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'I won’t let my country be taken over by xenophobes'

The Local · 4 Nov 2009, 11:34

Published: 04 Nov 2009 11:34 GMT+01:00

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When I was five, I was pushed over by two boys at my preschool. I still have the scars from the ugly cuts on my left hand.

While my parents comforted me that evening, I grumbled about the “Frenchies” who had attacked me. I was taken aback, and a bit irritated, when my father interrupted to ask where they came from. I knew that they came from Africa. But where in Africa? Was it Cameroon? No, it was probably Senegal. Had I talked about Senegal with them, my father asked. He was disappointed to learn I had not. So he began telling me things about that exciting country himself. I waited for some kind of explanation as to why the “Frenchies” had been so mean to me.

Whether my father wanted to arouse my interest in West Africa or to make sure I understood the danger of using expressions like “Frenchies,” I’ll never know. But as usual he managed to infect me with his incurable curiosity about the world. About the fact that there’s a unique thread in each individual that leads straight into the mighty web of world history and world culture — and which you just can’t help talking about.

The Sweden Democrats recently had their annual congress. The economic crisis and unemployment, it is claimed, could bring them parliamentary seats, a pivotal role in Swedish politics and undue influence on future government policy.

I could write about the rational aspect. About the studies showing that immigration neither boosts unemployment nor reduces pay for the worst off. About the new report from the Government’s Expert Group on Public Finance, showing that public finances are hardly affected at all. That it is enough for just 72 per cent of foreign-born citizens to be in work for the Swedish taxpayer to make a net profit from immigration.

But I’d like to discuss the irrational aspect instead — the emotional side of the matter.

Many politicians think xenophobia obeys the usual cynical laws of politics. If people complain about healthcare, you increase care funding. If people complain about foreigners, you cut back immigration. So the politicians move slightly closer to the xenophobes.

This is not only immoral, it’s stupid. In Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, France — the list goes on — every attempt to placate the xenophobes has simply served to strengthen the extremists.

This is because xenophobia has nothing to do with rational thought. In the part of the brain that generates emotions and stress, known as the amygdala, lies the caveman’s fear of the unknown. The more negative or disparaging about immigrants we are, the more the amygdala is stimulated to focus anxiety, stress and anger on the unknown. And the more our rational defense against fear breaks down.

The good part, though, is that what is morally right in this case is also politically effective. We are so much more than our amygdalas. We have equally strong impulses with regard to curiosity, optimism and compassion. Only one political tactic has managed to conquer xenophobia in the long run — that of enthusiastically describing time and again how people come here to join their life stories with ours and to bring us new ties, fascinating places, and cultures steeped in ancient history. This is what they’ve always done in Canada, one of the world's largest melting pots and welfare states — and a country without a single anti-immigrant party.

It’s not a case of being merciful or “generous” (the term commonly used to describe our refugee policy). Nor is it a question of “reverse racism,” of excusing errors or shortcomings because of someone’s ethnic or cultural background. It’s the opposite. Each of us is responsible for his or her choices as an individual. For every stone-throwing teenager there are tens of thousands of people who have come from all corners of the world to contribute, to build Swedish cars, to write Swedish books, to save Swedish lives.

Ultimately, it’s a question of dignity. My Sweden is a progressive, optimistic country, open to the world. A country with affection for people and their fate. This is my native country, my father’s country, and I won’t let it be taken from me by xenophobes.

Having spent his life looking for the gleams of light, the cultural and historical ties, among all the injustices between nations, factions and coalitions, my father contracted cancer this spring. As it happened, the people who operated on him and cared for him included a Swedish–Latvian–Iranian surgeon, a Bosnian–Swedish doctor, and an Iraqi–Swedish and an Iranian–Swedish nurse. They gave him an extra few months, and then another week.

Story continues below…

He spent that final week talking to us about the history and culture of the world, and about our little family’s place in all this. And naturally, curious as ever, he asked those who were fighting to keep him alive to tell him their stories so that he could learn about the strange and wonderful ways in which their destinies had become interwoven with his life and with ours.

This opinion piece was first published in Swedish by Fokus, an independent Swedish weekly. Journalist, debater and moderator Martin Ådahl was one of the founders of Fokus. Today he is head of the green and liberal think tank FORES, a forum for reforms and entrepreneurship.

Translation: Stephen Croall

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Your comments about this article

13:03 November 4, 2009 by Nemesis
Thank you for writing this article.

This is the first truly sensible article I have read in the Local. This is the minimum standard the Local should aim for.

In my family, my father had to move from Ireland which was in effect a third world country in the 1950's to Scotland for employment, where he met my mother. That is how my brothers and i came into existance. Both my parents came from a different country and were a different religeon, yet are still happily married today.

Both my parents families have similarities.

Both are at least partically descended from Vikings, Normans, French, German, English, Irish and modern day Scandinavian.

Both look in horror at the recent rise of the right wing.

Both my mother and father's families lost family fighting the nazi's in World War 2.

On my mother's side of the family, we now think we have found the last of our war dead from World War 2, although we have to have that confirmed.

On my father's side we still have one more of my great uncle's to locate, but think we are now on the trail, after 70 years.

All were soldiers who died in combat.

We had next to no help from the British Ministry of Defense, an organisation for which I no longer have respect for, due to there indifference to there own past soldiers. Phoning them for help, just increased our phone bill.We did get help from French, American, Serbian and German military, who all helped us tracking down our dead. I was really shocked at how much the Germans pulled out all the stops to help us. I will not get into how annoyed I am at the UK government for treating its past soldiers like dirt to be discarded.

The reason I bring that up is this. Tens of millions died fighting Nazism and Fascism. Almost every family in Europe suffered in some way, no matter what side they were on.

The question I have started to ask a lot recently is this.

Do we really want to go there again?

Some Swedish fought in that war against the Russians for Finland in the Winter war. Some helped Norwegians fight the Germans. Some fought for the Germans. Some sheltered jews from the Nazi's who the Danish made sure escaped from Denmark to Sweden.

Sweden was not in the war. It was no occupied. IUt did not have armies fight on its soil. The majority of Swedes stayed out of the War.

If the Swedish had been in that war, would they be as Zenophobic or complacent as they are now?
13:41 November 4, 2009 by Beynch
The use by Ådahl of the words "xenophope", "racism" and to invoke "nazis" in this debate is pathetic and offensive! He needs to be taught that one can be critical of Swedish immigration policy without being any of those things. But to start the "racism" mudslinging towards anyone who does not agree with decades of the Social Democrats' misguided, self-destructive, immigration fiasco is incincere. The SD-ers I've spoken to recognize that Sweden needs a healthy amount of immigration to sustain her future, but that it needs to take place with an entirely different, integrational, structure and selection process. To give anyone a key to a tax payer subsidized apartment in Rosengård the minute they come across the bridge, and hope for the best, does not cut it Ådahl! And also Ådahl, World War II ended some 60 years ago. Must we still look at Hitler for an example? The world has changed Ådahl and no one, certianly not SD, is hoping for a repeat performance. You liberals have a tendency to look at this issue through a myopic prism. Let's contnue the debate based on fact, not hyperbole.
14:08 November 4, 2009 by pintoflex
Yes good people of Sweden! Tolerance!
15:28 November 4, 2009 by sandeep
excellent piece of thought...relevant to almost all countries...i sent it to all my friends and family... thank you very much for writing and letting us know that rationality still lives :)
15:53 November 4, 2009 by totyis
Nice words and thoughts. However : "This is what they've always done in Canada, one of the world's largest melting pots and welfare states - and a country without a single anti-immigrant party."

Jaha, but do not forget to mention that in order to be accepted as an immigrant in Canada (Australia and NZ) one have to cumulate points. Points are given for education, age, profession, finances and the language is a must before one even thinks to apply. Smartly done, good outcome. Is it the same in Sweden?
16:22 November 4, 2009 by Zatoichi
I won't let my country be taken over by xenophobes...I'll let the muslims do it though. Don't need no fatwas on my head.
17:07 November 4, 2009 by mkvgtired
Beynch, well said.

"every attempt to placate the xenophobes has simply served to strengthen the extremists."

What a fresh perspective. Blame the native Swedes (or French, British, German, Italian, et. al.) for the refusal to integrate. For those that are 100% against immigration I would like to point out the doctors referenced in this piece as evidence that immigration can be, and usually is, a net benefit to a nation.

