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Sweden moves ahead with uni application fees

TT/The Local · 29 Dec 2009, 17:57

Published: 29 Dec 2009 17:57 GMT+01:00

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A bill regarding the proposed registration charge is scheduled to be presented in January 2010, along with recommendations for tuition fees for students outside the EU.

With a legislative change around the corner, the government has already asked the country's institutes of higher eduction and the Swedish Agency for Higher Education Services (Verket för högskoleservice - VHS) to begin preparing for the introduction of registration fees.

Calls for the levying of registration fees have followed on the heels of a glut of applications from outside the EU, amounting to 100,000 this autumn alone. VHS has previously advocated the introduction of a registration fee of around 1,000 kronor ($140) to help cover its high administrative costs for translation and other services.

Much of the overseas interest stems from the fact that third level studies in Sweden, unlike in many other countries, are free.

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As The Local reported in May, prospective students from outside the EU or European Economic Area (EEA) are expected to begin paying tuition fees from 2011, a proposal set to be including in the coming bill. Aside from the 27 EU members states, the EEA also incorporates Liechtentein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

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18:34 December 29, 2009 by dogbasket
Here we go again.

The Local says "...non-European Union applicants to be **slapped** with a registration fee when seeking admission..."

I've read The Local almost every day since it started and am sometimes amazed and disappointed by the awful expressions and vocabulary you guys come out with. What the heck is "slapped" supposed to mean here? Why should Swedish taxpayers finance free education for a load of foreign nitwits looking for free higher education? Slapped? No way. All they are being asked to do is to pay their own way. The Local's so-called journalism stinks. Get yourselves a life.
18:42 December 29, 2009 by canuk
I for one agree with dogbasket. Lets call this what this site really is: a gloified translation service, except that since it would be against the law to translate the articles and post them directly, the 'author' takes the liberty to put their own spin on the article where the tone and language is more often then not how it was written originally.

Also, it seems that 'thelocal' enjoys more sensationalist stories instead of the stories that people living here as ex pats might enjoy hearing about.

I have noticed a degredation in the level of journalism here as well. Its not hard to throw something into google translate and then write a summary.
19:03 December 29, 2009 by waspy
Some good news in Sweden.

Application fees for college are standard so I'm not sure why they were made free in Sweden.
19:31 December 29, 2009 by G Kin

If you choose to read every single story in The Local then its your choice. Don't complain.

And give the swedish people a break. You are not the one in person paying for the burden they shoulder due to foreign students.


During the years education has been free and many international masters programmes offered, sweden sold her system of education to the rest of the world. Amd yes, the world has started buying it. But the problem if you guys do not know is that a lot of these swedish universities need foreign students to survive.

Do not just have your eyes on the tax money guys. You would just be crafty if that is the case.
21:21 December 29, 2009 by littlegirl
It is rational to pose a reasonable tuition fee for those international students. At the same time, the higher education should raise the admission requirements. The problem now is it is "too easy" to be admitted in an education. The applicants only need to get 6 in IELTS and 550 in TOEFL, which are considered not so sufficient to start an advanced level education.
21:23 December 29, 2009 by ups
good news.

I also suggest sweden give the talent students more chances to get high scholarship to cover their tuition and living fee.

Sweden should learn more from U.S to be a world-class competitive education market.
21:34 December 29, 2009 by pathan
As a non-EU studnet benefiting from free education in Sweden, i would like to say that its good in one sense as so many guys from our countries come for getting odd jobs in the name of education n waste a lot of Swedish money (money that is given by Swedish government for their studies). I hate those ppl who waste millions to get peanuts for themselves.

My second thiniking about this is, it will put a barrier on the careers of those who realy need this support so as to change their lives. There r some very talented guys whose lives is wasted because of the corrupt polictiicians in our countries. A free education in Sweden is realy a matter of changing lives for these talented individuals who have no support all their lives.

Conclusion: Swedish govt should put fee in order to stop those flocks of odd workers who waste Swedish money but at the same time Swedish govt should also grant scholarships to the talented ones, too. The money that is given to our governments goes to Swiss accounts of our politicians. That money never reaches the common man in the streets. Swedish govt should divert that money to these talented studnets instead of giving it to govts there and this will b the real utlization of that valuable money.
21:58 December 29, 2009 by omar_farooq_kth
Good / Bad News:

For some reasons,it is good But many Bad consequences as well.

