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Tiger not yet out of the woods

AFP/The Local · 19 Dec 2009, 10:04

Published: 19 Dec 2009 10:04 GMT+01:00

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Tiger reportedly made a deal with Enquirer magazine in 2007 in exchange for suppressing photos revealing his infidelity. Meanwhile, former Swedish model Elin Woods is said to have turned to a high-powered Hollywood divorce attorney.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the National Enquirer kept quiet about a Woods affair in 2007 in exchange for the 14-time major champion speaking with sister publication Men's Fitness for a cover story.

Under terms of the deal, the Enquirer would not publish photographs and a story on Woods having an extra-marital affair and Woods agreed to a cover and photo spread in Men's Fitness, the Journal reported, citing unnamed sources.

American Media Inc., which owns both publications, denied such a deal took place in a letter to the Journal while Woods agent Mark Steinberg had no comment to the newspaper.

Elin Woods has hired 82-year-old Sorrell Trope, a noted divorce attorney who has represented such stars as Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Nicolas Cage, Britney Spears and Cary Grant in a 60-year career, the New York Post reported.

Trope's reputation as a tough dealmaker could help the former Swedish model, who reportedly signed a pre-nuptial agreement with Woods but might be in line for even greater riches given her humiliations of the past weeks.

At least 14 women have claimed – or been said to have had – affairs with Woods, who has commented only in statements on his websites and said nothing about the extent of his admitted infidelity.

Two days after an Enquirer report on Woods's affair with showclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, he struck a tree and hydrant in an early morning drive, purportedly one caused by a row between him and Elin.

Mindy Lawton, a Florida restaurant employee who has claimed a liaison with Woods, was in the pictures not published by the Enquirer, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Woods was photographed meeting Lawton in a church parking lot near the home he shared with Elin, according to the report, which added that the source told the newspaper the pictures were poorly lit and details were tough to make out.

But the mere threat of publication made by the Enquirer to representatives of Woods was enough for them to suggest the Men's Fitness deal, the report said.

Woods at the time had a deal with Golf Digest for up to one million dollars in annual donations to his foundation in exchange for Woods limiting appearances in other magazines and writing a techniques column, it said.

The scrambling by Woods to buy silence from those who could expose details of his misdeeds is not yet over, according to celebrity website TMZ.

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Woods is doing all that he can to save his marriage, including making calls behind-the-scenes to women with whom he had affairs about possible deals, it said. Prior reports had Woods paying Uchitel to remain silent.

Concerns had also been raised about Woods being aided in his recovery from knee surgery by Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who faces charges in Canada involving a banned drug and is linked to performance-enhancing substances.

Galea did nothing in helping Woods to violate doping rules, the doctor's lawyer said Friday in Toronto.

"He had no links to Tiger Woods (or) any other athletes," attorney Brian Greenspan said.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:17 December 19, 2009 by Osokin
Predictably, she is going for the kill. He did everything wrong since the public scandal, starting by not collaborating with the police, letting her take the children out of the house, etc and only now will start to realize the costs. Ironically for a high competition sportsman, she is the only one playing to win.
13:11 December 19, 2009 by jack sprat
I like the title,"Tiger not yet out of the Woods",..lol.

The way things are going with his Mrs and the rest of his Harem all baying for blood,.....he seems to be getting deeper and deeper into the rough stuff,......no surprise he's keeping his head well down in the bunker.
13:50 December 19, 2009 by calebian22
Since we don't know what the details are in the prenup agreement, it is pure speculation at this point. Unless there is a fidelity clause, Woods can plow the planet with little chance of repercussions. Possibly he is not "playing to win," at this point because he already is in a good spot due to an iron clad prenuptial agreement.
17:33 December 19, 2009 by Sol
I am sincerely surprise that people are just killing themselves over this Tiger's issue. From what I have being reading and hearing it is not the first time and Elin knows the husband more than any other person. Elin is very much aware of all these infidelity long time ago but only started or pretend to be acting because of what people are saying. It shows that Elin do not now what she want. Grow up Elin and do what is best for you and do not not let people to pressurised you doing what you actually do not want. Good Luck.
17:34 December 19, 2009 by Annaya
Trope has broken many an "iron clad" prenup. If it is true that Elin has signed on with him, we will see what he can do. She and Cheetah have a home in CA where Trope is an expert.....a community property state.
17:53 December 19, 2009 by ou2chi

Wonder why some folks take exception to your analytical observations. She is Swedish, fine; former model; fine. I think the whole world knows that by now. Is Swedish so starved of success and achievement that this is elevated to the level of a national coup?

