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Elin Nordegren's mother in surprise US trip: report

AFP/The Local · 7 Dec 2009, 19:11

Published: 07 Dec 2009 19:11 GMT+01:00

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Holmberg, a prominent Social Democratic politician, currently serves as the governor of Gävleborg County in eastern Sweden.

On Monday, a Gävleborg county administrative board spokesperson Eva Malmborg told Sveriges Radio (SR) that Holmberg had cancelled all her appearances for the week.

Citing additional sources, SR also reported that Holmberg was headed to the United States.

“The governor has taken vacation and isn’t available this week,” Malmborg later told the Aftonbladet newspaper, refusing to confirm where the governor may have traveled.

“I’m only the spokesperson for the administrative board and can only report that she is on leave. I don’t know where she is; that’s her private life.”

Holmberg’s decision came unexpectedly, forcing the cancellation of several appearances on Monday, including the opening ceremonies of the Vattendagarna 2009 (‘Water Days 2009’) conference in Bollnäs municipality.

The surprise trip comes amid the ever-growing scandal surrounding the alleged infidelities committed by Holmberg’s son-in-law, superstar golfer Woods, who married the former government minister’s daughter, former Swedish model Elin Nordegren, in 2004.

Pleas from the world's number one golfer to be left alone after confessing earlier this week to "personal sins" were ignored as Britain's tabloid press joined the fray on Sunday, bringing a new set of allegations to light.

The News of the World, Britain's top-selling tabloid, published an interview with a restaurant manager who claimed to have slept with the golf star at his marital home near Orlando, Florida.

The weekly newspaper alleged that Mindy Lawton, 33, was the first of his known affairs but that she was dumped by the golf star in early 2007 when he began seeing 24-year-old Los Angeles cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs.

Britain's Sunday Mirror reported that Woods had also had a fling with 26-year-old model Jamie Jungers in a Las Vegas hotel, but the source for the tabloid's claim was the woman's former fiance.

A US tabloid, The New York Daily News, linked Woods to a sixth woman, Cori Rist, who was quoted as saying she had: "No comment... Not at this time."

Woods, 33, apologized Wednesday for "transgressions" in his family life as a magazine posted what it said was damning evidence of an extra-marital affair between him and Grubbs.

Another alleged mistress Kalika Moquin, manager at a Las Vegas night club, told celebrity magazine Us Weekly on Thursday that rumours of an affair between her and Woods were "completely untrue."

The first woman linked to Woods, Rachel Uchitel, has also denied an affair but widespread tabloid reports say she is seeking a multi-million-dollar payout to stop her from revealing a horde of damaging emails and messages.

Celebrity gossip site RadarOnline.com reported that Uchitel, who canceled a scheduled press conference on Thursday citing "unforeseen circumstances," will receive between one and three million dollars for her silence.

Woods has yet to be seen in public since the furor erupted when he crashed his car on November 27 outside the Florida home where he lives with Nordegren and their two children.

Uchitel was first linked to Woods in a report two days before the golf star drove his car into a fire hydrant and then a tree at 2:25 am. He was treated in hospital for facial injuries before being released.

After the crash, celebrity gossip websites speculated that Elin chased Woods with a golf club and smashed the rear windows of his vehicle, causing him to lose control.

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The 14-time major winner ended five days of silence over the affair allegations on Wednesday after celebrity magazine Us Weekly quoted Grubbs as saying she had secretly dated him for 31 months and met him for sex 20 times.

The magazine posted online an audio recording purported to be Woods urging Grubbs not to identify herself by name on her voicemail because he was afraid his wife was becoming suspicious and might dial her number.

"I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart," Woods said, but added he did not want to elaborate on his shortcomings in public.

"Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn't have to mean public confessions," he said, attempting to draw a line under a scandal that has left his squeaky clean image in tatters.

On Sunday Woods thanked staff, fans and sponsors for keeping his charity event, the Chevron World Challenge, afloat and apologized for his absence, which he has said is due to injuries sustained in the crash.

"I am so grateful to them for their efforts, and I am sincerely sorry I was unable to fulfill my duties as host and player in this important event," Woods said in a statement posted on his website.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

