " democracy " ....? Apply for green cart for land of the freedom. Your right is to be used for the general welfare.
14:18 November 1, 2009 by bezjaj
tzatara U are russian ,right?
14:27 November 1, 2009 by tzatara1
No , ..... is that a serious question ...?Where is the connection between my nationality and my opinion...?
14:35 November 1, 2009 by Nemesis
@ guest.

I am not american. You most likely are American.
14:36 November 1, 2009 by ofdesign
About 1 in 5 Swedes read the lies of their own virulently anti semitic press as gospel -- you know those professionally delusional cretins who seek to destroy Israel and Western thought.
14:51 November 1, 2009 by HejHej
Behind every conflict of any kind in this world, you will find directly or indirectly the involvement of Isreal , usa, and India .
14:59 November 1, 2009 by tzatara1
I agree . We talk for the same thing . Everybody know that the rich Israel families control USA .... India it was and still is UK colony .
15:02 November 1, 2009 by someoneonthenet
Higher percentage of Americans compared to Swedes believe in this conspiracy theory (so swedes are not more stupid or gullible compared to americans). If US had reacted reasonably after 9/11, then so many people would not have turned to conspiracy theories. Instead US exploited 9/11 by starting 2 wars (death of less than 3000 led to further 1 million deaths and destroyed 2 countries), passing few controversial laws, so it is not impossible that someone in US government knew or helped terrorists.
15:06 November 1, 2009 by Globalnomad
Who said Swedes are educated ? This is just some more left wing Swedish anti American propoganda that is served up like falukorv and macaroni to every single Swede who believes every single thing they read in the Swedish newspapers, especially Aftonbladet. This doesn't surprise me at all. Swedes are pretty ignorant and naive about the world around them. The can all kiss my red, white and blue a** and I would request that they show a little spine ( something they are not famous for ) and run this theory by the families of the victims of 9/11 or better yet a platoon of US Marines. What a bunch of pu**ies !
15:18 November 1, 2009 by tzatara1
the rejecting of the truth and calling it " theory " , can't change it ....put down your pink glasses and see the real life ....
15:33 November 1, 2009 by CDRoth
Please let these misguided people remember the words of Stevie Wonder... "If you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer. Superstition's not the way."
15:38 November 1, 2009 by Beavis
Just proves 1 in 5 Swedes under 30 are brain dead... nothing more..
15:55 November 1, 2009 by unseen
3 million Iraqis left their country, more than one million Iraqis killed after the bloody 2003 war. And I as Iraqi had to leave my (at least) warm, 12 hours of light winter/summer day country to "Sweden" and to be seriously rejected as Swede resident from ppl like you. That is just too much.

so I agree with whatever says: US Gov played it really well to invade the middle east.

How dare you Bezjaj, if I can make a wish comes true it will be you being Iraqi just to have an idea about what we Iraqis been through.
16:03 November 1, 2009 by maxbrando
You Swedes are the most ignorant babies in the world. You "girliemen" need to go back to your breast pumps.

And you are arrogantly proud of your ignorance. For a country that has not been in a war for about 200 years, you believe you are forever insulated from reality. And this poll demonstrates this.
16:05 November 1, 2009 by HejHej
only fools believe in '9/11' as it was conspired by group of fools in order to fool the world . So lets not fool ourself anymore, and should back those (under 30) who are willing to reject this bull sh*t.
16:22 November 1, 2009 by staz
DNRTA. Did the article mention that one in five Swedes under the age of 30 are muslim immigrants? I think that would explain quite a bit right there.
17:03 November 1, 2009 by Querist
"But due to the overwhelming benefit USA harvested out of 9/11,..." (delusion1982)




17:17 November 1, 2009 by Greg in Canada
Due to Swedish immigration policies, I'd not be surprised if one out of every five under 30 in Sweden is now a Muslim. This could help explain this seemingly absurd result of this poll. If that's not the explanation, then one can only conclude the 20% of younger Swedes are brain dead.
17:22 November 1, 2009 by wxman
Like John Wayne said, "Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid." Good luck, Sweden.
17:41 November 1, 2009 by HejHej
Daily, more and more people wake up to the truth about 9/11. But the fact is everything else is secondary. We can not forget and allow them to get away with the lies and the deception. We must demand accountability. The #1 issue must be the truth about that day. We can not get distracted and allow the truth to be swept away under all the other issues. They do not matter compared to what was allowed to happen and why.We must raise our voices. We must resist the facism being installed because of this day in our history. We must NEVER FORGET, and allow the people behind it to walk free and wage endless wars for endless profits in the name of freedom and terror. If 1 out of 5 can know then why not the rest?
18:50 November 1, 2009 by ofdesign
The 1 in 5's writing here shows that immigrants are bringing down the respect that internationals once had for the Swedish mind. The Swedes at one time were heralded as some of the most intellectual people on the planet. Now they are as intellectually as backwards and prejudiced the people in many Arabic countries. The Swedes now have to up their investment in education which is going to up their taxes which in turn is going to take down the Swedish, once renowned, standard of living.
19:16 November 1, 2009 by Mike #1986
oh sh#t yeah the Bush administration had something behind 9-11 god sake the United States is the biggest Maffia on the planet.

theres no denying that ..there capable of doing magic and twisting it from the CIA FBI straight back to AL-QUIDA ..!

just look back on American history and you will work it out.
19:17 November 1, 2009 by Investor612
For the armchair generals, if someone had told me on 9/12/2001 that the Taliban would be removed from power in Afghanistan, Saddam would be deposed, tried, convicted, and executed in Iran, that elections however imperfect had been held in each country, all at the cost of about 5000 American military dead, I'd have thought that person wildly optimistic.

As for the Euro condescension, Afghanistan in a NATO operation. The NATO allies have a bigger population than the US. So why hasn't the combined might and intellect of Europe made a success in Afghanistan since you think the Bush Administration was so inept? The reason is Europe is all attitude, no accomplishment, all talk, no action, all mouth, no muscle.

That 1 in 5 subscribe to an implausible and illogical conspiracy 9/11 theory is no surprise. About that percentage of young Swedes are Muslims for starters. As for the rest, it's the typical insanity to permeates Western leftists and is a window into the decline of Western Civilization.
20:06 November 1, 2009 by voidplay
About editor's bias


And when I am about 45 or so (in 20 yrs or so), Veitnam war would replace ww2 and Iraq war would replace Vietnam war.

It is hard to believe Bush is behind all this but then CIA? maybe ...

Now now has there ever been any truth from the American govt ... nej

Maybe it was to do with the recession and economic colapse just that Bush had to do all the dirty work to keep the world running.
20:07 November 1, 2009 by tzatara1
Wake up people ....all of you ....

