What’s On in Sweden: December 4th – 10th

What’s on in Sweden: Backstreet Boys are back in Stockholm, The Gothia Barber Girls harmonise in Gothenburg and Pete Doherty serenades Malmö.

What's On in Sweden: December 4th - 10th


‘THIS IS US’ Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys perform their classics from the 90’s and from their new album ‘This is Us’

Date: Friday 4th December

Price: 425 kronor from Ticnet

Location: Hovet

Time: 19.30

More information: Backstreet Boys website

Bangers ‘n’ Mash

Club night for Anglophiles – Guest Andy Rourke from The Smiths

Date: Friday 4th December

Price: 100 kronor

Location: Marie Laveau

Time: 10pm

More information: Bangers n Mash

Dali Dali med Francesco Vezzoli

Exhibition of Dali’s masterworks and sketches together with the work of Francesco Vezzoli, influenced by Dali

Date: 3rd December – 17th January 2010

Price: 60-80 kronor

Location: Moderna Museet

Time: From 10am

More information: Moderna Museet

Laughs At The Liffey

Stand Up Comedy in English

Price: 40 Kronor on the door

Location: The Liffey, Gamla Stan

Time: 8pm

More information: Laughs At The Liffey


Gothia Barber Girls

The Gothia Barber Girls Show Chorus perform their show ‘Flingor och Flammor’ in which traditional and modern Christmas songs are given exciting new arrangements

Date: 5th December

Price: 125 Kronor

Location: Masthuggskyrkan

Time: 4pm and 7pm

More information: Flingor och Flammor

Fitnessfestivalen 2009

Gothenburg gets physical at the Svenska Mässan

Date: 5th – 6th December

Price:150 Kronor

Location: Svenska Mässan

Time: From 10am

More information: Fitnessfestivalen


Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum invites you to a Christmas Party with a difference

Date: 5th and 6th December

Location: Natural History Museum

Time: 12 – 4pm

More information: Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum


Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty brings his famous charm to Malmö

Date: 5th December

Price: 350 Kronor

Location: Kulturbolaget

Time: 8pm

More information: Kulturbolaget

Christmas Market at Katrinetorp

A traditional market with music, singing and dancing round the Christmas tree

Location: Katrinetorps Gård

Time: from 10am – 5pm

Guided Tour of Malmö Opera

See the inner workings of Skåne’s magnificent Opera House

Location: Malmö Opera House

Date: 6th December

Time: 12.30

Price: 75 kronor

More information: Malmö Opera House

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Sweden: A land of hairdressers and writers

Sweden's capital Stockholm is full of hairdressers and writers, and sometimes even writers in hairdressers. And it can be a disturbing city when you're a bald Frenchman who happens to be a writer, observes Luis de Miranda.

Sweden: A land of hairdressers and writers

As a bald French writer exiled in Stockholm since last year, I have rapidly noticed that 50 percent of the Swedish population is either a hairdresser or a writer – or both.

In Stockholm, there is a frisör every fifty metres, where you usually find a lonely person getting a blond hair colour or a new cut, while reading the newspaper.

In the newspaper you will find many articles about people who engage in many different activities but who are also often designated as författare (writer): Sven Svensson, actor and författare; Camilla Johansson, yoga instructor and författare; Fredrik Reinfeldt, prime minister and författare.

It seems that any kind of printed material entitles you to be a författare, and some daily newspapers need to display book reviews in every edition in order to keep the pace and make all the författare happy.

Let’s be honest: I can understand that everybody agrees to call everybody else

a writer – that is an interesting form of collective vanity – but why so many

hairdressers? Some say it’s about money laundering. Or is it also about vanity?

People want to have nice blond hair and it is understandable. But as a bald French writer, I simply don’t exist here in Sweden: having little hair makes me invisible and

being a writer makes me very common.

I am considering wearing a wig and stopping my Swedish classes in order to remain relatively illiterate in the language of Swedenborg (no, this is not the name of my hairdresser). I shall refrain from writing even the slightest memoir on beard shaving.

But please don’t misunderstand me. I love Sweden and the Swedes. I respect any författare, any frisör, and I like fika, folkhem, filmjölk and feminism…

Sweden is just…fantastic.

Luis de Miranda is a French novelist, philosopher, editor and film director who has been in Stockholm for a year. He is also bald.