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Sweden Democrats score five percent in major poll

TT/The Local · 10 Dec 2009, 17:22

Published: 10 Dec 2009 09:38 GMT+01:00
Updated: 10 Dec 2009 17:22 GMT+01:00

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The poll marks the first time Jimmie Åkesson's nationalist party has surpassed the four percent threshold in one of Statistics Sweden's biannual surveys of some 9,000 voters.

The Sweden Democrats would however not be able to tip the balance of power were a general election to be held today, as the red-green opposition currently holds a 7.5 point lead over the governing centre-right coalition.

Nevertheless, Åkesson is certain that his party is going to make it into the Riksdag next autumn.

“I’ve been sure for a long time. At this point a lot would have to happen for us to not to get more than 4 percent,” he told the TT news agency.

The largest support for the Sweden Democrats comes from men between 18- and 34-years-old, with the party’s strongholds located in Malmö and the northeast portions of Skåne in southern Sweden.

Support for the party remains weak however in northern Sweden and the Stockholm region.

“We’re consciously putting effort into the big cities and have appointed a special election observer in northern Sweden,” said Åkesson.

Åkesson also predicts that the distance between Sweden’s two main political blocs will be closer than the SCB poll predicts, giving the Sweden Democrats a decisive role in deciding the balance of power in the Riksdag.

“We’ve said that we won’t actively support Mona Sahlin as prime minister because she’s a symbol for failed integration. But the other bloc isn’t much better and I won’t rule out cooperating with the red-green bloc,” said Åkesson.

With the Copenhagen climate summit in full swing across the Öresund strait, the Green Party emerged as the big winner in the statistics agency's November poll, jumping 2.4 points since May to 8.4 percent.

For prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's Moderate Party, the poll results were considerably less welcome, as the largest party in the sitting government slipped back 3.7 points to 26.2 percent.

Altogether, the Alliance parties scored 42.5 percent, compared to 50.0 percent for the parliamentary opposition.

“The difference between the two blocs has increased somewhat. That means we have to be more active and clearer about what we want in the future,” Moderate party secretary Per Schlingmann told TT.

Despite high numbers for the opposition, Schlingmann still feels the election is an open race.

“But it puts big demands on us,” he said, adding that the Moderates wouldn’t be tempted to move closer to the Sweden Democrats’ immigration policies as a result of the latter’s success.

Statistics Sweden voter poll, November (May scores in parentheses)

Moderate Party 26.2 (29.9)

Liberal Party 6.5 (5.5)

Centre Party 5.0 (5.5)

Christian Democrats 4.8 (4.3)

Total: 42.5 percent

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Social Democrats 36.5 (36.6)

Green Party 8.4 (6.0)

Left Party 5.1 (5.7)

Total: 50.0 percent

Others 7.5 (6.4)

The result includes the Sweden Democrats 5.1 percent, with The Pirate Party dominating the remaining proportion of the Others category (Source: Statistics Sweden).

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

10:46 December 10, 2009 by livinginsweden
Well done!

This is a true reflection of the previously uncomfortable Swedish thinking towards immigration and race that we have for too long try to deny.

This open acknowledgement and addressing of Sweden Democrats viewpoint is a healthy way to develop a civil society. Open discussion.
10:50 December 10, 2009 by uunbeliever
"I may not agree with what you say sir, but I will defend your right to say it" quote from some guy smarter than I.
10:57 December 10, 2009 by Beynch
Voodoo practitioners, raindancers, fuzzy liberals and socialists be ware. There's more to come! We're sick and tired of your dictatorial ways, and telling us what's best for us. We want our democracy back! Vote the whole pathetic, orwellian, cabal out of office in 2010, and give us a Sweden we can live in.
14:19 December 10, 2009 by Nemesis
@ livinginsweden & Beynch,

If the Sweden Democrats get power, I look forward to seeing your support for them, as they deport you for being a foreigner.
14:40 December 10, 2009 by Uncle
One can see that the SD agenda was not read by some...

SD is FOR foreigners. It is just for educated foreigners, foreigners who contribute to the economy and society, foreigners who do not sit for 10 years on the necks of the society and do not bring 200 "relatives" with them. Foreigners who do not call for a change of law or do not fill up the prisons.