That being said, this is similar to almost every immigration piece throughout European media outlets. There is an increase in populations living in French ghettos, the problem is French xenophobia. Crime by immigrants is increasing in the UK, must be British racism. Ethnic neighborhoods are isolating themselves in Germany, native Germans must not want Turkish neighbors. Enough is enough. Europe offers many more opportunities for advancement than virtually all of the native countries these immigrants came from. Stop blaming yourselves. Adopt a zero tolerance crime policy (you are convicted of a crime, you are deported immediately if you are not a full citizen). And explain that in Europe you are not allowed to drown your sister for wearing an evening dress. Lay out ground rules for how things are done and if they dont like it tell them they are free to leave.
20:22 November 4, 2009 by estrangero
In likely less than 200 years Swedish people would become extinct if you don't wake-up. The islamic land of...who knows what maybe Swedanistan....would allow no freedoms and xenophobia would be the order of eternity. Visitors are fine and tourism meeting others in other parts of the world is a good thing. The Islamics I know have no intention of going back to the Middle East when they can bring it here; there are those who westernize and live in fear of their more conservative countrymen. I actually have friends from muslim lands who are becoming wealthy in the west and have few (but some) of the ideas of their homelands. The reality is people have homelands and should either adopt the new home or return to the old. No nation can survive if too many foreigners move in. Violence and loss of identity are obvious results of such invasions. The visitors even become seen as the hated invaders and real xenophobia would be mild. Ethnic restaurants and learning about others; trading with others is an ideal situation; being kicked out of your own country can happen and loss of freedoms...well you remember the Danish cartoons? Read and think! I travel to many lands and make friends and I always come home. I invite my hosts to visit me as well. I also have had some ask me to move to their land and stay for a few years. In mixed nation marriages choosing a homeland requires moving to a new land and is a different case. Love is good and cultures are enriched this way. It may sound harsh but you said having uneducated foreigners move in makes a country richer? I do not believe it. It is importing poverty and crime.

I don't believe in xenophobia and support cultural understanding but the ideas you expressed would lead to total population replacement. There would be no you nor your country. I am wording this strongly to be clear....the dangers are real.......
21:43 November 4, 2009 by ABCED
I fully agree with one of the comments above. Yes, questioning Sweden's ridiculous, utterly dangerous and self-destructing immigration policy and being a racist are two completely different things and those who use this argument in public debates are only trying to brainwash people. Clear enough for any sound-thinking human being, the small country of Sweden cannot provide social welfare for the huge amounts of poor people, who eagerly missuse the generosity of the host country. An argument that these immigrants (I would rather say social tourists) are important to secure the welfare system are completely pathetic -- most of this people come to take advantage of the system and not to work for the rest of their life. I am not talking about the immigration of skilled workers and specialists who really come to work -- they make an absolute minority and most of them earlier or later get irritated by the inbalance between the high taxes and poor quality of the social system (healthcare etc) and leave the country, so did I by the way. I am not talking about the high crime level around the places where immigrants live (Rosengård etc). So I disagree completely!
22:13 November 4, 2009 by CanadianEh
As a Canadian, I can tell you... the big differences in immigration are that people actually respect each others ethnicity and culture. Unfortunately here in Sweden it is not like that, nor was it like that 60 years ago in Canada either. The problem with Sweden is that it is very new to the immigration game as compared to Canada where it is built from scratch by immigrants. Canada like many countries wants the brightest and best immigrants however they also accept refugees.

Unfortunately here in Sweden many people still do not respect nor see immigrants or their offspring who are born in the country as being Swede. To combat this I believe like in Canada, be proud of your history and love the place you live in. To love the place your in you need to be respected and treated like an equal Citizen.

I can tell you out of my own experiances I have been told on may occasions to "gå hem" why such hate. I think the Swedish government needs to implement some sort of culture class for the next generation of Swedes to know that differences are not something to be scared of but what can make a country great for all who live in it. To be different is to be unique, and to have a unique population of individuals all contributing in different ways make a country stronger.
23:47 November 4, 2009 by craicen
The end is nigh! Goodnight Europe!
23:50 November 4, 2009 by BWake
There are two classes of immigrant: those who integrate, and those who do not.

If the immigrant agrees with the basic premises of his new country, seeks to become a Swede and adds Swedish culture to his own, that immigrant will be an asset. The things the immigrant brings with him will enrich Swedish society.

That is what I think the writer's father did.

However, if the immigrant refuses to adopt Swedish language and custom, and seeks to wall himself and his family off from mainstream society, that immigrant will cause problems for the host country.

The ideal is not to become a brown or black Swede, throwing away the family's heritage, but to accept the premises that made Sweden attractive in the first place, and contribute to its further evolution.

A society that never changes is dead, but it is a mistake to throw away everything that made Sweden what it is today. There must be something good about it, or nobody would want to move there.
01:15 November 5, 2009 by waspy
Is xenophobia always negative or can it have some positive effects such as preserving the culture and the ethnic identity of a nation?

A recent poll by Gallup shows that about 700 million people around the world would like to permanently migrate to another country.

The most popular destinations are North America and Europe.


Without the border controls that the xenophobes request there could be literally hundreds of millions of people migrating into Europe, the US and Canada.

It's possible that, in the future, Sweden would no longer have an ethnically Swedish majority unless anti-immigration laws are introduced and enforced.

While it's great to experience different cultures I don't think it's positive to allow numbers that are so large that the immigrants and their descendants may eventually outnumber the native people.
08:16 November 5, 2009 by glamshek

You also are scared of immigrants , I think. Why do you want them to integrate and become Swede? Can't you let them have their own identity and at the same time bring development. It's possible.

Look at Canada, America.

You are still too young Swedes !

The article was however sensible.
09:50 November 5, 2009 by samuel1
The problem of the Swedish society is tht it thinks too high of itself...thinking Sweden is perfect!

Immigrants shuld learn how to behave ...etc.n wat does the swede learn frm an immigrant.....ohhh

he is too low of value....his culture is backward...is tht wat the swede thinks....well yes!

The question is:y shuld an immigrant leave everything tht he knws to enter a differnet country...n wen he does....the question is:

does he still face discrimination......well no if his deception is good enough(white n blonde,an nordic name to bak)!!

The swede society has a long way to reach perfection!

......n ohhh the poor swede..... his perfect society means.....a xenophobic society,lonely,pretentious,hyppocrite,DOUBLE FACED,isolated,technology,divorced life, copying USA- going to miami beach,going to australia for internship.....n blaming all bad on immigrants,comparing bw danish,norwegian, rest of the EU remains pathetic,east eu always hated n clever fun,islamphobic!
10:12 November 5, 2009 by shani_g
Canada is not a 'melting pot' it is a mosaic- quite different
11:08 November 5, 2009 by uunbeliever
It is strange that all of you racists and xenophobes write in English, why not Swedish? Ignoramuses.
11:55 November 5, 2009 by Dr. Dillner
Well stated, Beynch. Their tactic is always to try to marginalize people like you into looking like a xeno in order to diminish the logic of your argument.
11:56 November 5, 2009 by magic1964
Martin Al Aldahl !!!! all muslims love you.....thank you for leting Sweden become part of our world...
12:10 November 5, 2009 by jonathanjames61
Hi,Martin Ådahl,

This was the only aticle ever considered a point of reasoning for me in Sweden,although things are not always the same as its use to be in time of old,being a refugee in Sweden make me feel unwanted,but as time goes on I overcome this stress,I could remember the way we welcome The europeans in My country as mini gods from paradise,there is a saying in my languge that its better to see a white man in the morning when giong to farm than to see a black cat,but since I came here,honestly Its better to see a black cat,we are not just welcomed,Those that are welcomed,which I wolud not like to mentioned,are just socialy handicaped like the Swedes,but with time I hope they will see
12:38 November 5, 2009 by Nemesis
@ uunbeliever,

En mycket bra poäng
13:42 November 5, 2009 by calebian22
The rise of the right wing in Sweden should be no surprise. Extreme left, liberal, non-realistic thinking has been at the heart of the current immigration policies. Whenever extremism, left or right, occurs, a counterbalance is needed to swing the pendulum back to the middle where rational and reasonable thinking exists.
13:53 November 5, 2009 by ABCED
2uunbeliever: Because the newspaper is in English and probably some participants of this discussion don't know Swedish good enough.
16:05 November 5, 2009 by Marc the Texan
There is a difference between tolerance and a guilt-ridden drive to import as many third world foreigners as possible. Why is there such a great need to collect as many warm bodies from around the world as possible? Why is Sweden always trying to compete with America? What is the end goal for importing so many immigrants? Does each generation that integrates drive some innate need for more unintegrated folk because it meets someone's definition of diversity or multiculturalism?
17:14 November 5, 2009 by Zatoichi
Hey, Martin, don't forget to turn out the lights on the way out, buddy.
18:29 November 5, 2009 by Greg in Canada
There is a huge difference between Canadian and Swedish immigration. Countries such as Canada, USA, Australia, NZ, etc were built from immigration over a 200-300 year period. Sweden on the other hand was a very homogeneous society until about thirty years ago when Swedish politicians suddenly out of the blue declared Sweden "multi-cultural" without seemingly giving much thought to what that really means.

