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'Romario' killer sentenced to seven years

TT/Christine Demsteader · 13 Nov 2009, 13:53

Published: 13 Nov 2009 13:53 GMT+01:00

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In February this year, the man and two other suspects were acquitted of involvement in the death of 23-year-old in October 2008.

Ahmed Ibrahim Ali, nicknamed "Romario" for his footballing promise, died from stab wounds following a violent feud between two rival youth groups near the E4 motorway in Kista, north of Stockholm.

The 19-year-old was found guilty on two further accounts of attempted murder following the fight which also left two youths seriously injured. The two suspects were found not guilty and freed by the Svea Court of Appeal.

During the district court hearing the 19-year-old admitted to stabbing Romario without intent to kill but but retracted his statement for the Appeal Court trial.

The Svea Court of Appeal took the attacker's age into consideration when passing the verdict, halving the recommended 14-year sentence for the crime.

Defence lawyer Johan Åkermark said that his client had been wrongly convicted and his admission of guilt was purely to guard friends from involvement, according to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

”He was scared and wanted to protect someone else,” Åkermark said.

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”The Appeal Court believes it has found the perpetrator of this crime but I still believe they are wrong.”

Åkermark added that he intends to file for leave to appeal on behalf of his client.

TT/Christine Demsteader (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

15:13 November 13, 2009 by peropaco
Killing a person seven years

not paying taxes 8 years

Rape 16 months

Nice country we live in.
16:00 November 13, 2009 by coolguy09
These rules are only for swedish citizens, the immigrants will get more because there mother or father is not swedish. For a moment lets assume Ibrahim Ali "Romario" stabbed 19 year old swede, then news is full of hate comments
16:47 November 13, 2009 by krrodman
A 19 year-old murders another human being and because of his young age the court reduces his prison sentence from 14 years to 7 years.

In Sweden at what age do they teach "thou shalt not kill"? Not until after Gymnasium?!

Maybe if he promises never, ever, ever, ever to do it again, the court will give him a free apartment and a large stipend instead of a prison sentence.
16:52 November 13, 2009 by HejHej
No way.. This is not fair, he should be freed as soon as possible. He is innocent as he killed a terrorist. Sweden is not good country for innocent people who kill terrorists for their self defence.
19:09 November 13, 2009 by Rebel
This is pathetic.
20:35 November 13, 2009 by karex

How do you know the perp is Swedish? Nothing is ever released about the identity of criminals.
20:57 November 13, 2009 by mammush
the law would/should not favour one over another because of nationality or race and such accusations are unfounded and could cause hate...so lets stop such arguements.
21:56 November 13, 2009 by ou2chi

You are pathetic. It's a publicly known fact that the killer is swedish. There is life beyond your nose you know. It's a whole world out there... If your universe begins and ends here, well.... And that subhuman slime called HejHej he/she is not even worth a comment.
23:26 November 13, 2009 by wotist

Really? And what "public" are you referring to? Around here (you know, Sweden), it's been publicly known that the gangs involved in this fight that ended with stabbings and one murder are both immigrant gangs.

The man convicted of murdering Ahmed "Romario" Ibrahim Ali is named Muhjadin. I don't know if this site allows full names of convicted criminals to be published so I'll leave it at that. if you want the full name of the convicted murderer just put Muhjadin+Romario in google.
23:28 November 13, 2009 by karex

Sounds like you have some issues...

Hmmm, guess maybe my Swedish is so bad maybe all I can understand is in this site, you suppose? Probably not, you're so full of hatred you can't see beyond YOUR own nose.

You think maybe I can see more information about this particular case on the BBC or CNN?... Grow up
23:55 November 13, 2009 by Shawn77
7 years for killing a person? Pathetic..

But then again, arabs in Sweden are not really considered full citizens. What did the guy get for stabbing Anna Lindh to death. Life sentance?

So killing a native swedish women: Life sentance

Killing a young arab: 7 years.
02:40 November 14, 2009 by Coalbanks
Lindh's killing was premeditated act of terrorism. This was a non-premeditated act of violence in the course of a fight where the killer may have been attempting to protect himself or others. Not the same thing at all. Let the punishment fit the crime. This was a less serious crime. Even though someone died that person was engaged in viplence against others including the killer - who was Lindh attacking?
10:15 November 14, 2009 by karex
Someone please correct me if my memory fails, but didn't Anna Lindh's killer not go to prison but a psychiatric facility instead?
10:33 November 14, 2009 by baychus
The truth of the story is,parents and the government should try to tame these kids.If they weren't in the so called bad gangs there won't have been any death to start with. It's very immoral,to see kids of 12,13,14 years of age roaming the streets late at night in really dark corners without proper supervision while their parents are home sleeping or in clubs drinking their brains off.

This is not a matter of been swedish , Arab or rather immigrants its a matter of doing what is morally right.
12:59 November 14, 2009 by generalzard
I live in Florida, USA, and have always thought of Sweden as a quiet, safe place to live. After seeing a video of your recent ' Muslim ' riots, I began reading the English version of your local news. My current thoughts are that

the religious riots happening in Sweden today, will be happening in the town

of my residents, soon. And with the politicians intent on bringing more of these people into our respective countries, there is no safe place to live in the world.

Good Luck to Sweden.

You got the religious riots before we did.