Because of free education, swedish educational was considered best country for poor students. But i am sure, this perceptions will be changed.
22:32 December 29, 2009 by faizans80
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If we compare Sweden with other countries like US, UK, Canada, Germany etc we can easily rate these countries above than Sweden. This may include many factors like educational standard, weather condition, language, part time job opportunity and then a job after finishing education. The only reason that was keeping balance in the comparison; was the greed of free education. If this offer is lift up, It would be safe to say that many of the master programs in many Swedish universities will have to just shut down. (This is my personal opinion, so no hard feelings and offense plz)

In this way, Sweden is likely to loose the benefits of Internationalization in their universities and then in their industry too. The immigration policy to provide asylum to people from Somalia, Iraq and other such countries does not ensure the bringing in of skilled persons like Engineers or doctors. This free education has been the way to provide Sweden with many skilled professionals. This has increased in past few years and now it is on the edge of drastic decrease. I am still wondering why they are implementing this.

Sweden has enjoyed the charm by collecting talents from developing countries at a time when whole Europe has been facing the problem of LACK of interest in their own youngsters to come towards technical education. We don't see many Local students in many of the master's programs. That reflects the local trend. The tax payers may have many questions in their minds and at the same time many of them must be happy with this news. But I would state that their tax has not been wasted. If it was wasted, then that was because of this economic crises that affected Swedish economy otherwise International students studied and then worked in best organization inside Sweden, paid taxes and taken the companies towards success with their performance. So, to me this was a give and take situation. Still why??? to change the policy.

Either they are planning to open immigration for skilled people like DK green card


May be they feel they have enough skilled people and don't need many many every year.


This is a message to coming Swedish generation to think differently about the rest of the world. Don't be so polite, nice... image of traditional social swedish state.

so many questions... !!!!
23:04 December 29, 2009 by uunbeliever
@ups, you are a twit. The US? Are you kidding?

I can not stand you students who complain about "I can't live off the money they give me" during nolle-p or party week at the beginning of the year you all could afford the alchohol. Should the government give you money to barf or pee down the drain? No.
00:06 December 30, 2009 by mr.frog
I agree with the need to introduce application fees. I believe it'll help in separating those who apply as they fulfill all requirement and those who apply just in case.

When it comes to the tuition though, it's a bit Grey. Most people out of the EU apply to pursue their tertiary education here in Sweden as it's free. If tuition is introduced, I don't see them applying due to Sweden's harsh weather, part time job inavailability and language barrier. If tution is applied, I see most students choosing

-Germany: has fair tution fee, finding job is easier, public transportation free for students

-US: getting visa may be a bit difficult and higher tution but finding a cheap school is posible and they provide student loans even for international students.

-India: For IT students with very cheap living cost.

-Finland: I think education is still free there

If the authorities wants a small number of students from outside the EU and introducing tuition will work but some programs may be in danger of closing down due to student shortage. If the government wants to make Swedish universities as international as possible, it still has to stay free but seems unfair to the tax payer. It's your call.

But remember, if tuition remains free it doesn't mean international students are taking advantage of Sweden. Those students bring money with them and may stimulate the local economy at least to some degree. They pay rent and buy stuff.
00:07 December 30, 2009 by sasha79
I think its a great idea that the Government is introducing application fee but honestly saying I think only Swedish Residents and Citizens should have the opportunity to study for free and not just anybody regardless of whether they are EU or NON EU...

All these foreigners use education in Sweden as their key to enter Europe and just drop off the radar. I personally know so many foreingers Pakistanis, Indians,Chinese, Nigerians, Iranians who come to Sweden with a Student visa to do a Masters and then renew their visa each year since they apply for many other programs.

Its a joke we work hard and pay 33 % tax for foreigners to come and exploit the system, work illegally, and increase the tax we have to pay.

Non residents of SWeden SHOULD PAY FEE for EDUCATION all the countries does it.. UK, USA, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Australia, Canada,
01:21 December 30, 2009 by ashish.uppsala
I agree with sasha79 because it is a fact now and what i want to say is Sweden should create opportunities who finishes their course timely and qualified enough to apply any job here and the availability of jobs should be broadened!!

instead of giving false asylum seekers from Iraq,Iran,Pakistan,Somalia and Arab world granting resident permits here.

They are gonna create problems for the Sweden sooner or later due to their sense about the religion !!

Sweden should be more flexible for the skilled workers to make a better Sweden !!
01:46 December 30, 2009 by omansour
I agree with some people here such as @faizans80 and @ mr.frog I got my masters for FREE in Sweden and I am now an ambassador for Sweden everywhere telling about their education and encouraging everyone to go there.

But to explain some facts: I have spend tens of thousands of krowns on housing, food, traveling, clothes, fun, etc..which goes to the flourish for the Sweden economy when we talk about thousands of international students.