So I would presume that livinginsweden & Beynch are safe...
14:42 December 10, 2009 by Beynch
@nemesis. You're twisting the truth. I understand SD actually supports immigration, emphasis on `structured` immigration. I'm told SD recognizes that Sweden needs immigration in order to sustain her future. It is the open gate policy, spurious claims of asylum, unbridled immigration of relatives, unlimited handouts of tax payer funds and getting nothing in return, and refusing to adapt, and ghettoization, that's at issue. Not immigration itself. No contributing immigrant will be expelled. They will be welcomed. Those who do not contribute or adapt, sorry, out! This is Sweden. Also, I have never voted for SD yet, but encourage every Swede of sound mind to consider the options. Luckily there are still alternatives to the corrupt political establishment of social democrats, and other besser-wisser riff-raff, and their orwellian ilk who continue to tax us into serfdom.
15:55 December 10, 2009 by Leprechaun .se
Comment: "SD actually supports immigration" HA! The hell they do. They think that Sweden can only exist if it is homogeneous. They want to allow immigration from other Nordic countries but after that they want to make it very strict. Probably to save the "Aryan race".

The leader of SD might not be a die hard Nazi but there are Nazis in the party. All neo nazis, "white power" groups and racists support that party (please make notice that I did NOT say that all SDers are racists and nazis, if you do, please reread until you get it right.. sigh); not even you can deny that. To me that's reason enough to make it illegal.

There are very bad people in that party and they are driven by hate and anger; those things are powerful motivators as you prove by your persistence. They will try, and get, high positions in the party and will try hard to get their proposals through. Do you really want to allow another "new democracy" (the party) to happen? Really? That's what happens when these kinds of parties gets even one seat in parliament.

Be intolerant of the intolerant.

You think Muslims are bad? Hitler and Stalin were Christians. And white.
15:55 December 10, 2009 by goodbyeammar
It is not true that SD is against foreigners. That is a big lie. The truth is that SD is against Muslim and Arab foreigners. This is very obvious from their rhetoric and politics. They talk only about Islamic threat. It is not true that they need educated foreigners. I would respect them if their problem concerning immigration is just economy. Everyone knows that they bear on their shoulders a mission of eliminating Islam from the Swedish society. Their hostility towards Islam is self-evident from their ugly support to a criminal state like Israel which kills children in Palestine and occupies the Arab lands for decades. Traditionally, far-wing thoughts do not match the support of Israel. Israel and the far-right groups normally have conflicting ideologies. But again, is the hatred to the Arabs and Muslims which makes SD to support a state that was formed illegally on the Palestinian land. Anyone who doubt needs to be reminded that we have never seen SD discuss issues of immigrants who do not have middle eastern background.
16:02 December 10, 2009 by rumcajs
I'm with nemesis. You guys are talking about how BAD all the political ideas that have been dominant in Sweden are... but you are still here.... why don't you go to USA, behind that big wall? If I go to another country is because I like it how it is, not to change it... if I wanted to change some country, I would change mine.

@ uncle:

"The critical ingredient of a safe, harmonic, solid and supportive society is the common identity, which in turn requires a high degree of ethnic and cultural uniformity amongst the people. From this, it follows that the nationalist principle, the principle of one state, one nation, is absolutely fundamental to the Sweden Democrats' political values."

..... to me it sounds like beynch and livinginsweden are not so safe and any person who can read can see it. What you guys are doing is what we call in Spain "mental masturbation"... believing what you WANT TO believe. Sorry to disapoint you, but you are not as great as you think for them.
16:09 December 10, 2009 by Kronaboy
In response to uunbeliever : Agree with you there, so long as they are on this site writing rubbish it means there not on my door step pouring petrol through the letter box; although, I have to wonder what a lot of these people are doing in Sweden, why don't they just go back to the UK where they will fit right in?
16:09 December 10, 2009 by goodbyeammar
But who said that foreigners want to change the country? i cannot think of any law was needed to be changed by foreigners.
16:26 December 10, 2009 by Beynch
@Leprechaun and nemesis; You're belching out choreographed SSU and AFA invective, snapping like mad dogs! I'm not impressed. I think most Swedes, except you two, understand why SD is being looked at as a serious alternative to the set-in-its-ways, corrupt, venomous, political establishment in Stockholm. It wants to keep us on a short leash. May it sink into oblivion, in favor of a rejuvenated and free Sweden.
16:42 December 10, 2009 by WriterDirector
I'm from the States [The TITANIC] and Now live in Sweden [The New World]. This party gets My 1000% Vote and Support. In a few Years I will be taking more action in politics and run for office. THERE WILL BE CHANGES, OH, YES... THERE WILL BE MAJOR CHANGES. lol.