In Canada "multi-culturalism" was a naturally occuring process. In Sweden it has been more or less recently thrust on the population without a consensus.

Canada seems to be more selective with immigrants. Canada definately wants people who will be successful and eventually integrate into the mainstream society. That's why they'll fast track immigrants who have money to open a business or have needed job skills. Sweden has been far less successful in this regard from what I understand. Canada does take in refugees, but not in as high a % as does Sweden. Even then, Canada tends to accept the best educated refugees. Sweden seems to be trying to play "mother to the world" in their refugee policies. Canada is more realistic.

Even immigrants going to other Euro countries such as France or the UK are usually from former colonies and are at least familiar with the home land language and culture. In contrast, Sweden has no history of colonialism and who in the rest of the world speaks Swedish?

Sweden is allowing immigrants in some cases that come from societies that are a 100% reversal from Sweden's position on issues such as women's rights, secularism, etc. How are these people ever going to be integrated successfully into mainstream Swedish society and at what cost?
19:20 November 5, 2009 by Bumblebeetuna
I'm willing to bet 1-million sek that you didn't use the word Frenchies. haha.

Canada lets in educated class immigrants. As great as Canada is they aren't letting in the ammount of refugees as Sweden. You can hardly compare.

Nazi's were socialists.

I didn't know the word Xenophobia till I tried to describe Swedish people.

There is nothing new with anxiety of immigration. It's just that the many who feel fear or aggrivation (dubbed racists or far right wing) are the ones who don't feel comfortable walking the streets or may have been abused by them. It's another thing to have a supportive family structure and the possibilities to not deal with the problems that come from large consentrations of different groups of people.

The fact is this, If you are so open to other races and cultures then go to Rinkeby and buy an apartment near the T-bana on the ground floor. Or move to Capetown, South Africa and live in the black area. There is nothing wrong with other races or cultures it's just that they bring problems that most of "you" don't have to deal with. If that's you in the picture then I'd love to see you come to where I grew up. You'd sooooo get your ass kicked for being such a cute little whiteboy.
19:57 November 5, 2009 by nevon
Greg, Canada doesn't pick asylum seekers with skills or education as you suggested. The points system is for economic migrants. Asylum seekers and refugees are granted stay based on how bad off they are back home; education doesn't play any part. And Canada accepts almost twice the absolute number of refugees when compared to Sweden. Sweden is slightly ahead per-capita though (naturally).

And honestly, I understand how people have problems with uneducated/unskilled economic migrants coming over, but no decent human being can have a problem with a completely uneducated refugee with no skills being let into Sweden when the alternative is having his left hand cut off with a machete back home. Some perspective, please.
20:42 November 5, 2009 by Bumblebeetuna
If the ranking of the amount of refugees that a country takes in is equal to the ranking of best country. Then that makes Pakistan the best country. haha. You can't use statistics like that to put your country on a pedastal. That is what we are supposed to learn from the 1930's. Sweden and Canada are both great countries but they are hardly the best.
23:03 November 5, 2009 by Greg in Canada

You are correct. Canada does take in more refugees than Sweden. So does a lot of other countries with Pakistan topping the list. These stats are quite interesting.

23:30 November 5, 2009 by Typical Whitey
Again Sweden, the mathematics doom your gene pool. The muslims have six children to your one. Same in all of Europe. In fifty years muslims will rule your continent - and you will be under their sword.

I think it's too late. And it's not racist or xenophobic to pint out realities. It's being a realist. So sad to see this happening.
00:09 November 6, 2009 by nevon
Yes, it's very realistic to say that Muslims are going to rule Europe by the sword in 50 years because they have 6 children each.

What are you, 12? Stupid? BLIND? Can't you see at least one of the four glaring logical fallacies and/or factual inaccuracies in that argument?
10:56 November 6, 2009 by FirstCrusade
I am sure the Jihadists and demographic colonizers, that is to say the Muslims and Africans, who were unable to conquer Europe with the sword, will thank people such as the author of this article for helping them conquer Europe through immigration and multiplication, without a shot being fired!

Sadly, in the end when a useful idiot is no longer useful, he is purged...

Look at what Hafizullah Amin did to Nur Muhammad Taraki and then what Babrak Karmal did to Amin, in Afghanistan, in the 1970s-1980s... The Soviets got rid of Taraki after putting him into power, then they put Amin into power, then they got rid of Amin, then they put Babrak Karmal into power... Once a useful idiot is no longer useful, he generally winds up dead. He knows too much and he cannot be trusted because he turned on his own people so he has no reason not to turn on his new masters.

The author of this article would do well to side with his own people rather than siding with the sort of people who attacked him as a youth. He must have serious moral and/or mental failings to identify with and associate with those who attacked him. No pun intended, perhaps he has Stockholm syndrome!

It is sad to see the Viking people cowering at the feet of demographic colonizers, without a shot being fired! It is truly amazing and it would be laughable were it not so tragically true.
11:52 November 6, 2009 by bezjaj
Another Swedish naive leftist.. Floating over us all and think he is a moral beacon to all society..Yuor words are just bla blah.propably your only contact with the real societey is through aftonbladet. The real swedes you find at workplaces or at their home doesnt want anything of that you propose. You went to far, you are laughable
12:17 November 6, 2009 by ofdesign
I love this Swede's impotent rantings. How can a nation that loves it's libelous and blasphemous press, one that scorns other people in other lands just because they are an extreme minority trying to survive, be equipped to repect all of it's own citizens? If this is a message of tolerance then get away from the idealistic parable and give us some meat and potatoes. Let's talk about the absolute fear the Jews feel in your society, how they sacrafice their freedom of speech so they will not suffer abuse, and what will you do to make them feel Swedish? Please, you beautiful, poetic liberal one, enlighten me.
12:26 November 6, 2009 by SarahRF
In my experience, the reason Swedes are so against immigrants coming in and "taking their jobs" is because these immigrants are willing to do the jobs that Swedes aren't. It's the same with the Mexicans in the US. How many Swedes do you see working as cleaning ladies, or in hotels fixing up rooms and scrubbing the toilets?

I don't think it's a matter of embracing immigrants or siding with your own people. It's a matter of pride. Sweden is a very proud nation, and has good reason to be, but they push their noses up at people from poorer/"lesser" nations for no reason, and they push their noses up at jobs that they deem only good for immigrants.

As to the point that someone made about all these comments being in English... this is an English site, where people who live in Sweden but can't speak the language for whatever reason are able to know what is going on around them, to better help them assimilate themselves into the country they have chosen to live in. Is it really so hard to allow them ONE English news site in Sweden?

As an immigrant to Sweden, with a Swedish mother, I have faced a lot of xenophobia from Swedes, especially in the younger generations. I have the blond hair, the blue eyes, and the language down complete with a proper accent, but still, when people find out I'm South African, they go "aha...jag måste gå, vi ses!" and walk away. This makes Sweden a very hard place to live in.

Btw, a very good book to read is "The Xenophobe's guide to Swedes". It's written by a Swede, it's funny and light but very accurate. It's small, like a pocket book, a max of 150 pages, easily read in a couple hours. Definitely worth a read, for both Swedes and immigrants.
12:31 November 6, 2009 by eliteresourceagent
Åkesson's and swedish democrats comments' regarding the islamics has been recently criticised by all so-called mainstream media in Sweden.

Jimmie Åkesson, in which he refers to Muslims as the greatest threat to Sweden since World War II. is somehow touched the political correctness sensitivity in Sweden.

