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Voters continue to flee Social Democrats: poll

TT/David Landes · 24 Nov 2009, 09:22

Published: 24 Nov 2009 08:06 GMT+01:00
Updated: 24 Nov 2009 09:22 GMT+01:00

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The Social Democrats have shed four percentage points, bringing their support down to 29.7 percent.

At the same time, support for the Green Party has gone up by 1.8 percent since last month, according to a poll conducted by the Aftonbladet newspaper in cooperation with the United Minds business intelligence firm.

Among the centre-right Alliance parties, both the Centre Party and Christian Democrats have suffered from a drop in voter support. The Christian Democrats have shed half a percent, putting them below the four percent threshold required for representation in the Riksdag.

The far-right Sweden Democrats, meanwhile, dropped a fraction of a percent to 5.7 percent, a level still well above the Riksdag threshold.

Despite the drop in support for Sweden's largest political party, the centre-left three opposition parties still have more combined support, 46.9 percent, than the Alliance parties' 42.3 percent

The survey results are based on responses from 1,166 people who were asked about their party support between October 26th and November 23rd.

The overall results for voter support are as follows, with the changes from the previous poll in parentheses:

Moderates: 27.4 (+0.8); Liberal Party: 6.8 (+0.9); Centre Party: 4.4 (-0.2); Christian Democrats: 3.7 (-0.5); Green Party: 10.4 (+1.8); Social Democrats: 29.7 (-4.0); Left Party: 6.9 (+1.2); Sweden Democrats: 5.7 (-0.3); Pirate Party: 2.5 (+0.4); Others: 2.5 (0).

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United Minds conducted the survey using web-based panels, which consisted of people who were recruited to provide a representative sample of the population with respect to gender, age, and place of residence.

The results were also weighted according to how participants voted in the last election, a practice also common among polling firms who conduct surveys in a more traditional fashion of calling a random set of respondents.

TT/David Landes (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:44 November 24, 2009 by peropaco
And may they continue to slide like clowns on a greasy pole
09:58 November 24, 2009 by Beynch
Beginning with their dictator, Ho-Chi-Min adoring, Palme, the social democrats are single handedly responsible for the multi-cultural sewer that Sweden has descended into. Noone should be surprised therefore that voters are fleeing in droves. May these garbage social democrats be obliterated to a footnote in history. Crush them at the polls in 2010!
10:25 November 24, 2009 by livinginsweden
Its 'interesting' how opponents resort to silly name calling ... instead of an intelligent discussion.

BTW ... if you read the numbers closely you will find that SD has 29.7% support and M has 27.4% ... so an alternate headline would read, 'Social Democrats leads Moderates in popularity'

@ Beynch .... what do you mean by 'multi-cultural sewer'? ... was Sweden a 'singular cultural sewer' before and the SD has turn it into a 'multi-cultural sewer' now?

ha ha
11:36 November 24, 2009 by DreEstwd
According to several posters here such as Rick Meth and Iraniboy, this would mean that more people in Sweden are becoming "racists." LOL. In reality, all of the problems with multi-culturalism (violent crime, murder, rape, robbery, etc.) are driving Sweden away from the left and further to the right. It's nice to see that Swedes are slowly waking up.
11:49 November 24, 2009 by Dr. Dillner
Yes, DreEstwd, I agree with your position on this.
12:07 November 24, 2009 by Lisaann
Let us all remember that there is only one Race, "The Human Race" In all societies, races, ethnics, you have rich and poor people, good and bad people, pretty and ugly people. Until we stop putting everyone in one basket, we will never better ourselves. We cannot blame multi-culturism on all foreigners, it seems that everytime a crime is committed in this country, its automatically an immigrant, a bit unfair,thats like saying every swedish person is ignorant! Judge not or lest we be judged! As for the Left or right, if Swedes want to rid their country of every Foreign Person, good luck, but know that there are consequences. Peace
12:47 November 24, 2009 by DreEstwd
Well, Lisa Ann- there is really only one "race" of concern here in Sweden. You never hear about problems with immigrants from the Far East, South America, North America, Australia or most other parts of Europe. So people really aren't "putting all the eggs in one basket." And no, Swedes don't want to rid the country of every foreign person. A lot of them would rather take in people who aren't going to commit crimes, are willing to work and willing to integrate. Is that really so much to ask?
13:09 November 24, 2009 by Rick Methven

"And no, Swedes don't want to rid the country of every foreign person"

Just DreEstwd

This a freind of yours?