Nobody can explain how one man ,..... low educated ,who live in cave , in country without electricity , hot water , without roads can create some " evil " plane to destroy Western world ... they are not terrorist , they don't know what this word means ...They just want better life for themselves as every one of us .

But they have something more expensive then their lives , more expensive than lives of the victims of 9/11. They have black gold and USA want it .
21:36 November 1, 2009 by Osokin
Don't feed the trolls
21:36 November 1, 2009 by israeli
no wonder, as sweden is an islamic country for some years. there is no real difference between the mind of the iranians and the mind of the swedes. both have a very vivid imagination. this can be funny , but now seriously, is sweden a part of the EU? what does it say about europe of today? just a rhetoric question.

and what does it say about how we should weigh what is said by the swedish leaders that breed such lot?
21:54 November 1, 2009 by unseen
Easy friends, just easy.. we're like you guys..we're just humans like you Swedes, Americans, whatever man..just be fair man..i beg you.

We're just tired..we just gave up..wars, destruction, diseases, losing close people, leaving our countries..i missed Baghdad, I missed my family, my friends my city.. could you guys give us a chance, we might be burden on your culture, economy..but we need you..don't you be so hard..just try to feel us..

they say arab countries are rich..but unfortunately we didn't benefit that..actually it was a curse..they say it is arab's mistake that their governments are dictators..but we really tried..yes we really tried to do the change..it was hard..it was just hard..we Iraqis tried to say no to Sadam Husain..but guess what? We couldn't manage..he used to have weapons, army, some other governments in the west, east I don't really know, used to support him..we couldn't..i wish we could..we just want to live peacefully man.

Can't you see it?..can't you see how exhausted we're?

I'm cool, a lot of us are cool, like you guys..we're not all bad as you think..i don't really know if we're victims or not..we lost our identity, our dignity, our honor..we need you..we need your hand..

So be fair..be fair..that's all what I'm asking you………
21:56 November 1, 2009 by ofdesign
It appears that the once vaunted Swedish neutrality has also come to an end. Their fierce independence has always protected them from their outside enemies but they are succumbing to their enemies within.

It's kinda funny. The moslems don't assimilate. In America, if a moslem girl is deemed to assimilated for her family, the mother or father or brother runs her over with their family car or shoots her. Maybe the Swedish moslems have a different way of doing the same business. the bottom line is that they don't assimilate or befriend the native population. There is only so much land in Sweden that can be shared by two completely different cultures. The moslems mulitply and take over and force their will upon the locals, at first by positive cohersion and then by force. In other words, Sweden will become a moslem country unless the Swedes begin to value their land as much sas the Israelis value theirs.
21:56 November 1, 2009 by Typical Whitey
Sad how lunatic most Europeans have become. You have benefited from the protection of the USA in more ways than I care to count. W had his faults but is not the sinister, evil man all of you portray. All you hear over there is what our liberal biased media feeds you. Most of us are freedom loving, peaceful, and religious. Just don't tread on us! Something Sweden should emulate. You used to be Vikings - where in the hell did your nads go to?
22:14 November 1, 2009 by Byggare Bob
"Among those under-30 only 58 percent believed responsibility lay with al-Qaida, while 15 percent did not."

thus 42 percent doubt (at some level) al-Qaida's guilt.

this is the relevant figure and is the news. Perhaps the headline could have read "Many young..." but aside from that the article is reporting the survey, in my view in a clearly objective manner.

Silencing the media will not silence the debate, however absurd that debate is.
22:41 November 1, 2009 by SajidAli
i am surprised that only one out of 5 thinks like this,,,,why not 5 out of 5, well there are millions of reason to believe that 9/11 was whole drama...one of them is DID THEY FIND NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN IRAQ????then why they attack on Iraq, just because of OIL......why USA is in Afghanistan , just because to control 4 nuclear powers which are very close to each other like China, India, Russia and Pakistan. Well there are thousands of reason to say that it was whole drama about 9/11.... if some one have doubts about this i can give you some more proofs....and some interviews of USA army men, they also said what they were doing in Iraq was shameful.....

any way good luck with your blind believes....
23:43 November 1, 2009 by billyb362
Seems THE LOCAL has stimulated some real hatred between ethnic groups here in Sweden - the work of journalistic scholarship it is!
01:25 November 2, 2009 by Newyork-Växjö
Even a bird can not fly over or near Pentagon, How come a camel riders fly airplane in the same time same day and mess around.

it was inside job and Bush and some companies did it and gave bush money to carry it on.... it is the business companies jobs , those who sell weapons mostly... they dont like the world in peace.
01:45 November 2, 2009 by Captcha
@billyb362 "Seems THE LOCAL has stimulated some real hatred between ethnic groups here in Sweden - the work of journalistic scholarship it is! "

They can't spend all their time writing about the sexual habits of young Swedish girls.
01:58 November 2, 2009 by vonrudenborg
In my darker moments I wish we, the hated USA, would simply withdraw from the rest of the world entirely. What's the point of the sacrifice in lives and money? World War I one was little more than a bar room brawl between a bunch of adolescents and not worth one American life. We bailed out Europe in the Second World War and today we are hated. Then Korea, Vietnam(of which I am a veteran), the Gulf War, the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Our latest Iraq adventure certainly hasn't lowered our oil prices. Why should we help any Muslim country? If they wish to act like the 7th century barabarians too many of them are, let them.

Europe, take care of yourselves militarily. If your low birth rate turns you into Islamic Republics in a couple of decades, that's too bad. You'll have no one to blame but yourselves. It takes a birth rate sufficient to replace the current population just to marginally maintain your socialist welfare states. Do the math.

The USA should have the most powerful navy in the world to keep all the sea lanes free from interference. That would be for our economic self interest only. We should have best long range strike force, too, including nuclear weapons and the best defense systems. If you strike the USA proper, you become radioactive toast. As far as US boots on the ground in a foreign country, forget it. I'm tired of American blood being spilled for a bunch of ingrates.

I don't buy into any of the conspiracy theories, by the way, and don't care if one in five Swedes younger than 30 believe Bush was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. You might find the same ratio in this country and it wouldn't surprise me. Yes, he was responible for Hurricane Katrina, too. LOL. For all his supposed power he didn't accomplish much. You can't have it both ways. My rant is over.
02:05 November 2, 2009 by bezjaj
To no :46unseen

You just make a big mistake if you adopt that the problem is you..its islam ..its fascistic and your whole culture is taken hostage. Your culture once was great..and look at you now.
03:38 November 2, 2009 by BoweryBoy
I'm a New Yorker. I was here during the attack. I assume the 1 in 5 Sweeds who believe in the conspiracy theory of 9/11 are heavily into the skateboard culture.
04:32 November 2, 2009 by Typical Whitey
Vonrudenberg - I agree 100%. My son has served two tours in Iraq (outside the Green Zone) and is about to go to Afghanistan. I am a Vietnam-era vet, my Dad was WW2, and grandpa (from Sweden) served the USA in WW1.

