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MP makes indecent Christmas party proposal

Paul O'Mahony · 18 Dec 2009, 15:56

Published: 18 Dec 2009 07:03 GMT+01:00
Updated: 18 Dec 2009 15:56 GMT+01:00

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A number of independent witnesses reported seeing Svedberg, 44, stripped down to his underpants and banging on the door of the woman's office, where she had reportedly taken shelter from his repeated unwanted attentions. Standing out in the corridor in his underwear and shirt, he continued to plead with her for sex.

The report from inside the Social Democrats' Christmas party was later confirmed in an interview with the guilty parliamentarian.

"I went through a gastric bypass a while back, which means that alcohol goes straight into the blood stream. But I'm not going to excuse what happened, I was simply too drunk," Svedberg told Politikerbloggen.

Filled with regret after Tuesday's excesses, Svedberg later called his colleague to apologize. The woman did not appear to hold a grudge against her harasser.

"I understand that he's repentant because this can't have been his intention at all," she told Politikerbloggen.

She explained that she was not afraid at any point as her door was locked but she decided to phone one of her colleagues, Jörgen Hellman, when the man continued to knock on her door. Hellman in turn alerted a security guard who came up to the floor on which the party was held and led Svedberg away to his own office in his underwear and shirt.

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Social Democrat parliamentary group leader Sven-Erik Österberg said he had spoken to Svedberg and received his version of events.

"I'm not going to demand that he step aside at this point. At the same time I've told him this absolutely has to be a one-off occurrence, otherwise we can no longer have confidence in him," Österberg told Politikerbloggen.

Paul O'Mahony (paul.omahony@thelocal.com)

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Your comments about this article

09:09 December 18, 2009 by peropaco
You see, this is how Swedes behave. Since they lack chutzpah, they have to rely heavily on alcohol for the extra bravado push. Both men and women comport the same. Just hours before, Tiger Woods was the topic of discussion before his inebriated cerebrovascular prose and he had strong condemning opinion.
09:27 December 18, 2009 by byke
The feminist party should love this story ..... especially as the women said NO.

Sexual liberation ? or common sense?
09:50 December 18, 2009 by the fonz
Really funny - I love the carnage after office parties - it's great entertainment.

Imagine these two in the next meeting - fab!
09:59 December 18, 2009 by Osokin
No pikkujoulu codes ? What happens in Vegas ... but guess he couldn't leave the inner retard home and she couldn't pass the opportunity to get some public attention.
10:16 December 18, 2009 by Kevin Harris
The horror. A man/woman gets drunk at an office Christmas party, behaves outragously, and makes a pass at another man/woman. MP's and Social Democrats are clearly not immune to the gloriously, excrutiatingly embarrassing experiences that make office Christmas parties worth going to. Good! Whoever he is, he has my sympathy, my personal glasshouse is way to overglazed for me to throw even the smallest stone at him.
10:24 December 18, 2009 by bettan1
Every country on the planet has these obscenely rich and powerful perverts running their governments. Why should this be a surpize to anyone? Don't be surprized however when average Sven, Lars or Ingrid on the street involves themselves in this kind of crap. People will always follow their leader's example.

This world is really in trouble. Is it any wonder that all those EGOS down in Carbonhagen can't agree on anything to save this planet? I wonder who the next celebrity god or goddess is who will fall from grace?
10:46 December 18, 2009 by Bensonradar
It would be nice to have the name of the politician? Even if he "allegedly" got caught with his trousers down. Other media have named him? "...stripped down to his underpants...in his underwear and shirt, he continued to plead with her for sex." Wonderful stuff! You should consider making a political comedy TV program about this, or put something on U-Tube.

But seriously, it is sad that alcohol unleashed his wanton desires. If sober, he could have made his overtures in a more pleasant and manly fashion. Stripped to his underpants, the poor woman must have been terrified.

But, great story. Keep 'em coming!
11:51 December 18, 2009 by Huey
Social Democrat's the worst crap of the the goverment. Can't say much for the rest either. When will we decide to give power to the Royal Family? They at least are decent and have morals.
12:15 December 18, 2009 by suedoise
this is not one bit funny - it is a wellknown fact that social democrats in political positions whether locally or nationally handle alcohol very badly in comparison to the other political parties. The party always refuses to take this abuse seriously now as before. Journalists are also to blame knowing all since decades and saying nothing especially not when the party was in power. Now that bloggers have entered public space the discreet silence can no longer be upheld. Thank God for that. You can imagine how women in that party have fared throughout the years.
13:05 December 18, 2009 by krrodman
I need to know only one thing:

Was he wearing boxers or tidy-whiteys?

Nothing is more sexy than a fat, middle-aged social democrat in tight, starched tidy-whiteys.
13:10 December 18, 2009 by bettan1

Maybe it was a Speedo !!!

