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Young Swedish women more likely to have sex with each other: study

Charlotte West · 23 Dec 2009, 13:39

Published: 23 Dec 2009 13:39 GMT+01:00

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“We are seeing a greater openness among young people, particularly among young women. There is an increasing interest in experimenting and pushing boundaries, and a growing resistance to defining oneself as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual,” Sven-Axel Månsson, a Malmö University sociology professor, told Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

Månsson and colleague Kristian Daneback surveyed 855 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 via an online questionnaire.

The survey showed that 31 percent of young women and 7 percent of young men said that they were most often sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex, but sometimes they were attracted to people of their own gender.

Thirty-nine percent of the women and 8 percent of the men reported having sexual fantasies about both genders.

Young women were also far more likely than their male counterparts to act on their same-sex fantasies, with 13 percent of female respondents and 3 percent of male respondents reporting that they have had sex with both men and women.

“Girls are less bound by norms than guys are; it is not as taboo for them to have sex with (other women),” Månsson told DN.

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He added that the figures for women having sex with other women were "strikingly high".

"Many no longer wish to be tied in to rigid sexual identities, they want to be open and free as people and as sexual beings. That is my interpretation," said Månsson.

Charlotte West (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:37 December 23, 2009 by Roy E
Relativism run amok has produced a very confused society. I wonder to what extent this confusion contributes to Sweden's alcoholism and suicide rates.
14:45 December 23, 2009 by StockholmSam
Um, Roy E, I think you are the one who is confused here. If anything, Sweden should be proud that it is pushing the envelope of what it means to identify yourself as a human being and what liberty truly encompasses. To try to draw a correlation between this and alcoholism/suicide reveals an incredible lack of awareness and a clumsy attempt to assail something that you simply don't understand. Just relax, live your life the way you want to and let others live the way they want to. After all, you only live once.
15:40 December 23, 2009 by Gletta
I think we need to look a bit closer at the evidence
15:47 December 23, 2009 by texasgubbar
"I wonder to what extent this confusion contributes to Sweden's alcoholism and suicide rates. "

It probably has as much influence as a portion of surströmming.

However after spending several months during winters in Sweden I can see how the extended periods of darkness can bring people down, and no amount of praying will change that.

Based on my observation of young Swedish women during the summer months, I dont blame them, they are hot!
15:50 December 23, 2009 by tzatara1
yeyeyeyyeeee ,..... that is interesting because on this moment I have a few questions about it ......

If this is true , what kind of men have to live there to make women looking for "something else" .....and also , what different, women expect to find in the " mirror " ?
16:04 December 23, 2009 by Roy E
StockholmSam, of course they can do what they want .

This is simply another piece of the relativism - nihilism - existentialism puzzle that explains why the Swedish culture and people have rendered themselves unsustainable and are dying out.
16:09 December 23, 2009 by dwb5555
So let me get this straight.

Women enjoy have sex with other women.

So you mean all of those porn moives are true.

It's a good christmas after all.
16:12 December 23, 2009 by light_for_all
@StockholmSam : "Sweden should be proud that it is pushing the envelope of what it means to identify yourself as a human being and what liberty truly encompasses."

If this is the sign of human being then according to my opinion, Swedis should be proud of their animals also. Because, then they bring all the animals upto the level of human i.e human == animal. Because animal has their freedom to do sex to any/all other animals of their kind even with their own brothers,sisters, parents.
16:16 December 23, 2009 by dwb5555

your post is weird
16:16 December 23, 2009 by jack sprat
Were it not for a steady supply of imported bloods,the Swedes would probably be an extinct species by now!

Finally beginning to understand the real reasons behind the Govts liberal immigration policies.
16:37 December 23, 2009 by calebian22
Jack Sprat,

My thoughts exactly; you beat me to it. The innie goes with the outie. Birth rate decline problem solved.
16:54 December 23, 2009 by texasgubbar
"This is simply another piece of the relativism - nihilism - existentialism puzzle that explains why the Swedish culture and people have rendered themselves unsustainable and are dying out. "

Roy, which mosque do you attend?
17:03 December 23, 2009 by DamnImmigrant
@Roy E says:

... wonder to what extent this confusion contributes to Sweden's ... suicide rates.

