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Elin's split with Tiger '100 percent on': report

AFP/The Local · 17 Dec 2009, 07:35

Published: 17 Dec 2009 07:35 GMT+01:00

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On Wednesday, ABC News, NBC News and People magazine, all citing unnamed sources close to Nordegren, said Elin Nordegren, 29, will split with Woods after he admitted infidelity amid reports that he had affairs with at least 14 women.

"Divorce is 100 percent on," ABC News's website reported a source saying.

"She's not rushing to divorce, however. She's going to take her sweet time.

"She wants all the dirty laundry to be out on the table before she signs anything."

The former Swedish model and mother of Tiger's children -- two-year-old daughter Sam and 10-month-old son Charlie -- has met lawyers to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement with Woods, People magazine reported.

"She plans to leave Tiger," one source was quoted as saying.

"She has made up her mind. There's nothing to think about: he's never going to change," another source reportedly said.

People also reported on its website that Nordegren was taking the children to Sweden for Christmas without Woods.

"Elin is going to Sweden soon," the source said. "Two stewardesses and one pilot are in Sweden with the plane now getting it ready to come pick them up."

But the same source cautioned that it was not a permanent move back to her homeland, as she planned to split her time between the two countries.

NBC News reported that Nordegren's recent trips to a gas station and Thai restaurant without her wedding ring were meant to signal her future plans.

"She and Tiger are living separately now, but she'll be making this split very open and official right after Christmas," NBC reported one source as saying.

"Elin is not going to be one of these 'stand by her man' women," another source told NBC. "This is beyond embarrassing, and she has a daughter and son she has to think about, who will know about this one day.

"Forgiveness isn't exactly around the corner."

Nordegren has bought a beachfront estate on an island near Stockholm and several websites reported she had talked with movers at the mansion she shared with Woods near Orlando.

Entertainment gossip website TMZ reported on Wednesday that Nordegren is also near a marketing deal with Puma, a rival of Nike, which is the foremost sponsor to announce it will support Woods, after others cut their ties.

Woods has put his career on indefinite hold "to focus my attention on being a better husband, father, and person," but US magazine reported he has remained in contact with Rachel Uchitel, whose tabloid-exposed fling three weeks ago began the firestorm.

"They are not over," a source told US, adding Woods paid her three million dollars to stay silent about their relationship but continues to send her text messages.

Woods and Uchitel are both reportedly in West Palm Beach, Florida, where Uchitel has family and Woods has a $22 million yacht named "Privacy".

Amid the shattering of his squeaky clean reputation, there was some support for Woods on Wednesday.

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He was named Athlete of the Decade in a vote by member editors of the Associated Press, more than half of his 56 votes returned to the US-based news agency after the November 27 car crash that began his downfall.

And National Basketball Association standout Ron Artest sent him an open letter of support, calling the embattled golf star "the perfect role model for me and my sons."

The Los Angeles Lakers forward, who once went into the stands after being struck by a cup -- touching off an infamous 2004 NBA brawl -- posted the letter on his website, calling Woods a "stand-up guy."

Artest said he had a child with another woman after having two children with the girlfriend he would later marry.

"I have made the same mistakes," Artest said. "My wife is a much better wife than I am a husband. We still argue and disagree after being together 16 years."

Meanwhile, the construction firm building "Tiger Woods Dubai", a golf course and housing development, said it is committed to finishing the project.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

08:38 December 17, 2009 by pallomamy
always tiger wood! please leave the human being alone!dont you have better things to do instead of putting your big nose into a very private matter han?
09:11 December 17, 2009 by peropaco
Swedes women never stands by their man as they are too busy shagging other guys while drunk. Give a married Swedish woman a glass of cheap wine and in gratitude she will climb the greesy pole in a heartbeat ;-=)

Now Elin can comeback to the gloom, where she belongs..
09:24 December 17, 2009 by calebian22
"Forgiveness isn't exactly around the corner."

