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'Elin should use a driver next time': Parnevik

AFP/The Local · 3 Dec 2009, 12:26

Published: 03 Dec 2009 07:19 GMT+01:00
Updated: 03 Dec 2009 12:26 GMT+01:00

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"I really feel sorry for Elin -- since me and my wife were at fault for hooking her up with him," Parnevik told Golf Channel from the PGA Tour's qualifying tournament in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The comments came following Wood's admission of "transgressions" which had hurt his family and after days of media speculation about the what caused Woods to crash his car outside his home last Friday.

Parnevik, a five-time winner on the PGA Tour, added that he had contacted Woods' "people" following the accident but had not received a return call.

"It's a private thing of course," he added.

"But when you are the guy he is, the world's best athlete, you should think more before you do stuff."

The 29-year-old Nordegren,a former model in her home country, began working for the Parneviks in 2001 and Parnevik has said that he considers the fellow Swede as part of his family.

Parnevik who initially introduced her to Woods, also questioned his previous assessment of the golfing great.

"We probably thought he was a better guy than he is. I would probably need to apologize to her and hope she uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron," Parnevik continued.

The comments came after an admission by Woods he had disappointed his family following reports the 14-time champion had had an extramarital affair.

"I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart," Woods said, appealing for privacy after celebrity gossip magazines and tabloids reported on three women claimed to have been his mistresses.

Woods did not directly respond to reports about his alleged affairs, but his mea culpa sought to draw a line under a publicity disaster that has damaged the golfing great's squeaky clean and highly lucrative image.

It came hours after the celebrity magazine Us Weekly posted an online recording of what it said was the 33-year-old golf star begging Los Angeles waitress Jaimee Grubbs to change her voicemail to hide their affair from his wife 29-year-old Elin, a former model and mother to the couple's two children.

In his statement on his website, Woods admitted he was "far short of perfect" and said "I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves."

The star promised "to be a better person and the husband and father my family deserves," but he also asked the media to leave him in peace.

"Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn't have to mean public confessions."

Rumors started soon after Woods crashed his car in strange circumstances on Friday at 2:25 am outside his Florida home, where he lives with the Elin and their two children.

Woods refused to speak to police, fueling speculation that he had been fleeing Elin after she became violently angry at reports he was seeing a New York nightclub hostess.

On Tuesday, hostess Rachel Uchitel told tabloid newspapers she barely knows 33-year-old Woods and never had a sexual affair with him.

No sooner had that story been nipped in the bud when Us Weekly named Grubbs as another alleged mistress, quoting the cocktail waitress saying she had secretly dated the golfer for 31 months and met for sexual relations 20 times.

The magazine on Wednesday posted an online recording purported to be Woods urging Grubbs not to identify herself by name on her voicemail because he was afraid his wife was becoming suspicious.

In the recording -- which could not be verified -- a man is heard saying:

"Hey, it's, uh, it's Tiger. I need you to do a huge favor. Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you."

At the end of the brief message, the nervous-sounding man says: "Do this for me. Huge. Quickly."

Meanwhile, Life and Style magazine has a report naming a Las Vegas club manager, Kalika Moquin, as a third alleged mistress.

The only good news for Woods this week has been the decision by police not to file criminal charges over Friday's crash. Woods was issued Tuesday with a careless driving citation and faces a fine of $164 and four points on his license if convicted.

In the wake of the crash, celebrity gossip websites speculated that Elin chased Woods with a golf club and smashed the rear windows of his vehicle, causing him to lose control.

But Florida police spokeswoman Kim Montes said there was insufficient evidence for more serious charges and no claims of domestic violence were made.

Nevertheless, Woods's PGA Tour friends and rivals were largely supportive Wednesday of the star who has taken their game to an unprecedented level of global prominence.

Golfer Steve Stricker welcomed the golfing legend's move to address allegations, but wasn't sure just how much explanation Woods owed to anyone other than his wife.

"I was happy to see it come out a little bit, not happy on what was said in there, but just happy that he came out and addressed it," Stricker said. "But I'm on that fence whether it's even any of our business or not.

"I wish it could have just been handled with Elin and Tiger if there was a problem. Do we really need to know? I guess that's the bottom line," he added.