I love it when people talk about Sweden's "HIGH" suicide rates because it is an "URBAN MYTH"!!!

Yes at one time Sweden statistically had the highest suicide rate in the world!!! When in fact the suicide rate in Sweden has ALWAYS been somewhere near the middle for rates compared to the planet as a whole!!!

So why did Sweden get the reputation for having the highest in the world?

There seems to be 2 reasons for this URBAN MYTH!

1. statistics accumulated by the SECULAR State without regard to religious prejudice.

2. American propaganda!

Sweden was one of the first countries that kept accurate track of suicides when in fact other countries refused to admit they even had any suicides! Many "religious" countries cannot admit it because Suicide was/is the ULTIMATE SIN AGAINST GOD!!! Even to this day many islamic countries, and "Utopian dictatorships", will not admit to having suicides. I personally knew a couple of cases in the USA where suicides were ruled "accidental" for religious (and economic) reasons!

Most interesting contribution to this URBAN MYTH was that in the 50's and 60's, the USA needed to DEMONIZE Sweden because Sweden was showing itself to be more successful than the US. The US needed to stop Swedish "socialism" from coming to the US. So the word went out from the highest official in the land that; "If the Swedish system is so great, why do they have the highest suicide rate in the world?"

The Swedish Suicide Urban Myth was born and has stayed alive and well ever since then!

Discussing suicide rates for the planet as a whole is a worthless endeavor because very few countries keep accurate records!

@Roy E says - ... wonder to what extent this confusion contributes ...

Confusion is a funny word to use here because the REALITY that IS human sexuality is frequently CONFUSED by religions and religiously "moral" people. Therefore "moral" people frequently accuse people, who's actions they do not understand, as being confused when in fact it is themselves that are confused!

I agree with StockholmSam's assessment of "pushing the envelope".
17:09 December 23, 2009 by texasgubbar
"If this is the sign of human being then according to my opinion, Swedis should be proud of their animals also. Because, then they bring all the animals upto the level of human i.e human == animal. "

I disagree, I think its you who is bringing women down to the level of animals...

"Swedis should be proud of their animals also. "

Wooden horses... yes.

Wolves.... not so much.
17:49 December 23, 2009 by pedramking
I am agree with result of this research , cuz i have been in most of europe States, and in none of those i haven't seen such cold behaviuor towards boys, That make the situation so hard to communicate with them , and that has nothing to do with look, i suppose.

My rate of success in approaching girls in any other country that i have been was more than 80%.

Yet here is less than 20%. and so far nothing after almost 6 months.

As i can see , they prefer someone who they knew already in case of socialize or more.

I think partially is about concept of culture , trusting to opposite sex, and maybe partially prejudice of being foreigner, for me particularly.
18:29 December 23, 2009 by Göran Eklund
Oh my God! Vad har vi gjort för fel? How are we going to survive?
18:54 December 23, 2009 by Run Malmö
I have a real problem with Swedes in general....but this one can take a right turn at the top of my stairs!
19:40 December 23, 2009 by TvAmazon
I would question this professors data and how he arrived at those figures. I also find it very interesting to read what he say's because it seems to me that he has his own social agenda he trying to push.

Månsson uses words like "free, open, no longer rigid" instead of words like deviant, non-traditional, normal. As though it is the greatest and most nobel thing to do. It's very stange when we let a small minority change our preceptions to make deviant behavior seem normal as though everyone is doing it or if your not then you must be strange or deviant yourself. I think it's called marketing.

I think Swedes should worry more about Swedish propaganda than American.
19:55 December 23, 2009 by krigeren
7 out of 10 middle aged men in Sweden masturbate to Swedish women having sex with one another. This is not scientific.......just if I remember correctly from last quarters swingers party.