13:10 December 18, 2009 by Beynch
There is one of two things going on here, both proving that the social democrats have a leg up on everyone else in boorish behavior: 1) They are so inebriated with their power ("Some are more equal tha others"), that they take it for granted that they can get away with it. "How dare you question me?" Or 2) Social democrats are generally from the lower rung of the social scale, and therefore lack the civility required of someone in a leadership role. In either case, it is time for Sweden in the next election to show this leninist pack the exit! Defeat socialism in 2010!
13:24 December 18, 2009 by rumcajs
It's not that I excuse the guy or that I'm on this or that side or anything.... also, I am not a sexist machoman or anything like that, but just for fun, what do you guys think if it hadn't been a fat, middle-aged social democrat, but a sexy, young, beatifull lady from whatever party knocking on a male colleague's door?

This is what I think... not saying that'd be correct:

1- The guy IF not happy about this cos of being happily married or gay or whatever, wouln't have called anybody and actually would've kept the secret for not to embarece the lovely colleague.

2- IF the "issue" had in fact got to be known, most of people opinion would be something like.... "ohhh, those bloody politicians realy know how to have fun" or anything like that.

Any other ideas?
13:30 December 18, 2009 by tadchem
Perhaps the shade of our late Senator Kennedy is wandering the halls of the Riksdag looking for MPs to demonically possess.
14:42 December 18, 2009 by norling
Well we know it wasn't senator Craig because it was a female.
14:51 December 18, 2009 by rumcajs
@ Beynch,

Your number one sounds JUST quite logic. Yes, there are those kind of people everywhere, every country, party, gender, race, etc.

But the number 2 ("the lower rung of the social scale, and therefore lack the civility required of someone in a leadership role.") is a cathedral-size example of elitism, classism and social discrimitation that does not surprise me coming from an ultra-right extremist and fascist like your lovely self. You can be very proud mate. Franco, Mussolini or Hitler couldn't have said it better. Someone should give you an iron cross for that.

Congratulations Beynch!!!

Only one question. From which "rung" (hehehe) do you come from your blue-blooded exelence?
14:52 December 18, 2009 by Vendorune
why you don't print the guy's name??

No name == made up story. lies and hearsay
15:10 December 18, 2009 by rbsweden
""I understand that he's repentant because this can't have been his intention at all," she told Politikerbloggen"

Riiight... The old saying goes something like this:

"A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts"

Unfortunately, more a sad story than funny one. But yes, you do have to love Christmas parties legacies.
15:20 December 18, 2009 by Michael84
He must have been an immigrant !

Now seriously "WOW". my jaw just dropped gonna collect it back lol
15:51 December 18, 2009 by krrodman
Everyone on this blog has it all wrong. Our MP is the victim here and deserves compensation.

This is what we know. The fellow was morbidly obese and had poor self-esteem. I doubt if he ever slept with a girl. I would go so far as to say that he became a utopian social democratic with the hope of finding a girl who might love him for who he is, knowing full well that no one could love him for what he looked like.

The great country of Sweden offered him gastric bypass surgery with the promise of improved body image and self-esteem. That is to say, the country of Sweden promised him that is he got this surgery he would be able to score chicks.

The problem is, of course, he still can't get a woman to sleep with him.

In my mind the country of Sweden has made false promises and completely failed our hopeless MP. No doubt, he is the victim and deserves restitution.
15:59 December 18, 2009 by Beynch
@rumcajs: A certain amount of - using your words - 'elitism, classisism and social discrimination' can have a motivating, inspiring, effect, and isn't necessarily completely undesirable, and may drive people to improve their lot in society and set a tone of industriousness. But, of course, if you believe in a totalitarian, orwellian-marxist, societal order - and the social democrats do - then we must all be the same. I am at a loss to understand how Franco, Mussolini and Hitler fits into this? Why leave out Castro, Guevara, Chavez, Stalin, Ulbricht, Tung and Kim? They too seem to have considered themselves above us ordinary folks. My own initial comment stands. As for my own rung, I come from a rung where at least we have good table manners. The social democrats, shall we say, need some guidance on this.
17:12 December 18, 2009 by losungen
A gastric bypass. Now, why didn't Tiger Woods think about that!
17:53 December 18, 2009 by insect
For those people asking for the person's name.

Is it that I am reading the story too late after The Local has changed put in the name of the person, or they just didnt bother to read the story and went straight to the comments, or did The Local use a fake name for the politician? Because it clearly states the horny bastard was Per Svedberg.
18:32 December 18, 2009 by soultraveler3
It was an unfortunate situation but was handled well imo.

He shouldn't have gotten that hammered at the office christmas party.


