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Swedes keep lapping up juicy Tiger tidbits

AFP/The Local · 16 Dec 2009, 13:23

Published: 16 Dec 2009 13:23 GMT+01:00

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On Wednesday, celebrity news website TMZ.com reported that Nordegren is “very close” to signing an endorsement deal with the Puma sportswear company.

Puma is one of the largest competitors of Nike, the sporting goods giant which has long sponsored Woods and has said it will continue to stand by him despite his current troubles.

As the Woods’ infidelity scandal continues to unfold, Swedes have feasted on tabloid reports of the star golfer’s self-described “transgressions” against his Swedish wife, with the intense US news coverage fascinating a country unaccustomed to media prying into the private lives of public figures.

In a country where humility, reserve and understatedness are practically national traits, the twists, turns and revelations into the golfer's infidelity are "so un-Swedish and ... decadent," columnist Ann Söderlund wrote in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet recently.

Newspaper pages in the US and Sweden have been splashed with juicy reports about a scorned wife swinging a golf club at her unfaithful husband in their surreal world filled with million-dollar homes and yachts and spiced with cocktail waitresses and nightclub hostesses.

Maybe that is why Swedes are "so interested, so engaged, so fascinated" by the story, Söderlund suggested.

Little information in the scandal has emerged from Sweden, with the Swedish media mostly picking up news reports from the US and British press and celebrity websites.

Yet ever since Tiger Woods admitted "transgressions" in his marriage almost three weeks ago, tabloids Aftonbladet and Expressen have had a field day with the story, regularly putting it on their front pages.

"The only thing competing with the (Woods) infidelity drama in Swedish tabloids was the finale of (Swedish) Idol," columnist Niklas Ekdal wrote Tuesday in newspaper of reference Dagens Nyheter (DN).

Both the scandal and the singing contest were a sign of "the mass-mediatized future we are headed toward," he lamented, saying Tiger's generation, or "Generation T", was accustomed to "instant gratification and maximum performance with minimum effort."

"Tiger Woods thought he could have his cake and eat it too. On the one hand, earning millions with a Mr. Clean advertising image according to American standards, while on the other, having the socializing habits of an Italian prime minister."

DN's correspondent in the US, Michael Winiarski, meanwhile explained in a recent report to Swedes -- unused to the paparazzi scrutiny into public figures' private lives -- the US obsession with the scandal.

He described how "hour after hour... relationship experts, finger-waggers, weepers and D-list celebrities" lined up on American networks to comment the latest revelations on the Woods family.

Meanwhile Söderlund, who lamented the sensationalist coverage of the story, took sides early on and praised "how Swedish Elin acted when it became obvious her husband had cheated."

"While Hillary (Clinton) and Posh Spice chose to keep silent, diet and become feminist doormats, Elin stood with both feet firmly planted on the ground and realized the shame was Tiger's, not hers."

"She refused to simply be treated like shit. And that, my friends, is why I thank God for girls like Elin," she said.

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She concluded by quoting fellow Swede and pro golfer Jesper Parnevik, who introduced Elin to Woods and said when the scandal broke: "I hope she uses a driver next time rather than a three-iron," in reference to the cause of the strange car accident that kicked off the scandal.

Sweden's TV4 recently hosted a panel discussion on the subject of infidelity in light of the scandal, and a poll on the channel's website asked viewers "What Should Elin Do Now?"

Of the 2,565 who voted online, 63 percent advised their compatriot to leave the dethroned golfer, 11 percent said she should forgive him, and 26 percent thought she should "pull out the driver."

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:01 December 16, 2009 by dsc
Elin's eye on the money.
14:18 December 16, 2009 by Roger O. Thornhill
Elin should not sign with Puma until that income is clearly hers alone.
14:38 December 16, 2009 by Kalyissa
", and 26 percent thought she should "pull out the driver."

That made me laugh, and dsc so it should be, she should take that cheating s'o'b to the cleaners in my opinion.
15:33 December 16, 2009 by GefleFrequentFlyer
This Tiger Woods thing was almost made for Swedish tabloids...err..newspapers. It's got all the elements that would capture an Afton editor/consumers heart: 1)American husband 2) token Swedish wife 3)Fame 4) Money 5)Super high profile visibilty 6) Glamorous athletes 7)Mistresses 8) Kids 9) Car wrecks 10) Crazy mother in laws 11) Mother in laws appointed to token govermental positions after the matrimony of thier fortunate daughter.....