Europe has been spoiled by our sacrifices of men, blood, and money. No gratitude.

Yes, let's pull out of Europe and let them face the muslim tide about to take over all of the continent. One GI is worth more than a million muslims.
04:43 November 2, 2009 by charlestonpaul
3 buildings collapsed that day.

Two were hit by planes and one (World Trade Center number 7) decided to fall out of sympathy.

No one has an explanation for this and, in fact, they ignore it.

You have to realize that there was no real investigation. Bush said there was no time to dwell on it and all of the evidence was destroyed.

When Pan Am flight 103 blew up over Lockerbie, every piece of debris was studied. Clothing lead to Malta to a Maltese merchant that identified the bomber.

The point is, if anyone but the government did this, they would have cataloged every piece and investigated it to this day to find every conspirator.
06:15 November 2, 2009 by ofdesign
To #54 and #57. Amen and Amen
06:44 November 2, 2009 by voidplay
vonrudenborg -

If instead of USA it was China or Russia 'spilling' blood in Iraq, Afganistan or Vietnam what would you call it.

And what do you think you were doing in Vietnam ? evangalising? - saving the 'barbarians' and carpet bombing and flattening villages.

If you are drunk on US propaganda and if you are a nationalist it is alright to feel that way but the rest of us arn't compeled to feel that way.

Hmmm remember the 'Taliban' fighting along side 'Rambo' spilling blood to save the barbarians.

The only reason people do not trust or accept US is because of their short term thinking and ofcourse their double standards and sure they are entitled to it but to expect the rest of the world to clap for them is insane.
06:58 November 2, 2009 by WCFields
You really need to look at the videos of the 3 WTC buildings collapsing and realize that the voluminous dust clouds were in fact pulverized concrete floors that enabled the swift collapses. Concrete floors falling on a lower floors would become a pile of concrete not dust.
07:54 November 2, 2009 by sweco1
Yes I think the Swedish youth are basically on the right track.

But the unknow people controlling Bushes in backgroud are the ones responsible for the attack.


1 Eliminate puplic owned office space in NYC

2. Reason to go to war for the USA new enemy .

3. Elimate Cantor Fitzgerald and the Irish Bond Brokers that work there this helped them to crash the economy at the end of Bushes term.

Plus I don't think they like NYC that much, they have had better luck in controlling chicago.
08:00 November 2, 2009 by Luckystrike
9/11 was without doubt an inside job, and since then most people from around the world have just stood back and laughed at the USA and those in the USA that believe al-Qaida was behind the attack. You've been brainwashed! wakeup BoweryBoy! You got screwed up the ass by your own Government, yet again!

Request a new investigation! Although, even if this wonderful Obama guy did find out the truth, would he really tell the world ? Or would he cover it up too ? Not for money but for any (Is there any?) credibility that the US still has...
08:08 November 2, 2009 by magic1964
And 1 out of 5 swedish thinks his step dad is a clone kidnapped by the CIA and released to hunt him...: ))))

Conspiration !!!
09:00 November 2, 2009 by voidplay
5 out of 5 North koreans believe that Kim il jong is the divine power that keeps them alive...

4 out of 5 swedes arn't bad
09:10 November 2, 2009 by jonathanjames61
You may not beleive this,behind every evil of men there is a man behind it.september 9/11,ummmmm,now its november 2009 ,we should ask ourself how many Americans have been killed in combact trying to fight a senseless war for9/11,does it realy worth it:American only recently knew other people exit in other part of the world from 9/11.
09:11 November 2, 2009 by WCFields
Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet.com

Friday, January 23, 2009

You Tube has permanently suspended another major 9/11 truth account in a continuation of the purge that began following efforts by the establishment to smear the 9/11 truth movement as terrorist propaganda.

You Tube has previously been caught blocking 9/11 truth videos from entering into top ranking charts for both views and comments despite their enduring popularity.

It also has a record of wanton censorship in deleting videos that are artistically crafted compilations and the furthest possible thing from copyright violation, such as the "Question Your Reality" video.

You Tube has now completely deleted the "OneDeadDJ" user account, which was used to display videos on Prison Planet.com, and in particular video clips relating to the BBC reporting the collapse of Building 7 over 20 minutes in advance.


You Tube Expands 9/11 Truth Purge 161008pptv3

Upon attempting to login to the account, one is met with the message, "Your account has been permanently disabled". No explanation as to why is given.

One of the videos deleted by You Tube, which features in the article "BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell," had over 1 million views and nearly 45,000 comments before it was pulled this week.

The same clip can still be found on You Tube by using the search function, but the deletion of the original means that the video will now be dead on thousands of websites and blogs that picked it up when the story first broke.

When one attempts to play the clip, the message "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation" is displayed. No doubt that the BBC has demanded You Tube remove the video in an attempt to hide its embarrasment at the WTC 7 fiasco, which it clumsily attempted to resolve by producing two seperate hit piece documentaries against 9/11 truth.

The fact that the video is brief, is implicitly newsworthy, and has been used for the purposes of an article which is inherantly in the wider public interest, precludes any notion of copyright violation. This is blatantly an example of "fair use".

You Tube users started noticing an increase in account suspensions and videos being removed following a demand from Senator Joe Lieberman that You Tube remove all content deemed "terrorist propaganda".

As we saw at a House Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing on "Terrorism and the Internet" in November 2007, questioning the official 9/11 story behind 9/11 is now being classified as aiding terrorist propaganda by some sectors of the establishment.

During the hearing, representatives formerly of the RAND Corporation and the Simon Wiesenthal Center showed images of WTC 7 and a screenshot from the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth site in an attempt to link 9/11 truth with violent jihadists.
09:34 November 2, 2009 by unkle strunkle
I see that The Local allows comments on this article but not on the "Israelis protest arrival of 'organ theft' journalist" article. Why the bias?
09:48 November 2, 2009 by tzatara1
I want to ask everybody who talking for US rights. What was the right of US or any other country to send military in Afganistan , Pakistan , Iraq , Iran or other before 9/11 ? They hadn't !!! Nobody have it. US come like an advocate of democracy and destroy everything what others have build.

If USA is not there for OIL what they doing ,what they looking for ....?What they have being doing there ?


Also I want to ask : Is that US understanding for "peace" , for " justice " .....?