I am sure that Elin has done nothing that demands forgiveness either. Swedish women are perfect, just ask one, she'll tell you. Good luck, Tiger.
10:02 December 17, 2009 by Jimmy
Of course she is coming to Sweden quickly just before she gets ( or should get ) charged with assault. Poor little Swedish ex nanny attacked her mega rich husband with a golf club and she gets everything. Think first if she deserves any sympathy for Tiger screwing around, she must also stand up for her actions and be made accountable.
10:20 December 17, 2009 by peropaco
And Tiger should be careful with allowing her to bring his kids to Sweden. He should first let her sign a document promising to return the kids to the US if she is to receive any divorce settlement. I know how well the bureaucracy work here; particularly with regards to assisting in hiding children's from their foreign parent.
10:48 December 17, 2009 by nneville
Is she still available for Nanny work?
11:20 December 17, 2009 by Hamish
"quote" has met lawyers to renegotiate her prenuptial agreement with Woods "unquote"

as if she is not going to get enough.....

I am sure she was just wishing for a slip up like this so she could get her grubby hands on as much moola as her dirty "slut" (that swedish word that means other things in english) hands can grab and getting children just makes it easier to get his money....

I am sorry but after watching Hollywood fru on tv I really think that they go and meet the millionare just to either live a lavish lifestyle or take their mans money away as soon as they slip up

I myself am behind tiger woods 100 percent and would like to tell him that! he is a champion golfer and a nice guy, yea he screwed around but hey tiger would have had a hell a lot of women trying to seduce him and i beat you he could have a hell of a lot higher tally than 14 if he really wanted to!

and on top of that the slappers that shagged around with him are more than likely just in it for financial gains anyway

man women suck!!!
11:24 December 17, 2009 by planethero
lol at nneville

for the rest:

masogynists anonymous 08-72C5872
11:51 December 17, 2009 by Jimmy
Hamish, if the women did the husbands wouldn't go around looking for it
11:53 December 17, 2009 by peropaco
Hamish, I sure that was part of her big plan. She is nothing more than a plain old gold digging trash. Now she will move back to Sweden with loads of dough; get married to a boring Svenszon she can push around and live the perfect swedish life thereafter.
11:55 December 17, 2009 by Annaya
Oh plzzzz, Tiger Woods is NOT a nice guy, not even close. His father cheated on his mother and according to his college girlfriend, Tiger cried when he told her that his father was with another woman. He screwed with barmaids, strippers, and per a west coast madam, had his own orgies in Vagas with several women at a time. The best thing Elin can do is kick his @@s to the curb and go on with her life without the JERK. Wait until his is back on the golf course....the "fans" will get him good. We (in the U.S. love to give it to a creepy Caublasian.)
12:37 December 17, 2009 by Jacque Mehauf
Santa is gonna be really nice to Elin this christmas,.!And she deserves every million of it.
13:02 December 17, 2009 by gimenapuppo
oh please, home come you POSSIBLY make tiger the victim here?! the man's sick! that's not due to "couple issues"! and he hired women long before marrying her. that's no stupid one-time mistake!

she should crash him, make him miserable, take EVERY SINGLE penny!

I can't believe there are people defending him! And what "big plan"? who would ever want to go through this hell?! who would like to expose their kids like that, make them suffer and all?!

you think she should be charged with assault for hitting him with a gold club? or really? because i'm sure you would have remained perfectly calm if you found out your spouse is a sex addict and has been bangging strangers. Psh, I'd rather hit my husband with a gold club than be such a hypocrite.
13:06 December 17, 2009 by calebian22

Hmm, I never thought that knowing that no one is ever the perfect partner and that there is always room for blame in a failed relationship makes one a masogynist. Thanks for the information. I will call right away and get the help I need.
13:08 December 17, 2009 by Roy E
This entire debacle is just more evidence of cultural rot - and we don't need any more evidence (as the front page of Expressen will attest to on any given day). Character, integrity, and values are all completely absent from this story - starting with Elin's horrible decision to step into that world in the first place. She'll walk away with millions which makes her more fortunate than most who make such disastrous, multiple errors in judgment, so it's hard ot feel too sorry for her. She does not deserve the halo that some are trying to place over her head. She is merely the least of all the bad actors in this story.

