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Teen convicted for killing 16-year-old girl

TT/The Local · 23 Nov 2009, 14:29

Published: 23 Nov 2009 14:29 GMT+01:00

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Prosecutors had argued that the teen should be sentenced to four years of juvenile care, the maximum sentence allowable, as the boy was only 16 years old at the time of the killing.

The murder took place in early August following a party at a house outside Borås. Under the influence of hashish and alcohol, the then 16-year-old boy was barred from attending the party when he tried to gain entry.

Later that night he ended up at a bus stop with the girl, who proceeded to say something condescending about the boy, according to his version of events.

He then hit her in the face and raped her before dragging her to a stream and throwing her in.

The girl ended up face down in the water, where she died from drowning and asphyxiation.

Story continues below…

The district court in Borås also convicted the 17-year-old for aggravated rape and drugs offences.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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15:14 November 23, 2009 by peropaco
With sentence like these, no wonder criminals are not dissuaded from going for the kill.
15:21 November 23, 2009 by ironman294
Prosecutors recommended 4 yrs? What kind of laws are there in Sverige. Laws must change over there and then people get longer sentences. Murder should carry 25 yrs to life, if you are not willing to execute savages? What happens next time a girl says something condescending?

I don't care if someone is drunk or high, it's no excuse for murder.

And the Swedes call themselves enlightened compared to Americans. For shame!!!
15:45 November 23, 2009 by mkvgtired
Three years for murder. When did the Swedish system become so harsh. I thought you typically got out in less than 2. Maybe the extra year was because of the savage rape and the fact that the girl's last moments of life were horrific. That usually only tacks on 6 months though.
16:02 November 23, 2009 by DreEstwd
3 years for rape and murder.....The entire judicial system in this a country is a sham. Maybe because it was a rape, they decided to cut down the sentence a little bit. Good thing he wasn't dealing weed otherwise he might be looking at 10 years.
16:04 November 23, 2009 by slickscott
Some of these comments are hilarious; love them. Yes these ultra puny sentences for violent crimes here are laughable. Here in the US if those of you havent been following. a 15 yr old girl was charged with murdering a 9 yr old in Missouri. Prosecutors will recommend she be tried as an adult and if convicted will be sent to prison for life without the possibilit of parole. She stated that she just "wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone". Its just too bad women prisoners arent sexual deviants like male prisoners
17:11 November 23, 2009 by travels
It's good this kid had nothing to do with Pirate Bay, otherwise he might have really gotten a long sentence. And the debate was between giving him 3 or 4 years, ridiculous, he killed, the girl does not get to live the rest of her life. He is a sociopath, to rape and kill someone because his little feelings got hurt, he'll be an outstanding member of society after the 3 years at "vacation" camp. Lesson..if you want to kill somebody, do it in Sweden.
17:28 November 23, 2009 by mcg
@slickscott, ironman294

Of course it is hard to gauge what happened, when you read a short summary from the thelocal - let alone comment on the case.

- but this sort of crime; murder, rape, murder+rape generally needs a much harder sentence.

Yes - with the strong response to all crime and punishment in the US, you'd think it would be a deterrent, but no, it is amazing that your prisons are so full just like ours.

- and apparently you still can't stop killing each other.
17:54 November 23, 2009 by "green Swede"
Ground hog day,different teen,different savage rape,different brutal murder,SAME f**king sentence!and if FOUR LOUSY years were available,how in the name of god do they justify giving him THREE! this girls loved ones must be so bitter,this "justice" system should hang it's head in shame,swedish people need to lobby their politicians!
18:19 November 23, 2009 by jack sprat

Just a matter of time before Sweden rewards serious criminals with a term in a luxury hotel and resort of their choice, at taxpayers expense,...while those who have had their lives sadly disrupted or ruined are left to pick up the pieces.
19:02 November 23, 2009 by planethero
This article makes me sad.
19:04 November 23, 2009 by spy
My heart goes out to this poor girl's loved ones.
20:05 November 23, 2009 by AmyG
Athought ridiculous things do happen in the American court system it is rare to get only 3 years in prisoin for rape and murder. This "kid" will likely do something like this again. 16 is old enough to understand right from wrong. Yes there is a lot more crime that happens in the US but it still doesn't make it right for someone to only get 3 years for murder and rape. I'm sure her parents will never fully recover and it has to be worse knowing that the killer will be out of jail in such a short time.