How about the other identity(ies). Nanny? One might also add: gold-digger, opportunist, etc. If one is so fed up with a marriage, why not just walk out. Hiring a high-powered attorney betrays the intention: money. And whose money is paying for the attorney? Nanny pay? Pickings from robbing piggy banks, perhaps? Is it too farfetched to speculate that good old professional introducer Jesper Parnevik, introduced her to this attorney? Woods needs to look at this guy. He might have a case of infidelity of his own.

And does the local have access to the prenup agreement to be so sure of what Elin the Swedish former model is going to harvest gold? And yeah, let Sweden celebrate the hard won riches. If the guy is so dirty, why is his money so clean and enticing?

@here for the summer

Wonder who the racist-sexist is. One who is appealing to reason and facts (percopaco) or one who is celebrating, advocating and championing the demise of a MAN who is BLACK? (here for the summer).
18:21 December 19, 2009 by bettan1
Elin is hardly the wholesome June Cleaver type herself. Google her modeling career and the gallery of photos you find displayed on the Net are nothing more than multiple nude poses everywhere.

The only true victims in this whole family mess are those kids.
18:56 December 19, 2009 by Jan-Bug
First of all I'd like to ask this "peropaco" figure; Are you a man or woman?

We all know that Elin use to be a nanny. So? And what is your problem with that? Does that make her less human or less worthy in any way? Who are you to slam her? Has she attacked you personally in any way at any given time or is it just pure jealousy that is oozing out of your poors? And if she has a history as a model or a paid someone else for that matter, it's their problem, right? Tiger Woods chose her!

I have read most articles about this drama and all the comments that follows and it seems to me that you and others are all making this an Elin matter. What the frunk did she do to pizzz everybody off I must ask? She wasn't the person to mess up here, HE WAS!

All of you people who has nothing good to say about swedish women in general, and not only chopping Elin's ancles off for no reason at all, must be possessing a shreck look yourself or been put aside by a Swedish beauty once in your past. Or, could it be that you're just a black person who can't accept the fact that Mr Tiger Woods chose a white beautiful blond woman to be his wife. Cause after all and again, HE CHOSE HER!

Nobody forced or pushed him into any relationship or marriage. She was introduced to him. Nothing else.

Let's just play with the idea that he would have picked up a poor little black chick from the slum and made a cinderella out of her, would you down talk her the same way you're it to Elin? Probably not, cause then he would all of a sudden be turned into a Saint.

He's into white women people! End of story. Is there something wrong with that?

And to remind you all; He did mess it all up in the end. Not Elin.
22:02 December 19, 2009 by Osokin
Peropaco is only remindins us all that the person clubbing another, hiring a very expensive high profile lawyer to divorce is none other than a glorified nanny. I do not see any "isms" in stating what is obvious and true. She did her time, now is time to cash in, she didn't react before probably cause she was accumulating kids. And anyone knows prenups are not worth the paper they are written in.

This case is another cautionary tale men won't listen to.
01:46 December 20, 2009 by somebody1
Pls,Before u judge anyone here..you must ask your self first...who is perfect.

I beleive in a marriage there should be Love.When trouble comes in..I beleive Love should supercede...Elin or Tiger Wood both are at fault.But the truth is that Elin has been thinking of divorcing him ,before he confessed or probably using that oportunity of his Mistakes against him to swindle him of his money....Tiger wood on the other is a Man that stood up for his mistakes and accepted it and i believed he is ready to change for better.For him to accept his mistakes and asked for forgiveness.Can Bill Clinton do that.

i believed no one will accept that immorality from her Man.