It's interesting that the skanks and whores that Woods hooked up with are getting a free pass in all of this. Here we have epic failure in the character department. Woods being a world class champion scumbag should not obscure that fact that these skanks and whores are indeed skanks and whores.
13:29 December 17, 2009 by Beynch
Cracking the whip here - I'm guessing - is her social democrat mother Holmberg, although I do agree Holmberg's daughter MUST get a divorce from Woods, the low-rent cheater! It will liberate him and make him free to pursue all the pancake waitresses his loins desire. How Holmberg will be able to evade the money grabbing Swedish tax authorities after the settlement remains to be seen, but interesting to follow. I expect nothing less than $500,000,000.00. The entire social democrat establishment in Gävleborgs Län is eagerly awaiting her next move. And how Holmberg will reconcile her sudden wealth with the social democrat, marxist, philosophy is a story onto its own. I have already speculated that Holmberg will alter her political affiliation, and abandon the dictatorial Party of Palme.
13:39 December 17, 2009 by texasgubbar
'Cheatah' is the new name for 'Tiger'. For every 1 skank that is known there are probably another 10 out there who isnt. As far as endorsements, there are plenty of liquor, condom, gambling establishments that would love to have such an accomplishes cocksman such as Cheatah Woods as a spokesman.
13:50 December 17, 2009 by MTTRN
Most of the comments here in defence of Tiger are indeed quite pathetic. The deification of a guy who cheated repeatedly on his wife with several women and who makes a living by chasing around a small plastic ball with a stick is contemptible. I am sure he is the best at what he does but what he does is some overhyped and pointless excuse of a sport which is normally done by retired millionares who can hardly be called athletes. But at the end of the day Elin is a woman so how it can be Tiger`s fault right?
13:54 December 17, 2009 by Jimmy
#13 13:02 December 17, 2009 by gimenapuppo

I'd rather hit my husband with a gold club

why not just walk away from him????????

but no be a typical swedish woman do whatever you want even physical assault because no one will prosecute them.

so gimenapuppo you support spousal abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence as long as it is all coming from the female
14:02 December 17, 2009 by Osokin
You see guys, we should learn from the women's corporativist defense of the true aggresor in this sage which was Elin and her clubbing rage. Most women from around here see men as something of use on a certain periods of their lives, and most men let themselves be used as tools in exchange for cookies. That is ok. I bet no time soon we will see Madonna marrying one of her toyboys, for example. This is the big difference. Woman marries money, witholds sex, husband cheats, she gets violent and makes him flee and crash a tree, but hey, she gets away scot free, with custody, alimony and millions, the rights to the book, the movie and the reality show and whatnot. But it is all about him cheating here lol. In the modern version of cinderella after a few years she poisons the prince and keeps the palace.
14:25 December 17, 2009 by texasgubbar
MTTRN, you seem to have a problem with golf. As many women do. Its understandable. As after a few years of lackluster marriage a husband tends to want to be in the company of friends in a civil competition on a well maintain field rather that at home with a grouchy obese house frau.
15:00 December 17, 2009 by Hamish

15:41 December 17, 2009 by Greg in Canada
Good for Elin. Throw the bum out. I'm glad she's not going to be another "stand by your man" dish rag.

I can't believe there are people here defending Tiger and slamming Elin. You people are as pathetic as the guy you're defending.
16:06 December 17, 2009 by adigunbabatunde@yahoo.com
whats the confusion about this guy...its not the first time a husband is being unfaithful...Clinton was and the heavens did not fall. the only thing this proves is the Elin is not a down to heart wife (of its expected of a swede) I think she could do more than the obvious and stay by Tiger if really she ever loved him not the money as its shows now (she has a lesson to learn from Hilary Clinton)...you never know who loves you unless you face trying times as this... she's a gold digger as far as the media is concerned.
16:16 December 17, 2009 by 646-284-2915
She will get nothing other than child support if she pursues a divorce (the PRENUP IS SOLID AS STEEL), however, Tiger Woods should drop this AVERAGE bleach bottled Blond and live his life. A nanny who became a machine to have his two babies doesnt deserve the attention nor the money.

Also, can the Swedes stop lying to the rest of the world that Sweden is filled with beautiful women. I'm from New York City and Sweden has nothing on New York (Black women, Brown women, women that actually have behinds instead of pancake a$$es)

Swedish women are the most brokedown, no having body women I've seen in my life. And their faces if not ugly are average at best.

Elin if your reading this dont believe the hype. Stay with Tiger if he will have you.
16:27 December 17, 2009 by DAVID T
Typical Swedish woman - if she wasn't so dull he wouldn't have to look elsewhere
16:36 December 17, 2009 by efm
I wonder the stats of infidelity on Swedish men? How about Swedish rich men? I think infidelity is universal sin, and becomes more accessible if you're very rich!

Elin walk into this marriage knowing the benefits and travails of being with a very rich man. She is there for the money and glory it brings. She is not an innocent bystander.

I'd say, renegotiate the prenup as high as possible, stay with him, let him fool around, stay with the kids, and when Tiger dies, she has everything.