Then I am now working in Sweden and paying lots of taxes and again paying for housing and many other stuff. So we can't say the tax payers may loose in this situation as they need to think about what comes out of those students for the economic system.

From an educational perspective: Swedish universities such as Lund and Uppsala are ranked among the top 100 uni in the world. These ranks are determined by a number of factors which include a major factor that is internationalization (number of international professors and students) and another factor that is international research "reach". For the latter factor I mean that the presence of non-Swedesh/EU people at Swedish universities will help to market "Swedish" research in many countries in the world with international names but Swedish titles.

An important factor for the educational system at Swedish uni is that the government provides universities with money based on the number of admitted students. More clearly, the more students you have the more fund you get. Interestingly, majoring of master programs includes a minority or sometimes no Swedish students.

Further, as an academic person, the introduction of fees will help filter students so university professors will enjoy working with committed students, probably. BUT this will affect some low-rank or less reputable universities in Sweden. To clarify, we may find students interested to pay money to study at Lund, Uppsala, KTH for example as they are very good institutions but other universities will be very much affected by low numbers of students applying to their programs and therefore suffer from decrease in QUALITY of education as well as their fund!

I understand the introduction of fees but I guess there is a need for much thinking and planning to take this decision from words into action.
03:41 December 30, 2009 by 247learning
A foreign student taking a 1 yr masters here in Sweden, I am v.grateful to be able to enjoy the privilege of a free education. To be frank before coming, I was surprised to know that education is free because it is something that will not happen in my part of the world. In my opinion, it is perfectly fair to be collecting fees from foreign students but bear in mind that the rates has to be competitive as there are many limiting factors that prevent students from choosing Sweden for higher education.
04:52 December 30, 2009 by Opinion
Why do we still have young educated minds living or thinking in boxes. it seems you are leaving something out,something that makes Swedes who they really are? The Swedes are a liberal people governed and living in a liberal society. This is a unique attribute which makes Sweden uncomparable with other western nation, we foreigners living in sweden love this country just for this one reason, other nations envy Sweden for this one reason but its becoming a shame that younger generations are now reasoning in a different direction. Fees or no fee, wouldnt kill no one but only change what Sweden stands for(right of all human to quality education). a priceless tag.
06:22 December 30, 2009 by belardo
I am an international student in Canada, I pay fees double the citizen here since education is partly subsidized. Yet it is still cheaper then the education fees in the United States.

The smart thing about the Canadians is that they allow international students to apply for Work Permit after graduation (Post-Graduatge Work Permit) that lasts the same duration of the educational program completed.

Canadians lost alot of young and skilled talents by kicking them out of the country once they are done. Why? because international students graduated from Canadian universities can easily get a job in the United States with higher salaries and lower income tax! So United States was gaining the brains and the tax money , Canadian were used as a cheap place to study, losing talents, and future tax payers.

I think Swedish universities should impose fair tution fees similiar to the public universities in Germany. I believe the Swedish universities is a good system but lacks the logic when selecting the right students.
07:14 December 30, 2009 by simepal
Higher Education in Sweden at Crossroads: To Be Or Not To Be?


I think your posting is one of the few fair and balanced posting on this forum.

You did a great job informing all those who think that International Students come here to work illegally and benefit from tax payers kronors.

What I shall add is this:

The greatest looser in this shall NOT be the International Students.

The Greatest looser shall of course be the Swedish Universities that shall experience a rapid drop in their Master Program Enrollments.

I have studied the trend in Studera.nu and most times a program is Cancelled because even though it is free NOW, there werent enough students to run the program.

My Question: Where are those Golden Wit Swedish Students who should apply to these programs and make it function?

My Observation as an International Student who works and takes studies seriously is that Swedes cannot work and study at the same time. They have to wait until summer holidays to take a job with their commune.

The complain here has largely been that International Students benefit from your tax Kronors..Hey wait a minute!!!why all the bitterness towards International Students who do your bid all year round and also pay 33 percent of their monthly income to skatteverket?

My last Observation is this:

It is very easy to cry foul when the rules dont play in your favor..thats a fact..this fee thing shall not play in the favor of International Students. But Look at the BIG picture guys and tell me who the biggest loser shall be in the end. Shall it be to the detriment of the International Student or to that of the Swedish Student and Swedish Universities?

In case I sound twisted here let me explain:

Statistics prove that most Swedish Professors had their first projects out of Sweden as a result of an International Student coming with an idea that the professor pursued in the students' homeland. The professor in league with his student work on the project, write conference papers and present at renowned conferences.

Tell me how many Swedish Students sitting in their rooms have come up with projects that interest these professors.