"Everybody likes to get into these celebrities' personal lives and it's all fascinating and everything. But deep down what does it really matter?"

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Stricker is among the 18 golfers scheduled to tee it up Thursday in the Chevron World Challenge, an event Woods has hosted annually to benefit his charitable foundation.

The golfing star announced Monday in the midst of the media storm that he would not attend the tournament at Thousand Oaks, near Los Angeles.

Stricker acknowledged that the hugely popular 14-time major champion would eventually have to do a little image rebuilding, but said his vast army of fans worldwide would prove forgiving.

"I think his image is going to take a little bit of a shot," Stricker said, expressing hope that Woods would make television appearances to "pour it out" and explain what happened.

"People forget, and if he just does the right things from here on out, people will forgive him and move on."

Rising US star Anthony Kim said Woods had generously supported him in his early days on the tour and deserved credit for his professionalism in the face of constant public scrutiny.

"He has done so much for the game of golf, so much for other people. His charities are tremendous and support so many kids and their futures," said Kim, who is playing in the Chevron World Challenge.

"Whatever the problems may be and all the speculation, you wish the best for him," he added.

"I know he's going to come out a better man out of this."

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

09:55 December 3, 2009 by krow
Now we can believe our dear swedish Nanny who happens to be Wood's wife really hacked Wood with the gulf stick and Tiger is not pressing charges.
10:27 December 3, 2009 by Siegfried
I had no idea Parnevik was such a self-righteous pr***k. Something like this shouldn't even be in the news, let alone the uninformed comments from another sports figure. None of his business and none of ours.
10:28 December 3, 2009 by Osokin
It was obvious, wasn't it. Speculating, what's gonna happen now is another obviety, a very expensive divorce + huge alimony + possible custody battle (in a year or 2, not immediately) and after that when the dust settles, her next man will be surely white, possibly a swede (money's been made), and he will stay single dating much younger girls. And so the human comedy perpetuates.
10:46 December 3, 2009 by Beynch
So. Woods was nothing more than a piece of cheap, low-rent, trailer park trash after all? Well, I knew it!
10:51 December 3, 2009 by peropaco
Parnevik should stop playing g-d. Yes you introduced her, the babysitter to the Tiger and you probably even couched her to gold-dig-him but you have no control of what course the relationship has taken. My advice Mr. Parnevik is to slap another snos up the gums and stay out of the sun cause you are looking mightily wrinkled for a young 44 years of age.
11:07 December 3, 2009 by calebian22
While I am not defending Woods' adultery completely, one has to wonder if behind closed doors Elin was a bit of a Viking tempest. Certainly attacking an Escalade a golf club is not the first time she has resorted to violence. More often than not, people cheat to satisfy a need that is missing in the marriage. Laying all the blame on Woods is a bit one sided.

peropaco- spot on regarding old wallet face.
11:24 December 3, 2009 by baychus
@ Beynch

U re the most foolish,irrational swede.U just open ur dirty,smellin tobacco mouth and nothing good comes out of it.

Been with Tiger would be the best thing that ever happened to his wife.Don't even know why he would stup so low to be with a nanny in the first place not to even talk of the woman in a man's body swedish golfer called Parnevik castigating him on new papers.The so called Parnevik 's exploits might even be more worse than wood's.
11:52 December 3, 2009 by Tellam
"It's a private thing of course," "But..."

I despise people like that.
12:00 December 3, 2009 by krigeren
@Siegfried @peropaco

Roger that!


A man's nature is to spread his seed as far and wide as possible.

A women's nature is the opposite.....to be selective and pick the best possible mate(s)

Society has created unnatural constructs of what behaviors are acceptable to human beings and this is contrary to our human nature.

The division here between men and women provides an ongoing point of conflict, intrigue, and speculation.

When these things happen it should be no more of a surprise than our other biological functions.

Give us some credit...we are humans...still part animals...we often act irrational and emotional.

Affairs give a man or a women a thrill...spice up life...its the closest most of us get to every being a "secret agent"......a common fantasy for people.
12:05 December 3, 2009 by peropaco
@Osokin , yep. She will come back with a fat wallet, do the local media tour, Gomorron Sverige hosted by that woman with the funny chin. Sarah Dawn Finer dedicate I am moving on; get mass sympathy from the house wives. Swedish book deal entitled my captive life with a Tiger. She will then meet up some greasy hair dude.. Proably an ol flame?? . Build a nice pad and enjoy a comfortable life thanks to the Tiger.