Why go back to cold and strange Sweden?

She can be living anywhere she wants and enjoy the lifestyle she strive for. For an ex-nanny, it's not too bad!
16:58 December 17, 2009 by determined
The only unfair part in this whole episode was Tiger's bad luck , otherwise he did what most of married men desire to do or doing it uncaught.
17:09 December 17, 2009 by norling
People keep pointing out that she was a nanny. So what, she made a poor choice in her first marriage and its too bad that children are involved. Many young women are naive enough to think that they can marry an alpha male type who has testosterone bubbling up behind his eyeballs and transform hi into their prince charming for life, it aint going to happen. Men do the same thing get hooked up with sluts and think that they can turn them into their own personnal slut. Aint going to happen. Those dummies will go through their whole lives making the same mistake, at least most women seem to learn and I'm sure Elin will too. Probably before the members on this board get tired of this rather boring "saga".
17:10 December 17, 2009 by texasgubbar
I dont blame her, she should get as much as possible. If Cheatah wanted to be a whore monger then he shouldnt get married. Golf is full of lovable losers (John Daly).

She should take the kids and the money and let Cheatah have his harem. Comparing her to Hillary is crazy, Hillary stayed for her career, it had nothing to do with staying with her man.

As far as Swedish women, they are hot in their 20's but they hit some type of genetic trigger that very quickly turns them in to 50's. Must be too much sun and too many cigs... I understand why Thailand is so popular with Swedes, the food is good but the babes are better.
17:12 December 17, 2009 by norling
I thought Swedes went there for the boys.
17:13 December 17, 2009 by MTTRN
Clearly Elin is in the wrong for several reasons

1.She was a nanny and she married a much richer guy. She should have said no when Tiger proposed obvioulsy because he had several hundred million more than her at that point. Clearly she was not equal to him in any way,I would understand if she was the women`s world champion in darts,curling,or at least throwing paper balls in beer bottles from a large distance for example.

2. He cheated on her many times. Big deal,if she really loves him she should stay with him. Show me a man who wouldn`t stay with his wife after he found out she sucked a dozen cocks after they got married.

3. She cannot divorce him because she would not get as much as she hopes she would. She`s much better off by putting up with this for the rest of her life.
17:43 December 17, 2009 by Osokin
@ norling

"I thought Swedes went there for the boys. "

No, actually they go there to meet feminine women, whores or otherwise, which you cannot find in skankinavia.
18:00 December 17, 2009 by texasgubbar
Forget Accenture, Nike, Buick, Tag Hauer, ATT and all the other endorsements.

He kicks major ass in golf, has a hot babe wife and consistantly nails the hottest skanks.

18:09 December 17, 2009 by Baned
The man cheats on his wife, repeatedly, and cheats on his mistresses, repeatedly, while his wife is taking care of their newborn child at home and yet you still praise him? What's with all the trash talk about Swedish women? You do realize that it makes you look really pathetic, right?

Elin should divorce his ass. No one deserves that! As for chasing him with a golf club, what wife wouldn't go ballistic after hearing all that? She deserved her momentary lapse of bad judgment!

Go Elin! Divorce his ass! There are better men out there, golf pro or not!
18:25 December 17, 2009 by Osokin
No, she could had caused his death with that attack, what she deserves is psychiatric asessment to see if she is fit to get custody of the kids, being that she seems prone to violence, then a trial on attempted murder and injuries, with it's consecuent jail time or probation and social work at the very least.

Funny how you girls condone gender violence, double standards ?
18:57 December 17, 2009 by texasgubbar
"she could had caused his death with that attack," hey numbnutz, you have no idea what went on before, maybe the Escalade should sue???

However, she didnt handle it well, her emotions got the best of her. After she found out then she should have immediately contacted a private investigator and attorney. Then very sweetly suggest they should nullify or amend the prenup. Then when everything is lined up, come down so hard that Cheatah wished a 3 iron was all he had to worry about.

I can see it now. Viargra - Now YOU can have Tigers WOOD.
19:17 December 17, 2009 by Beynch
@646-284-2915. You seem to be one of those working class heroes who were ineligible for the 212 area code. 646 is usually reserved for those on the insignificant lower rung of the social scale. Your comment also reeks of not so subliminal racism. Holmberg's daughter is seen these days sans her wedding band, meaning that she is not staying with trailer park filth Woods, contrary to your orders. It also seems to be the general concenus that once her ferocious attorneys are done, pre-nup notwithstanding, poor Woods will be left with only enough dough for a cheap condo on South Beach's north end. Woods seem to be interested in pancake a$$es though, or at least in white pancake waitre$$es.
20:58 December 17, 2009 by 646-284-2915

"What's with all the trash talk about Swedish women? You do realize that it makes you look really pathetic, right?"