15:59 November 24, 2009 by rumcajs
@ DreEstwd

"And no, Swedes don't want to rid the country of every foreign person. A lot of them would rather take in people who aren't going to commit crimes, are willing to work and willing to integrate."

Dude, NO party in the world can implement a policy, law or whatever that enables you, us or whoever to know what x immigrant will do once in the country. If what you mean is, no entry to arabs, so yes.. u are putting all the eggs in one basket or at least 2. I'm 1/2 Lebanese - 1/2 Spanish and born in Colombia, so what do you think? That I'm a stone-throwing rapist that also happens to be a drug dealer? Well, no; I have a honest job and pay taxes the same as you so called decent people; and I really DO NOT like to be put in the same basket with causless stone throwers, rapists and/or drug dealers, just because some of them have a similar sounding name or the same skin colour.
17:16 November 24, 2009 by Gwrhyr
It's funny how this turns into arguing about immigration and integration and how the left is slipping, when the left isn't slipping. A significant part of the drop in support for the Social Democrats went to the Left Party and the Green Party. Also, people are drawn to the Pirate Party.

Fact is, the Swedish left is less and less "Ho Chi Minh-loving" every year... they've never been anti-democracy and there is nothing wrong with wanting to treat everyone fairer (yes, because of hidden interest, the current system forces the poor to pay to the rich, so having leftist policies of having rich people pay more taxes isn't unfair to the rich. But it all depends in how far you go in either direction).

I know what I say won't be popular here on the Local with all it's bitter righty commentors, but who cares. Here's to optimism for the future.
17:17 November 24, 2009 by DreEstwd
@ Rick Meth- Are "racist" and "Nazi" the only words in your vocabulary or what? Have you anything to contribute to the debate about this article? Of course not. And if you read anything that I've wrote, you would see that I have no problem with ANYONE who comes to Sweden, works, learns the language, tries to integrate and doesn't commit crimes. I guess for you, my anti-white friend Rick Meth, that is just too much to ask of a person.

@ Rumcajs- Good for you. There are many people born in South America who are making a positive contribution to this country and you are obviously one of them. Didn't you read the part where I wrote that South Americans cause no problems here and should be welcomed? No one put you into any category except for a good one. Relax.
17:34 November 24, 2009 by Rick Methven

Where did I use the words Racist or Nazi ?

I suppose you know that is what you are you just read it in every post from someone who does not agree with your extreme views.

Did you read the link about one of your White, Nazi Child Molester?
17:57 November 24, 2009 by Leprechaun .se
"their dictator, Ho-Chi-Min adoring, Palme, the social democrats are single handedly responsible for" blablabla

"multi-cultural sewer that Sweden has descended into. Noone should be surprised therefore that voters are fleeing in droves. May these garbage social democrats be obliterated to a footnote in history. Crush them"

"In reality, all of the problems with multi-culturalism (violent crime, murder, rape, robbery, etc.) are driving Sweden away from the left and further to the right. It's nice to see that Swedes are slowly waking up."

You people make my head hurt. When I was starting to watch the daily show and the colbert report and saw these damn republicans make statements remarkably similar to these I thought (well these would be my words if they were in English) "oh thank god that we don't have these propaganda spewing insane liars; if we did I would (and here I am NOT serious) either kill them, kill myself or somehow make myself a dictator of this country and rule with an iron fist".. and here we are.. and you are making those kinds of statements. I can honestly say that I believe that you have no right to express your opinions on Swedish politics and most definitely certainly not vote. If you want to vote for the right, fine, but omfg be REALISTIC and TRUTHFUL or please don't speak up.