@Calebian22. Old wallet face.. LOL :-D
12:39 December 3, 2009 by Globalnomad
" Hell hath no fury than a Swedish woman scorned "
12:59 December 3, 2009 by planethero
i dont understand the male species, and i am one.

another family is shattered due to a man´s accursed obedience to his wayward selfish knob.

i suppose krigeren is right but its all so sad.

girls, next time your man asks you to dress up as an austrian milkmaid, dont ask questions*

*of course thats not my thing.
13:16 December 3, 2009 by double concerto
It's all about decency, values, dignity, loyalty, love, chastity, honouring marriage vows, self esteem. Woods talks of "values" but can't walk values, and that is just SAD!!! Sadly, Woods has reverted to the stereotype and all the spend on the squeaky clean marketing has been in vain. Parnevik, Elin, and countless others have been duped by the "Tiger" marketing machine.
14:02 December 3, 2009 by Random Guy
...forgive this guy... he hooked up with the slut 22 times. not one time slip, not just one girl it looks like one time, he nailed her 22 times!!!!!!

sorry, Elin needs to take her kids and go back to Sweden. let rich cheater boy fly in his jet now and then to Sweden to see his kids!
14:38 December 3, 2009 by double concerto
Looks like the "Tiger" has metamorphised into a sewer rat!!!
15:06 December 3, 2009 by Roy E
These people are merely reaping the harvest of seeds they themselves planted long ago. There are no victims here. Elin will walk away with her millions - all it cost her was her integrity.
15:20 December 3, 2009 by Authentica
Woods appologizes for the "transgressions.." hahahaha! What he really regrets is getting caught. And to the ones here with comments such as "men cheat when something is missing in their marriage" : that's crap and it's such a typical male chauvinistic excuse. There are other ways of addressing marriage issues.
15:32 December 3, 2009 by Eric Cantona
I'll take Elin for a fika when she get's back to Sweden.

As for that slimey little Parnevik (who?) just butt out fcking capitalising turncoat.
16:18 December 3, 2009 by efm
2 points:

I guess when a guy makes 100 big millions/year, no matter how he look, race or nationality, women are going to throw themselves to him, people may think it's an affair, but the women, gamble to get a piece of the pie! It's a two way process.

Elin? Why divorce the guy? Make the dude cry & apologize

and humiliate himself on TV, and agree to reconcile with a contract to get a bigger piece of the yearly 100 million!

Tiger can't refuse that. He loves his kids. Why move to

cold and pathetic Sweden. She can have her house in sunny Florida, and elsewhere and get a bigger piece of the pie.

When the dude dies, she and the kids will have everything.
16:43 December 3, 2009 by eton75
Why did he marry a nany in the first place . The person calling Woods a low life trailer trash must be one as he or she does not know Woods backround . His father was a Colnel in the US Army and a Vietnnam vet ! Get your facts straight or is your racsim coming out !
17:32 December 3, 2009 by lordwilliams629
I always told my son, never take lessons from any sports stars 90% of them live the most immoral demented lives. And you eton,you like many others need to quit playing the race card every time somebody says something negative about somebody of color. I'm also a vet and my father was killed in vietnam in 1970, that still don't mean i'm better than anyone else or that i'm not a low life. What does his dads military record have to do with who tiger is, does that mean we have to kiss his a..ss or give him a pass when he's doing

something wrong. And the trailer trash comment how do you relate that to racism against his color, the word trailer trash when put into racial context refers to a white person. Yourthe one who needs to get it straight, and i'll say it again put your race card away americans are tired of people like you who call everyone a racist that talks bad about obama or one of these demented sports figures, its getting old with americans.
17:41 December 3, 2009 by swozzie
Yes STFU Parnevik as someone said here already - its none of your business and none of ours.

The boy can play golf.......but that's obviously all he really knows.