As a matter of fact Elin should grow up if she truely LOVED wood from the beginning and FORGIVE....If she is not having hidden agenda on her MENU....And as a Man...Wood should learn a great lesson from his mistake....

But the whole story about asking for a divorce....I BELIEVED SHE IS A GOLD-DIGGER..
03:26 December 20, 2009 by metalmonkey
I think Tiger is getting what he asked for, mess around for a while, now he has to pay for his actions and deal with a possible gold digger.
05:47 December 20, 2009 by AmyG
She isn't a gold-digger in my opinion. She seemed very loyal and had a lot to offer. She deserves a lot of money. He's the one that screwed up and made if nearly impossible for her not to get divorced. It's not like it was a one off affair. He clearly had no respect for her or their marriage. He just enjoyed the game of chasing women. The women he had affairs with are the gold-diggers. The kids probably won't even notice he's not around. He travels all of the time and is apparently always at bars anyway.
09:55 December 20, 2009 by Osokin
gold digger : a woman who associates with or marries a man chiefly for material gain.

From the day she said I do, she got a luxury life beyond her wildest dreams overnight and when the gravy train ride was over she was sure to get windfall profits. And the high profile lawyer indicates that she is going to maximize'em.

Can you cupcakes honestly said this dice hadn't rolled long before the day he cheated ? Are you so corporativist and hipocritical ? (yes you are)

Insurance companies are not allowed to sell you a fire policy on your neighbor's house for a reason : it would be in your interest that it would catch fire. She bought a policy on that marriage going sour with no liability, she did not need any reason to declare it over (the "irreconcilable differences" dance) and she knew from the 1st kiss she was to eject with a golden parachute.

That to me constitutes the perfect case of successful gold digging.
12:15 December 20, 2009 by Grumpy1
This is clearly a "black $ white" issue, and Tiger is going to have to be therapeutically "retrained" to behave himself. Clearly he has shamed himself and his family and should be put back in his kitty litter cage. Merry Christmas Tiger and to all his pussy cats! MEOW!!
19:57 December 20, 2009 by jon f
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21:27 December 20, 2009 by calebian22

For all those who say, "take him for all he is worth," please read why prenuptial agreements are brilliant.
11:37 December 21, 2009 by Beynch
Correct. Woods is not out of the woods yet! Not with every day a new freshly bedded pancanke waitress coming out of the woodwork with yet another tale of hush money and purchased silence, and evading detection. And with virtually all his product endorsements on the way out, he is a gonner, professionally and personally. Who would even want to be seen with this cheater, regarldless of his hole-in-ones? People would start talking. And, social democrat, Barbro Holmberg's daughter, she has effctively been reduced to yet another slutty pancake waitress, making it appear that Woods was really more interested in a quickie than building family. Children were probably not in the equation. Sorry to break it to all you golf fans, and Woods defenders, but a pre-nup means little in a situation like this. Holmberg should now focus on how to evade the notiously confiscatory Swedish tax authorities, and look forward to a life of wealth and luxury sans Woods' wedding ring. We're talking big bucks here!
22:33 December 21, 2009 by calebian22

Actually a prenuptial agreement is precisely for a situation like this. Just about anything can be included in one, including specifics about child custody in the event of a split. Since she signed it, most likely after having it reviewed by "her" lawyer, her position will be greatly weakened. Additionally Florida, where they have residency, is not a shared property state. Her battle will be harder there than in California or Oregon for example. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. He might not be in as bad of a situation as the Tiger haters would hope.

Also, since she is a resident of the US, her taxes will be calculated in the US, not Sweden. For tax purposes residency in Sweden is not immediate. Just because she just bought a 2 million dollar house in Stockholm doesn't make her a resident of Sweden. If that were true, there would be a lot of Germans who own stugas in Sweden who are residents. Skätteverket is probably going to be S.O.L. on this one, as long as she doesn't do anything overtly stupid.

By the way, I am not a Woods admirer. I just don't see the social merits of siding with the one who resorted to violence when the fit hit the shan. That is just as revealing of her character as cheating with who-knows-how-many-hoochies, does about Tiger. Just because the two of them live in mansions doesn't mean they are not trailer trash.
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