I foresee major book and movie deals to top it all off.
15:59 December 16, 2009 by this_aint_sparta
@GefleFrequentFlyer Brilliat :-))))))
16:03 December 16, 2009 by bettan1

lol , You'd think he'd be a Swedish Icon for all that is sexually free and expressive ?

I have'nt seen exactly where she is the picture of wholesomeness either. Many of those modeling photos on the Net of her are in the raw with various poses. Seriously just google it.
16:44 December 16, 2009 by Jan-Bug
One thing has really nothing to do with the other.

He is THE best golf athlete in history and his fame lies therein.

I certainly do not agree with this kind of behaviour, but what he does away from the public eye and on his own free time is HIS and Elin's BUSINESS ONLY! It's their private life and no-one should judge or put their nose in it.

No matter whom the story is about, NO-ONE want's their dirty laundry out there!

I certainly wouldn't like my own exposed to the world. Nor would anyone else. And we ALL got them, don't we?
16:47 December 16, 2009 by donfabricio
Tiger Woods is a muppet always has been, I can't believe he got caught in the Swedish blond girl thing, good looking from the outside yet extremely boring every where else, and what does a super rich pro golfer doing getting married to a nanny? I mean the man almost graduated form Standford University, what could they possibly have in common?lol
17:14 December 16, 2009 by peropaco
Si donfabricio, I ask the same question; why did he marry so low. I mean, he married a PIGA for crying out loud. She was wipping leather face pernevik kids derriere. She was changing nappies and cleaning up baby's vomit.
17:28 December 16, 2009 by Beynch
The interesting person in this whole sordid mess is not Holmberg's daughter, but Barbro Holmberg herself. It is her you should keep an eye on. How will she reconcile her life-long social democrat affiliations with all that money that her daughter no doubt will be the beneficiary of? And how will she evade the notoriously confiscatory Swedish tax authorities? Let's see if she lives the way her socialist instincts preach! My prediction is that henceforth she will be a "Moderate" in Swedish politics, and that she will abandon her marxist tendencies. And perhaps even buy property in a more palatable climate, and take up golfing? Keep focused on Barbro.
17:38 December 16, 2009 by peropaco
Beynch. I am delighted to see you again. Though on the other side of the camp on this one ;-)
17:40 December 16, 2009 by Osokin
fabricio/paco : Exactly the same thoughts, she couldn't lose, he couldn't win.

17:46 December 16, 2009 by peropaco
Hola Osokin, her stock went way up and his is losing value. They are selling it off like hotcake. Que bolonqui
17:52 December 16, 2009 by Osokin
Hola Paco, I don't even wanna start to think how much that relationship costed on a monthly basis. Like they say eh, if it flies, sails or f___s you're better of renting it lol
19:26 December 16, 2009 by ladyontop
"While Hillary (Clinton) and Posh Spice chose to keep silent, diet and become feminist doormats, Elin stood with both feet firmly planted on the ground and realized the shame was Tiger's, not hers."

someone enlight me how did Söderlund come to this conclusion. this Elin, except she chased her running away husband with a golf club and bashed his car's window, did anything better than the above two mention women to deserve this kind of praise? Söderlund feels so proud of Elin simply because she is another Swede in my view.
20:09 December 16, 2009 by peropaco
Osokin, yes, lamentablemente Tiger made el error mas grande in the world and that was to marry la mucama or sirvienta.
20:36 December 16, 2009 by Jimmy
so everyone agrees and condones domestic violence just as long it is a swedish female doing the violence.

does that mean a male can now swing a golf club at his wife if she is caught cheating????????

wonder what the press would say then

typical of the double standards of today especially here in sweden
20:55 December 16, 2009 by Jacque Mehauf
She should get a divorce, lots of child support, alimony, etc., tell tiger adios, hold her head up and get on with life, she is still a young women, and no doubt has a nice future.f tiger had given the police a few minutes of his time when they wanted to talk to him after the accident, it would have all been over with, no women coming out of the woodwork, etc., probably a few dollars to the florida highway patrol christmas party, and all of this would have never made the 6oclock news.
20:58 December 16, 2009 by peropaco
Jimmy, Swedish foundation is build on double standard. From the "neutrality" during the wars while selling weapons to the gerrillas; straight up to the Tiger saga.. Imagine if Michael Jordan had said to Tiger; man, just slap the bitch a couple times and send her sorry azce back to Emmaboda?
21:15 December 16, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
Look, I've heard of them. Yes, they're a famous couple who has managed to stay private for quite some time. I understand the curiosity of the world, and Sweden with the cold and darkness, it probably makes for a good story during fika.