On a steep learning curve now though and I think he should be left in peace to grow up and find out what success is really all about...its more than being good at golf!
18:15 December 3, 2009 by Kevtravels
That dude needs to indeed STFU. This is a private matter. It sucks that Tiger may have cheated. We don't know the whole story. What hurts is that he's so wholesome and a good guy, but this happens all the time. Tons of male sports stars, rock stars, actors, hell maybe even Einstein cheated. He was famous and rich. Men have the temptation and urge and some women throw themselves at them.

Plus if she did attack him with a golf club, she needs to be charged.
18:31 December 3, 2009 by 2394040
This is news??????
19:26 December 3, 2009 by peropaco
Indeed if she attacked him she should be charged and that old leather face Parnevik should stop promoting violence by suggesting she should use a driver next time. He is condoning domestic violence..!!!!!
20:24 December 3, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
Poor form by Parnevik. Keep your mouth shut, it's none of your business.
21:00 December 3, 2009 by Osokin
Paco, domestic violence is when a man hits a woman. The opposite has never happened, doesn't happen and will never happen. I don't think they will charge her, he will see that doesn't happen, frigid or not she is the mother of his kids (apparently).
22:22 December 3, 2009 by voiceofreason
Too bad he fell, but how many can go as far as he did.

A star from his days as a teen, he managed to live humble and professional but now the press will have him diced, quartered and flushed down the toilet.

He who has no sin, let him be the first to throw the stone.

I bet the loud-mouth Parnevik is too ugly to have any girl flirting at him even if he was Bill Gates.
00:37 December 4, 2009 by jon f
Jesper Parnevik got free lession form Tiger for introduce Elin to Mr. Woods and in return he won some golf tournaments. what a Golf bummer ! this is not Polish joke but here is one!

What do you get when you take away all the Golf Wins from Mr. from Super Dad ?

One big Zero and the other one is worth more than a Millions.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger woods mother is helping out in this marriage the problem was Tiger wash up sport star friends that got inside his head and brain wash out what his father had raised him to be an act. If you so call rich boys club that is taking the rap yes we can nasty attitude there is no good reason to stick around. But if there is a change no I won't do this again attitude then there is good reason to stick around your tock "n" the next super star in Golf but it's not going to happen if he going act like this in the future. He has gotten here his because of his Dad he was the student know he half to be the Teacher!! End of story!!!!!!. Hope nothing but the best for them I think Tiger if he really truly wants the best for his family he should stay home for a wile and never let them out of his sight again. I still like see if he can change?? and make next super Golf star. who's going do that?
02:50 December 4, 2009 by paddy03
Don't worry Elin, a $500 million dollar divorce settlement will surely ease your pain. ENJOY
03:29 December 4, 2009 by Davey-jo
Those of a smutty disposition can have a field day with this story. Here we have poor Tiger with his wood; he drives badly. He plays a "round". Don't mention "holes" or balls or putters. In fact don't even go there if you don't want to be sued. Unless, like me, you have no money and don't care either way.

This sugar coated little twinky has been too good to be true for so long it's almost a relief to see the cr*p slide down and cover his a*s$.
08:13 December 4, 2009 by Renfeh Hguh
Boo hoo hoo... poor Jesper, regreting that he introduced her to an evil foreigner. If he never did that she could have gone back to Sweden and marry a Sven Svensson who would never cheat on his women. Yeah right!!!

I bet Jesper was either banging her before she met Tiger or he had been wanting to "slip one in" but never got the chance.

Just got the naked Elin shots from my old man, not bad.
08:32 December 4, 2009 by mkvgtired
2394040, my thoughts exactly.
10:29 December 4, 2009 by Mini
Yawn....When you have a glass of milk at home, you may want to get a glass of something else like a scotch on the rocks or a margerita. I think Swedes should stay within their ethnic group when getting married, due to their mentality....
12:21 December 4, 2009 by Da Goat
Surely She could tell the difference between a Cheetah and a Tiger

she should have listened in biology class Hint they have different skins!

and you don't have to go down on the woods to find out either (ROFL)
16:57 December 4, 2009 by dsc
The racial trash here . . .