Just FYI- Most American have not been victims of voilent crime. I lived downtown Chicago for 8 years and what a surprise I'm still alive and have never been assaulted or even robbed!
20:12 November 23, 2009 by anticommie
Good thing he didnt evade paying taxes then it would have been 20 years plus. Sweden is a farse!
20:22 November 23, 2009 by Elcompadre
It is just hilarious the way the media phrases things, "A 17-year-old boy " since when is 17 yearold is considered a boy,specially after murdering and raping another person.

And three years is a joke of a sentence, I think is way to soft. You get that much in the US for robbing a deli.
21:04 November 23, 2009 by Jimmy
it would be my 13 year wedding anniversary today, instead i have a custody case going for 10 years. haven't had contact with my son for 556 days.

would all have been over if i had done the deed
21:14 November 23, 2009 by wxman
I've said it probably 6 times in the last year on this site and I'll say it again, "I'm soooo glad my grampa got on the boat back in 1919!
22:20 November 23, 2009 by double concerto
Which is more evil??? the killer or the sentence!!!
23:42 November 23, 2009 by Baned
It's stories like this that I hope my Mom and Grandma back home will never read. This would put their convincing to move back home into overdrive. 3 years good god! This is scary!
01:08 November 24, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
Well lets see a 16 year old kid in New York shot a kid and hit his target in the arm...a stray bullet put a 15 year old girl walking home from school in a coma for a couple weeks (she is awake now)...

Well Sweden...it's not murder and he is under the age of 18, but I would bet my entire net worth this kid will serve a longer sentence...It is also his first offence and it'll be interesting to see if he serves it all with the big boys in Riker's or if they give him 2 years in a Juvenile system before transfer.
06:15 November 24, 2009 by kenny8076
im moving to sweden this week and have read a few stories like this, short sentances for rape and murder......all i have to say is the american side of me is going to come out REAL fast on the person that trys some crap like this to my girl, there going to pray and beg the judge to keep him in there as long as possible..... and why not, i will elimnate him from the population and do what maybe 2 years on good behavior?!?! that place is a joke and alot of it has to do with its citizens.... maybe there just as crazy as the murderes and rapist for not fighting for change
07:52 November 24, 2009 by double concerto
The court sentence is even sicker than the murder and is an illustration of how sick liberalism REALLY is and how dangerous it is to the rule of law and to the law abiding citizen. This travesty, that is now being repeated again and again in Swedish courts, will lead eventually to a complete breakdown of the justice system, and the advent of vigilante justice. Goodness only knows what frustration must be going through the minds of her parents and siblings in response to this degenerate sentence.
08:46 November 24, 2009 by miau
I always find it amazing that readers of articles that describe only a fraction of the facts, circumstances, and arguments presented in court cases, feel like they know the full story and are able to get on their moral high horses and pass judgement. Not untypically, they bay for blood. None of you do know the full facts of this case. Do you know anything about the boy (yes, he is a boy)? Are you able to comprehend how it was that a 16 year-old was able to commit such a crime? Imagine if he were your boy. Would you honestly have him locked up forever? How does a long jail term for a juvenile help to rehabilitate him or help prevent further horrendous acts?

Coincidently, there was a short documentary on German television last night about two teenagers who beat a man to death at a railway station in Munich. They are due to go to court in spring. This report did discuss the social, economic, and psychological aspects to the case. It interviewed one of the boy's mothers. It was generally a humane report. And it reminded me of why none of you would ever make the grade as journalists, except for Fox News.
09:29 November 24, 2009 by boby
@ miau

Your post shows why the law enforcement system is so rotten in this country. Instead of thinking about the victims and the rest of the population, you are mostly concerned with the welfare of the criminals.

A 'boy' who is drugged and drunk and commits such a horrendous crime does not belong in society, and must have a history of violence. Probably if the authorities took notice and action of him earlier, the poor girl would be alive today.