Oddly enough...and this does not make headline news...1 out of 10 Swedish men (again not scientific) are getting it on with the dog...who was also male....

The other two Swedish guys were inventing a protein stain removal formula using common house hold items which they later patented.
20:11 December 23, 2009 by CanadianSwede
Who wouldn't want to have sex with a Swedish woman.

I believe Swedish women have been conditioned to celebrate their undeniable beauty. Juxtaposed to this is us Swedish guys who, more often than not, are kinda ugly (look at Bjorn Ulvaeus). It sort of averages things out with the rest of the world.
20:29 December 23, 2009 by zircon
Show us some real hot Swedes first, before we can decide whether this is really true. About the women, I mean.
20:46 December 23, 2009 by lingonberrie
Look at the Local's Galleries of Swedes who are out for the night and on weekends in the clubs and bars.

You will find thousands of photos of beautiful Swedish women.

Good for the Swedish women for doing what they want.

Men who have a problem with this also have a problem with their weak sense of masculinity that a woman would prefer another woman over them.
21:24 December 23, 2009 by Urinal Gum
How many times have you asked two girls if you can watch? Have they ever said yes? Maybe you should stop asking.

/they're going to hell anyway: http://www.urinalgum.com/?p=375
22:15 December 23, 2009 by Osokin
The bark is bigger than the bite. There is a constant barrage of sex talk in Sweden, but this only points not so much to sexual freedom but to issues with sexuality. It is also understandable that women do not get turned on by emasculated men.
22:33 December 23, 2009 by zircon
Yes, but how about hot Swedish men with extremely good looks? We never get to see them. Just the women, which is boring, and once again boring. (But then again, I'm married.)
23:03 December 23, 2009 by Kevtravels
Well quite obvious for women to feel less opposition as opposed to male/male relationships. This is quite news I'd say but happens all over the world except Swedish women are way more attractive. All I can say is I hope these women are open for a male entry in their relationship such as I ;)
23:30 December 23, 2009 by gringovejo
I think that this is probably true almost everywhere today. A very long time ago, I found that living with multiple women was a lot more interesting, longer lasting, and provided much more satisfaction than being monogamous. I think that they are now called. poly-amorous relationships. It was much frowned upon back then, but thankfully, times are a changing. It is my understanding, that about 40% of us are better suited to such liaisons and I would like to, personally thank ALL of the incredibly hot and intelligent women, Swedish and otherwise, who are taking part. They can feel free to contact me at anytime.
23:58 December 23, 2009 by dsc
This is why Swedish men are turning to Thai women.

Since Swedish women are not breeding anymore but instead prefering to just play with themselves and satisfy their maternal instincts by keeping dogs and immigrants are doubling theirs when they get here, native Swedes will die out.

Strange thing. Whatever caused this! May be the men have low libido. Or the sperm count is low and they shoot blanks and they've stopped trying. Govt needs to get to the bottom of this.
04:00 December 24, 2009 by dukas
Hey Stocky Sam, Are you sure we only live once? Will you swear to that?
09:14 December 24, 2009 by Random Guy

...so that is why Tiger cheated......

now I understand.
13:11 December 24, 2009 by benomax
@ Random Guy: You may be correct, do not be surprised that another version of Tiger's story will come out soonest.
13:12 December 24, 2009 by tzatara1
hhahaha nooo , this story with Tiger is a fresh example for other truth of our life,wich is : behind every beautiful woman stay man who is tired to f**k her,and also for us , as human beings the field of our neighbour is always greener than our own......that's all ....
13:19 December 24, 2009 by 2394040
Personally, I think most surveys are garbage. They are designed mostly, in my opinion, to generate news when there is nothing better to talk about. Must be a slack season for news in Sweden at this time.