Sh*t happens, I get it, put in the news and papers. Check! You've done it? Good, then 3 weeks later, stop putting it in my newspapers.
21:26 December 16, 2009 by Osokin
Cierto Paco, un dolobu el grone, when all is said and done this is the score :

He : 50% amassed fortune scratched, alimony, child support/visitation regime (to be seen...), career and future income damaged, bad reputation socially

She : Personal fortune skyrockets, gets alimony, most probably gets custody and big/unnecessary child support she can dispose of freely, the event can launch a career for her, reputation immaculate (the victim)

The facts probably are that she closed her legs for too long, she never was much into it anyway, even less with the husband, guy went and did what every guy does under the circumstances, she swung a golf at him and put him in mortal danger, he crashed got hurt but protected her, now she will rape his ass in court. Like Jacque says would a man done any of that he'd be on jail or posting bail.

But this is all his fault for marrying in the 1st place. The guy don't seem too streetwise either as he apparently was paying for sex. The kids will have a good pampered life regardless so all is well.
21:47 December 16, 2009 by AmyG
She's way too good for him. He knows it too and will try to do anything to keep her. Hopefully she leaves him, moves back to Sweden with the kids. She is still young and now will never need to work again. He can keep hanging out with the bimbos that are only using him for his money.

I don't understand why people are criticizing her and blaming her. He cheated because it was a game and he has a huge ego. He just wanted his cake and to eat it too.
21:50 December 16, 2009 by peropaco
Osokin, mira vos, lunfardo y todo :-)))))

Regarding closing the legs for too long,well, it is quite evident. Yayo y el cuarteto obrero
22:05 December 16, 2009 by slickscott
Can someone please tell me why that untalented honky white Elin is signing a major corporate deal with PUMA???????? W T F sport or business acument does she or anyone else in this nationalistic country possess. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!
22:21 December 16, 2009 by peropaco
AmyG, way too good for him? She was an un-educated housekeeper when she married him (fullstop)
22:32 December 16, 2009 by miau
"Swedes keep lapping up juicy Tiger tidbits" - bit of an overstatement or what? May I suggest that I'm not the only one who thinks "who cares?" and that this story is a *private* matter. If I were him I would tell the media - and everyone else who feels obliged to pass judgement - to get lost.
01:51 December 17, 2009 by grantike
i donto take sides in people personal life.tiger has really messed up big time.but donot forget married is for better for worst,in health,in sickness,n problem and situition.lets no forget the marriegae vows,the love will never be the same again but with time elin will live up to it.if she decides to leave.she wants to take money which tiger can afford ten or twenty times.i really think elin is a strong woman.she should keeping holding on.american press/paparrazo will force words from ur mouth,say bad words and ask annoying questions,but when you samck thier or camera.its 250,000usd in charges.lol.elin keep ur cool.iger will be back soon.
02:19 December 17, 2009 by lingonberrie
Yes, Janbug

" . . . .We all got them,. . . ." and an equal portion of we who got them would not admit the same, or would want to have our privacy invaded; and an equal portion of them find that invading a celebrities privacy is their personal right--and they go into that blood-sport with relish.

04:10 December 17, 2009 by Canada_Girl
They had a pre-nup so she won't get much money. Sadly, I think embarrassment is what she'll get the most of from this situation. I would dump his a$$ just because of the humiliation.

I have never been to Sweden (still doing my "research), but even I know you don't mess with a Swedish woman.
04:27 December 17, 2009 by Greg in Canada
What does/doesn't surprise me is that the Swedish tabloid press has remained so polite about this. Most Swedes are getting their gossip news from the foreign press on this story. That's part of the Swedish psyche to be polite about anything, even if that includes stories like this or "politely" giving away some of your cities to Muslim immigrants. Swedes are beyond polite in some ways, they are actually quite meek sometimes.