With shed more and more blood ....?
10:13 November 2, 2009 by missscarlet
Are some of these fine people who were questioned any thing like the 5 guys who were written about for being duped out of their money by a Thai woman who never showed up at the airport? Makes one wonder!
11:11 November 2, 2009 by magic1964
And I believe former PM Palme was never shot, he was kidnaped by the CIA and sent to the moon with the clone of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.....
11:23 November 2, 2009 by bezjaj
A theory that Bush is behind 9/11 is a mockery of the US democracy and justice. It is a conspiration from the muslim world to undermine western goverments. In the mosques the evil of the W. culture is preached, and the leftist has become useful idiots for the muslim agenda.
11:47 November 2, 2009 by Mrs Hohmann
Building 4 collapsed with no help from the carefully dropped twin towers. NOTHING landed on that building and I watched the collapse live it just went down like a controlled demolition.

My opinion of the biggest arms dealing government in the world is rather low. My opinion of the murder of civilians for the sale of sophisticated weapons is very low.

The reality is that it is done constantly by the big players America, Brittan, Germany, France, Russia and China. Any person who believes that making more guns will take away the problem of misinformation and manufactured consent is living in a dream world. Take the weapons away and war dries up. Hand guns and automatic weapons are illegal in much of the EU now and everyone is getting on much better. NOT because they don't want to kill each other it is just harder to do so.
12:01 November 2, 2009 by Keithy
Anyone that looks at the evidence presented by the various films such as Loose Change and Zeitgeist will realise that there are still many questions about that day that have no answer.
12:25 November 2, 2009 by macgowans
I'm surprised this "debate" is even taking place. I have a very high regard for the average Swedish citizen and Sweden as a whole, but this "argument" is insane. The US DID NOT conspire to murder 3000 (and that number is continuing to climb as a result of respiratory disease) of it's own citizens and virtually halt global economies - what, may I ask, would the US "benefit" from in this situation? Yes - invading Iraq was wrong. I am the first to admit that we, as US citizens, should have stopped the Bush administration from punishing a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11. With that said I am fully behind the invasion of Afghanistan as the Taliban was assisting and allowing a safe haven for al-Qaida operatives and refusing to turn them over. The Taliban and the Afghan government were given the opportunity to stay out of war, but they opted to side with known terrorists - they made a decision and now they must live with their mistake.
12:31 November 2, 2009 by bezjaj
At the same time as 9/11 occured, my dog pooped in my neigbours garden. What does that mean? I am sure you can answer..keithy
12:35 November 2, 2009 by Mrs Hohmann
Afghanistan is very close to being and exclusive problem of Pakistan. They have propagated hate culture and misinformation for far to long now their egg has hatched and it is a blood thirsty beast.

Iraq on the other hand will slip through the fingers of the Saudi Royal family and be given the rights to its vast WATER and other resources that the Bush administration along with the Blair administration worked so hard to gift wrap for the Saudis.

I am and EX-American because of all these very ugly games played out at the turn of the 21st Century. I got tired of paying taxes for things I did not believe. My leaving the USA had every thing to do with not believing that the Twin Towers collapse was an external problem. People seem to forget the Oklahoma City bombing was and internal problem. Americans are better at doing it to themselves. Not every one wants to pay for the pleasure.
12:54 November 2, 2009 by here for the summer
It is sad that a country and a people that I so admire for their trust in the facts and evidence based decisions should be so miss led. This horrible state of affairs where so many Swedes believe in something so insane is the fault of the Swedish Media. Look at the coverage of the group caught in Pakistan. They were going to the same place that the passports connected to both the Spanish train bombing and the 9/11 were found and yet the Swedish media proclaims their total innocence just because the Pakistan government releases them under pressure from the Swedish Government.

Welcome to 1984 ... lies and fantasy are published as truth ..
13:51 November 2, 2009 by Rick Methven
What we do not know was how where the questions asked in this 'Internet survey' phrased.

If the program is looking for support of the controversial views under investigation, the questions may well have been phrased to elicit the answer they wanted. Phrasing questions to achieve as specific answer is easy and done often.

Classic Survey question " When did you stop beating your wife?"
14:20 November 2, 2009 by BoweryBoy

3 buildings collapsed that day.

Two were hit by planes and one (World Trade Center number 7) decided to fall out of sympathy.

No one has an explanation for this and, in fact, they ignore it.

Maybe your forum buddies ignored it but I suggest you read the thousands of pages in the Building 7 report produced by over 100 engineers over a 2 year period. It was issued last year and is seperate from the 9/11 commission report. They came to the conclusion that your conspiracy theorists were full of crap. Were these over 100 engineers 'in on it' or were they all duped by George Bush or were they correct?
14:23 November 2, 2009 by tzatara1
Those who reject the theory that their own country is behind 9/11 have to ask themselves something : how much is their own life ? Right , now multiply this number to 3000 and if the result is around $ 10-15 billions , I will agree that everything is fine....

But is not , because this oil is the best economic injection for the US balloon .

Stop believe on everything that you watching on TV and start reading books like " Law " by Frederic Bastiat and " Communist Manifesto " by Marx and Engels.....

Then all of you will understand whats happening in this world build of Jews and that todays "democracy" is nothing much like a Stalin's dream but with other face....

That is not freedom .... it's calling CONTROL CHAOS
15:39 November 2, 2009 by charlestonpaul
BoweryBoy I suggest you visit:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth:


This site is supported by almost 1,000 professionals who prove Bush and his cronies pulled off the crime of the century.
15:53 November 2, 2009 by macgowans

I have no idea what you mean by asking what you're "life is worth", but don't you think that if the US wanted to blame Iraq for 9/11 we would have fabricated evidence connecting the Iraqi government to 9/11? Come on - wake up. Most Americans believe the Iraq war is wrong and that we should never have invaded. As a US citizen I ashamed of the Bush administration's decision to go to "war" with Iraq, but I am fully behind the invasion of Afghanistan and the destruction of the Taliban.

As for your previous statement regarding Osama's education: What does that have to do with anything? First, he is an educated man, and very intelligent. Second, he is most certainly a terrorist! I think you need to do some research before making statements that are purely for argument's sake. Osama used a satellite phone to communicate with his operatives, as well as email, etc... they had a web of internet sites that were used to funnel money from all over the world to support al-Qaida's agenda of terrorism.
16:10 November 2, 2009 by tzatara1
From the start of the discussion I haven't written any reasonable argument , build on understanding and own interpreting of the facts which could somehow to disprove the suspicions that behind 9/11 is US government , ....

No one have said something like " that is unpossible because...." ; everybody saying .... those and those engineers , those and those architects ....