You offend me, my friends, my family and probably the vast vast majority of this country's population. You also offend most immigrants. Even after that it is your comments that the local allows to stay and those who oppose you get deleted and in the end many people who read these articles and their comments think that you are Swedish and that your opinions are commonly held by Swedes and the local doesn't seem to care.. or maybe they haven't seen it that way. Either way it's sad and we end up getting blamed for your opinions which you love since you hate us.. this deal is perfect for you, isn't it?
19:15 November 24, 2009 by Celc
@livinginsweden - FYI, SD is used for the Swedish Democrats not the Social Democrats as Socialdemokraterna is one word in Swedish. S is used for the Social Democrats.
19:38 November 24, 2009 by Beynch
@leprechaun; You seem to belong to the dictatorial filth who prefers no diverging opinions to be heard. Which seems to fall in line with what the bottom scraping, leninist, social democrats have always stood for. One party rule. One opinion allowed. Just like in the good old days in the proletarian paradise, DDR, one of O.P.'s little cuddle bunnies. You know what Leprechaun, I think Mona and her stinking ilk will be obliterated at the polls in 2010.
21:04 November 24, 2009 by wxman
@ #10

It's always nice to hear from the steal-from-the-hard-working-producers-and-give-it-to-the-lazy-unproductive-parasites crowd!
03:29 November 25, 2009 by Davey-jo
It has to be said that "The Local" has let it's guard down by reporting these results in such a biased way. You should have said that the Social Democrats had the largest support. You implied that that they had less support than some other parties; in particular the party that you, The Local, obviously favour. So I suppose there is nothing new under the sun. And News is as News is spread.

BTW: In the UK the Labour party support has risen tremendously and Gordon Brown is expected to win the next election. You heard it here first.;)
12:39 November 25, 2009 by krdx
DreEstwd, I am pissed of by reading your racist comments!. Yes, you never * hear* crimes of non muslims, because you are not informed! Information provided to your racist mind is biased! Read this article from an media expert, with real life examples and then try not to classify who is good or bad based on google maps! I copied the first part, for the full article please go to url below:


"It has been reported that a thirty-one-year old British Muslim stashed four home-made explosive devices, as well as bullets, swords, axes and knives in his flat. The police had found potentially lethal bladed weapons, 34 bullets for a .22 calibre firearm, and printouts from the internet about committing acts of terrorism. He had planned to bomb churches and plotted killing Christians in the name of jihad. Of course, national and international newspapers, Internet news, and TV have reported and spent litres of ink to provide details about the successful operations to arrest the terrorist; the Prime Minister has thanked our police forces for their work, reminded us of the terrorist threat, the need for forty-two days of detention, and how the terrorists are trying to subvert our British values. A script that we have seen acted out many times.

The above paragraph is almost correct. There are only three correlated misleading statements: firstly, the terrorist was not a Muslim, but a white British nationalist who actually planned to kill Muslims; secondly, the piece of news was reported, when it was reported at all, briefly and locally; finally, no politician has commented on the event or felt the need to defend our British values. His name: Martyn Gilleard. Although his actions are presented as an isolated instance, an anomaly, I have reported an even less reported case of nationalist-Christian anti-Muslim terrorism, and I start to think that these are not isolated cases.

However, I do not want to discuss here-though there will be a lot to discuss-the development of an anti-Muslim terrorism, but rather to analyse and compare how the mass media have reported this case. In the case of Roberto Sandalo, the self-proclaimed Christian terrorist, who planned and began to carry out terrorist attacks against Muslims and Muslim organisations, only few Italian newspapers reported this and his eventual arrest. In the case of Martyn Gilleard, very few British based newspapers and news broadcasters followed the case; virtually no part of the major international mass media felt the news worthy of being reported-check for instance, in French, Italian, German, Dutch. This will be just a noteworthy aspect by itself.