In addition, who really cares anyway about the sexual preferences of "some" Swedish women?
14:08 December 24, 2009 by diegoveggie
maybe because swedish dudes are a bit too girly what with all the gel and pointy shoes
14:39 December 24, 2009 by Deema
It's funny how the world is...

I know of an islamic country where women are much more open to sexuality than these swedes can ever be. the figures are way higher. and it's because of many thing, among those, - and that will come as a shock to all of you. but it only reminds you of how little you know compared to how much you think you know - in Islam, it is not forbidden for women to have sex with women! so it didn't interfere with an already existing openness towards sex!

In my personal opinion, there's no religion that is more about sex than Islam. seriously.

and although i'm not at all religious, i still think people should know better!
16:02 December 24, 2009 by benomax
@Deema: Please name the country, you mean women lick p###y there? interesting.
16:46 December 24, 2009 by Mox Mox The Manburner
Amidst all of the usual and inevitable Sweden bashing that an article such as this one will cause on this web site, Krigeren´s particualriy comes to mind (is your username supposed to be a Swedish word?), the one thing that immediately comes to mind here is Little Richard´s famous quote about lesbianism: "A man has no problem with his woman sleeping with another woman as long has he can watch."
18:20 December 24, 2009 by Ugly A
Men and women are attracted to different things. Women are attracted to power and want to feel emotionally protected. Who, at this point in history, are perceived to have more power, men or women? I would say women, young women. 40 years of the women's rights movement have enormously increased the scope of opportunities for women, as well as the sense of entitlement. Men, on the other hand, have diminished, left to continually accept and apologize for their unchosen fate of being born male. One of the lingering differences between the sexes is that men still held accountable for everything they do.
03:34 December 25, 2009 by Davey-jo
Look; I've seen Swedish men and I've seen Swedish women. It's a no brainer. Who can blame these women for liking each other? The alternative is not so attractive. Go for it girls!
10:06 December 25, 2009 by Britswedeguy
"Roy E" - you are an idiot.
11:37 December 25, 2009 by himilo
I suprised people comments on the local.se is this bahivoir of immigrants? I think this is something you liked if you are not immigrant or real swedish.

12:36 December 25, 2009 by Mox Mox The Manburner
Davey-jo, and yet Swedish men were considered the most attractive by beautifulpeople.com. You´re from England no doubt.
23:36 December 25, 2009 by repat_xpat
I think its fascinating how America (and UK) bashing comes up in so many comments on the Local.

Anyway, this study was not scientific -- uncontrolled data sources. If The Local were journalists they would have commented on the data collection method and the bias comments of the researcher. I'm not sure that journalism is the objective of the Local, so we really can't blame them.
07:33 December 26, 2009 by Alexjessy
Any way i think the more women begin to have sex with each other they more sweden will need more people from outside to fill up the country.
05:25 December 28, 2009 by KatarinaNolte
The title is obviously misleading with women being more likely to admit to fantasizing about women and engaging in sex with women than men admitting to fantasizing about men and engaging in sex with men.

This is fantastic news for women but not that great for men as they don't yet feel free to express their true emotions publicly.

Men do fantasize about having sexual experiences with other men or otherwise porn would completely exclude male actors.

Men also engage in sex with other men but still to a great extent do so secretly which is one of the reasons HIV/AIDS continues to spread despite all available info on prevention and testing.

Any society would be wise to approve of natural human sexual behavior and accurate sexual education for basic reasons like safety and emotional balance which result from the knowledge that one can be and live authentically.

As to the beautiful and wise Swedish women, the DNA of ancient Amazons is alive and thriving.

Sexual and emotional satisfaction of women does not depend on the masculinity of men, but rather on the men's intellect, education, respect , and emotional/sexual appeal.

And when it comes to ugly men, they can be found in every country in the world, with the ugliest part being their stupidity.