Everything is hidden behind overall figures....

Some experts are trying to convince us ....

I am not saying that my truth have to be truth of everybody .....

16:37 November 2, 2009 by BoweryBoy

"BoweryBoy I suggest you visit:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth:


This site is supported by almost 1,000 professionals who prove Bush and his cronies pulled off the crime of the century."

That leaves the rest of the 'professionals' who don't.

Every technical aspect of your conspiracy has been refuted.

None of the common sense questions posed to you conspiracy theorists has been explained.

Were the over 100 engineers who prepared this report on building 7 in on it or were they duped?

17:20 November 2, 2009 by macgowans
Every single argument posed by conspiracy theorists has been proven impossible. Do you have any clue how difficult it would be to plant explosives in one of the World Trade buildings, let alone in both of them?

The only thing the US government is guilty of, as far as 9/11 goes, is missing several clues left by the hijackers/terrorists. If our own intelligence agencies worked together, rather than against each other, 9/11 would have been thwarted. The Bush administration ignored intelligence data presented to him by the CIA and we, the people, suffered.

9/11 was masterminded and carried out by terrorists - all of the evidence suggests that and ONLY that. NOTHING points to a US conspiracy.

As an American citizen I can honestly say, "I am sorry to each and every innocent Iraqi citizen who has died or lost someone close due to the wrongful invasion and occupation of your nation."
17:33 November 2, 2009 by tzatara1
I didn't believe that in US have so many and such naive people . J.F.K had been killed few minutes after his speech for the secret communities .Isn't that prove for their existence . If one circle of interested people can organize the murder of US president what are 3-4 buildings .....

Of course indirect using dummies , but things like that are never occasions ....

And every one who reject it actually want to say that with all future-space technology US government can't stop few people whom todays problem is where to graze the goats ...
17:50 November 2, 2009 by macgowans
HAHA!! Naivete is hardly an explanation for the average US citizen, and the rest of the world, for that matter, to understand the impossible logistics behind organizing and actually carrying out such a ridiculous plot against our own citizens. JFK's murder is yet to explained in sufficient terms, but that does not mean our own government had him assassinated. The US government tried on many occasions to have Fidel Castro assassinated, but failed, so what makes you believe our own agencies could carry out an assassination of our own president and get away with it? People talk - no secret there, and a conspiracy such as that would most certainly have been discovered by now, my friend.

The people of the middle east have far more to worry about than simply trying to find a place for their goats to graze - it is incredibly naive and ignorant to think that just because a nation or region is "third world" that is filled with only farmers and goat herders.
18:00 November 2, 2009 by tzatara1
and so what ..., only because somebody can use internet and he is muslim , that make it terrorist ... don't be ridiculous .
18:05 November 2, 2009 by Investor612

The 9/11 hijackers were in place in the US before Bush took office. They were known to intelligence agencies, but the information wasn't shared with the FBI because of the absurd firewall preventing information sharing put in place by Clinton's administration official Jamie Gorelick.

Every decent and rational person is sorry for every innocent civilian killed anywhere in the world, and for the soldiers who die trying to protect them. So who has killed the overwhelming majority of the innocents in Iraq? The answer is, Islamic terrorists. They have been killed by the brother Muslims. Stop blaming Bush and the US for the barbarity of Islamic fanatics in Iraq.
18:47 November 2, 2009 by BoweryBoy
The explanations as to who flew the planes offered by the conspiracy theorists is always good for a laugh.

Then there is the obvious question of why hasn't anyone involved in 'it' talked but a twist on that is to ask if there was not one person who was approached with the idea of blowing up a large chunk of lower Manhatten, the Pentagon, the Capital and the White House but said "no thanks" (and talked).
19:06 November 2, 2009 by macgowans
I'm obviously not saying that because someone can use the internet and they are Muslim that they are a terrorist - that's an absurd interpretation of what I wrote. My meaning is simply that the majority of people of the middle east are not sitting around wondering where to herd their goats.

@investor: I'm aware the US government was privy to al-Qaida and their operations, but Bush was given an intelligence briefing days prior to 9/11 and chose to ignore a very credible threat outlined by both the FBI and CIA. I'm not placing blame on any single person, but the decision to not act on the information Bush received during that briefing rests solely on his shoulders.

What is going on in Iraq, with innocent civilians being MURDERED is most certainly the responsibility of the US. We should never have invaded - the entire purpose for the invasion of Iraq was because the US had "strong evidence" that Saddam was producing and stockpiling WMDs". NONE were found.
19:28 November 2, 2009 by Uncle

Hahhahah !! All of these "young swedes" and "young muslims" who were screaming here not so long a go about Israeli army staling organs from the poor palestinians... Now Boström came to Israel and said on national radio that he NEVER claimed that it took place. It apparently was MISUNDERSTOOD.. He meant that there is a suspicion of a family from 1992 that there was a mix-up of the organs by the medical staff in Abu Kabir medical center and they SUSPECT without confirming by opening the body that some organs were not there... HAhhahahahah! He also said in a snorty and whiny apologetic voice another lie - that 99% of all swedes support Israel...

When mr. Boström expressed his views - there was no need of PROOF for the "young swedes" there was no investigation done by muslims.. Oh, no... no no... There was a direct outcry and pouring of ashes over the heads with condemnation of the evil Israeli army that steals organs...

However when Osama goes on TV and talks about the "operation" of 9/11 it is not enough... When Al-Qaida took responsibility several times - it is not enough. The muslims cannot even believe the thickness of the "young swedes". One can pee on their pants and they will still blame Bush! Oh my GOD!

Muslims even divided themselves into two groups. One says that Bin Laden brings righteous Jihad on the crusaders and jews and therefore a good muslim should join him in Jihad. Other group says that Osama IS an agent of crusaders and jews and therefore, one needs to join the Jihad against those groups + against Osama. Good arrangement.. When islamists are attacking they may be:

1. Right and therefore Jihad is in.

2. Wrong and therefore Jihad is in.

And "young swedes" are chewing on the bull of these people... Strangely, the supporters of this bull are ALWAYS young. The moment they step over the threshold of 28-30, all of a sudden the views are changing and it is harder to pee on their pants...

@Macgowans - the reason to invade Iraq was not WMD. The US forces around Iraq started to close in since Saddams little experiments with chemical weapons and doubts in his stability. So if you need to blame - start from Reagan. Or Saddam (of course we would not like to insult the memory of such a honorable man). US was a bit late in preparedness to invade and screwed up when it did not foresee Saddam invading Kuwait. Since then - it was a matter of time until invasion and Bush was not even a main player in the plan. So take everything into proportions.
19:51 November 2, 2009 by Investor612

Your assertion Bush was briefed on the danger of the 9/11 attack is pure bullshit. The briefing content was made public and it was very general in nature with no time frame. Fact is, your boy Clinton did zip in regard to Al Qaeda in spite of several attacks and put in place idiotic procedures that kept the CIA and the FBI from communicating with each other.

