Sexual attacks continue to plague Borås

The wave of sex crimes in Borås in western Sweden continued over the weekend, despite the detention of a 12- and 13-year-old boy suspected of attempted rape.

On Sunday, a man was arrested on suspicions of having masturbated in front of several women in the Brämhult neighbourghood of Borås. And on Saturday a man exposed himself to two teenage girls.

Police have classified both crimes as sexual harassment. It remains unclear, however, if the 25-year-old arrested on Sunday was behind both incidents.

“That’s something our investigation will reveal,” said police spokesperson Roland Offesson to the TT news agency.

Police are also looking into possible connections to the attack of a woman on a pedestrian bridge on Saturday who was harassed and threatened by a man.

It remains unclear, however, if the attack will be classified as sexual harassment.

“It may be assault and making illegal threats,” said Offesson.

The investigation into the two young boys who were previously suspected of attempted rape has been handed over to social services, as criminal charges cannot be filed against minors under the age of fifteen.