Roy E - excellent comment.
12:31 December 28, 2009 by slsilund
As far as I know it's men that cannot have children, not women. Wake up, guys!
16:07 December 28, 2009 by muda
what a topic. we can see how are morally people declined these days when the action goes against nature. men have sex with men and women have sex with women. i believe all these acts are prohibited in any religions. scientists should do research to proof scientifically that having sex with the same genders will result in lots of diseases. i bet that they will discover something bad scientifically about this habit. Possibly the emergence of AIDS is not alerting us enough.
16:51 December 28, 2009 by wenddiver
18:25 December 28, 2009 by Hedley
One of my classmates (he is from Pakinstan) told me that in his country you would never think in do such things. In my own country (Panama) there is a shunning against homosexuals.

I believe there is no god or gods that punish you to be a homosexual!
19:07 December 28, 2009 by muda
history will tell
05:38 December 30, 2009 by metalmonkey
Well I have seen some damn good looking Swedish men, I'm a woman with no interest in other women, I'd be quite the hot commodity! Maybe its time to immigrate and leave Canada behind, too much Americanization creeping its way up here any way.
18:38 December 30, 2009 by bobnbri
Look at all the photo galleries of night life posted here in The Local. The women are truly stunningly gorgeous And in most of the pics that I have looked at the girls are all over each other! They can't mask thier passion for each other. If you don't see it, look again!

I've heard lots of negative things about Swedish women from Swedish guys. Stories I have heard include things like shallowness, fickleness, superficial. narcissistic, self-centered, gold digger, opportunist, users etc...

A nice well educated young man from a good family will surly get trampled by such amazons. Because he is young and naive he has no clue how to read these vixens and ends up badly hurt and disillussioned about love and relationships. I should know, because it happened to me.

Let them all crawl under the sheets and suckle each others privates while we all stand around and fret about our disappearing population.
18:51 December 30, 2009 by Suntiger
It's hilarious to read the comments to this article. ^_^

However, why would the swedes risk dying out because women sleep with women sometimes?

It says nowhere that they sleep *only* with other women, and in addition 30% is hardly 100%.

Have any of you heard about bellcurves?

For sexuality, if I recall my numbers right, it goes something like:

Hetero - Bi - Homo

Males: 25 - 60 - 15

Females: 20 - 60 - 20

And those are not hard numbers for just three solid positions. The 'curve' is more fluid, going from purely hetero - mostly hetero, slightly bi - half hetero, half bi, slight hetero, mostly bi - fully bi - mostly bi, slightly homo - half bi, half homo - slightly bi, mostly homo - fully homo.

To further complicate things, people move back and forth along the curve during both stages (physical/hormonal as well as economical/social) and according to the mood (long term/short term).

Though that might be too reasonable for a online comment section to be interesting, along with being tl;dr... :P
20:34 December 30, 2009 by Dinaricman
Goodbye Sweden it was nice knowing you. It is clear that gay activity is becoming more and more of choice. Perhapes religion was right.
04:27 December 31, 2009 by mieoux
Goodbye Dinaricman!

There was a similar report about the US, so you can't go there either.
17:00 December 31, 2009 by Sarek
This report does not mention BARSEXUALS who are normally girls you will see in bars kissing each other but merely do it to attract attention. This is not sexual behavior but gives the illusion of such. the actual numbers engaged in the real thing are actually smaller
03:55 January 1, 2010 by Authentica
I look forward to Deema answering benomax.

The islamic country in question, is it on planet Earth, ya Deema, or is it in your imagination?
12:39 January 1, 2010 by SamisSam
A feminist woman anywhere in the world would say: "A woman can do anything a man can do".

A feminist woman in Sweden will say: "Woman are a more attractive sex than men".

