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Elin Woods did not club Tiger: lawyer

AFP/The Local · 2 Dec 2009, 09:38

Published: 02 Dec 2009 09:38 GMT+01:00

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Woods will face no criminal charges for crashing outside his Florida mansion but the world's number one golfer has been issued with a careless driving citation, police said on Tuesday.

Woods must also pay a $164 fine and lose four points from his licence -- a third of the total needed in a year to be suspended -- but the Florida Highway Patrol investigation into Friday's crash is now closed, police announced.

Spokeswoman Kim Montes said there was insufficient evidence for any greater charges and no claims of domestic violence were involved in the November 27

incident, which remained shrouded in mystery and speculation.

The patrol "is not pursuing criminal charges in this matter nor is there any testimony or evidence to support any charges of any kind other than careless driving," Montes said.

Woods struck a fire hydrant and a tree when he lost control of his vehicle just outside his home around 2:25 am, far enough from the house to merit a traffic citation.

"The investigation has determined that Mr. Woods is at fault in the crash," patrol major Cindy Williams said.

Woods did not provide information to police, something he was not required to do under Florida law, and has not revealed details surrounding the crash such as where he was going or why he lost control of the vehicle.

His silence fueled speculation surrounding media reports that Woods was in the vehicle to escape his wife Elin, a Swedish former model, after the two argued about a tabloid newspaper story that he had an affair with New York night club hostess Rachel Uchitel.

Rumours proliferated suggesting that Elin confronted him over Uchitel and chased him with a golf club, smashing in the rear windows of the car as he tried to flee, causing him to lose control.

Woods issued a statement on his website on Sunday hitting out at the "unfounded and malicious rumors", but providing no further explanation for the crash.

Bill Sharpe, an attorney for Woods' neighbour Linda Adams and her family, said on Tuesday that the golfer's injuries looked to be from a car accident rather than a domestic dispute.

"The scratches on his face were consistent with someone who maybe was in a minor car accident and hit his head on the windshield," Sharpe said.

"None of his injuries looked like he was beat up by his wife."

Sharpe said Adams found Elin kneeling beside Woods and upset over his injuries, saying she asked them to call police and medical personnel.

"Mrs. Woods' attitude was consistent with her being concerned about her injured husband," Sharpe said. "Mrs. Woods was trying to help him. Mrs. Woods was worried about her husband."

Both Woods and Uchitel have denied the tabloid press reports.

"It's the most ridiculous story. It's like they are asking me to comment if there are aliens on Earth," Uchitel told the New York Post in an interview published on Tuesday.

But rumours continued to unfold around Woods as his mansion became a bunker,

and not the type an errant golf shot might find.

Story continues below…

Another report on Tuesday in US Magazine quoted a 24-year-old Los Angeles waitress saying she and Woods had a 31-month-long affair beginning in April, 2007, and that she had voice mails and more than 300 text messages as proof.

The magazine's website said that on Wednesday it would provide access to a Woods voice mail from the day the Uchitel report came out in which Woods suggests that Elin might suspect he was having an affair.

Woods and Elin have been married for five years and have two children, daughter Sam Alexis, born in 2007, and son Charlie Axel, born in February.

While the media storm is unlikely to die down soon, the end of the police probe will bring some respite to the 14-time major champion, who is not due to play again and have to face the hordes of reporters until 2010.

Uchitel, 33, told the Post she had met Tiger twice and only in her professional capacity as VIP services director at a New York club. She denied reports that she had met with Woods last month when both were in Australia.