But let's see the recent development of Sweden since the 70s. Although the main part of the social security is intact, the average competitiveness and economic indication, Sweden is experiencing a long term decline. The correlations between the refugee intakes and social decline has been proved by many research studies.

One of the researches regarding the social level trust shows that two variables are important for the social well-being in terms of maintaining the high level of trust. One is the homogenousity of the given population, and the other one is the religion. Islamization in a way contray to both of these crucial factors.

During the 2008 Olympic games, Beijing in order to maintain its' security, forbidded all Muslins entering the city. And the result is that the Chinese hosted one of the most successful games in the history.

So-called Political correctness often blinds to accept tolerance and understanding within the society. But by the end, many of us does not consider the important implication of culture. The decline of the western society in general perhaps has to thank the ideology of creating the multi-cultural society. Even the world's elite class are comprised by many people from the confrontation based and life dissatisfied cultures.

Klockhohn and Strodbeck's value dimension may provide us a good analysis on why people do not get along throughout the history. The confrontation towards people and nature prevails in many cultures are furthermore enhanced by the teaching of their religions.

Regarding the right or wrong of Åkesson's comments, let history judge...
12:37 November 6, 2009 by DAVID T
Don't have a problem with immigrants in general but Sweden tends to let a lot of criminals in. If they commit a crime they should be deported back immediatly and this should also apply to their children even if they are born here.They should at least have a job to go to or be inteligent enought to get one and there should be no benefits allowed for at least 2 years. So many come over with no intention of working and are quite happy to live off the tax payer.
12:41 November 6, 2009 by FirstCrusade
The myth of immigrants doing jobs that we Whites will not do goes back well into the early 1900s. Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard both addressed this in various books they wrote...

What it boils down to is that the Mexican and the Oriental are used to living 30-40 people to one structure, in serf/peasant style conditions. They will work for a tenth of what the White man expects to earn, and they will still come out ahead because they have 20-30 relatives working and bringing in money, while sharing a house. They will accept living conditions that would make most Whites vomit, because we are a civilized people who refuse to accept third world conditions.

They are not willing to do jobs that we are unwilling to do, they are willing to accept a standard of living below what we will, indeed below what we can, accept.

Lothrop Stoddard put it best when he said that the Chinese would be at home living under the counter of their shop, and thus they would slash their prices to below levels a White man could compete with, because the White man has to pay for a house and he has to provide some reasonable amount of food for his family.

Immigrants do not do jobs that others are not willing to do (this myth is immediately disproven in the USA by the fact that less than 4% of agricultural jobs are handled by Mexicans), rather they can out-compete the White man in regards to accepting a slave wage and serf/peasant living conditions. This may be good for the captain of industry or the international banker, but it is a disaster for the nation and the people of the nation.
13:22 November 6, 2009 by iftekharshaikh
I am from Pakistan and as put here Pakistan top the list of refugees hosting countries. I agree with the observations of Greg in Canada. And i belong to the region of Pakistan which has absorb major chunk of the refugee population not only in recent past (i mean last 30 years) but at the birth of the country (1947) and also all along the history which date back to 5000BC. And i proudly state here we have a great mosaic as well as melting effect or u say assimilation. Assimialtion was very well and less violent in rural agricultural regions while more violent and mosaic in urban centers.

and Pakistan as acted as mother to them. We have been always heterogeneous country all along the history so it is less alien to us but the case of Sweden is different. No history of colonialism, couple with lack of effort to move away except mass migration to USA during depression era. So, it is really encouraging to see Muslims here from all over the world and Sweden acting as mother to them. But I don't think Sweden has kind of resources and opportunities to sustain them. So as the time goes on shrinking opportunities or resources crunch will turn it violent.

yes there are certain values that both hosts and guests have to look into. if those are conflicting it will be very unfortunate. And with that I 'll like to say that immigrants or guest should have a look on their own values as well. but if Sweden as to more global and more competing on the world map it has to open up. And if u like it or not Sweden has responsibility to comity of nations and more when it consider itself as conscience of the world.
14:27 November 6, 2009 by Twiceshy
Actually, most "Orientals" are more educated, more productive and make more money than the "white man".

So maybe the problem isn't with the "Orientals". Maybe the problem is with laziness and apathy.

"I have no place in the glory of future society, for I am but a tool of the present, to forge the future for our children. Take my soul, oh Lord of Justice, for I serve without question."
14:46 November 6, 2009 by Michael84
i've been living in this country for only a year and will leave it in a year from now. Seen different Swedish people and really feel bad for kids born to immigrants parents. I see them speaking Swedish, loving this country and Sweden is their country for god sake, this country is all the know . it's where they born where they raised where they will sacrifice for it and are treated different, i don't know what would i do if i were in their shoes.
16:09 November 6, 2009 by nevon

Let me get this straight; You think we should mass-sterilize Africans or failing to do that, stop all aid so they'll starve to death until only a few people remain, and we don't have to give them aid anymore. And this is... good for them.

This explains perfectly why you're an insignificant little dimwit from some redneck state who has nothing to do with Sweden but is posting stupid bullshit on this website anyway. God, just knowing that you exist somewhere is depressing until I realize no one takes you seriously.
17:14 November 6, 2009 by Rick Methven

Lets just ignore him and his bullshit and hope that he just fades back into the swamp he came from with the rest of the KKK
18:09 November 6, 2009 by browneyes10
I feel sad that why I read such a good article late...It is really not only a good piece of writing but also a shows the good character and positive thinking of most of the Swedish people.

So Thank you.

@ Typical Whitey ( in response to your comment # 31) , you must learn how to respect others. This nick name does not suit to you. Your nick name should be '' Typical Racist'' and not typical whitey. I hope you understand this now well.
19:05 November 6, 2009 by mkvgtired
You fail to mention that many of these immigrants that come here willing to work end up being very successful. Far East Asian immigrants happen to be some of the most successful immigrants in the US. I see their sacrifices as a virtue. I personally know people who immigrated from China, Mexico, Vietnam, and Russia who lived in awful conditions when they moved here. Their parents sacrificed so much when they came here so their children would be better off. I give them a lot of credit for doing this. Now all of their children (and most of the parents) are relatively successful. The immigrants struggling and living in sub par conditions are not the ones you have to worry about, as they tend to eventually contribute quite a bit. You need to worry about the immigrants forming gangs and planning destruction in the US or abroad.
20:03 November 6, 2009 by secondthought
The Swedes think highly of themselves, not that i deny them the right to do so,

it is just that i don't know why?.

I know the Scandanavian countries so well,lived in there long ago,particularly

Norway and Sweden.

Yes, in Sweden there were few top notch industries,thanks to the German know-how and Jewish bankers, but what else is there Sweden has to feel

better than the rest??

Frankly, those Scadics did not even know good food untill immigrants showed up in their little ice covered lifeless lands.

They ate Herring and Potatoes. I was a witness when an old Norwegian woman

first found out and tasted Coffe with Cream and Sugar!!.

Now, their little towns are thriving, Herring munching potato eating blondies are

now able to speak of delights of different cooking.

Yes, they learned how to speak as well,I am disappointed a little though, because they didn't learn it from immigrants, they did it from TV.

They all speak like TV does!!.

That said, i am anti immigration in mass.

Immigration the way it is done is not in favour neither of the host country nor

the immigrants.


It is not a Swedish issue or German issue, it is being done globally.

I am of thought of those who believe to be stopped, for every nation should

be unique in culture,religion and everything else in between.

That way the world looks beuatifull.

Intigration,assimilation, and the phenomenon of SPEAK MY LAGUAGE or else,

is nothing but violation of human rights.

Fo those who love liberty shall not tolerate calls as such, and the other one

that says be successful or you have no rights.

Oh, i forgot to mention the terrible language that immigrants have to put up in Sweden, namely the Swedish language.

Also before i sign out, i shall remind you western nation that are complaining of immigrants, it is your governments that are invading and bombing other nations,causing the survivors to flee into your nations. POETIC JUSTICE would you say.

And those who commented about Muslims taking over Europe in 50 years,

i think those commentators are JEWS, because it is the jews that have total

control of Europe and elsewhere NOW and perhaps the next 50 years.

May be not if the white christian Swedes concentrate on that instead of bullying

the helpless Iraqi mother who fled wars you caused in a Gheto of yours.

There you have an opinion of one former immigrant to Scandanavia,

who prefered to go back to the war torn country over stayin in a country

burried under ICE with deppressed folks.

