Woman pays hefty fine for feline-induced property damage

The district court in Kalmar in southeastern Sweden has ordered a woman to pay 200,000 kronor ($28,000) in damages to her former landlord. The court ruled that urine from the woman's 55 felines had lowered the property value of her former residence, the Barometern newspaper reports.

Woman pays hefty fine for feline-induced property damage

Last year, when the owner sold the house the woman had rented, the value of the property had fallen by 200,000 kronor due to destroyed carpets and the overwhelming stench of cat pee.

According to the owner, the woman said that she had three dogs and a cat when she moved in. After the woman refused to let him enter the house after water damage, he became suspicious that something was amiss.

A later inspection revealed that the female tenant had gathered more than 50 cats, five dogs and a rabit in the house.

In addition to the fine for reduced property value, the court also ordered the the woman to pay 100,000 kronor for the the house owner’s legal costs, reported Barometern.

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