General Zard
18:10 November 14, 2009 by mammush
the general zard

what religious riot? what was their objective?

i guess no one has the freedom to demonstrate in the US when their innocent brothers and sisters are being killed on daily basis by your forces.
18:40 November 14, 2009 by HejHej
@ generalzard

Which army got such coward general who longs for safe and quiet place to live. If you find world not safe enough, please leave this world without polluting others with your hatered thougts.
22:55 November 14, 2009 by ou2chi
Wotist and Karex

I guess I am wrong. Swedish means white natives. I guess anyone who is not a native and has swedish citizenship is not swedish. That is why I say get a life outside your own enclave. If ou had said white native, I would never have bothered to reply. I am so happy that when my 3 years at my company were up, I opted to leave and return to HQ. Would give me the chills to be so close to such enlightened people. I won't ask about your level of education. I guess It's obvious.
00:16 November 15, 2009 by wotist

The ad hominem argument is a close and dear friend of yours, yes?

Yes, the man convicted of this murder is a Swedish citizen. He is also a Somalian - with a Somalian citizenship. After the murder he went to Somalia in hopes of avoiding justice. Several posters on this thread said that the killer is "Swedish" and that that was the reason for his - as they saw it - low sentence. The implication from that was that he was "white native" and that had he been of a darker shade, his sentence would have been harsher. Your post supported that theses. I knew that this wasn't so, thus my post about who the people involved were.

Someone doesn't have to be "Swedish White" to be a Swede in my book. But they do have to consider themselves Swedes and "be" Swedes. Getting a Swedish citizenship certainly isn't enough to qualify them as Swedes to me. Especially not if it's a dual citizenship since I disapprove of the very concept of dual citizenships.

If you are happy back at HQ then who am I to begrudge you happiness? If someone wants to leave this country - be they native or immigrant - then they're welcome to as far as I'm concerned. If they are native though: Please don't come back when you're old and grey and in need of tax payer financed health care!
00:41 November 15, 2009 by ou2chi
Thanks Wotist. I feel educated. And your grasp of argumentum ad hominem is flawless (excuse the sarcasm!). New concept recently learnt? talking abiout health care: That is one reason I left! tax payer funded health care? I saw people wait ages for for some simple operations. Mark my words it is a great system if you don't pay for it. But if you are used to the standard of health care I am used to (which I partly pay for, of course!) that system of freebies does not hold.
08:03 November 15, 2009 by Vim Fuego
It's funny to claim "It's a publicly known fact that the killer is swedish" when the first link to the previous articles on this subject states "The 18-year-old suspect, who along with two others had been acquitted of murder charges by the Attunda District Court in February, has left Sweden for Somalia, according to his lawyer."

If the claim was that he is known to be a NATIVE Swede, the claim is clearly wrong. If this was the case, it also seems that the false claim was made to serve a purpose but has seriously backfired. If the claim was that he was known to be a Swedish CITIZEN, then what's the point of the argument?
19:45 November 15, 2009 by izbz
Hey all you guys, Swedish or not Swedish, the sentences for criminal cases in Swedan is definately too lenient. Criminals will never learn their lesson, I am from Asia, am Swedish citizen compare to any part of Asia, 7 years including food and nice cozy room in a 5star jail?

Quite a cheap price to pay for murder!!!!!!!

Have read cases in News that non Swedish have lenient sentences in cases like rape and murder. So don't even bother to argue about being Swedish, SAME, SAME BUT DIFFERENT: Bin Ladin will definately be happy to be charge in Swedish court if he ever get caught.
22:08 November 15, 2009 by ou2chi
Vim Fuego

Yu missed the point completely. Read Wotist's response. He grasped the point completely. So in your world going to Somalia means one is no Swedish citizen? Wotist does have an argument about his feelings on dual citizenship. You miss the point completely. Ever took comprehension in school? And your reasoning is so convoluted, so incomprehensible its impossible to reply to. Wotist where are you when you are needed?
07:01 November 16, 2009 by Vim Fuego
"So in your world going to Somalia means one is no Swedish citizen? "

Where did I say that? I'm interested in how you 'figured' that one out? Comprehension? Is it possible for you to talk about the subject without getting over excited and personal? I guess not.

Your point was "It's a publicly known fact that the killer is swedish." Wotist put it good indeed: "The implication from that was that he was "white native" and that had he been of a darker shade, his sentence would have been harsher. Your post supported that theses." Since it's obvious that he was not a native Swede, what's the point of your argument? That there is no difference what so ever between ethnic Swedes and other Swedish citizens (what ever their background is) as long as they have the citizenship?
00:12 November 17, 2009 by ou2chi
Vim Fuego

See how you miss the point? Karex pointed out hat it was mentioned anywhere that the per was sweidh and I said he is swedish, wotist said they are somali; because I knew the maggots had swedish citizenship (which is why I said it is a pubicly known fact) I asked if being swedish is limited to native (note that noone mentioned colour) then wotist usefully raised the issue about dual citizeship. Now since I respect people's views, I id not go on arguing with him. And then you budged in. Two posts later you still can't get the point. You have even forgotten your point about them ging to somalia and the context that you used it. So you see. No point arging with you. People might not notice the difference.
18:27 November 17, 2009 by Vim Fuego
But your lack of response, general hostility and the rant about "enclaves" suggested that your point in the first place was in fact the implication Wotist was talking about. That was my point.

Besides I only "budged in" because it's sometimes to poke people who get over excited and hostile for no reason. BTW I have not "forgotten" anything in this thread. But you're right, although being slightly amusing, this is pointless.
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