Wish you happiness, regardless.
20:53 November 6, 2009 by Weird_X
"Sweden is a progressive, optimistic country, open to the world"

...progressive, meaning the degeneration of its society? Optimistic about what, gaining muslim majority by 2049? Open to the world. Which world, the world of terror and gang-rape?

"A country with affection for people and their fate"

..but with massive lack of affection for its own people!
23:18 November 6, 2009 by Rolf100
Wow - great idea but I fear a bit late for the future of Sweden! If Sweden had insisted on all foreigners be incorporated into the Swedish culture or leave after a time; then this sentiment would be timely but since so much of modern Sweden is not incorporated into Swedish society and will eventually be the "new Sweden." I do not believe they will be as tolerant or open as the current Sweden.
23:25 November 6, 2009 by Typical Whitey
Brown Eyes - funny how you liberals love to throw the term racist around when you disagree with someone - how civil. First, facts do not lie - although in your fantasy they frustrate you. Muslims are procreating much greater than native europeans each and every year. By 2050 they will be the majority. Secondly, Typical Whitey is what Obama called his own grandmother last year during the campaign. If it's good enough for BO it's good enough for me.

Grow up.
00:44 November 7, 2009 by texasgubbar
There are certainly a bunch of bitter little pricks on this board. Especially you FirstCrusade, busily typing away in some warm cozy place between the bloated bellies of your heros Rush Limbah and Glen Beck. As a son of a Swedish immigrant who has a Chinese wife, I personally take offense to much of the tripe posted here.

I find my time here in Sweden doing consulting is a nice break from the nonsense going on back home. But I see that there is nonsense everywhere, even in Sweden. When people in Sweden start seriously arguing about where you can hang the 10 commandment or teaching creationism in schools, then I will start to worry.

btw whoever posted about "The Xenophobe's guide to Swedes" is spot on.
00:48 November 7, 2009 by Gwrhyr
This is why we need to legalize marijuana. Get all you people to calm down and enjoy the ride.
02:25 November 7, 2009 by nevon

Don't worry. All of the loudest morons here are not Swedish and most of them don't even live in Sweden.
02:53 November 7, 2009 by Hagrid
@ secondthought

You are no better than all other racists here. Your antisemitic rubbish is more appropriate to Stormfront than to an article that preaches tolerance and openness between people, and aims to extinguish hate and racism. Please vent your hate somewhere else.
10:45 November 7, 2009 by Gwrhyr
Martin Ådahl, you shouldn't let Sweden taken over by people who think it's right to jail peaceful cannabis-users.
10:48 November 7, 2009 by in veritate
@ secondthought,

I also agree with Hagrid, you are anti-semitic. Unfortunately, such people as yourself use any forum to spread your muck.

Think logically:

There are only 13 millions Jews in the world, of whom 7 million live in Israel.

Incidentally, 20% of Israeli citizens are Arab Muslims (previously Palestinians); the remaining 5% are Bedouin, Druze, Christians and other minorities. Noteable, is that Bedouin, Druze and Bai' Hi have their HQs in Israel, because they are persecuted in Arab States. Bedouin and Druze serve in the IDF. All Israeli citizens have equal rights whatever their origins.

Palestinians enter Israel to work because they receive equitable wages, also come under Israel's health care system. It is a bit puzzling ... when $billions have been poured into Palestinian coffers, why do they need to enter Israel for work ...?

There are 2.6 billion Muslims in the world (1.6 billion in the middle east alone); their birthrate is higher than any other peoples.

The world population is 6.795 billion.

Please do explain how the Jews are going to take over the world, let alone the Middle East?

Also, check how Palestinians are treated in Arab States. They live in camps, denied citizenship even if three generations born in the Arab State, denied education, and medical care. They are permitted only the most menial of jobs.

Rather than employ Palestinians, Egypt offers work to foreigners along with lucrative incentives to come. Lebanon refuses its Palestinians to take in materials to their camp to repair the hovels in which they live. Perhaps Muslims should condemn how Palestinians are treated in their own States, before pointing the finger at Israel. ... we mustn't forget Black September either ...

I have lived many years in other countries. It is the duty of any migrant (or visitor) to respect the host country's culture and also learn to speak and read the language. Certainly, positive aspects of a different culture such as food, art, literature, music should be shared with the host country. But negative values and hatreds, and religious bigotry should not be tolerated.
11:10 November 7, 2009 by dj_alesi
"They" all become bus drivers or pizza bakers because no one wants to employ an "Abdul" or an "Mohamed". Employers see a name like that or similar they throw away they application without opening it. I see this kind of attitude every day. I had to change my surname to my mothers maiden name so a Swedish employer would think I'm Finnish and not "some turk" all though my first surname was Portuguese. Finnish seems to be a little more conformable for swedes since its close by.

I think attitudes must change from all sides. Respecting and accepting people for who they are and where they come from. I see so much judgment of people without knowing them at all. It's sad....we like to bunch up with our own and then point an judge at the "weirdos" that are not like us. So much ignorance!

Nice post in veritate, you tell em!
11:37 November 7, 2009 by Gröna gräset
Martin Ådahl, I watch him on TV8, always with a number of guests in the studio. But Ådahl don't bother to listen to them very much, talk most of the time himself. The guests just sitting there. Weird.
12:01 November 7, 2009 by secondthought
Hagrid and in varitate,

Your jewish cousins in this paper had censored me.

I am denied to respond. Had a lesson or two for you decievers.
16:11 November 8, 2009 by gamb
swedish intellectuals, like in nazi time are on wrong side.

and i am sure that their homes are full of pottery, with fenced gardens.
16:29 November 8, 2009 by double concerto
Is this man insane, seriously!!!
17:39 November 8, 2009 by JoeSwede
Some say change is inevitable and that perhaps Sweden should let free immigration continue because that's what is best for the world. I guess all those commenting that are pro-immigration... let's truly open up the borders...let all Iraqies and Somalies in. The country could easily go from 9 million to 30 million.

Swedes ultimately need to grow their population back to a zero or produce positive population growth levels.

The muslim countries need to stop their population boom and create a zero or negative population growth. Israel, India, Chad, and wherever Muslims are creating population changes, there are bound to be power conflicts. Why do we want to bring this to Sweden?
18:39 November 8, 2009 by Rebel
You know, the American Indians could not stop immigrants from coming in and look what happened to them.
18:57 November 8, 2009 by secondthought
Indeed Sweden is for Swedes, no need immigrants invading it in mass.

Same goes for England, Germany and the rest.

Let IRAQ be for the Iraqis.

Let Afghanistan be for Afghanis.

Let Somalia be for Somalis.

Stop supporting the U.S of A for wherever it's powerful jewish rulers want

to bomb,and nuke.

When you attack and destroy a nation, people are uprooted and they will

flee, and in this age , the proponents of globalisation are working

to create a one world, a world without IDENTITY.

Your problem is not the immigrants, it is the policy makers of your nations.

I am still denied to respond to those couple of commentators up.
00:38 November 9, 2009 by DreEstwd
All anyone needs to do is watch, "Efterlyst." They actually show pictures of the people who commit crimes. Of course, they are always Arabs. Big surprise, huh?
05:56 November 9, 2009 by KipHamilton
Immigration is fine and dandy if one very important thing is present. That is, there must be an overiding sense of identity which will bind the various cultures and ethnic backgrounds together. That sense of identity is a feeling of belonging,and love and respect for one's new country. Without that, ethnic and cultural hatreds and rivalries will continue to create strife.One can still be proud of the culture of one's birthplace, but it is necessary to have a binding identity of being Swedish first for it to work. Seperateness will only lead to tension and strife. Those who do not respect, and do not wish to become a real part of the life of their new country should not apply. And for those who do, they should be respected and welcomed.
13:46 November 9, 2009 by Beynch
@Texasgubbar: FirsCrusade has plenty of wisdom in his comment. It is you, Texasgubbar, who are blinded by über-liberal, socialist, orwellian, indoctrination. Sweden should be so lucky to have the likes of Limbaugh and Beck on its airwaves, as a counterbalance to the leftist rubbish that's being spewed forth by its politically correct media. As for Ådahl's gunk, I would like to say this: "I won't let my country be taken over by Ådahl and his liberal vermin". - Now, let's take it from there!
14:50 November 9, 2009 by KipHamilton
Secondthought- Wow, you really have a talent for offending everyone. But I didn't know the Jews ran the world. I thought it was the Masons. Or the Reptilians from another galaxy. Or just maybe the Masons and Jews are actually reptilians in disguise! It's all so confusing...
17:42 November 9, 2009 by Aurora77
One can be curious about foreigners without allowing them to settle in one's country, especially in demographically significant or transformative numbers. The Japanese are highly educated, democratic, and very curious about other countries and visit and study them closely, but Japan feels no need to be anything other than a nation of, by, and for the ethnic Japanese (and a few indigenous minorities), and NO ONE ELSE.