19:55 December 7, 2009 by lianasmall
anyone hear the joke about how Tiger Woods isn't a tiger anymore? Nope, now he's a cheetah. :)
21:12 December 7, 2009 by Beynch
I'm sure she is determined not to return to Sweden unless she has a minimum of $500,000,000.00 in her bag. That's how I would have handled the situation.
21:35 December 7, 2009 by magic1964
I would have expect that with a socialist mother she would have married a real worker...not a billionaire tiger from the US...
00:23 December 8, 2009 by Beynch
The New York Post reports today that as of right now 9 sluts have come forward with various stories of interaction with Woods, the golfer. And they were not playing golf with him either. It seems like Woods can start kissing his product endorsements goodbye. Who would wear anything Nike at this point, when every day a new bimbo comes forward with Woods bed tales? I'm greatly disappointed in him. He seemed like such an upstanding sportsman, and now he is nothing but a low-rent trailer park low-life. Elin would be well advised to cash in, take the children and flee. I'm sure there will be enough for Elin's mother too. So long Woods! It was nice while it lasted, but count me out! I'm no longer your fan.
00:56 December 8, 2009 by mkvgtired
Beynch, I too am disappointed with him. That being said, everyone cites how much money these athletes and movie stars make. I would not take their life for any amount of money. Look at how long this has tied up international news outlets. All over an affair. Come on give me a break. Leave these people alone and report the news.
01:13 December 8, 2009 by Beynch
@mkvgtired: "An affair"??? As of today there are 9, and counting, most of them cocktail waitresses, according to the Post. By week's end I guarantee you there'll be a dozen. How low can you go? Woods should have known better! And as he named his yacht "Privacy", so much more the reason why he should have his nose rubbed in his, so called, `transgreeeeessions`. He can't have it both ways. As for leaving them alone, not a chance! This is news! TW has been in the limelight for a good ten years. This is simply the contiuation and grand finale. And Elin's mother I'm sure is frothing at the mouth over all that cash she has her eyes on. Maybe she will even switch her political affiliations, now that she would look foolish in taxing her minions into servitude. I can't wait to read tomorrow's newspaper.
02:11 December 8, 2009 by JoeSwede
How ironic, a socialist mother's daughter marries a professional golfer who believes in competition and sponsering capitalistic companies.

Sometimes it is not what you believe but who you know.
03:27 December 8, 2009 by Davey-jo
#1 He's just been playing around ;)
04:27 December 8, 2009 by lingonberrie
A few of you who are commenting here should be banned from offering future comments on this blog.

You are using vile, vulgar, unsubstantiated allegations about the women purportedly involved in this issue and against Elin's mother.

You have the emotional make-ups of 10 year old juveniles.
05:47 December 8, 2009 by sleeplesssweden
Do your thing Tiger Woods..all these suckers and losers bashing you are no saints either...Money Over Bitches for LIFE!!!!
06:20 December 8, 2009 by Kevtravels
It sucks to hear this but Tiger won't be sweating over the loss of those sponsorship and deals. Dude's a billionaire. He can live without a NIKE ad or 2. But damn so much animosity toward him. Dude may have lived a double life, but what sports star hasn't. Dozens and dozens if not hundreds over the years have done drugs, been violent to others, banged thousands of women. It's what men with power usually do. Sucks it was Tiger since he was seen as "a nice guy".
06:47 December 8, 2009 by tigger007
i hope he has a serious prenup,he gonna need it! if they was to divorce she would get 200 million.
10:41 December 8, 2009 by magic1964
Now we know who is going to sponsor the social democrats in Sweden....TIGER´!!!!
11:11 December 8, 2009 by Beynch
@lingonberrie: I'm sure you include me as one of those whom you would like to have banned from expressing myself. Please note lingonberrie, my choice of vocabulary is lifted from the official media, The New York Post. But based on your commentary, you are probably of the same political ilk as the palme-esque Holmberg, who would like to see less free expression. Keep the proletariat uninformed. Yes, he cheated, and many of us do. But he cannot expect the rest of us ordinary people to keep quiet about it. Woods is a celebrity and a role model to many, and the lesson taught to our younger ones, is that it is OK to cheat. What a disappointment! I say, spread it on thick, tell the truth, and let him have it!
13:21 December 8, 2009 by dsc
" . . .People far more beautiful and evolved" ????

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think. There is some point at which national or ethnic pride or whatever you may call it, starts reeking of something else and here we have a classic example.
13:44 December 8, 2009 by bravedave

You do know that most (if not all) of these 9 women have gone to the pappers to sell their 'story'?

It happens everyday, and you can read about it in 'The Sun'' or ''The News of the World''.