Nonetheless, the most, at least for an anthropologist, interesting element is how the story, when reported, has been presented to the, mainly non-Muslim, audience. .........."
12:41 November 25, 2009 by Leprechaun .se
@ Beynch

I love debates.. in fact I need conflict. But when arguments and statements like the ones I've already quoted +

"the dictatorial filth who prefers no diverging opinions to be heard. Which seems to fall in line with what the bottom scraping, leninist, social democrats have always stood for. One party rule. One opinion allowed. Just like in the good old days in the proletarian paradise, DDR, one of O.P.'s little cuddle bunnies."

are used then.. not so much. If you'd argue that the social democrats has been the largest party for so long that there is a risk that many people will just assume that their opinions are right without thinking too much about it and that that could be very dangerous in schools since they are supposed to be politically neutral then I'd love to argue.. but the rant you people are spewing just isn't OK. The social democrats made Sweden into what it is and I know for a fact that Sweden is a democracy and not "leninist" or a "dictatorship". Neither do they have a "One opinion allowed" policy.

If you are talking about their stance on SD that still doesn't make it true in any way (if anything it means that the ultra-nationalistic racist view isn't going to influence their decisions) and more importantly that's the same stance that all other parties have taken as well. If what you said was true the social democrats would be in power, there would be no elections, no other parties would be allowed and the only people who would be allowed to speak would be those that agree with them. Obviously you disagree with them and you're allowed to say what you want so the fact that you're talking is a proof that you're lying.. and that's why I joined the previously mostly one sided debate.
13:45 November 25, 2009 by Beynch
Well, at least your "....the social democrats made Sweden into what it is....", is true. Rinkeby, Rosengård, Bergsjön, tax policy, come to mind. The problem, leprechaun, is that people like you, old-school SSUers, at the slightest hint of critizism, dive into your thesaurus fishing out invective like "racism","ultra-nationalistic", "rant", "spewing". Why is it always "rant" and "spewing" when it comes from regular people, but never when it comes from the extreme left, and I include SSU in that?
14:50 November 25, 2009 by Rick Methven

Further to your comment.

DreEstwd who claims that ALL rapists, child molesters, murderers thieves etc are Muslims has still to reply to the post I made about a Swedish Nazi who has been arrested

18:16 November 25, 2009 by Leprechaun .se
The reason I haven't said that the SSU is spewing is because I have talked about you and your comments almost solely. The SSU is also spewing nonsense; the latest I've read and heard on spotify is that they blame the right for the job market to win points instead of being realistic. I'm not a member of SSU and I don't agree with any party but I am definitely left leaning (by Swedish and NOT American standards mind you). Beyond that they are to the far left, not the extreme left (well.. unless you're American.. but then the centre-right is the far left to you, hehe). S is responsible for a lot of good things as well as bad.. like with all parties. Now though they're pretty much gonners :/.

You are most definitely not normal innocent person with humble opinions that is unfairly accused of ranting, spewing and lying. And there is NOT a "slight hint" of criticism in your statements which you know very well. A normal person doesn't rant; a normal person does not call the social democrats dictators and "leninists" or claim that they are for "One opinion allowed" and the rest of it. Rant can be many things; like what the SSU try to sell as well as what you are trying to sell. Rant is what Fox News is all about, which I believe is a favorite channel of yours (though that's based on nothing else than your opinions and your kind of rant).

Here, have a taste of your rant provided by yours truly.