It's about time someone in politics spoke up and made a stand against the insurgent cell groups. The day of reckoning is arriving soon!
16:57 December 10, 2009 by Greg in Canada
Since I don't live in Sweden, I don't know much about the SD, but why would an immigration policy that supports immigrants who can actually contribute to the society be such a bad thing? From everything I read, it seems that the current Swedish immigration policies aren't working very well?

5.1% of voters certainly won't form a government, but they could be significant as a swing vote in a close election.
17:04 December 10, 2009 by Osokin
By reading the comments I don't know if I prefer to live among the hereby present US/UK bible-thumping right wing cancer trolls, or the aggro muslims who bring along to the country all kinds of grudges. IMO Sweden is not the place for any of this, so Sweden out of EU and into a Nordic bloc.
17:27 December 10, 2009 by livinginsweden

SD cannot deport me just as i cannot deport them. I can live anywhere and be part of any country becos I dont have any hangups about race and nationalities. I feel good about myself becos of what I have done myself .. not becos of what another person who share the same skin color or religion have achieved.

I believe in discussion and enlightment. I am sure that SD will one day accept that their manifesto is wrong and accept the fact that they are no better or worse than the rest of human kind.

SD like the rest of the world will soon realize that things change. Just as white 'red necks in the US are ruled by a black president, SD will eventually face reality of life.

IF SD want Sweden for Swedish, then maybe they should keep Ikea, Saab, Volvo, Ericsson for Swedes too and be like NoKo... a hermit state. Just as they might not like a Blonde Swede marry a coloured man, maybe they dont want a colour person in a swedish car. I am sure they dont want to sell Saab or Volvo to the chinese ..... so what are they to do?

The reality is when people feel insecure, they resort to using their skin colour and race or nationality to give them a sense of superiority .... a 'false sense of superiority'.

So the more we let them express their viewpoints, the more people listen to their viewpoints, soon ... people might realize just how smart or stupid their viewpoint sound.
17:47 December 10, 2009 by boby
@ goodbyeammar

its good to see that you realise that there are many who hate Muslims. And you rightfuly earned this hate.

As long as you sontinue to behave like you do and show no respect to the countries that take you in, and continue to call for the extermination of Israel, who has more achivements in any field of science and calture then all the 1,5000,000 Muslims of this world, you will contiue to be hated.
17:56 December 10, 2009 by rumcajs
@ Greg in canada,

Ok, who the hell came out with that s**t of "support some immigrants", "good and bad immigrants" and all that???? In my last comment I pasted a text from their site. Read it.

@ Kronaboy

I agree with you 100%. I don't understand what this pile of idiots are doing in Sweden. Why did they come, if they seem to hate a lot of the things for which Sweden's been known around for ages.

@ WriterDirector

You are seriously f**d up in the head. Brain wash from CNN mate. Find help. Why didn't you better stay in USA with that nice "soviet Berlin style" wall they made on the Mexican borders? I wander who is a bigger problem... the insurgent cell groups you talk about or people like you?
18:18 December 10, 2009 by linus_sverige
Why should we blame Hitlar and all these Nazis for what they have done to the innocent jews if we sill vote and act like those with the same sick mentality who are racists and Nazis.why don't we accept other human beings Why?
18:20 December 10, 2009 by bocale1
@boby, I am not Muslim at all but saying that Muslims are the arrogant people that invade our countries sounds a little ridiculous; I guess that there are more western people in Afghanistan and Iraq than Arabians in all Europe and US. And the last genocide attempted in Europe was against Bosnian Muslims, committed by nice and peaceful Christian Serbs and Croatians... so who is deserving what?

Anyhow, about SD, they are absolutely aligned with the other far right xenophobe political groups in Europe, trying to instigate fear and hatred on people and address those feelings against the last members of the social chain, immigrants and desperate people.

The good point is that those groups, in order to survive, need constantly an enemy to fight against, therefore, at the end of the day, they have not interest at all in resolving the immigration problem because this would totally remove their reason to exist.
18:28 December 10, 2009 by linus_sverige
Hitler was christan and white but he killed millions of jewish because he was racists like those SD . What do SD want ? i'll tell you . They want to imitate Hitler . yes they do .
23:36 December 10, 2009 by Iraniboy
Only 5%? That's too low considering all of the crimes commited by foreigners and reported zillions of time by medias. Well Done Swedes!