Its called a get rich quick plan where you fabricate a story where you slept with a celebrity, you then sell the false story to a tabloid that will print anything without morales, then you bank the money they give you for bullskitting.
14:35 December 8, 2009 by bettan1
Newsflash: "911 Call to Tiger Woods' House"

14:47 December 8, 2009 by Freebie
Surprisingly, no 'gentlemen companions' have emerged in this continuing Reality Show farce. The very same rag 'newspapers' which today are exploiting Tiger Woods many alleged sexual liaisons with a variety of women, years ago were speculating on his manliness, and questioning whether he perhaps, might be 'gay.' Throw in a bone with a bit of remaining meat and dogs will 'show themselves!'
15:03 December 8, 2009 by Beynch
But bravedave: Woods himself has stated that he has made - using his own words- "several transgressions". So even if the 9 sluts (New York Post's term) have gone to the papers to sell their stories, they have been confirmed by Woods himself. As far as I'm concerned, he's finished! A gonner. A victim of his own primitive, low-class, uncivilized, behavior.
15:09 December 8, 2009 by xykat
I think Elin was too young when she married Woods. Considering her family background she should have tried to get a career or a degree on her own so she could have gone into the marriage on somewhat level footing. Life changes so you can't always expect that another human being will be there for you. Its always good to have backup plans just in case.
15:20 December 8, 2009 by peropaco

She got a career,..I think we should proclaim gold digging a full time job and they should be subjected to the same labour rules and other profession.

Elin's mum reminds me of Gary Oldman character Mason Verger in the Hannibal flick :-D
17:00 December 8, 2009 by Flying Scotsman
A woman is rushed to hospital from billionaire golfer Tiger Woods' Florida home.

18:35 December 8, 2009 by Beynch
And then there were 10. Yesterday I speculated that by the weekend there will be at least a dozen sluts having come forward. I may have to revise that number upwards. Today's New York Post (nypost.com) reports that "slut No 10" has appeared out of the Woodwork (Pardon the pun). This time it's a British pornstar named Holly Sampson says The Post. It is noteworthy that all 10 to date have been either porn stars, cocktail waitresses, or whores, all are white, according to The Post. Is there a racial thing going on here? Poor Elin she must feel like the fifth wheel. Or is it the 11th? She should not compare herself to the cocktail waitresses. The Post also reports Elin has fled the Florida mansion and is huddling with her mother who, I just read, has been hospitalized for an undefined ailment. Maybe the thought of all that money, or perhaps the huddling with the sleazy money grubbing attorneys got to her? The Post also reports that at the time of the accident Woods was high on alcohol, Ambien, and Vicodin, a lethal combination which certainly makes you unable to drive a car, and which may explain the "snoring" that the police reported from Woods, when they found Woods sprawled out across the asphalt, next to his SUV. So much for for observing sportsmanlike decorum. Well, Well, how is Holmberg going to explain the huge windfall profits to her proletarian underlings in Gävleborgs Län? Watch her. By the time she returns with bags full of cash, she will have switched her party affiliation. This simply does not cut it with the Social Democrats. Let's see how many bimbos come forward by tomorrow. Actually I'm beginning to feel sorry for poor Woods. He's one of us after all.
05:35 December 9, 2009 by wenddiver
My God those women look scary, complete hags! Poor Tiger, I felt sorry for him as soon as I saw them.

Maybe Sweden should offer him assylum, he is in definite danger!
16:43 December 9, 2009 by efm
I'll bet a billion dollar man is a magnet for women of all kinds. As sick a society as we are, the very rich and powerful gets everything they want. Then caught, we're surprised and hope he rehabilitates, so he can keep on making 100 million a year! About Elin, you have to be"pragmatic" about the whole thing. YOU still have a great thing coming.

A changed pre nup- was rumored to be instant 5 million to her bank account and a total of 55 million if she stays another 7 years!? Gee, if my wife is that rich with that offer, I may just lick my wounds and stay another 7 years and collect the money afterwards. That surely beats working for a living.
02:57 December 10, 2009 by krigeren

Look....scary or not...when you yourself find yourself in such of a position as....

Well...tonight I am going to the 10 dollar a lap dance teetie bar because I can get twice as many dances as the 20 dollar a lap dance teetie bar...BUT...

You decide to go buckwild because the value proposition is so strong, and you have a cool crew with you and you just made a lot of money doing something not illegal but shady...that you have 10 women at once doing lap dances...and 10 women at once getting on all 4's and shaking their money maker....

Man...or maybe lady....I will tell you...YOU MISS THE FINER POINTS....sure Shawanda may have a bullet whole in her arse and Nikki may have a few stretch marks from the baby....you don't care...its volume baby and you about to bust a nut.

Walk a mile in another mans shoes. Feel the pressure. Its hot. Its cooking. It ain't easy.....I don't know if you are a man or chick a lesbo or a straighto but if you are a chick that likes the trifecte try getting a bunck of wankadoodle rubbed in your face everyday. If you a guy...try getting the finest yet unphotogenic arse up in your face. See how you respond????
15:09 December 10, 2009 by EP
"I'm sure she is determined not to return to Sweden unless she has a minimum of $500,000,000.00 in her bag. That's how I would have handled the situation. "

Hope she remembers to declare her world income/cash-in to Skattev. ;-)
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