The rage in N.A. is currently "Tiger jokes". Heard a few on local radio today. Some of these jokes are quite funny and others are quite brutal.

If this was N.A, or the U.K., Elin would have been crucified by the tabloids just because her parents were public figures. This would have added extra fuel to the fire. In Sweden it's downplayed.
04:48 December 17, 2009 by NYC76
Maybe I can shed some light on some people's confusion on the American and British Tabloid media. Tiger Woods was suppose to be a golden boy, the perfect person, never gets angry or aggressive, smiles at all the appropriate times, etc. Tiger had parents, who convinced him that he was perfect -and golf professionals and cooperate sponsors falling over themselves to be aligned with him. So submersed in his own perfect persona was this cub (ha!) that he completed the deal with the Swedish Cinderella and 2.5 kids.

In our media …….perfect people rarely last for long, and while I see the points of those who argue that this is a private matter; let's not forget that a good portion of this man's income (endorsements) are based on this infallible image that he cultivated and Elin participated in. America has no shortage of excellent professional athletes- part of Tiger's "Brand" was the "wholesome" image that HE cultivated. If it were just golf shoes and clubs, that would be one thing………but he sells everything from sunglasses, to razors, to Cars.

Honestly, it's just jokes here in the U.S. When it comes to this situation -and we will be just as excited when he returns to pro-golf and takes a new bride because after the carnage Americans love a comeback.

In the U.S. Elin is not being hailed as a feminist; it takes a little more than just being born female and jilted by your husband for you to be considered a "Feminist Hero". While women overwhelmingly sympathize with her -most internally believe that she should be compensated not necessarily for the infidelity (because most believe she already knew of it)-but for the public humiliation/spectacle/Hot Mess that she has to endure because of his actions.

FYI -according to one of Tiger's whores he's cheap too. Launch Video.

07:43 December 17, 2009 by Weekend_warrior
Well one source has it that there was a prenuptial agreement in which she got 20 million USD after 10 years of marriage, but it was re-negotiated recently to 75 million USD after 7 years. And some one time payment of 5 million for something.

However, They have not been married for either 7 or 10 years, so if they do divorce she just might get nothing except alimony if she get's the kids of course.

But I am sure custody as well as infidelity being a breach of contract are all in their pre-nup. In fact I would not be surprised if there is a part that says she cannot take the kids back to Sweden in the event of a divorce she must stay stateside to have custody.
10:12 December 17, 2009 by grantike
finally people are encouraging swedish media to brocast more on the story.what for .lets not forget this is a private issue.peoples life depends on it.whats the point revealing the whole lies on the media.some are BIG lies and fake.this a mere humilation.it diesnt sell papers.i wouldn buy magazines with tiger woods infidelity on front page.if elin divore tiger then she wants the money.tiger can fix things.marriage is for better for worst.in sickness untill death do apart.whats the point getting married if you cannot keep the vows.
11:17 December 17, 2009 by Streja
You're all very silly. Noone is talking about this at my office. We're all busy working here in Sweden.

You all think being a nanny in the US means that you are poor and uneducated. That is false. Lots of Swedish girls and boys go to the US as ua-pairs, not to earn money but to experience life in America, learn the language a bit better that they've studied since they were ten and have some fun.

Elin's mum was a minister in the government and is now a landshövding of a county. Hardly the same as a Mexican taking care of children because she needs money.
11:44 December 17, 2009 by Suntiger
Well, here's one swede who doesn't lap up the details.

It's their private business and I'd like to see the media get off their backs and report some real news instead.

Or at least look up 'private life' in the dictionary... *rolls eyes*
11:45 December 18, 2009 by Rogerenden
well, she'll have a good life in sweden. enough money, house... well, probably won't finde some guy loving her for the way she is but the money/looking. but hey, she'll have to live with that ;(
20:14 December 21, 2009 by jose_s
enough already!!.... he's not even a real athlete.... golf? really? how about that snow?
13:15 December 27, 2009 by MachineGunGirl
@paco & osokin: you got me laughing with tears and all!

What else can u expect from such a combo:

Drama between a successful black guy + dumb blonde = candy for people without life

Since the weather and swedish social skills suck, this kind of entertainment appears to be the only way out for some... pathetic, in my honest opinion :)
08:00 January 20, 2010 by geronimoIII
I wonder if he ever cheated playing golf...and didnt get caught.
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