From this board we can see the support for SD is around 80% which means that foreigners in Sweden support SD in a very high rate!!! Fortunately they can't vote! :D

SD like other political parties, is another political party. They may say good things, may say bad things. They may have very good points in some issues but the truth is that they have same old scape goating fashion to justify all problems in the Sweden and in teh world. But the point is that all of the problems you see in the middles east come the goverments with facism-based views which means all problems comes from one source!! That is what SD is looking for. If tehy run the Sweden, Sweden will turn to Iraq, Israel, Iran,...
03:28 December 11, 2009 by Davey-jo
Swedish Democrats have the "support" of 1 in 20 voters. This surely means that 19 in 20 voters think they are some form of faecal deposit. Bravo for Swedish democracy!
04:46 December 11, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Sweden Democrats obviously have their genuine concerns, some of which are reflected in this discussion:

On the other hand Sweden is not the United States of America etc etc etc
06:55 December 11, 2009 by krigeren
Just as we need liberals in the debate so to do we need the right wing. I think its healthy to have a right wing party with 5 to 15 percent of the vote.

Their rhetoric only goes so far though before it reaches a dead end and becomes illogical to the point where most voters see that as well.

The worse that can happen in Sweden is when one party carries the majority. When labor does that everyone ends up suffering. Forcing the parties to work together and exchange ideas once a government is formed seems to be the fastest way to spurn long lasting and broad based change....something Sweden needs desperately........an oarsman with a clear heading and more people rowing the boat.
07:27 December 11, 2009 by goodbyeammar
To boby:

If Arabs and Muslims are hated because of being against Israel, then just record: i hate the so-called 'Israel'. I am very proud to hate a country was formed at the ruins of Palestinians. I am very proud to hate a country was formed by massacring Palestinian people and stealing their lands. I am very proud to hate 'Israel' which violates the international law on daily basis and was formed on apartheid ideology.

It is 'Israel' that exterminate Palestinians and the rest of the Arab land, not the vice versa.

Let me remind you that it is 'Israel' which occupies Palestine; it is 'Israel' which occupies south Lebanon. It is 'Israel' which occupies the Syrian Golan heights. It is 'Israel' which used to occupy part of Egypt. It is Israel which expels Palestinian people out of their homes in Jerusalem and the west bank to leave a place to the European Jewish. It is 'Israel' the one was made by gathering Jewish people from Europe and then raping the Palestinian land to form a country for them. At the end of the day, it is 'Israel' that exterminates Arabs not vice versa.

Regarding the science you are talking about, let me remind you again about the fact that, all the Israeli technology and science are built at the expense of Palestinians. All Israeli institutions were established at the Palestinian land, after expelling Palestinians and massacring them. One example is that Tel Aviv University which is by the way score high ranking. This university was founded at Palestinian village called Al-Shaykh Muwannis (source: http://www.zochrot.org/index.php?id=143).

It is Moshe Dayan, the former Israeli war minister, who said:

''There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population''

(Source: The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann1978, p. 99, also was quoted on the Israeli newspaper Haretz on 4th, April, 1969)
12:16 December 11, 2009 by WriterDirector
You are not currently logged in.

@ rumcajs

You must be a sympathizer for the insurgent groups.

Berlin wall? The borders are just for show. I lived in California for 40 years, just 20 minutes from the US/Mexican border. The is no such Soviet Berlin wall, as many undocumented people still manage to get across with out any problems. So, unless You have lived or are currently living along one of the US/Mexican borders, then Your talkin' out Your backside...

Hitler was born in the wrong time and attacked the wrong people. : ((
13:28 December 11, 2009 by Beynch
Could we please continue ths discussion without invoking the names of "Hitler" and "Nazis"? That was 75 years ago, and no one is looking at that sordid mess as an example. It is now 2010, or close to it. I want everyone to promise that we have an intelligent exchange of ideas without referencing WWII. Those of you who invoke Hitler prove that you're grabbing for straws.
14:10 December 11, 2009 by Uncle

You omitted what goes next in the Swedish version:

"Sweden Democrats are not in principle opposed to immigration. We are quite clear that Sweden has always had immigration, but it has previously been limited and regulated. The immigrants who came here could quite easily assimilated and become part of Swedish society, mainly because they were not so many and they came from the culturally related countries. In recent years immigration has been quite different."