"Tiger and I are not friends," she told the Post.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:37 December 2, 2009 by calebian22
Just because the scratches are consistent with a car crash doesn't mean Elin didn't cause the accident by taking an iron to the car window. Can anyone say näven i ficken? Maybe Elin's fist came out of the pocket and grabbed an iron?
11:58 December 2, 2009 by peropaco
I say she went after the Tiger with a club. The new baby was crying around 1:30AM and Elin asked Tiger to breast feed and he said BUITCH, I aint no Swedish man and she went postal on him with the club.
13:03 December 2, 2009 by someoneonthenet
Why do Sweden haters live in Sweden, do you know you can move to any EU country (if you were born here) or to your home country (if you were born outside). You neither like Swedish people nor Swedish way of life, so why do you stay here ?
13:18 December 2, 2009 by Roy E
Why is The local interested in defending this expat gold digger?
13:26 December 2, 2009 by Beynch
Well, if you believe a lying Florida lawyer, you're the fool. Of course she clubbed him. I predict their "marriage" will come to an abrupt end in the next five months. We should all feel sorry for the children. Unti they come clean, let the speculations continue!
13:38 December 2, 2009 by norling
Why is anybody anywhere even interested in this story.
13:42 December 2, 2009 by livinginsweden
Tiger was licking his paws and preening himself when he accidentally scratch his pretty face ..... leave them alone

Tiger and his wife do not have to explain anything to anyone ....... only to the judge when and if they go to the family court .. and it is still nobody's f business.

get a life

ha ha
14:16 December 2, 2009 by calebian22

It has nothing to do with hating Swedes or Sweden. Don't be childish just because there is a chink in the armor of Swedish culture. No culture is perfect, including Sweden's.

Swedes are so polite in general in all situations even combative ones. That is not normal. That frustration and rage will eventually come out. Most likely it will be in a very unhealthy and overreactive fashion like attacking an Escalade with a golf club.
14:23 December 2, 2009 by Osokin
How is speculating about what a glorified nanny did, and it's cover up, being anti-swedish ? Cause she is swedish born ? hurrrrrrrrrrr
14:35 December 2, 2009 by Bensonradar
I can't understand why this story is making headlines. This man should have his privacy respected. Now we hear that a cocktail waitress called Jaimee Grubbs [what a great name for someone grubbing around for 5 minutes of fame!] has said she had an affair with Tiger Woods. Rachel Uchitel, a "nightclub hostess" [please what does that really mean?] has promised to take a lie-detector test to prove she and Tiger are not even friends. TMZ, the US celebrity-gossip website, who broke this "infidelity" story, must be having a great time over this. But, really who cares? If a man cheats on his wife and she hits him, so what? He had it coming. The Florida Highway Patrol has got itself into the media, so their PR spokesperson is happy. Seems it's a slow news day story that has spun out of control!
15:11 December 2, 2009 by MonroeM2009
I respect this athlete a lot...only with the comments I read here really makes me laugh a lot.....have a nice day to everyone !
16:41 December 2, 2009 by double concerto
I've always thought that Elin was WAY, WAY, too good for him.
17:58 December 2, 2009 by peropaco
@Bouble concerto. I think at best, Elin would have ended up working the evening shift at a third class hotel in Växholm, the make-up counter at Boots. Maybe getting hitched up with some fly by night local celebrity: i.e; reality show heartthrob, footbal star from Assyriska föreningen or some rising star from the social democrat party? I think she did good for herself; considering the alternatives.
18:34 December 2, 2009 by Vikingbill
Lucky he isn't married to Annika Sorenstam!! Imagine what she could have done to him with a golf club??!! Foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
18:43 December 2, 2009 by double concerto
Instead she got hitched to a fly by night adulterous golfer (excuse the pun), whose taste in ugly trashy women says everything about him.
19:06 December 2, 2009 by peropaco
bouble concerto, life is unfair isnt it? If you think Elin is all that, then I could only assume you live in GB or Santa fe, New Mexico. :-)
19:15 December 2, 2009 by Beynch
Just imagine the barrels of cash this Elin will walk away with.
20:32 December 2, 2009 by dsc
Nanny Elin . . why does The Local always say "former model"? she was a nanny. A pro nanny at that. But as far as being a good wife is concerned, she's got 100% from me. If she clobbered him because of aldultery, then its ok. The guy deserved it.
20:42 December 2, 2009 by Osokin
"If a man cheats on his wife and she hits him, so what? He had it coming"