It is very arrogant of you to accuse the general public of passing the most logical judgment while the authorities hide all the facts around the case. You are the one who is on the high horse and think you know better than anyone else.
10:59 November 24, 2009 by baychus
Well said boby.

@ miau

Its very unfortunate pple like U still exist. If I have a 16yr old boy who keeps late at night and has access to drugs and get drunk then obviously I haven't done my part as a good parent. Charity they say begins at home.If I fail my parental duties,it is not the well meaning public that is to be held responsible.The 3yrs term is just a joke.
11:28 November 24, 2009 by pallomamy
thats crazy! the poor girl will never come back so that 17 old man not boy have to spend the rest of is life in prison!!!
11:45 November 24, 2009 by Kaethar
@kenny8076: "im moving to sweden this week... that place is a joke and alot of it has to do with its citizens."

A word of advice: Don't move here.
12:37 November 24, 2009 by Marc the Texan

Criminal justice isn't just about deterrence. It's also about punishment. The point is to suffer a serious penalty for a crime. The balance of justice has to serve society as well as the criminal. A society's need for justice s usually met with what is deemed to be a punishment that fits the crime.

Obviously the Swedish justice system thinks a slap on the wrist is punishment enough for rape and murder.
13:05 November 24, 2009 by nevon

You are sensible and correct.

All the other posters here are knee-jerk, feel-good, lynch-mob mentality simpletons who think that the primary purpose of justice is to satisfy angry third party observers like themselves.

Thus in their world, the quality of a legal system is directly proportional to the amount of outrageous punishments it can dish out to people who commit serious crimes.

A lot of bystanders being very angry and agreeing that someone should be lynched is not how the law works you semi-literate dimwits.

Also, it's utterly true that none of you know the details of this case. You're making stupid assumptions, generalizations and vicious judgments based on a hundred-something word article. That in itself shows wisdom, sensibility and character. We should fire all the judges in Sweden and replace them with you people.
14:00 November 24, 2009 by boby
@ nevon

You are just a fool. You know nothing about this case either. But the most sensible think to assume, if you are not provided with the full information of the case, is that 3 years in a correction center is too little for a little girl raped and murdered.

I am sorry people like you live in Sweden, you make the country go under. Its already the country with the highest rate of rape in Europe, thanks to left softies who live in a dream world like youself.
14:54 November 24, 2009 by DreEstwd
Nevon is defending this sentence?? Ok, so the person who commited the crime is definitely an immigrant. If it was a Swede, or any Anglo person who had done it, Nevon would be throwing away the key.
15:34 November 24, 2009 by nevon

Well actually I've read some of the court proceedings so I definitely know much more than you do, but that still doesn't qualify my judgment, which is why I haven't passed any, unlike most idiots here. If all your know about a case is the 150 words you read on the internet, the most sensible thing to do is to NOT hold extremely strong opinions and pass sweeping, vicious and final judgment like some excited idiot and expect people to stand in awe of your wisdom, intelligence and sense of justice.


That was a miserable attempt at racism and trolling, which suits you. Go stand in the corner.
15:45 November 24, 2009 by Mike_9541
@ Nevon and Miau:

Then what would you suggest, even lesser sentence maybe? What message does that send to other violent teens who have trouble controlling their urges? That you actually CAN get away with murder as long as you aren't 18 yet?

And your comments about others here 'not knowing' all the facts don't really hold up so well. The court in Borås had all the facts laid out in front of them and they found the kid guilty of rape and murder. Can't spin that too many good ways.

I'm in Borås, and the 17 year old daughter of my good friend was best friends with the victim. She helped in the missing person search when they found her body and has been devastated ever since, along with the victim's family, extended family, and SO MANY friends. Would you look at them and tell them they are reacting with a knee-jerk, mob mentality for wanting a sentence to fit the brutal, careless nature of what he did to this (much smaller) and defenseless girl? If it were your daughter would you be cool with that?

You do realize that probably 1% of Swedes believe this sentence is 'justice', right? Don't believe me, ask around... i did.