There is a fundamental difference between how men view women across the world and how men view women in Sweden. Swedish men simply don't show to swedish women that they are attracted to them...not even physically. This has created a very hostile environment where women simply reciprocate by not showing men that they are attracted to them. Some women hate men so much that they try to show them that men are irrelevant in their lives. Sweden has some HUGE problems to deal with.
00:46 January 2, 2010 by Rebel
The thing is, human sexuality is dependent on both the desire to reproduce as well as societal constraints on that function of our minds/bodies. If a society, like Sweden, has as its goal the ultimate andronization of the sexes (psychologically) then what you will wind up with is splitting males into three categories:

1) Neurotic, passive males who are confused as to what women want and may find it hard to socialize or commit on a deep level.

2) Males who, as an act of rebellion against the attempts to castrate them will try to become hyper-masculine as a defense mechanism -- drink too much, try to have sex sith as many women as possible, and be quite obnoxious.

3) Males who are either clever enough to see the advantages of rejecting the constraints of the matriarchal system, or are somewhat psychopathic, who will adopt a masculine persona even if it causes their personality to clash with some of the outspoken females.

The irony is that #s 2 and 3 get girls while #1 sits at home and drinks or downloads porn. Of course, for long-term commitment a #1 is okay and a # 2 is a disaster in the making. The #3s are the best, but in a society of lax sexual morals there is, for some reason, a stigma against polygamy. So if we let evolution take its course, and change our laws, the #3s will marry and reproduce with many women and create a bulk of the next generation. The #2s will,and do, create a lot of children but generally don't marry the mother. The #1s eventually marry the mothers and raise the children of the #2s.
16:57 January 2, 2010 by ramazama
Dogs ,Cats , Pigs , Rats ,etc all do sex , whats the big deal !!! Any responsible , civilizied society with a tiny drop of intelligence and /or common sence , would educate its people to, engage in , talk about and pratice a life which brings the human to an elevated state of consciosness , but all those dum - ass , bodily obsessed , swedes can talk / think about is some base activity which is available to Rats and Pigs. , and dont come back with the word religion , I mean humans are light years beyond , and are trancendental to religion.
04:12 January 4, 2010 by metalmonkey
Rebel- Unfortunatly that seems to make a lot of sense. Its too bad that there are feminists that are extreamist too, they think for things to be equal the man needs to be crushed his soul or testicles, which ever first. How they understand this to be equal I don't know. Every relationship I have seen that I would say is the most equal is a sharing of dominance, each person does what they do best to propel the relationship, I can see that this would be fair to assume in propeling human existance too. None of this feminist women are the best all the time and so we will take your sex, you will like it and say it was the best. Trying to imasculating men thinking its going to do some good, shame on those extreamist women!
16:14 January 22, 2010 by europeguy
yes this is the true in sweden but i think this happend in countrys like russia,germany,denmark,Uk,US,canada,france,spain,italy,norway and other countrys to very often but also i think is more in the western world countrys.

but also this girls they talking about is more nightclub,vs pornstars,models women

they are aslo women that is not at all like this but you never see them in media and so on.

but i see many lesbian in sweden and im from sweden my self but you meet them very often girls kissing girls.

i knew this seens many years, so it no news for me.

but i dont like when peolpe say sweden has the most beutifuls girls.I belive in every country is nice hot girls depend what can of taste you have as man/woman to the girl...
17:50 November 20, 2010 by waffen
Maybe girls are attracted to other girls because they want variety in their lives, and maybe the alternative of only having men to turn to is too horrible to contemplate.

I have no problem whatsoever with girls or women having sex with other girls or women and perhaps that is because I am secure in who and what I am and therefore do not feel threatened by women or girls who prefer other women or girls.

Angelina Jolie has a successful marriage, family, and career and she also has sexual relations with other women and she openly states the same.

She is not alone, hundreds of well-known women models actresses and singers have bisexual relations, most notably Madonna.

Good for her and all of them.
00:08 March 20, 2011 by Michaelidare
Maybe this might help. Below is a website that discusses consciousness of self. When in Sweden had come upon this discovery which is being expanded regularly:


Let me take this opportunity to state that this is meant to help people get to a higher self instead of being in prisoned under the suppression of misappropriated will. Do welcome e-mails...

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'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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