It is not xenophobia to calmly decide that one's country is to remain one's own, any more than it is mental illness to decide that one's home is to be inhabited only by one's family rather than by random persons from the street, let alone such persons in unlimited numbers. Loving one's own family and children more than other families and children is what is healthy and rational - and by extension this MUST mean loving others LESS than one's own.

By contrast it is not only deeply disturbed but suicidally maladaptive to love the alien as much as, let alone even more than one's own.

Anyone or group who believes and acts otherwise simply loses his residence and resources, and either dies out or has his genes swamped by aliens and disappears from history. We are all descendants of those who fiercely believed in themselves and loved us enough to provide for us, their descendants, and NOT the descendants of others.
19:27 November 9, 2009 by secondthought
Kip Hamilton,

I am not falling for that dception of yours ,am i dear??

Call them reptiles, alliens or whatever name you please,

i am an old fashion and pronounce the old name correctly.
20:10 November 9, 2009 by Bumblebeetuna
Does anyone else notice that when Canada or Sweden takes in refugees it's because they are the best. Compared to when US and Uk do it it's a capitalist plot to take over the world by Jews? The best time of my life is when I went to India. I still think they should stay there. I'm not racist for thinking that. It's a valid opinion.
23:03 November 9, 2009 by HagbardCeline
I had to laugh at this paragraph:

The good part, though, is that what is morally right in this case is also politically effective. We are so much more than our amygdalas. We have equally strong impulses with regard to curiosity, optimism and compassion. Only one political tactic has managed to conquer xenophobia in the long run - that of enthusiastically describing time and again how people come here to join their life stories with ours and to bring us new ties, fascinating places, and cultures steeped in ancient history. This is what they've always done in Canada, one of the world's largest melting pots and welfare states - and a country without a single anti-immigrant party.

Canada is no melting pot. Instead, we are told we are a multi-cultural paradise. Yeah right!. Our immigration as welfare for third world refugees poicies have created impenetrable exclaves of foreigners who, even after many generations here refuse to integrate into the greater society around them. I know many people who were born here, supposedly educated here but are barely proficient enough in English to ask directions. It is laughable.

And they cling to their old, barbaric cultures that relegate their women to second class status. So much so that in Blaine Wa, "fertility" clinics run by there co-religionists and co-culturalists run same day ultrasound and abortion services so that female fetuses can be quickly aborted, and another stab at getting a boy can be made more quickly. And don't forget the honour killings to show the world that they know how to handle their uppity women (Sikh and Muslim alike).

That, and their plotting of wars in their native lands (Tamils in Sri Lanka and Sikhs in India), including bombings, murders and such here in Canada. They continue to fight their vicious, sectarian battles here, and from here. Think the native born Toronto 18 Islamic plooters, who were plotting to blow up Parliament and then behead the Prime Minister were somehow isolated? Nope, not when their religious leaders proclaim their superiority over the rest of us.

If it were up to me, they would all be shown the door. Send em to Adhal's Sweden.
23:48 November 9, 2009 by secondthought

Solution is simple, no need to be giving a twisted narratives about migrants.

Tell your politicians to GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN,- start by stoping drone bombing Pakistan,so that will HALT the coming 100 milion of Pakistans to

your neighborhood.

Leave the migrants lands alone, or try HARD not to bomb them, then send

all immigrants back home.

Believe me, majority will thank you.

And , i will spare you talking to you about SIRILANKA war bcause if i do,

my supposed anti-semitism will be noted.

Yes Canada is for the Canadians as well.


Peace on earth.
23:57 November 9, 2009 by jon f
The People of Tent City at the border of England near the tunnels was getting heat from human right leader this summer I saw on the Television news reports tearing down this problem be that French & British Governments because they had fears of refugee having or bring different diseases where they come from. Plus attacking there country from this camp they are political ponds that they did what to deal with and I guess they shift ones problems to your problems end of story just like the French and British to break native Indian treaty in north American. They were good stealing there rights but using People as political ponds because they feeling the heat that they can't deliver what they first promise and pushing off to other countries because some of British commonwealth countries and the French provinces wont accept them either WOW ! what a problem
02:10 November 10, 2009 by KipHamilton
Secondthought- Your "supposed" anti-semitism? What a laugh. At least be honest enough to admit what you are...dear.
03:37 November 10, 2009 by Davey-jo
I would love to know which country welcomes immigrants/asylum seekers with open arms and treats them as equals. Any nominations?
10:41 November 10, 2009 by secondthought
Kip Hamilton,

Your comments are rationed,and i don't want to repeat myself.

The argument that i can't be anti semite and a semite at the same

time is made on article (priest refuses to wed same sex couple)on

this paper.

And if there is something to be furious about, it is the genocidal wars

that is taking place in many countries that is uprooting peoples,not

the immigrants that their lives are shattered.

Try to familiarise yourself with what is happening to whatever number

of people that survived from U.S nuking IRAQ.

In FALLUJA, mothers are giving birth to babies that you can be

mistaken to jelly fish with one eye in the middle.

The damage is not only in the genocide of million iraqis,it is more

so to the living in that country,and to your returning soldiers who were

exposed to such WMD.

I say "your soldiers" ,not knowing where your loyalty lies.

Go ahead and give me lessons about anti semitism,because

that is the most offensive.
15:03 November 10, 2009 by KipHamilton
While I realize that both Jews and Arabs are semites, I was using the intent of the UN study, which is implying that anti semitism refers to anti-Jewish actions, as it refers to anti-Muslim attitudes seperately. It is incorrect, but I was commenting on the UN ruling.I will correct myself by refering to you as anti-Jewish, which you most obviously are.I just wish you showed the same outrage at suicide bombers blowing up Shia mosques, acid attacks on schoolgirls, Taliban killing of musicians and on and on.
16:01 November 10, 2009 by secondthought
Jews are bombing the Shia mosques, and you know that VERY WELL.

Aer you going to use your U.N controlling powers on us to ever

talk the truth,or what now??

Cute this "as it refers to anti muslim attitudes separately".

How cute!!.
17:12 November 10, 2009 by KamiZ
this is such a beautiful article. i haven't read anything like this since so long. it's a pity the comments underneath reflect the same xenophobia discussed in this article
17:15 November 10, 2009 by Chico2001
I'm very glad to hear you won't let Sweden be taken over by xenophobes. By this, you of course mean you will not let it be flooded with people of other cultures who have no respect for the country's traditional tolerance, but who rather would seek to turn all the world into an Islamic calphate with women as second-class citizens. Yes, there is a lot of xenophobia in nations such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, just to name a few. There are good people too, of course, as there are everywhere -- so it is good that your pledge to prevent a takeover of your nation by xenophobes will mean keeping out the racists from these nations and allowing in only those who will become part of the Swedish culture.
18:02 November 10, 2009 by BWake

I am an American living in Texas. I married a Swede, who moved here. I know very well how immigration policies work, when they work well.

To become an American citizen you must live here for a few years. You must know the English language. You must study American history and civics and pass a test. Then you take the oath of allegiance.

It is natural for immigrants to cluster. In the past whole tenements in New York City were filled with families from one villiage in "the old country." Even today people cling to their ethnic backgrounds. Still, they also embraced American values and became ardent patriots.

Lately the multiculturalism fad has inhibited that somewhat.

Refugees can be more of a problem, because they cling to the hope of going back someday. Their children tend to settle in and assimilate. anyway.