One of you also ask "do you know anything about the boy?" Well I do, do you? I don't know him personally, but I know my friend had to kick him out of his house and told him he's never welcome back after crazy and violent drunk behavior from the guy around his daughter and her friends about a year ago. He tells me this guy was bad news in a big way… so if you don't know, don't spin him as some poor little, misguided boy… you are sorely mistaken.
16:05 November 24, 2009 by boby
@ Mike_9541

Please tell us, is he from Swedish origin or not?
16:11 November 24, 2009 by Mike_9541
yes, Swedish origin
16:28 November 24, 2009 by nevon

I think that the perpetrator should be given the death penalty. I'm guessing most people agree. Does this mean this would be just or right?

Call me crazy, but I don't think the law should just be about making victims or their relatives feel better if it is eventually going to cause more victims. Throwing this bastard in a dark hole for 25 years would give everyone (including me) satisfaction, but expecting prison to be rehabilitating or even a deterrent in this case and expecting him to behave when he gets out is just ridiculous. At this point, he'll have spent 25 years with other criminals, have absolutely no prospect at anything in life, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that he's most likely going to commit another crime. This is exactly how it is in the USA, with 70% recidivism rates and a penal system that is basically an academy that will turn anyone into a career criminal.

25 years in the hole for this guy might make you short-sighted idiots feel good, and no one could object if it made the poor parents of this girl feel good, but who is going to explain to the next victim that the reason she was raped/murdered was so that the friends of the victim before her could feel better back in the day?

Juvenile detention for 3 years makes sure this guy won't become an institutionalized criminal, it might actually induce some regret and rehabilitation (since despite all your insane calls for blood, this guy is still 16 and not impossible to change. He could very well sincerely regret what he has done and become harmless (which is not likely if he goes to prison for 25 years)), and he'll still have some sort of a life worth living when he gets released (although I doubt anyone will like him or want to employ him very much for the rest of his life) and that's reason enough for him to behave himself. Unlike Mr.I-spent-25-years-of-my-42-year-life-in-prison-being-beaten-and-raped, who's most likely going to rape someone else the first chance he gets.

So as you can see, it's not sympathy for a cold blooded rapist and murderer. It's sympathy for everyone else including myself who doesn't want the penal system chugging out thugs, psychopaths, rapists and hardened criminals tomorrow because we were all frenzied into having an eye for an eye, regardless of the consequences.
16:43 November 24, 2009 by nevon
@boby & DreEstwd,

Come and see the Amazing Nazi Twins! What are their super powers? Being persistently illogical, hilariously presumptuous, disgustingly racist and generally stupid.

Oh and they've both been proven wrong at EVERYTHING they've ever said, which ranges from claiming that black people are genetically motivated to rape white women to claiming that immigrants commit all the crime in Europe.

Seriously, if there was a competition for being delusional you two would share the gold medal. You are hilarious.


*racists hold their breaths for an early Christmas present*


*collective sigh and disappointment*


Everyone is laughing at you.
16:54 November 24, 2009 by boby
@ nevon

LOL. The chances that he rapes and kills again are much higher if he is released at 20 then if released at 50.

Your logic is beyond my understanding.

Calling me a Nazi is another joke. Most of my family was killed by them. Yet I am a proud supporter of SD. Calling them and myself a Nazi is just another tactic of your to remove them from the mainstream agenda. But it does not work anymore. LOL people opended thier eyes.

And it really feels good- you are scared!
17:10 November 24, 2009 by nevon
Scared of what? Whimpering little boys playing pretend-Hitler in their parents basement?

Yes, I'm positively terrified.

I'm sorry to hear your parents were killed by Nazis. Mine were killed by aliens. I'm glad today is make-up-stories day.

Dumb racist.
17:30 November 24, 2009 by DreEstwd

You are in way too far over your head here. First, you made your little, left/PC rant and ran smack into someone very close to the situation. Then, using some kind of misguided logic that could only come from the PC-brigade tried to defend it and failed miserably. Next, after realizing that your logic wasn't working for you, you sunk to the level of name-calling with the usual, "racist" and "Nazi" drivel. Then, when someone mentions that their family was killed by Nazis, you call them a liar.