I think they are still safe then...


Your name summarizes the SD policies like nothing else! You are a genius!

I would join SD even if they were fascists , as long as they are for ejecting people like you.

@bocale1 are there more than 20 million soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq? Interesting... Because there are more muslim arabs(!) in Europe and US.
15:56 December 11, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg

The discussion is about Sweden Democrats gaining in popularity and not about the Arab League ganging up with the OIC and Iran against Israel which is only twice the size of the Gambia. So the whole of your diatribe which begins "If Arabs and Muslims are hated because of being against Israel" really does not have a place here and should be laid to rest along with Yasser Arafat or taken up and resurrected in another discussion about specifically just that.

Personally on the issue of multiculturalism I find the views of Lord Bhikhu Parekh, persuasive.

Check this out:


It's Dar- al-Harb & Dar al Islam. Of course Muslims - by merely being Muslim - Muslims even refugees, want to change the country - this country - any country they're in and the precedents are all there in history : once upon a time, there was no Islam and then about 1,500 years ago it all began. Not too long after that there was an Ottoman Empire which almost extended into the heart of Europe with the Islamic intention of incorporating the whole of Europe into its Empire. Such is the ambition of Islam. Like Barack Hussein Obama, they (all Muslims) also think that it's time for "change" and they want to change the world - the whole world, not only Sweden , but Great Britain too: ever heard of the "The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain"?

They also want to change Holland and would especially like to change the United States of America and Israel and you too have just admitted that you would like to make Israel the 23rd Arab State. Of course they wanted to change Iran which already had a Muslim majority, thanks to Umar Ibn Khattab, and so the Islamic Revolution in Iran was therefore eventually possible in that country.

Now I'm not "boby" so please don't try to altercate with me on this issue because you won't have a leg to stand on - and the evidence for what I say is overwhelmingly written in the Qur'an - which says :


Islam denies that Jesus resurrected, denies that he died on the cross. No crucifixion and no resurrection means, no Christianity.

Bear in mind that according to Islamic eschatology the final battle of Armageddon, will be fought between the Muslims - and all those who are not Muslims.

Muslims are one of the components of Sweden Democrats' concern. They feel that Swedish Culture and democracy as we presently know it might be overwhelmed and replaced by Shari Law. Is it a legitimate concern? Are they alone in being worried about this? It could take time and we must wait and see? See what?
19:30 December 11, 2009 by Uncle
The proud goodbyeammar is very proud of the Sudanese muslims who killed 2 mils in Darfur. He is Proud of Somalian Muslims who killed one million through starvation. He is proud that tens of thousands of Kurds were killed in their strive for independence (much more than the palestinians).

He is proud of the methods that muslims use in their fight against anybody who is not Muslim. He is proud of the 9/11 attacks that were BEFORE any invasion anywhere. He is proud of the events in buses in London, apartment buildings in Moscow and trains in Madrid.

He is proud that of the fact that when 7 muslim armies were not capable of subduing Israel, they nevertheless managed to offload the palestinians off their backs onto Israel and now they refuse to get these lands back, as Israel insisted not once. He is proud that Hamas salutation is that of Nazis and that muslim governments reject Holocaust precisely like the Nazis.

I am only proud that SD is getting more power and soon he will be able to be proud back in Iraq.
20:23 December 11, 2009 by goodbyeammar
as usual, the israeli lobby is very string, attempting at steering the public opinion to the israeli perspective. anyway, i have bad news for the israeli supporters. even though the israeli lobby is strong but the picture started to reach the west. people started to know about the israeli occupation, about the israeli killing of children, about the israeli land theft. people started to understand that resisting the occupation is legitimate under the international law. that is why people started to support the palestinian armed groups that fight the isreli terrorism and its colnization of palestine. the human rights watch organization started to doccument all the violation that broken by the creminal israeli aparathied regime.

it is interesting that whenever anyone talk about the israeli crime, the israeli lobby divert the issue and talk about problems in sudan or other crimes. it feels like israel think that others committ crimes, then it wants to kill and committ crimes and kill more palestinians.