She was nice and understood that he's human, not a perv and didn't mean anything by it.

Most all of us have been there at one point or another. Making the occasional @ss of oneself is part of human nature. :)
18:39 December 18, 2009 by Miguel526
I am pleased to read the commentary from differing points of view here. It doesn't seem that the people have gone over with the pure and real intent of the editor of this paper to blame Christmas, blame Christians by implication for this example among many other Christmas time actions/foibles of various human beings. The editor's lead-in piece was genuinely trying to lead the reader into blaming and dis-liking Christmas and to implicate Christians for this behavior.

This editor clearly forgets that Swedish Christians made Sweden the great nation it once was and which status Sweden now is in the process of losing. This probably was an attempt to divert our eyes from the vile, humorous hypocrisies of the EGO-ECO consensus-science bullies in Copenhagen having to suffer snow's Christmas surprise as they try to forge a Chicago-mob-style permanent giveaway to to the world's thug leaders of third-world nations.
18:46 December 18, 2009 by Henckel
It's always been a rule of thumble not to drink at a Christmas party, but if you did, keep it to a minimum. I think this story bears out what Nietzsche said about people being basically stupid...
19:58 December 18, 2009 by wenddiver
Look at the picture!!!!!! This guy is the child from the movie "A Christmas Story" all grown up. You know, the kid who broke his glasses with the Red Ryder BB Gun!!!!!!

Maybe once she is back in Sweden he and Tiger Woods, ex wife can date??? What great reality TV that would be, he being a public fool, and her having experience with fools who can't keep their pants on.
21:22 December 18, 2009 by lingonberrie

You forgot to add:reagan, bush/bush, cheney, nixon, rove, AIPAC, geithner, paulson, bernanke, and all of the heads of:AIG, et al, and Wall Street, and the elitist Establishment WASPS on the East Coast, particularly those direct decendents from the Mayflower. France is full of them, as well, and so is Italy, but the majority of them reside in merry old England.

I could go on, but my point is made.

Never try to defend elitism because you will end-up with both feet in your mouth and paralyze your brain.
21:35 December 18, 2009 by Beynch
@lingonberrie; You must have chosen your name to represent the bright - discarded on the trash heap of history - red that's representative of your view on life. Save for AIPAC, Geithner(especially Geithner) Paulson. Bernanke, I hold the rest of them in high esteem. Including what you call 'The elitist establishment of wasps`. At least they had class and decorum! Yours and Mona's favorite, Ché, did not.
23:22 December 18, 2009 by GLO
Krrodman..Well said..
00:26 December 19, 2009 by lingonberrie

I have no such favorites--so your analysis, as usual, is coming from the wrong end of your morphology,

I have both Swedish and German ancestry so I have no need of anything else, and I definitely have no need of the WASP establishment in that sorry United States.

The "class" and "decorum" that you worship in the WASP establishment is a myth.

I knew one of them well, and his particular family was very wealthy, who told me that he was ashamed to be one, and he specifically cited the husband's and wives who were trolling one another's back yards and bedrooms in adulterous relationships that were a sport among them.

No, he was no long-haired hippy, but a well respected Med student in his fifth year of Medicline.

Your education of America is sadly lacking. Go there and live for five years, and not among the insulated world of the elitists that you worship but among the people who those scum rely upon to keep them.

Grow up.
02:09 December 19, 2009 by soultraveler3
Lol @ lingonberrie!

You're telling him to grow up when all you ever do on this forum is name call and spew misinformed hatred. Wtg! Lol!
18:58 December 20, 2009 by wxman
Lingon? I think not. More like dingle.
11:44 December 23, 2009 by rumcajs

About Castro, Guevara, etc.... I didn't mention them coz they might be dictators, but I am talking about 'elitism, classisism and social discrimination' and they are not really well known for these things. And mate: I AM NOT COMMUNIST.

Dude, you are hopeless. Always answering some nonsence. And on the top you think you are some kind of great thing.

I don't have to be communist to hate idiotic people who think the "rung" makes a difference when it comes to have this or that "job". That's discrimination.
13:12 January 7, 2010 by Beynch
@rumcajs: I may be, in your opinion, hopeless. But as Sweden is still a democracy (although God know for how long?) with freedom of speech(although God knows for how long?) I have tghe right to express an opinion. I reinforce what I said, lower rung of the social scale. I'm not so totally SSU indoctrinated by marxist invective that I do not think that an element of "elitism, classisism amd social discrimination" can't be good thing. It may just inspire. The problem is - and you demonstrate it vividly - being blinded by political correctness. Also, where do Hitler, Mussolini and Franco fit into our discussion? None of them are around. The exmplifies the tupical socialist/liberal reaction. Throw in a "Hitler" here and there and the discussion is over.
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