Quite a day for you yet again, Nevon. It wasn't enough that the poster, Uncle completely castrated you the last time you tried to speak up on this forum. No, you had to go and insult someone's dead relatives and another forum member's dead, 17-year old friend who was raped and murdered in a vicious way.....all in the name of your leftist/PC-brigade idiotic beliefs.

Let's just face facts, you're anti-white, you favor criminals over law-abiding people and your arguments, while very nicely-worded, are routinely proven to be false, not based on any facts at all and represent the opinion of maybe 1% of the people in this country. Keep it up. This is entertaining.
17:32 November 24, 2009 by DAVID T
He'll be out after 18 months living near the parents of the girl he murdered. He should spend a minimum of 25 years in prison and then be castrated before release. If he did this to my daughter I would certainly take the law into my own hands as they wouldn't send me to jail
17:42 November 24, 2009 by nevon
DreEstwd, it's like, you spend all your time writing about WHAT happened according to you, but you never actually come around to explaining HOW it happened, objectively.

You say an argument is illogical, you never actually point out where the fallacies is. It just "is" illogical (because Hitler said so, I assume).

You're just spewing rhetoric. There are no premises, arguments or logical connections in anything you say. You just make statements of your deranged opinion over and over again.

"You're wrong"

"Your arguments are illogical"

"You are part of the PC brigade"

"Statistics show this"

"You this, you that"

This is why racist are stupid, why no one takes them seriously, why no one wants to be around them and why they are a vocal -and annoying- minority. This is what racist literature is like. When you read books written by white supremacists, they never have any noteworthy arguments, just repeating phrases and statements.

And by the way I'm so deeply sorry for insulting the imaginary family of boby the racist who were murdered by Nazis but are now resting in peace because their son is a proud member of the Swedish Nazi Party himself, by implying that he is LYING. I hope he's lying, because if he's not, I think that's a greater insult to any victim of a Nazi than anything I could say. You get murdered by Nazis, and your offspring join the Nazi party. Way to go boby. I'm glad you're a liar.
17:53 November 24, 2009 by nevon
Also, no one is missing your effort to twist things when you accuse me of insulting the dead girl involved. Offering logical reasoning as to how to prevent rapes and murders in the future, and pointing out severe punishments lead to further crime is not an insult, it's far more respectful than foaming at the mouth and asking if the murderer was an immigrant so you can milk it for your racist agenda. Weakly accusing someone of insulting a dead person to gain the upper hand in an internet argument like that is positively disgusting.
18:54 November 24, 2009 by "green Swede"
@ nevon

100 word article? did you actually read it? It takes less than two sentences to describe how bestial this monster was.As for the right of "third parties"many of us have all sorts of loved ones,from kids,girlfriends and wifes etc etc,so all decent people have a vested interest in the tragic injustice of this story.Also one poster makes a great deal of sense,he's a lot less danger to said third parties,released at 50 as opposed to 20,plain and simple,as for your point about explaining to the next victim why they were raped in order to make previous victims loved ones feel better,that is just ilogical,IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!So I really wouldn't be so quick to use words like dimwit,simpleton and fool so quickly,these monster's are reviled because THEY are the perpetrators,spare some more empathy for the VICTIM in your future rants!
18:55 November 24, 2009 by l33tshane
what a disgraceful country sweden is if this boy:

1. was only able to get a maximum sentence of 4 years for raping and killing a girl;

2. didnt even get the full sentence.

swedish 'justice' system...
19:09 November 24, 2009 by nevon
I do empathize with the victim and her family. All the empathy and the vengeance in the world isn't going to bring her back though. Some common sense however, could keep the next victim from dying.

A 42 year old man who has spent 25 years in prison, has no assets, no social circle, no family, no nothing, literally has nothing to lose. That, coupled with the fact that he's spent 25 years isolated from society in general, and probably in a small group of criminals like himself, makes him far more likely to commit a crime when he's released.

A 21 year old who spent 3 years in juvenile security still has a family and social circle to keep a leash on him, still has some sort of a future to look forward to, hasn't spent decades among other criminals isolated from society in general and just generally has plenty to lose and some restraints. There's also a good chance that he'll grow up to realize what a horrible thing he's done, and regret it.