yes there r problems in sudan and somalia but let mre correct here: in sudan, the confict is between 2 muslim groups, not between muslims and others. sudan and somalia have many problems because of the US intervention in the country. another thing, do not tell me about the problem in the middle east. i am not responsible for that. the chritian west is responsible by many crimes: in afghanistan, in iraq, in palestine. the christian west during the world wars, killed more than 100 million people. neveretheless, sweden is not responsible for that. i am not responsbile for what is happening in sudan.and if u wanna compare, in the west, there have been many wars and crimes. the issue here is the israeli crimes, not the sudan problem.

muslism never wanna change the lwas in europe. they r persecuted and discreminated. and the hatred towards muslims is fuled by the israelis because israel knows it kill palestinians so it needs the western back up. how they do that? they want to make us a battle between the west and islam, then this means everyone forget the israeli crimes. i have bad news for the israeli lobby here: these tactics do not work any more, search for new ones. everyone knows now the ugle face of israel.
21:22 December 11, 2009 by Uncle
The issue here is Israeli crimes, not the Sudan problem????!!!! No "goodbyeammar" (god I love the name) look at the heading, you moron.

The issue here is that the Muslims managed to poop the opinions of the most supporting country! They come to ANY country and show such a beautiful face, that the most liberal, the most left wing socialist and politically correct society in the world is turning against you!!

Of course you do not want to talk about the crimes of the muslims because they stole thousands of square kilometers more than Israel's full size and killed millions more than Israel ever contained. It is understandable that the muslims would like to distract the public opinion from themselves, by pointing at a country the size of Lichtenstein.

But as has been said, it is ironic that you say how you get more supporters on a forum about a rise of the forces opposing muslim immigration. Incredible he? Soviet style - seeing, but not recognizing the obvious. Good luck...
10:17 December 12, 2009 by johnnytango
If you go to their web page it all seems innocent enough. But one must keep in mind that they are in the end a political party so by definition they are probably liars. I would not put a lot of stock in them improving the complicated issues that exist here in our country.

I think that one of the big issues today facing Sweden obviously is immigration…and like alcohol and drugs I would take it in moderation. I have lived with Arabic populations which I assume were predominately Muslim and only had infrequent instances of cultural disconnect. Basically I think they sort of left me alone because I was not one of them. I believe that they are probably no worse than most of the other tribes on this planet but no better either.

The discussion becomes somewhat disoriented when it always veers toward racism when usually it is cultural divide…which is what diversity promotes...division. I believe that we should emphasize unifying factors and characteristics in our culture that encourage everyone to work together to make the big picture a little better in small ways. Here in Sweden I would recommend that those characteristics be predominately Swedish. I say this even though I have a difficult time understanding why things are done here the way they are sometimes. But it is Sweden afterall...and when in Rome do as the Romans do. If you insist on referencing racism…let us begin with the human race. Arguably a very despicable lot.
13:20 December 12, 2009 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Here's their webpage ( not that I'm advertising anyone):


About that "cultural divide" and small town feeling, once upon a time:

1.Don't think that you are special.

2.Don't think that you are of the same standing as us.

3.Don't think that you are smarter than us.

4.Don't fancy yourself as being better than us.

5.Don't think that you know more than us.

6.Don't think that you are more important than us.

7.Don't think that you are good at anything.

8.Don't laugh at us.

9.Don't think that anyone of us cares about you.

10.Don't think that you can teach us anything.

Further in the book: 11. Don't think that there is something we don't know about you.

In the book, those Janters who transgress this unwritten 'law' are regarded with suspicion and some hostility, as it goes against communal desire in the town, which is to preserve social stability and uniformity."

Call it what you will. Fortunately or unfortunately this status quo/ parochial mentality is on the way out and is being / has been replaced by greater diversity. In Stockholm at least we can boast of cosmopolitanism & jazz(in contrast with the Lantis-ers who've only heard the great Johan Hedin funking up on his key harp)

Still about that "cultural divide", a few words from Bhikhu Parekh:" There's a tendency in many circles to say that multiculturalism is ghettoization. Each group lives the kind of life it wants to with nothing in common. This kind of ghettoization rules out a wider civil society where people interact. And if you don't have an interactive civil society, either the state disintegrates or it begins to run your society. In one case you have anarchy , in the other case you have a totalitarian society. Both are destructive" And may I add, Sweden is neither.

Much more Bhikhu Parekh on Multiculturalism, pluralism, assimilation, integration, interactive multi-culturalism:

08:44 December 13, 2009 by Uncle
johnnytango - what do you mean "they left you alone"? Isn't it obvious that everyone must leave everyone else alone?