"f she clobbered him because of aldultery, then its ok. The guy deserved it. "

Since when a person deserves to be physically assaulted ? I presume because he is a man ? Would you 2 say the same if the roles were reversed ? The double standards here are appaling.
23:46 December 2, 2009 by someoneonthenet
Why do people take adultery so seriously, almost everyone cheats. If he cheated, then divorce him, no need to fight him.
23:57 December 2, 2009 by jack sprat
As one rag put it, Tiger still loves to play a-round even when he's away from the course.

Problem is on this occasion he was definitely outclubbed.

Only question to be answered is,..was it a 4 or a 5 iron that brought Tiger's final round to a sudden and decisive close.

No doubt golf widows World-wide will be awaiting the answer with eager anticipation,...before selecting the club of their choice...........
00:06 December 3, 2009 by Rebel
"Why do Sweden haters live in Sweden, do you know you can move to any EU country (if you were born here) or to your home country (if you were born outside). You neither like Swedish people nor Swedish way of life, so why do you stay here ? "

Oh be nice, we are almost the majority -- and that is not counting the Swedes who agree!
02:07 December 3, 2009 by double concerto
His wife is beautiful and outshines him with her radiance, and his mistresses are nasty and ugly. What a very peculiar man!!!
02:56 December 3, 2009 by Davey-jo
When did you last beat your husband? ......
11:16 December 4, 2009 by Lisaloftus
I was shocked by the recent Tiger Woods accident but why? So Tiger Woods pulled out of his own tournament. Who cares? We all do, apparently. Suddenly, we see that Tiger Woods has a human side.

But people are asking 'what happened?' Is this the start of a new Tiger Woods? On CNN's World Sports Blog, Ben Wyatt argued that the image of Woods we have seen so far has been a 'projection, not reality'. The CNN blog, which is rated as a top on sports blog index Dozensports.com, says that the accident has made him 'more human'. But what does that mean? After all, wasn't he human all along? It makes us ask ourselves, do we like our sports stars to be almost like superheroes or corporate cuties?

What happened to the days of the flawed genius? The cheeky Maradona or the drunk George Best? We used to like our sports stars not so squeaky clean. So what happened? Well, OJ Simpson, that's what happened. OJ was one of America's best-loved sports stars until he was arrested for murder. He was not convicted but since then sports stars have been extra careful to keep their images clean.

Now, I'm not comparing Tiger Woods to OJ Simpson, but I'm just saying that the outcry over a relatively small car accident has shown that we expect too much from our sports stars nowadays. No more superheroes, from now on we want human heroes.

12:09 December 4, 2009 by Da Goat
You silly people the headline is 100% correct

Elin did in fact go after someone called Cheetah Woods not Tiger

we bin callin him tiger surely we can tell the difference

The headline should have read

"Elin woods did club cheetah"

seeing not one but two cheapies came out of the wood work

I recon she should have used a wood and not an iron, Hmm wonder if she can use an iron!?

Sorry can't stop the puns!
17:07 December 4, 2009 by dsc
Now she is a confirmed Nanny. Which is what she is used to. A normal wife would not want to start renogiating prenup agreements at this point. How so cold and calculating. Now she will stay as Mrs Woods because she will be paid. Pathetic.

Woods should not have married below his class.
02:20 December 5, 2009 by AmyG
Elin is a beautiful and classy woman. I don't understand why people are blaming and criticizing her- she has done nothing wrong. Myabe they are just jealous. If she decides to stay with him it's because she loves him and she believes they can save their marriage. It's not about money. SHe will get plenty if she leaves him nor or later no matter what the prenup says. She married below her class! He is a great golfer but doenst make him a great person not to mention he is boring and average looking at best. She can do better. Money isn't everything.
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