Dont get me wrong here...What I am saying is that Swedes and non Swedes are agents of change when they act out of their immediate environments. If they cant make change happen in their own environment, there are chances that a Semester in another country can open up their minds to nurture inspiration.

International Students are not redeemers of the Swedish Educational System vis-a-vis the Anglo American system and neither are a problem to the swedish system. But reducing the influx of International Master Students through fees is a one way ticket to ending the International Master programs in Swedish Universities.

Go ahead with the fees ...and lets see what happens, then most people who couldnt not see beyond their shylock tax kronors might look back and remember this posting
08:34 December 30, 2009 by Iraniboy
Application fee is requested in almost all universities and it's not strange at all. But discrimination between EU and non-EU applicants has no logical base considering that fact that they both cost the same processing fee. It's a very unfortunate law.
09:08 December 30, 2009 by juanman79
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, extract from Article 26:

"...(1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.

(2) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace..."

With the previous introduction now comes my comment:

I really believe that education should be 100% free, not only in Sweden but also on the rest of the world. Education is an important pillar of development, and as such it is imperative to promote it in any possible way.

The normal "politics of fear" always dictate that the tax-payer money is somehow being "stolen". These types of politics becomes apparent in times of economic turbulence. One must think beyond the short term and look in the future: Education is not only a basic human right, but also development stems from it.

When an international student comes to Sweden to study for free, he or she spends between 8000 and 10000 SEK on housing, groceries, study material, etc. besides what has to be paid for visa application fees and other application related expenses. All this money is being brought directly from their home country into Sweden... so it is safe to say that the country also wins from this.

Additionally, universities need students (swedish and/or non-swedish) in order to justify their funding. This funding goes into personnel hiring, maintenance and, most importantly, research.

Finally, research is needed for development and thus wealth (social and economical).

09:34 December 30, 2009 by fridayz

you are absolutely right

I work in academia here and I could tell you that most of the master programs here in Sweden are running with foreign students. Well where they are from?

Are they from the US, or Britain or Germany? No almost no EU or north American student unless those come here as ERASMUS for a short time (Erasmus student come here to get money from their governments, learn English and have some fun ...)

The foreign students here are from China, Iran and some Indian if we talk about majorities. So basically the master programs is running by them.

Let see if they need to pay tutation fee would they chose Sweden? The answer is NO, they will chose Germany, Britain, the US, Canada or even Australia for the reasons that have been explained by other posts as well!

That would be a loss for Sweden , the universities would loose their internationalization, most of the master programs would be shot down and at the end Sweden will lose the possibility to get skilled well educated foreigners to stay and work here.

However I should say application fee is a rather good idea because it is a time and money consuming process and not everybody who applies attends the university afterward however 140 $ is too much!
10:44 December 30, 2009 by sasha79
I don't think that Sweden is Obiliged to provide free education for just anyone... as a Swedish student we end up with a student loan for 100000SEK plus by the end of our education period... but many of these foreigner get grants and scholarships from their government or Swedish organization to study in Sweden or other parts of the world. Key in mind those who choose to study aboard are those who are well to do in their countries they are not underprivilged. EVeryone knows that when you want to travel some where and study there are added cost... And these so called students hardly attend the lectures, because they are busy working som odd jobs at some restuarants and distributing advertisements for minimum wage. Once they are here in Sweden they apply for visa to enter into UK. If your dream is to get a foreign degree you have to pay. Swede's attitude towards education is changing... there are more entering Universities now than they did before. The reason Swedes are reluctant is due to the student loan cost. So my suggestion charge foreign students, take that revenue and use it to increase the grant given to those who get CSN loan.... If cost of living and survivial is hard in Sweden come with a back up plan to study here....
11:02 December 30, 2009 by Juniperboy
Its unfortunate LAW which discriminate between EU and NON-EU , I am immigrant here on Job basis , giving my taxes as well. I want both to be treated same way.
14:10 December 30, 2009 by Hagen
@simepal The Greatest looser shall of course be the Swedish Universities that shall experience a rapid drop in their Master Program Enrollments.""

If there are no students, why worry ? the courses can be cancelled but the Teachers are still in place (maybe doing something else), the Universities are still in place.

We are just coming out of a recession, it's possible we go into a double dip recession next year so people are careful with their cash at the moment.
15:24 December 30, 2009 by Puffin
There seems to be a huge numbers of misconceptions judging by the comments here

YES - there will be scholarships available for poorer students

YES - students who are able to find work within 6 months of completing their degrees have been able to stay in Sweden since 2008
20:18 December 30, 2009 by farooqkifayat
I think if in the comments section every one is required to give his email and real name instead of a nick name , the discussion could be far better and polite.