Do you mean that after you took into account all the peculiarities of the locals, like not drinking alcohol on the street, not talking to "unattended" women, not eating pork, while reading Quran in the Mecca big square during Ramadan - they ALMOST left you alone? Wow - what a tolerant society! A person who adheres to all their laws and traditions is ALMOST left alone!

What I do not get is why would they not try and comply with the western society's behavior? Why the Europeans (especially women) go to Dubai, they dutifully and understandingly conform with all the local traditions because it is a basic respect of a guest to the household, while they behave the way they behave in Europe? And why are the European countries tolerant to the peculiarities of the guest, rather than the local code of behavior?
09:17 December 13, 2009 by johnnytango

Actually this population was in a Western society and they were complying with Western norms to a point. That being said it was a most interesting experience in culture and the complexities of meshing different cultures together...not without problems due to the great cultural divide. I did business with these people, dated some women and interacted with them on a daily business. From my point of view they were there seeking better lives and in their way contributing to society. Other minorities were faring worse, come to think of it, the Arabic were rather successful in that they established business and took care of their property. I think they were too busy tending to their families and minding their own business...to bother me.

If I were in Mecca during Ramadan...I think that my behavior might be in accordance with...when in Rome do as the Romans do, or rather I would make myself as inconspicuous as possible. In other words...I would try not to bother them out of respect for their culture. I know my place at all times and showing respect is a large part of it. Well, that and not being easily offended. Here in Sweden I am rather selfconscious talking English in public too much. It is a culture thing, you see.

On the whole, though, I have to admit, I prefer to live in the woods without any PEOPLE around. Then I only have to deal with the battle of the sexes...which we all know will never be won. Too much fraternization with the enemy, you know.

18:45 December 27, 2009 by Hagen
Osokin posted.:- IMO Sweden is not the place for any of this, so Sweden out of EU and into a Nordic bloc""

This would be the best option, a Nordic bloc comprising Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltic States with the UK a possibility.
13:32 January 25, 2010 by AdamVikingen
I am a Swed and i hope you guys know that the "Swedish Democrates" is a Nazi party! officialy they are nationalists but like all there members are flaging for nazi germany And Jimmy Åkesson has been seen many time doing a Nazi-Greeting!

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Sweden can extend border controls, EU says
A police officer carrying out a check at Sweden's border with Denmark. Photo: Emil Langvad/TT

EU countries including Sweden should be granted permission to extend temporary border controls by a period of a further three months, the European Commission has decided.

Nobel Prizes
'I'd say he's arrogant but I'd be lying': Swedes on Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan performing in France. Photo: David Vincent/AP

Almost two weeks have passed since Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature and he has yet to acknowledge the win. The Local asked Swedes what they think of the singer's silence.

Sweden cuts 2016 refugee forecast by thousands
A Swedish migration authority office in Stockholm. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

The country has also slashed its prediction for 2017.

Swedish researchers plan new trucks for women drivers
File photo of trucks in Sweden. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT

Could vehicles adapted for women attract more female truckers to the profession?

These stats show Swedish driving isn't so gender equal
File photo of a Swedish woman driving a car. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

A new survey shows that few Swedish women get behind the wheel when driving with their male partner.

Revealed: Game of Thrones could be coming to Sweden
Game of Thrones cast members at the Emmy Awards in September. Photo: Jordan Strauss/AP

The producers of the hit show have asked for three rounds of location pictures of Swedish island Gotland.

Prime Minister to meet Swedish troops in Iraq
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his Kurdish counterpart Nechervan Barzani. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Sweden's Prime Minister Löfven is set to meet Swedish troops in Iraq on Tuesday.

Swedish politicians wage war on winter time
Soon it will look like this on your way home from work in Sweden. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

Should Sweden stick with summer time all year round?

'Don't turn the Pope into a global teddy bear'
Sweden's Queen Silvia and Princess Leonore visiting Pope Francis in the Vatican last year. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

It's time to hold the Pope to account and make sure he turns his words about reform into action, argues a minister of the Swedish Church ahead of Pope Francis' visit to Sweden.

Löfven: 'Sweden will double its number of troops in Iraq'
Stefan Löfven and Haider al-Abadi during the visit on Monday. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has promised to double his country's number of troops in Iraq following a meeting with Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi on Monday.

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