The problem with old-school republicans like yourself is that you are all in favor of black slavery from Africa and believe that anyone who disagrees with your policies and beliefs are insane and that you are the only ones who haven't been brainwashed beyond saving. You are die hard nationalists that don't care for anyone but yourselves and if the police wouldn't try to stop you you'd all buy yourselves farms in very safe locations and stock up on big guns and LOTS of ammunition and pray to god, wait for an apocalypse and then if and when it comes think "screw everyone but ME" and shoot any survivor begging for food for no other reason than that you deserve to live much more than anyone else because you are you which automatically makes you a better, perfect, person; in fact you are so awesome that you think that you're superior to god and he must owe you something after all the hard work you've done to keep yourself alive. It's kill or get killed, right? We're stronger alone than we are together, right? That's about as realistic as your own statements.. but I have to admit, it was really fun to write.. I think I understand why you do it.
19:59 November 25, 2009 by krdx
Rick Methven, Not only DreEstwd, there are some people (Eurestan etc etc) and some other people who are writing disrespectfu' and unacceptable things to show middle easterns, muslims as monsters but other immigrants as angle. None of Swedish people I have met are discriminative as these TL folks are here. I start to feel that they are a group of people that have tie connections and posting these comments on purpose--not only to explain personal opinion. if you check any article, they are there, they find a way to claim and and they seem that they dont have any other thing during working hours but just to comment here claiming that they are good immigrants (others are bad!)since they work, pay taxes and integrated (may be their work is just to comment here and other swedish sites, who knows!) May be I went to extreme but reading the same rude and nonsense biased things from the same people made me sick! Man, those people who are not happy with multi-cultural country, at least try not to detract to multicultural life we have here.
01:06 November 26, 2009 by DreEstwd
Where do I freaking start.....

@Krdx- So you find one case of a white, Christian terrorist and you think that all of the sudden just anyone can be capable of terrorism? Just take a look at how many terrorist acts committed over the years and up to this day are committed by Muslims vs how many have been committed by Christians. I am talking the modern era.

Furthermore, claiming that the media distorts its reporting of crimes to portray Muslims as terrorists is simply foolish. I don't read the British news but I do know that, here in Sweden, they RARELY report the names or ethnicities of suspected (or even convicted) violent criminals just so the public won't see how many of them are actually from the Middle East. The media here in Sweden does a FAR better job of protecting Middle Eastern criminals than the police do in protecting the population from them. I've never said the all people from the Middle East are "monsters." I have some great friends here who were born in the Middle East. The fact of the matter is that they are over-represented by 300% in terms of violent crime and robbery statistics when weighted against their numbers in population. You don't see that type of statistic coming from any other minority group here in Sweden. Think, for a sec, what this country is going to be like when they are the majority!

and Rick Meth-

You are so far up your own 'arse' if you think that I have ever said that all violent criminals are Muslim. But that is par for the course for you. Yes, I read your article. Congrats, you found an article about a Swedish Nazi. For each article you show us about a Swedish Nazi, I can show you at least 10 about rocks being thrown at firemen, police, ambulances or some about schools being burnt down...or how about some about rapes or murders committed by Middle Eastern immigrants? Did Nazis blow up subways or trains in London or Madrid? Give me a freaking break, ok? LOL. Pathetic.
13:49 November 26, 2009 by Uncle
DreEstwd. You are wrong in one thing. The crime rate per respective population weight (and this is convicted inmates) is increased by 1600% and not 300% in Sweden. Real prison/immigration authorities stats and not "evil lying media".

The usual moaning of the liberal team over here is basing it's arguments on:

1. Single non-muslim criminals who are supposed to "cover" for the 160 muslim criminals (again - per capita and not absolute numbers).

2. Claims of racism, although race has nothing to do with religion and by that showing that by their assumptions, it is THEM who are racist (arab/brown=muslim formula).

3. Biased media, which is, as you said, avoiding the religion of the criminals like fire, here in Sweden.

4. "Everybody does crimes, look at the crusaders/inquisition/ blah blah." while disregarding the fact that some people has already left the caves, whether other are pushed back into caves by the loving hand of the peaceful and accepting Islam (see Chad, Sudan, Iran and every other country where the representation of muslims goes over critical mass).

What I do not understand is how the liberals, who want complete freedom for women, accepts the crazy suppression of muslim women as "cultural" thing?

How the "all nation lovers" liberals accept the ban on converting from Islam in many muslim countries as "lovely tradition"?

How these socialists despise all the crimes committed by swedes, but accept and DEFEND all the crimes of muslims against the swedish women, policemen and firemen as the "fault of the swedes"?

How these flowerpeople, who demand for the gays to be bishops and cardinals with disregard to what believers want, accept and submit to the muslim "cultural quirk" of publicly hanging homosexuals on the streets, like the germans did in the 30's and 40's?