No sir, quite the contrary, I've dated thousands of women around the world and the most homely, boring, tired looking by far are Svensk kvinnor (Swedish woman). Likewise, I fail to see how my opinion is pathetic, still, you may be a queer, docile, effeminized Svensk män, and I'm not.

@Bench or is it bitch

The only people who make a fuss about area codes in New York City are women and homosexuals.

Which one are you?


Tiger should have never married; on the other hand, this female sure helped him pull in those endorsements. Michael Jordan should have schooled him to always have your hoes sign "shut your mouth contracts were only F-ing".

21:06 December 17, 2009 by lingonberrie
Greg in Canada

Don't bother to make any sense on this blog, except for the usual few decent comments, this particular group of posters has no decency.

There is more common-sense found in a bucket of rocks.
21:59 December 17, 2009 by eddie123
who cares what happens to elin, tiger and the kids? i know for a fact that i don't. let's discuss swine flu vaccines, climate change or the essence of christmas or ramaddan.

enough with the gold digger story. all 'em girls including elin and tiger are gold diggers. the girls crave tiger's money, tiger loves scamming the corporate world. the lure of money temporary blinds women and men to reality.
22:04 December 17, 2009 by Jon.Wenger
Why are most here ganging up on one of your own? All this over a golliwog too! She's better off without him.
00:23 December 18, 2009 by peropaco
Breaking news, Swedish women are the most desperate, boring and unfaithful of all. If you are dating one, married to one or thinking of getting married; there is a 90% possibility she has; or will soon cheat on your sorry ass. Trust me!
00:28 December 18, 2009 by AmyG
HIs cheating probably had nothing to do with her. It was just a game for him. Hopefully she leaves him, takes the children and lives wherever she wants. She is still young, beautiful and will be rich.
01:00 December 18, 2009 by dizzymoe33
What do Santa Claus and Tiger Woods have in commen?

Santa stopped at 3 Ho's get it-Ho,Ho,Ho

Sorry I couldn't resist it.:o)
01:25 December 18, 2009 by Roy E
It's bizarre that some actually defend Tiger Woods. He took an oath. He deliberately and systematically broke his vows. This means that Tiger Woods' word is worthless. He cannot be trusted. He is a liar.

That makes him less than a man.

He's just a scumbag with an awesome golf game.
01:28 December 18, 2009 by wxman
Heard something funny on the radio today. Apparently, Whoopie Goldberg said she was sick of hearing so much about how beautiful Elin is and how could Tiger do that to her. Whoopie said, "Would it be better if his wife were ugly like me?" The radio commenter said, "No, but it would at least be understandable". LMAO!
07:02 December 18, 2009 by thelionking
She's cute. Not amazing.But he's no oil painting either in fairness.But when has that ever mattered?

People want them to fall from grace clearly. Really good spirit at this time of year. Sad. This is the kind of garbage story sells a lot of advertising space. Period.

Merry Christmas/holidays everybody + the Woods
16:41 December 18, 2009 by nina-pretty-ballerina
I'm curious. All you posters who refer to Sweden as strange, and Swedish women as ugly, desperate and boring can you please tell me what you're doing here on a site about Sweden? Are you just ogling the pictures of the still hot-looking 20-somethings?


And since you all seem to have a lot of spare time on your hands can you perhaps explain to me what exactly makes a woman boring?
20:13 December 18, 2009 by mibrooks27
nina-pretty-ballerina - I'm an American, but I lived in Sweden, and I am pretty sure these empty headed idiots are my fellow countrymen. I'm embarrassed.
21:17 December 18, 2009 by andaliya
nina-pretty-ballerina- I was wondering the exact same thing! If they think of Sweden as this strange, dark, miserable place and find Swedish women ugly then why are they even on this site???

I find Elin to be absolutely stunning. And I feel deeply sorry for her, despite money. Any woman who has to find out that her husband has been having sex with at least 14 skanks throughout the course of their marriage would be deeply deeply humiliated. i would want to just die. I think she is handling all this pressure rather well. Especially as a Swede who likes to keep things private.