I think Sweden needs a clear path tfor immigrants to be adopted into the tribe. The immigrant neds a way to demonstrate commitment to Sweden. I think this would help everyone, Swedes and immigrants (new Swedes) alike.
18:11 November 10, 2009 by Chico2001
Oh, and I trust Martin Ådahl will at ONCE march across the newsroom and confront the xenophobe who published the following on this very site: "Is English becoming too prevalent in Sweden?" Isn't this xenophobia at its worst and most virulently racist? Perhaps it would clarify it for you if you replaced the word "English" with "Arabic" or "Farsi."
19:37 November 10, 2009 by texasgubbar
Beynch, I can only imagine the dolts that would pass for a limbah or beck here in Sweden. Fortunately most Swedes know trash when they hear it. Or in your case, read it. You probably would have been happiest in hitlers germany, you know wiping out the 'other' peole
20:14 November 10, 2009 by Beynch
@Texasgubbar; Where does Hitler fit into this? Wasn't he around some 75 years ago or so? Your profound vernacular proves my point. If you don't agree, shout `Hitler` and the debate ends. Well, well, I suppose you only have six years of grade school and a simple SSU-indoctrinated mind. "He's a Nazi!!!!!", just like in a Seinfeld episode, and any meaningful change of ideas is over. The invokation of `Hitler` is an easy way to avoid the issue.
21:24 November 10, 2009 by texasgubbar
Beynch you know, hitler someone who was firmly against "people blinded by über-liberal, socialist, orwellian, indoctrination. " as a matter of fact someone who probably said your exact words...

"I won't let my country be taken over by " fill in your race/ethicity here " and his liberal vermin".

Go back to faux newz.
23:50 November 10, 2009 by KipHamilton
Secondthought- So you think Jews must control the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden etc. All violence is caused by Jews, Blah, Blah, Blah.Amazing that this kind of attitude still exists in Europe in the 21st century. You are your own worst enemy, as your illogical obsessive hatred of Jews negates any logical points you mind make on other topics. You are a waste of time.
00:17 November 11, 2009 by secondthought
What is alqaeda KipHamilton?

And who is osama bin laden?

Yeah, Bin Laden, the man whom the entire world powers,

eastern and western couldn't locate him for 8 years.

Who is he Mr.Hamilton aka Mordoch?
09:28 November 11, 2009 by Oskarsmamma
@ secondthought

it is your governments that are invading and bombing other nations,causing the survivors to flee into your nations. POETIC JUSTICE would you say.

And those who commented about Muslims taking over Europe in 50 years,

i think those commentators are JEWS, because it is the jews that have total

control of Europe and elsewhere NOW and perhaps the next 50 years.

May be not if the white christian Swedes concentrate on that instead of bullying

the helpless Iraqi mother who fled wars you caused in a Gheto of yours.

You are anti-Jewish, anti-West and I find your comments hateful, xenophobic and disgusting.

If you don't want any involvement from the "evil West" - GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER" and stop sending over terrorists to kill us!!

If Iraq and Afghanistan are so wonderful (and were so wonderful) then why did thousands flee for their safety to EUROPE??

I mean, why come here at all if its OUR fault for bombing you??

So typical that Jews are yet again blamed for being in control of everything - blah blah blah. At least my race integrates, assimilates and do all they can to make a life for themselves helping their communities and host country with skills, labourforce and so on.

What do your kind do? Ah yes, seek asylum and then complain that the Western Country that has given you safe haven is anti- all that you are. D'uh! No surprises there then eh.

Oh so typical too that the minute people want to discuss immigration and the problems its causing immediately the left-wing-do-gooding can't see the wood for the trees lot start crying racist or xenophobe.

As for the author of this piece of "journalism" - I wouldn't use it to wipe up dog poo. Typical nonsence from people who should know better.

Mass immigration and mult-culturalism don't work - the problems we are seeing justify this opinion. You move to a new country, you do your best to fit in - period. Keep your traditions, cultures, language for outside work hours, holidays and at home - otherwise assimilate yourself into your new host country - immigrants are given a lot when they arrive and Sweden is extremely tolerant of all who enter her borders - immigrants must learn (as I did) to meet the indiginous peoples on their own terms and not foist ours on them!
10:02 November 11, 2009 by LudwigJohansson
In Sweden we practise Jus sanguinis, Jus Sanguinis (Latin: right of blood) is a social policy by which nationality or citizenship is not determined by place of birth, but by having an ancestor who is a national or citizen of the state. It contrasts with jus soli (Latin for "right of soil").

In other words, you cant become Swedish.

Even if you are born here you cannot become Swedish unless you are of Swedish blood.
10:42 November 11, 2009 by texasgubbar
"Even if you are born here you cannot become Swedish unless you are of Swedish blood. "

No wonder Zlatan is quitting the Swedish national football team.
12:51 November 11, 2009 by Streja
We don't follow jus sanguinis at all. What a muppet!

I have Swedish (Viking from the part that used to be Norway), Spanish, Vallon and god knows what else in my blood and I am still Swedish.

Zlatan is thinking of quitting because he doesn't think that there are any players in the national team that fit him.
18:31 November 11, 2009 by BWake
@ LudwigJohansson

I am aware that Europe is much more tribal than the USA. The ethnicities have long histories and have mostly managed to secure their homelands. There are still some mismatches, such as German speakers in France and the Czech Republic, the two languages in Belgium, the Finns in Sweden and the Swedes in Finland, and so on,.

I am also aware of the "Jus sanguinis". My children have the right to dual citizenship, so long as they maintain a "relationship" with Sweden.

The USA for a long time had a sort of meta-tribe. We established a formal path to adoption. The adoptee became an enthusiast. As I said before the multiculturalist fad has weakened that somewhat, but it still largely works.

Is there no way for an outsider to be adopted into the tribe?
21:38 November 11, 2009 by texasgubbar
"The USA for a long time had a sort of meta-tribe".

There are 2 distinct tribes (differentiating from enthic origins or religious background) in the states, that is the red tribe and blue tribe. I would say the differences between the two are much broader than the language differences you mention. The 'multicultural fad' is by no means a fad, in the last 50 years the US is becoming less and less the homogenous vision of society seen in old 1950's TV shows. And some people like yourself just cant handle it. No matter how much you whine about closing the borders, it isnt going to happan. It must make you angry that anyone can get a variety of spanish, hindi, arabic or mandarin television on cable. And perhaps some areas of your home town have store signs written in mandarin. With the internet and dirt cheap frequent international flights your 'fad' will become the norm, as geographic isolation and the english language will no longer be any barrier to the outside world. The world will become more an more an address, the country will just determine the color of your passport.

Get used to it....
02:53 November 12, 2009 by quack
most of the immigrants just deserve boot in their face or bullet in their heads
13:19 November 12, 2009 by unkle strunkle
I would like to hear Martin Ådahl's response to the very real and persistant problems addressed in this essay:

17:38 November 12, 2009 by Rebel
17:46 November 12, 2009 by texasgubbar
'most of the immigrants just deserve boot in their face or bullet in their heads ' rednecks as well....
19:30 November 12, 2009 by BWake
@ texasgubbar

I'm not sure you are having the argument you think you are having.

Most lawful immigrants to the USA choose to come here, and fit in well. They contribute to the continual development of our country. They are welcome.

I also sympathise with the illegal immigrants. They are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. It's not their fault that tax law and the regulatory environment create an economic niche (the underground labor market) that citizens cannot participate in easily.

The solution to the illegal immigration problem in the USA is not a wall to the south but real tax reform. Then those who like it here and want to stay can accept the rules, and those who just want to work temporarily can go home when they like.

I like Sweden. It looked like a good place to live.

It's foolish to throw out everything that makes it distinctive just as it's foolish to knock a hole in the wall just because you want to look outside.
13:28 November 13, 2009 by bazza down under
Sweden could have any number of happy, hard working, respectful people from all around the world (East Asia, Europe, South America) who would be pleased to learn you language, marry your children and embrace your way of life. All this while bringing rich and interesting aspects of their culture to your land.

Instead your leaders in their infinite wisdom pay for immigrants from parts of the world who come into your country - refuse to work, demand you accommodate a crazy religion, beat up your sons, disrespect your daughters and recruit each other for terror.

I don't speak Swedish, so can someone please tell me the word for "suckers".
16:06 November 13, 2009 by Beynch
@bazza down under: I think the Swedish word for "suckers", within the politically incorrect, sarcastic context you are trying to use it, would be "missfoster".
23:18 November 13, 2009 by ingvar
This kind of guys (I mean the author) can usually be very well cured from their childish liberalism by simple placing in a proper environment (e.g. in some of Södertalge's apartment building) for a wile. Then they'll clearly realize that the word "culture" has the very practical everyday meaning.