Your blaming Bush and the US for the murders committed by Sunni, Shiite and al Qaeda terrorists is as nonsensical as it gets. What Islamic nutjobs do is on them and no one else. In case you missed it, there were hundreds of thousands of of people killed by Saddam in Iraq before 9/11.

You also apparantly missed that over two thirds of senate Democrats including Biden, Hillary, and Hanoi John Kerry voted to authorize removing Saddam. I saved their quotes on Saddam and WMD. If you really did miss them I'd be happy to share them.
20:03 November 2, 2009 by Uncle
All the conspiracy theorists. What is the problem? If you have irrefutable evidence of US involvement in 9/11 - sue the government and get all the cash! It happened in Watergate, didn't it? It happened with Lewinski.. Why not now? It is not like in Russia - where every journalist or blogger who is trying to make something public, all of a sudden commits tragic suicide by shooting him/herself 6 times in the back...

If you do not have the proof - do not sit and moan and play into the hand of an enemy who is ready to cut off YOUR head in spite of your cute views... Pathetic
20:07 November 2, 2009 by Nemesis
@ Investor612

Actually Bill Clinton tried to kill Osama Bin Laden with a cruise missile strike.
20:32 November 2, 2009 by spy

I agree. Theorists are usually naive, gullable people with little understanding of how the world works - so I can see why the Swedish youth beleive this.

Remember these are the poor fellows who vote for the Pirate Party in the beleif that they will make their miserable lives better. One can only hope they mature with age.
20:44 November 2, 2009 by mbe
wow... if you people think that GB had time to navigate such an attack just 8 months into his term is ridiculous... plus... i know many people that were actually there... so i find this to be insulting and rude... 3000 f.. people died.. some that i know barely escaped... it is so easy to sit on this side of the planet and bash the states.. god wake up... without the states you people would be under another rule other than your own... stop expecting the states to protect everybody.. i am so tired of all the US bashers... you need the states... the world needs the states.... do you want china to run this world.. how about russia... i do wish the states would just say good luck out there... take care of your own backyard... but they dont...
21:08 November 2, 2009 by Investor612
And shared the intention with so many different people Al Qaeda knew it was coming and all he did was blow up a couple tents in the desert. Why am I not impressed?

Clinton also turned down an offer to hand osama over to the US.

The fizzled first WTC bombing.

The African embassy bombings

The Cole

and we did next to nothing because, after all, the tech bubble economy was booming..till it popped.
21:10 November 2, 2009 by spy

Your ill informed, arrogant attitude is a good example of what alienates the US from the rest of the world. This kind of attitude was shown in your previous administration's foreign policy and I think we all know how popular and effective that was. . . Trust me it did not endear you to the rest of the world!

I suspect there are other US citizens who have read your childish rant and would wager there are a good proportion that are now cringing with embarrassment.

Tell me are you one of the 10% of the US population who actually has a passport??
21:27 November 2, 2009 by mbe
spy.. you are correct... please do alienate me from this pathetic place... take me away from here... as for your remarks... god you are a strange person... i am not here to care what other people think of me or my country... that is what separates the US from Euroland...

I think most americans dont give a F about this place..
21:51 November 2, 2009 by spy

I think you have proved my point.

I don't need to alienate you - you are doing it perfectly well yourself and frankly I think most Americans probably don't know where 'this place' is anyway.

However I did smile when you mentioned 'Euroland' - it conjures up a mental image of a Disney style theme park based in the US where the average American can waddle around getting a fake European experience within their very own fake country. . . No passport required.
22:08 November 2, 2009 by mbe

i am not really sure what you point is.. but ok..

thanks.. to be opposite of "this place".. is a compliment.. as for this place this article is about what young swedes believe or dont believe in... so it does not take so much intelligence to know we are talking about sweden...

I am glad i made you smile with euroland.. but sweden has been under the governments rule for so long it kind of gives the people here a fake and pathetic life style...a fairytale type of life... dont worry let daddy government tell you how and when to go to the bathroom... they know best... go to the next showing of doing nothing..
22:43 November 2, 2009 by Investor612
spy and mbe,

mbe is right that the Bush foreign policy didn't endear us "Euroland," as long as that term is restricted to Western Euroland.

Perceptions were quite different in Eastern Europe.

More importantly, things were never better with India, which counts for more than the museum cultures of Western Europe combined.
22:55 November 2, 2009 by BoweryBoy

..."You've been brainwashed! wakeup BoweryBoy! You got screwed up the ass by your own Government, yet again!..."

So who flew the planes?
01:29 November 3, 2009 by AussieAndy
(attached image not shown)

I always believed it was Barney Bush that caused 9/11. He had bitten a reporter and George Bush did not like his gambling

Dumb people who believe these theories

01:38 November 3, 2009 by soultraveler3
I also think it was an inside job motivated by money.

Like others have said, it's convient that the government under W. never really did an investigation. They wanted to scare people into going to war in the middle east.

As for the people on here that seem to hate americans and claim that europe is so different, can I ask where that comes from? I mean that in a respectful way and am looking for thoughtful opinions, not just hateful comments.

I'm in my late 20's, and my experience has been that the EU and sweden, in particular are VERY similar to the states.

My friends here are the same as my american ones. The only difference would be that americans tend to be more open and loud than the swedes do, but even that changes once a swede has a few drinks in them.

Most of my friends are bi-lingual and hold very similar opinions on important issues. They're not religious, but atheists, agnostics or spiritual. They're also college educated.

We listen to the same music, eat the same food, watch the same movies, dress the same, do the same kind of things for fun etc. We have alot of the same holidays, traditions and culture.

As far as americans following everything their goverment says and being near fanatic about some ideas, the same thing happens here in the EU all the time. If you think otherwise you're in denial.

Sweden is a perfect example. We've all read comments on here from some swedes about how "we don't have racisim in sweden" or how "sweden loves helping people from 3rd world countries" and how "life in sweden is so much better than most places."

That's something swedes are taught to believe, told by the government and that some want to believe. Yet, when you get to know them, usually after some drinks, you find out that's not true.

Sweden is a really nice place for the most part, it's why I live here. :)

Some swedes are downright racist and a majority have at least a little biased against refugees. Most swedes are proud of the fact that they help out less fortunate people (and they should be) but they also resent the lack of jobs and having to shell out enough money to pay for the 1000s in sweden.