I'm well aware that the eye-for-an-eye philosophy is appealing, and I'm not disputing that this is what I would demand if something like that happened to my loved ones. That doesn't mean that society as a whole should act the way I feel, because I'm most likely not thinking rationally because of what has happened.

The law shouldn't and doesn't prefer retribution over a reasonable chance of rehabilitation that will also most likely keep society safer in the future, and prevent more horrible crimes.
19:17 November 24, 2009 by I Love it when ...
@ 133tshane

true that.
20:33 November 24, 2009 by boby
@ nevon

you still go on this BS retribution over a reasonable chance of rehabilitation.

Some people (like yourself) are beyound salvation. And its not about retribution, its about keeping rest of society safe.

Your continueous accusation of SD being Nazis is a clear sign of your fear. You know very well that they are not Nazis. The left has been trying to brain wash the Swedish public for ages about this topic. But people have understood. And that is why your rethoric is getting more extreme all the time.
21:15 November 24, 2009 by spy

A longer sentence would not necessarily be about retribution. It could be about keeping this person off the streets or even acting as a deterrent to others.
21:52 November 24, 2009 by mkvgtired
Well then why send him to jail at all? If it will not deter future crimes why not just release all prisoners, turn the jails into museums and call it a day.
13:39 November 25, 2009 by lapua338
The degenerate deserves a bullet in the head! I would take no pleasure in doing it myself but that is the only type of rehabilitation that those like him deserve!
16:37 November 25, 2009 by Dinaricman
If I were the girls father I would invoke some Viking Justice and then do my four years in summer camp.
21:21 November 25, 2009 by insect

Nobody cares how old they get to be while in prison. If they were 80...all good. ... so long as they never set a foot outside the four walls

Lets face it, a cow is a cow no matter what angle you look at it from. Once a murderer always a murderer. The act in itself matures a human being faster than their time on this earth.

Miau & nevon

You talk about people jumping to conclusions, well here are some facts we got in the first two paragraphs





HE LEFT HER IN THE STREAM FACE DOWN and to make matters worse,


How much more facts or proof do you need? When he kills your daughter? Cmon!
05:29 November 26, 2009 by Alexjessy
wow may her soul rest in peace, that was a horrible death she suffered her, now to the main issue killing some one first what was it that the girl said to this boy and how did it start, where they alone at the station, how long is the stream from the station, he hit her raped her and draged her alive and dumped her alive in a stream where she struggled and died, a 16 year old under the influence of achohol and drugs, how is that possible, he might not be alone
06:19 November 26, 2009 by Ravander
I suppose most of you spent 3 years in prison when you were 17? And know what it what punishment it is? Most likely the kid will end up in a psych ward after his sentence is served anyway. And never get out again, that's how sweden locks away their psychos.
10:05 November 26, 2009 by miau
Wow, the venom expressed by some of these replies is breathtaking.

On the perpetrator:

"If I were the girls father I would invoke some Viking Justice"

"The degenerate deserves a bullet in the head!"

"He should spend a minimum of 25 years in prison and then be castrated before release."

"i will elimnate him from the population"

On those that don't think a harsher sentence is the solution:

"Some people (like yourself) are beyound salvation."

"You are just a fool."

"I am sorry people like you live in Sweden"

"Its very unfortunate pple like U still exist."

Maybe we should compile a list of your favourite films: Judge Dread, Dirty Harry, Death Wish, and countless others over the course of decades that have promoted the idea that "undesireables" should simply be eliminated.

And wouldn't the world be a better place?

Why do comments forums have a tendency to degenerate into name-calling and half-threats? This tendency towards aggressiveness is not healthy.
17:24 December 28, 2009 by Hagen
Miau posted.:-"How does a long jail term for a juvenile help to rehabilitate him or help prevent further horrendous acts?"

If he is in jail for the rest of his life then the rest of us with children will not have to worry so much.

In the USA they lock them up and throw the key away, the USA citizens really like this by the way because they feel safer.
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Swedish for programmers: 'It changed my life'
The Local Voices
'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
People-watching: October 20th
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
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A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
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'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
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Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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