Anyway, at least we now know the little gold digger was really in for the money. She had rather renogiate the prenup agreement than leave for cold cold Sweden. Nanny Elin shows true colors.
17:33 December 4, 2009 by lordwilliams629
Hey dsc what the h..ell is it with you people why does everything have to be race based with you people. Your the second one I seen who is claiming everybodys comments has to be based on race. Can anyone say anything about somebody of color without an idiot like you and eton75 pulling out the race card? is your world that stupid and and simplistic? I see not one racial comment by any of these people. The only people bringing up race is you and eton75 who claim all negative comments must be racist. YOU IDIOT
18:35 December 4, 2009 by dsc


(1) You are too embarrassed to face the truth, OR

(2) Your English comprehension is at pre-school level, OR

(3) Your are not OK in the head.

Which is it? Because the only constant on The Local are racist comments from racist Swedes. Re-read the two comments before my last one, hoping you're not too lazy to read. You don't sound like you're the quickest of cats. . .
20:53 December 4, 2009 by peropaco
Jesper is a typical Svenzzon. Almost like a horse with blinders. When they are home, they can only look straight ahead; but as soon as they hop on the flight to Thailand away from their wives then its another game.
03:29 December 5, 2009 by lingonberrie
His personal and private life issues are matters that are solely his and his wife's business and are none of mine.

What concerns me are the numerous reports that characterize Woods as "the world's greatest athlete," when he is a top rated golfer, and he is not always the top-rated golfer because he does get beat and he does, rarely, miss cuts.

He cannot be fairly characterized as the world's greatest golfer because among his peers there are some very good golfers, and among them there are some who would readily argue about who is the greatest golfer.

Although great skill is required when hitting a little white ball around consistently better than anyone else, that effort does not make anyone the "world's greatest athlete."

That is just so much hoopla.
03:59 December 5, 2009 by Roy E
At least Parnevik has the character to admit he made a mistake .

Wood is a fraud with a good golf game, nothing more. All his money cannot buy him an ounce of character. Can't feel too sorry for the gold digger either, these things happen when all you see is green.
14:03 December 5, 2009 by square
@peropaco hit the nail on the head. Parnevik should just shut the heck up, not like Scando's have a squeaky clean record for staying loyal.
14:35 December 5, 2009 by Roy E
Wood's crowning achievement will be dragging professional golf's reputation down into the same scumbag cesspool that pro basketball players wallow in.
21:55 December 5, 2009 by Kooritze
Who cares! One bloke in the whole world.....has a few affairs outside his marriage!

Hardly news!
00:44 December 8, 2009 by lordwilliams629
dsc. now unless I missed a direct racial statement, please enlighten me on what statement's you see as racist. Now true I may have missed a line that was a direct racial statement, but unless I did that show me in all your wisdom which one of these statements are racist.
15:03 December 8, 2009 by xykat

I think your statement was right about "more often than not, people cheat to satisfy a need that is missing in the marriage". I am not saying his infidelity was right but there must have been something that had gone wrong a little after the marriage started.

Ironically I have seen a situation like this before but with a Swedish guy and an American female friend of mine. Her husband cheated on her several times and then twice during her 2 different pregnancies. To look at her Swedish husband you would think he looks like a conservative geek and not really the serial cheating type. But being an observer to this relationship although I thought it was wrong I could see how she sometimes would push him when he did not want to be pushed, made him feel guilty, and de-masqulinated him. I think this is what might have helped lead to his indiscretions. His failings was probably that he was a bit childish in his attitudes and he was prone to depression/lack of motivation.

They are divorced now and share custody of the two kids they share.

Maybe at times people are afraid to talk to each other and communicate about things. Then over time this just snowballs into something negative like this.

I do think Tiger Woods acted childish and should have tried to discuss this problem with his wife. I guess he found comfort in the arms of other women.

People might judge him since he seemed like the perfect conservative golfer with the perfect life and perfect wife. The image he portrayed to the cameras was false. But instead of idol worshiping these stars see them as they really are "HUMAN BEINGS"....

I have read that he did not use condoms with these "other" women and this is just stupid. He could have put Elin and even their unborn children at risk for an STD. Especially the quality of women he was sleeping with. If your going to cheat use a CONDOM at the very least. He seems to be very careless in so many ways. I think in this sense he was asking for it.

If Elin stays with Woods then it is probably only for the money and/or the kids. I would say that after the media storm and the open humiliation of both parties the marriage is probably pretty much over. I would not be surprised to see a divorce.

I think Elin's mother is visiting her to help her through this and to help her decide what to do next.
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