Yes, life is pretty good here, but it's not the enlightened utopia that alot of swedes pretend it is. In sweden though you're taught to be "lagom", not to stand out, not to make a scene, in other words, to go with the image the government wants portrayed.

I guess my main point is that the world and the people in it would be alot happier if we stopped pointing out each others difference as faults all the time. Yeah there's differences, but they can be a good thing, and they're not usually nearly as big as we make them out to be. The human race is more similar than alot of us want to admit.

Maybe our biggest similarity is that thinking we're different or better or more enlightened than someone else makes us feel good.
02:01 November 3, 2009 by AussieAndy
Here is a picture of Barney Bush organising the event


Dumb people who believe these theories
06:58 November 3, 2009 by Investor612

Where did you get the idea there was no investigation into the collapse of the WTC towers? The investigation was exhaustive and the team included the best engineering and metallurgical minds in the world.


Your speculation that it was an inside job just to get a war in the Middle East is complete nonsense.

As for differences in people which you seem to find univerally beautiful, when those differences include slaughtering those who don't share a religion, you damn well better point it out and pay attention.
07:18 November 3, 2009 by Uncle
Of course there was an investigation. CIA and FBI heads were flying off, ministers were sitting on live TV and mumbling to the very scary looking committee about why they could not prevent the attack. But apparently it is not enough. People are banging on about that apparently Osama was brought on a silver plate to Clinton, but Bill refused to take in his old buddy. Where is this coming from - God knows, but if somebody recalls - there was no Patriot act, there were no special jails abroad, there was no mandate on stealing other citizens before 9/11.

What is funny is that the same people who moan now about how US failed to kidnap the entire Al Qaida when they were born, they moan about the secret jails, rights of the Taliban in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, the privacy rights of the leaders of Isalmic Jihad in US etc...

WHAT is it then? If US arrests terrorists in the planning stages - "young swedes" protect them in demonstrations and cry about the evil USA that does evil stuff without any reason. If US arrests or tries to - AFTER the terrorist act, then US is of course involved because it failed to arrest them at the planning stages. Like this is the entire cute liberal left - no clear line of thinking, as long as US is guilty...
08:40 November 3, 2009 by spy
Mbe and Investor612

The reason I was sidetracked was that I was incensed by mbe's idiotic post where he ranted that:

'without the states you people would be under another rule other than your own... stop expecting the states to protect everybody..'

He obviously hasn't got a grip on reality. . Also I would like to point out that Europe is more than just one country and that to treat it as 'Euroland' shows a naivety and arrogance that does nothing more than enhance the stereotype of stupid, unworldly Americans.
09:27 November 3, 2009 by tzatara1

You are absolutely right , also I want to add that those who call themselves Americans actually coming from Europa .But we are so different because they still believe on everything what they have watching on TV ,they have not personal opinion and every point of view different from their own ,certainly is wrong .

They believe that their own country is unable to sacrifice few people for the general good , just like a mother who think that shes 17 sweet little girl still is virgin .
09:43 November 3, 2009 by spy
When I was growing up I had an idea that America was the coolest country in the world but now that I understand a little of the world I can honestly say that I think the American dream, for me as well as many US citizens, is a nightmare.

Recently I read an article about why America mourned Michael Jackson so intensely. The thrust was that - 'Michael Jackson is America. Fragile, over-indulgent, childish, in debt, on drugs, and over the hill.'
10:42 November 3, 2009 by AussieAndy
Al-Qaeda's spokesman, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, said in a video sent to al Jazeera and broadcast in October 2001 the following:

"The Americans should know that the storm of plane attacks will not abate, with God's permission. There are thousands of the Islamic nation's youths who are eager to die just as the Americans are eager to live."

In November 2001, US forces recovered a videotape from a bombed house in Jalalabad, Afghanistan which showed Osama bin Laden talking to Khaled al-Harbi. In the tape, bin Laden talks of planning the attacks.

On October 29, 2004, at 21:00 UTC, the Arab television network, Al Jazeera, broadcast excerpts from a videotape of Osama bin Laden addressing the people of the United States, in which he accepted responsibility for the September 11, 2001 attacks, condemns the Bush government's response to those attacks and presents those attacks as part of a campaign of revenge and deterrence motivated by his witnessing of the destruction in the Lebanese Civil War in 1982.

Only fools believe conspiracy theories

11:45 November 3, 2009 by macgowans
@aussieandy: exactly!

@investor: Which political party I belong to, or who I voted for isn't at issue here. What is at issue are the events of 9/11; how it was handled; and why people around the world believe it was an inside job. Clinton DID attempt to kill bin Laden, but failed. The Cole was a military ship, and the sailors aboard were fully aware of what they signed up for, though it was a tragic event. The embassy bombings didn't only happen on Clinton's watch, so why even bring up such silly arguments? BUSH was president during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and he and his administration handled it with pure and utter incompetence. Bush WAS, in fact, briefed about possible hijacking of civilian airplanes to use as weapons - as in flown into buildings - but he chose to ignore CIA and FBI analysts. This is the reason so many people resigned from the CIA after 9/11 - they refused to go along with Dumb and Dumber's (Bush/Cheney) lies to the world. END OF STORY.

I don't remember writing, anywhere, that I think the democrats made all the right decisions when choosing to allow Bush to invade Iraq and oust Saddam. They were, however, given FALSE information - lies made up the Bush administration to fool the world into believing Iraq possessed WMDs. The CIA itself had testified that it was pressured by the Bush admin to lie about Iraq's WMD program. Do you not follow congressional hearings?
12:35 November 3, 2009 by spy

Good points and well made!
13:51 November 3, 2009 by Keithy
It's simply one of those 'make your own mind up on the basis of the evidence' situations. Actually see some of the material that's out there and come to your own conclusion. I suggest: Loose Change 2nd and 3rd Editions, 911 Revisited, Zeitgeist, and (about the London bombings) 7/7 Ripple Effect.
14:35 November 3, 2009 by spy

I would say it is one of those look-at-the-facts-else-just-pluck-a-fantasy-from-your-arse-type-situations.
15:45 November 3, 2009 by Keithy

Precisely my point.
19:33 November 3, 2009 by mbe
spy and tzatara1...

you know i am tired of this crap... first i was born and raised in the states..i moved here with my wife at the time.. learned that this place is as communist as russia,,, so please do take this place and stick it up your ass... i sacrifice my life for my kids.. that is the only reason one should have to stay here.. this place sucks...

so for you spy... leave america.. go somewhere else... take my place here.. good luck...as for the american dream... what is that to you... are you like these people.. expect everything on a silver platter and do nothing to get it...

tzatara1.... please... before you make opinions on people know their back round... if i was a euro... i wouldnt say the things i say...
20:01 November 3, 2009 by spy

Actually I don't dance to your tune and frankly I couldn't care less how bored you are. If you write inane comments like:

'without the states you people would be under another rule other than your own... stop expecting the states to protect everybody..'