It's really kind of torture to see how these seemingly sensible, disciplined and averagely very normal people of Sweden loose any traces of common sense in immigration issues.

For example.

It's a very hard job to grow proper socially orientated young people. You need to put so much good examples in the children brains by means of family, social environment, religion, traditions, schools etc. Swedish government brings so called refugee children (mostly male late teens; who are ready-to-use-gangsters) from the most non-civilized region of Africa and Asia to Sweden and expects them to be as useful for future Swedish society as local Swedish young people. To me it looks like conspiracy against the Swedish nation and common sense.
13:35 November 14, 2009 by lookitsmeeee
i am a teenager from america born and raised, learning swedish, absoloutely love everything about swedish culture. This year i am finally able to go to Sweden on a foreign exchange for 6 weeks. but now i am scared i will face racism. The thing is i am black(dominican) Do you think I will have a problem in Sweden or will I enjoy
16:24 November 14, 2009 by tonycobh
lookitsmeee. You say you're black and you fear racism? Nonsense! IN Sweden the world will be your oyster, but you need to follow this simple rule.

if you don't get what you want, say a local girl objects if you grope her, if you get nabbed stealeing froma shop, if they want to eject you from a nightclub for knifing a customer, just yell 'RACISM'.

If you remember to do that Sweden will be everything you could ask for!
19:19 November 14, 2009 by Reinaert Thomasson
The Dutch TV broadcast now a program about Martin Simeck: an ex refugee from Tsjecho-Slowakia who had escape his country in 1968. The Netherlands has a long history of giving shelter to people who fled their country: Jews who fled the Inquisition of Spain & Portugal (1492), the Huguenots who escaped the Bartholomeus night of Louis the XIV the boot refugees from Vietnam etc.. These people could find here shelter.

This is also the case with Sweden. Good people who like to help other people all over the world. Allas the 'refugees' and immigrants, we encounter yet, are of different kind as the immigrants of the past. No past refugee or immigrant had ever thought about coming with knives into a disco in order to injure or kill the daughters of his benefactors. No Huguenot did ever think it is his birthright to execute mass group rapes and beat girls in their early teens half to death. No Jew or German socialist/communist during the '30 did think it is his duty to bring as much as possible damage to the people who try to help him. Martin Simeck was glad to escape the Iron Gate. He did not come into his mind that he, as Űbermench, has the right to handle the 'Infidel' Dutch as trash only because they are no buddies of Allah.

Resisting people who do you so much damage is not xenophobic: it is self defense.
20:08 November 14, 2009 by Reinaert Thomasson
@To secondthought and KipHamilton

What a pity for the Jews to be linked to the Arabs? This is what I have heard of a Jewish friend of mine. He had said as follows: “I have nothing against people who are anti Jewish. It is normal not to sympathize with everyone. But when I hear the word Anti Semitism, I smell the Third World: the pea of camels and goats and filthy markets, hearing the zoom of flies and hear the hysterical screams of analphabet backward primitive people. This is not us!. People who brought Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Niels Bohr, Thomas Mann and Felix Mendelsson. Our blood relation with the Semits can be find in an ancient father who lived 3500 years ago. That's it.
07:45 November 15, 2009 by Reinaert Thomasson

I assume you have so many emotional problems with (European) Jews and others because they are in many ways superior to you and your religion followers. Take a look at the world around? The Israeli's were able to convert a desert country with surface as dry as the moon into a green oasis in the middle of a backward primitive part of the world. The Christian Europeans had brought Michael Angelo, Rafael, Servantes, Bach and Mozart and an endless row of great names in philosophy and science. The Japanese reside at the top of world technology of today. Many Far East countries are giants in technology and Hi-Tech. And your fellow men? The Muslims? They stay behind with 44 countries in the world and a vast majority of analphabets whom only ability is screaming all the name of their god Allah and producing children that others had to feed. Developing your genitals according to the hadith's of Koran bring nothing good. Start instead developing your brain and your will to work hard.
18:07 November 15, 2009 by bobnbri
First off, I am a Canadian!

I live in a very large city (Montreal) and I can state without any reserve that multiculturalism is a failure! Especially with regards to muslims and arabs in general.

I don't care about being labled a racist! I'm not interested in being politiacally correct. I am only interested in being correct. Period!!!

If you don't think that arabs are racist and/or tribalist, then you are an irretrievable idiot!

The very birthright of every Swedish boy and girl is being hijacked by leftist twits like the author of this article. And so goes the destiny of the west with the leadership of pollyannas like what we have had to put up with for too many decades.

After the first word war, Canada was seen by most Canadians as a second chance for Europe. A rebirth of Europe, if you will. A chance to bury the hatchet and start afresh. And it worked beautifully! A new kind inclussionist Europe for Europeans built by

Europeans .
20:02 November 15, 2009 by alex1491
As a Swedish-American, this article was extremely offensive. You say you won't let Sweden be taken over by xenophobes, so you'd rather let it be swamped by immigrants who burn schools and account for the majority of rapes? If you're pro-immigrant than you're also anti-swede, because the immigrants are the ones committing these crimes and they're doing it against you. How can you say "xenophobia has nothing to do with rational thought"?
23:28 November 15, 2009 by KipHamilton
Reinaert Thomassson- Not sure why you felt it neccessary to link my name with Secondthought, simply because I answered an argument with him by mentioning the widely accepted term of Semites for both Jews and Arabs (to counter one of his ignorant points). If you read the rest of my posts, you will see that I was denigrating his absurd and bizzarre anti- Jewish diatribes. Please, we're on the same side-and I am offended at being lumped together with such a hate-filled fool.
13:55 November 16, 2009 by Beynch
Well Ådahl! You're generating a lot of commentary. I hope you read all of it! I'd like to hear your thoughts after you digest it. You've evidently touched a raw nerve.
16:11 November 16, 2009 by ofdesign
I'm watching a Natonal Geograpic nature program. On a tree, there was a very curious young chimpanze, let's name him 'Adahl the Ignorant Liberal Apologist,' playing with the tail of a very large boa constrictor, let's call him 'Zealous Moslems Who Refuse To Assililate into the Country They Move To.' The snake was not curious about the young chimp at all. He killed the chimp and the chimp fell dead from the tree.
20:58 November 17, 2009 by lovisa92@hotmail.com
immigrants , not Swedes, must adapt. Take it or Leave it.

I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture.

This is our country , our land and our lifestyle and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy this WONDERFUL COUNTRY and all that is in it.

But once you are done complaining, whining and griping about... our flag.... our beliefs...our way of life.... and how we (in our own country) should have to think before we talk about you, so we in our own county do not hurt your feelings!!!

If you are not happy , then leave... do not live in our country, with the taste of bitterness towards us, we who gave you a roof over your head

it's our country, our land and our lifestyle.
14:18 November 18, 2009 by KipHamilton
Lovisa92- I don't see how any really logical person could argue with your comment. Welcome those who truly appreciate Sweden, and for those who don't, well, there are many other places in the World to go which might be a better fit. I would feel the same if I was a native of Bangladesh, or Korea, or Kenya or Samoa etc. It's quite simple. If you disdain any country's people or culture, want to remain apart, and don't want your children becoming like them, then don't go there to live. I would never go to any other nation to live permanently for economic, or any other reasons, if I did not also love the place. But, for those who do love Sweden, wherever they may be from, Swedes should give them the warm welcome and respect they deserve.
18:27 November 23, 2009 by Argentina84
Most of the comments in this thread simply scare me, people. After reading this I would beg for moving back to Argentina the day after tomorrow if my Swedish husband graduated tomorrow! My future children will not be discriminated for having an immigrant parent there.
22:07 December 3, 2009 by wxman

If you'd care to check, Hitler was a socialist.
19:02 December 27, 2009 by Hagen
""For those that are 100% against immigration I would like to point out the doctors referenced in this piece as evidence that immigration can be, and usually is, a net benefit to a nation.""

Both in the UK and Holland it has been proven that Immigration is not a net benefit to the host Country.

This is probably because there is no selection procedure when admitting immigrants so you tend to get sub standard people.

The USA on the other hand makes a rigorous selection of the Immigrants it admits so it gets people without a criminal record, healthy, useful diplomas and no nasty diseases, so in general they get useful people.

If we had done that in Europe right from the start, then I am sure there would have been no problems regarding Immigration.
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