And as for all these stupid comments about her being "uneducated" and "just a nanny who was changing diapers", they are obviously unaware of the Swedish way of doing things. Many many Swedes work and travel after highschool to get to know themselves better and figure out what they really want to do before rushing head first as an 18 year old into college, like Americans do. Also, many Swedish girls travel abroad to live as Au Pair in other countries to learn about another culture and become profficient at another language. These people who are calling her "just a nanny" are obviously the ignorant and unenlightened ones here, not Elin. She was only what, 21, when she met Tiger? This is so enfuriating that people are attacking her and degrading her like that, as if she is the one in the wrong here.
22:25 December 18, 2009 by mibrooks27
nina-pretty-ballerina - Oh, and as for your question about what makes a woman boring, for the average American males, if it isn't inflatable, it's boring. These limp membered losers don't have the slightest idea of what to do with a genuine human being.
04:11 December 19, 2009 by Ben T.
Sorry, I live in America. I'm middle aged and attended a Division 1 college on a golf scholarship so I am here to defend...no...not Tiger.

What exactly did Elin do to deserve some of these posts? Last I checked she married this man, had his children, raised them while he traveled the planet and I can't think of a single time she brough attention to herself with interviews or otherwise. Tiger is not the victim here.

Look, none of us are angels but Elin deserves to have the right to make this decision without ramifications. Tiger blew it. We are forgiving society and he can come back but this will take time and won't be the "instant gratification" he sought with pancake waitresses. Time will tell if he's man enough to work on regaining acceptance.

From my perspective, Elin has done everything right and I for one hope she can get past this and move on with her life in a peaceful manner. With or without Tiger.

Sorry for the long post. Happy Holidays.
01:20 December 20, 2009 by JoeSwede
@Ben T.

I completely agree with you.

I hope both Elin and Tiger Woods can regain their berings in life regardless of where they choose to go. The kids need both Elin and Tiger to be involved in their lives. If divorse ensues then both will still need to be civil to each other during child conversations.

In terms of the money involved... they are stagering sums. I would have thought that the prenuptial would preclude a 50%/50% division. I hope that Tiger will be the gentleman and throw in a generous amount so that she can move on to her next chapter in life. Or better yet...send me a million or two!
01:22 December 20, 2009 by Quynn
Oh puleez - Tiger didn't cheat with one woman or 2 or even 3 but 15!

Geez one can forgive but to forgive for 15 different women. c'mon. I'd go after him myself with a gulf club if my ex had 15. but he had 1 and that was one to many. he and his f@ggot boyfriend now live in the house my inheritance fixed up. Talk about a gold digger. I'm still fighting to get it back.

Elin hold you head up high with dignity & be sure to get tested for STDs. God only knows what diseases 15 sluts could be carrying.
01:51 December 20, 2009 by somebody1
Pls,Before u judge anyone here..you must ask your self first...who is perfect.

I beleive in a marriage there should be Love.When trouble comes in..I beleive Love should supercede...Elin or Tiger Wood both are at fault.But the truth is that Elin has been thinking of divorcing him ,before he confessed or probably using that oportunity of his Mistakes against him to swindle him of his money....Tiger wood on the other is a Man that stood up for his mistakes and accepted it and i believed he is ready to change for better.For him to accept his mistakes and asked for forgiveness.Can Bill Clinton do that.

i believed no one will accept that immorality from her Man.

As a matter of fact Elin should grow up if she truely LOVED wood from the beginning and FORGIVE....If she is not having hidden agenda on her MENU....And as a Man...Wood should learn a great lesson from his mistake....

But the whole story about asking for a divorce....I BELIEVED SHE IS A
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"Hej readers, It has, as always, been a bizarre, serious and hilarious week in Sweden. You…" READ »

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This is Malmö: Football capital of Sweden
Will Swedes soon be looking for fairtrade porn?
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
The Local Voices
'I simply don’t believe in nationality'
Why we're convinced Game of Thrones is based on Sweden
People-watching: October 21st-23rd
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Fury at plans that 'threaten the IB's survival' in Sweden
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Swedish for programmers: 'It changed my life'
Analysis & Opinion
Are we just going to let half the country die?
Angry elk chases Swede up a lamp post
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
The Local Voices
'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
People-watching: October 20th
The Local Voices
A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
People-watching: October 14th-16th
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
Property of the week: Triangeln, Malmö
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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