I just DO NOT GET how they reconcile this stuff in their heads?
15:10 November 26, 2009 by Greg in Canada
It amazes me how these threads always get highjacked by people with agendas.

To stay on topic - A wise man once said that if you're not a socialist in your 20's then you don't have a heart, but if you're still a socialist in your 40's then you don't have a brain. My political beliefs have certainly moved from left to center as I get older.

Palme was a man of his time, but times have changed and the "Swedish model" is looking old and stale. When a party stays in power too long it becomes inbred. It really is time for a change.
16:23 November 26, 2009 by Uncle
Leprechaun. You are using the usual trick. If a person is not running naked with flowers on the head and does not love every Che in the world unconditionally - he is definetely an armed redneck, who is married to his own daughter that he got with his grandma.

The fact is that currently more than 70% of this country are these "rednecks". The party that brings here unlimited amounts of refugees that cannot integrate by definition, invests into "humanitarian aid" organiations (and I mean the ones that deserve the quotes) that resend the money to terrorists organizations on the spot, that invests into little cute presents for Christmas for convicted inmates (not less than 500 SEK) -CANNOT hold the power forever.

Not everyone in this country is on pension! Furthermore, the huge investments into the pensioners now are depriving the younger generation of any money in their future golden years.

While they will get to be on pension for 5 years, since the pension age will be 80.

Not everyone is depressed and stressed so much, that everyone else is paying for his trip to Australia (to regain emotional strength).

Not everyone is 58 y/o and completely useless at work, because he does not give a damn about his underperformance(fastanställd), while the young and energetic people are sitting at home and sucking funds from the economy.

That is why they are losing power.
21:14 November 26, 2009 by Leprechaun .se

I have no idea what you're talking about..

I am criticizing Beynch for his ridiculous lies, BS and propaganda.. Nothing else. i have never said anything like that the social democrats are competent (neither is the right, Beynch (if it isn't clear I'm adding your name to make it clear that I say it to you, not about you)) or that.. well.. the opposite of whatever it is you're talking about..

Have you gotten confused about my last paragraph in my previous statement? If yes then I want to quote myself,

"Here, have a taste of your rant provided by yours truly." (take notice that I call the following i wrote "rant")


"That's about as realistic as your own statements.." (meaning that what I wrote is NOT realistic (according to me)(just that paragraph Beynch, don't get your hopes up)..)

Now could you please explain or rephrase this:

"If a person is not running naked with flowers on the head and does not love every Che in the world unconditionally - he is definetely an armed redneck, who is married to his own daughter that he got with his grandma.

The fact is that currently more than 70% of this country are these "rednecks". "
21:42 November 26, 2009 by Uncle
First, I apologize if I misunderstood.

Just the sentence:

"The problem with old-school republicans like yourself is that you are all in favor of black slavery from Africa and believe that anyone who disagrees with your policies and beliefs are insane and that you are the only ones who haven't been brainwashed beyond saving" AND the rest about the farm and ammunition... - gets one wondering what is better than "old-school republicans"... what are the alternative suggestions?

In regards to the 70% - it is regarding the "less 30% are supporting Social democrats"
14:07 November 27, 2009 by Beynch
@leprechaun: I'm honored that you have become obsessed with my opinion. I guess I hit a raw nerve, which means that I have achieved my objective. May the free flow of opinion, even offensive ones, and exchange of ideas continue. If some elements have their way,(especially on the radical left) some expressions would be banned. It is indeed the superior, political, elite in Stockholm, who fails to recognize that, in reality, Sweden is "a nation of rednecks". By the way, when did I `lie`? I go to great lenghths to ensure that I do not lie and to separate fact from opinion. You may not agree with my opinion, but I do not lie.
17:39 November 27, 2009 by MichaelZWilliamson
I absolutely decry black slavery.

However, I'd have no problem owning a few socialists. I'd take everything they produced and redistribute it fairly. With a cut for myself, of course.

With Che posters everywhere, they'd probably be very happy.
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People-watching: October 7th-9th
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
Missing rune stone turns up in Sweden
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