Then you should expect to have European people like me take you to task - if you haven't worked this out whilst living in Europe then I can see why you are unhappy.
20:40 November 3, 2009 by Investor612
Good grief, Wacko Jacko was worshipped in Europe!
22:47 November 3, 2009 by Karolcza
It relieves me to read that others also question the integrity of this article

AussieAndy: the local should offer you a spot. Interested in reporting the REAL facts??
22:51 November 3, 2009 by BoweryBoy

"If you write inane comments like:

'without the states you people would be under another rule other than your own... stop expecting the states to protect everybody..'" /////////

Never mind WW2, who do you think kept the Soviet Union from extending it's control to Sweeden? Sweeden?
03:21 November 4, 2009 by Investor612

At least you're not an idiot 9/11 truther.

As for the rest you're either horribly misinformed from partisan sources or deliberately untruthful and all the all cap cybershouting in the world won't disguise it.

1. The embassy bombings took place in 1998. Bill Clinton was president then.

2. Lobbing a few missiles at the Afghan desert, after "consulting" with Pakistan allowing Al Qaeda to get tipped off isn't an effective response to a series of attacks.

3. Your claim the briefing Bush received prior to 9/11 mentioned hijacked planes being flown into buildings is an outright lie. The briefing was made public. It was vague, no time frame, and the only hijacking mentioned among all the forms of attack Al Qaeda might use was in regards to hostage situations.

4. Your claims the intelligence was altered, that there was a mass exodus from the CIA, and that Democrats were lied to are more falsehoods. Take Hanoi John Kerry. who sat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Senate Intelligence Committee gets its information directly from the Army, Navy, the Departments of Defense and State, and the CIA. The Director of the CIA, a holdover Clinton appointee, termed Iraqi WMD a "slam dunk."

5. In addition to US Intelligence, the intelligence serives of every country in the world, supportive and opposed to removing Saddam, thought he had WMD. And who knows what he had given the amount of time wasted with the incompetents at the UN.

6. Lets not pretend Saddam was pure as driven snow. he was in violation of the ceasefire agreement in many ways. Had you bothered to read the Duelfer Report you'd know that Iraq was working on making ricin in an aerosol form and the weaponization of Hemmoraghic Fever (Ebola).

7. The CIA knew about some of the 9/11 hijackers and that they were connected to/suspected of terrorist organizations. The information wasn't shared with the FBI because of the stupid firewall Clinton administration Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick placed between intelligence and domestic law enforcement.

8. Anyone whose made as many easily exposed errors of fact as you have is in no position to call other people dumb and dumber. If you think there are intellectual giants in the top 2 spots today, you're greatly mistaken.
09:01 November 4, 2009 by spy

Are you suggesting, like your little friend, that the US won WWII and then stopped Russia from invading Sweden??????

If you are talking about the US involvement in WWII then you may be surprised that the truth differs from what you have probably lapped up from American films (the ones where they change all the facts so the Americans can feel good about themselves).

It is far more accurate to say that the Germans lost the WWII rather than any ONE country won it. Germany took on 2 fronts simultaneously and woefully underestimated Russian resistance. 9 out of 10 German soldiers were killed by Russians and they defeated an army of 3,000,000 nazis and this was a turning point of the war.

The US did play a very important part in the WWII in terms of providing equipment and also troops in the later stages of the campaign. However one must remember that a greater sacrifice (in terms of human life) was paid by those nations who participated from the start. Regardless of this it really was nothing less than a supreme GROUP allied effort.
13:49 November 4, 2009 by BoweryBoy

"Are you suggesting, like your little friend, that the US won WWII and then stopped Russia from invading Sweden??????"

No, you are. You make up a post, attribute it to me and then attack. You're entire post is in response to me saying

"never mind WW2'. Everything you accused me of came out of your head. In fact, it seems as if you've 'lapped up' American WW2 movies more than most Americans.

I said "extending it's control" not "USSR invades Sweeden".

Now that the cold war is over and the US won it, do you edit your text books to make no refrence to hundreds of thousands of US troops in Europe for those 50 years? How about who paid for and supplied most of the troops for NATO for those 50 years? The USSR was willing to shoot to kill those families that tried to escape from Eastern Europe. What do you suppose they would have done had the US not kept up the pressure on them?

I want to see the US withdraw from NATO and bring every last troop home from Europe more than you do. Now get outta here, ya' piece of garbage.
20:05 November 4, 2009 by spy
You really have no idea. Do you think for one minute that US troops were, and are, in Europe for any other reason than to protect the USA and NATO members?

The 'European missile defence shield' was not a gift to Europe - it was an integral part of the US defence plan!! And you will be left wanting as far as the US pulling out of NATO.

NATO has enormous military benefits for all members, plus it is vital for political, economic, and security cooperation. Member countries exercise control over the majority of the free world, and what happens in Western Europe (whether you like it or not) has direct and immediate political and economic repercussions in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, and Latin America. Regardless of your desire for the US to leave NATO it will never happen as it is an integral part of your foreign policy and security system.
16:37 November 12, 2009 by inföding
70% of swedes believe that Al Qaeda were responsible for 9/11. That is a lot MORE than the same proportion of Americans!!! Please do not use The Local as your source of facts, this is the most twisted paper I have ever read.

"An August 2007 Zogby poll commissioned by 911Truth.org found that 63.6% of Americans believe that Arab fundamentalists were responsible for 9/11 while 26.4% of believed that "certain elements in the U.S. government knew the attacks were coming but consciously let them proceed for various political, military and economic reasons" and 4.8% of them believe that "certain U.S. Government elements actively planned or assisted some aspects of the attacks""


16:10 December 11, 2009 by Reinaert Thomasson

I agree with every word in your posting. If you visit military cemeteries of WWII in Margraten (the Netherlands) or the ones of Normandy, where the crosses reach the horizon, you understand what the US had have contributed to Western Europe. It was a sacrifice for our freedom today. Under every cross lies a young man who gave his life for what? For whom? I am afraid it is not the last sacrifice US has to make for treacherous Europe. Due to decades of political correct leftist policy of modern Quislings we are loosing again gradually our independence as free countries and our personal freedom as human beings. The non stop import of wave after wave of enemies will wash us like a tsunami out. If you read Melanie Phillips 'Londonistan' or 'While Europe Slept' of Bruce Bawer you can count on it that our time as free people living in peace is nearly over. Time is not on our side!.
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