Sweden was a unique country with its free education we are grateful for it .Why every discussion in the local news papers becomes anti Muslim some how is beyond me.Most of the students that come here are non Muslims.

And almost all students that come here even if they do odd jobs eventually complete their degree.In the past the education in Britain and America was also free for all students but now it is not , this may be a natural progression of things.

A few years ago when sweden did not have these English language master programes it is not as though the third world country students could not get higher education.

With this decision nothing will happen the Asian students that come here are less than 1 percent of the students that go abroad every year from these so callled poor countries like china, pakistan ,India etc.

THe free education was a kind thing but i dont think it was any additional burden on any taxpayer.As even with out foreign students the universities will grow and would require the same money from the tax payers.Its like Ryan Air that goes from one place to another in Europe and some times gives a few people free ride.Or a bus .If a few extra people ride it the costs remain roughly the same.

There is so much disrespect for us here ,who wants to live in such hate.
00:16 December 31, 2009 by jag2009
Take no offence this is my opinion...

It won't matter if they charge a fee to students outside of the EU. Swedens universities do not have the endowement of other universities in the EU so

they will never have an institution such as University of Oxford.

The education is free... thats the only reason people would study in sweden. If

that was the case in UK, Germany, France , USA , many would study in these countries.People who are moaning about foreigners taking tax payers money etc...

you are rellying on these foreigners to keep your institutions open.

Two universities in Sweden are in the TOP 100 LIST....4th or 5th largest country in europe all this university is just a business.
02:04 December 31, 2009 by mieoux
People shouldn't get worked up about this, many schools in the world have application fees it's normal - but $140 might be too high since anyone who chooses to come to Sweden with it's bad weather, language barrier, discrimination and low employment prospects only does so because they cannot afford to go elsewhere. As for tuition fees it's ok for Sweden to join the market and compete for students' tuition money, then they can adjust those fees to an equilibrium where they will have the number of students applying that they need, because in reality Sweden is not a place where one comes to stay for long periods of time unless they have no better option so Sweden will have a period of tweaking those tuition fees so they actually get applicants.

If you have to pay tuition in Sweden don't bother unless it's much lower than in the better countries - previous posters have listed those countries above. Right now because education is free in Sweden it makes sense to do your Bachelors and/or Masters in Sweden, after 2011 do your bachelors/masters at a state school in the US, it's cheap, excellent weather in many places, they speak English, better job prospects, very little discrimination. If you are applying for PhD level you should definitely go for US - that's where all the academic Nobel Prize winning work has come from in the last two decades and also PhD level education in the US is free. Actually even if you have only your bachelors but you are planning to continue on to PhD in the US then you can apply to a combined masters+phd program in the US and go for one of the fellowships that make graduate level education essentially free in the US. Otherwise if you are just starting at the undergraduate stage or if you are terminating at masters level Sweden is ok now, but after 2011, apply elsewhere.
06:45 December 31, 2009 by simepal
@Hagen...I wish you could address the other concerns I raised in my posting above.

Talking about Loser which you happen to endorse without complains, I shall add this:

I think you are someone with a good conservative heart, but let not your judgment be guided instantaneous gratification because I expect you to be far sighted and advice your own siblings to make better choices for the future.

Of what use shall a Swedish degree be in the future if it doesnt meet the standards required to compete internationally? If this should ever happen, then thats when Sweden ends up being the Greatest loser. The International Student shall always seek knowledge elsewhere and get recognition for his efforts.

I refer you to the law suit against a certain Stockholm Institution on its IEMBA for which the students paid 170,000SEK and never got the MBA they enrolled for.

My Take: When a parent makes an unpopular decision, it is the duty of the child/ren to stand up and politely call them to reason and not blindly allow them to enforce these unpopular decisions.

Dont forget that chicks always come home to roost if they dont get caught by foxes..yes they always come home to roost
01:32 January 1, 2010 by Taha

You truly proved that you are from India.

For all those who believe that why should they pay for foreign students' education in Sweden, they should ask themselves first, why they should pay for a porn film produced in the name of gender equality?? Why they should pay for entire Somalian, Iraqi, Kurdi AND Mongol families who just sit in the balconies of their homes enjoying the sun??

Sweden invited international students because it needed manpower (still needs it and would need it in future too), students came here, completed their degrees, started prfessional jobs in large and small companies, paid the tax. Yes, there are ppl who do black jobs without having to pay the tax. But why don't you blame those who employ them??

If tuition fee is introduced in Sweden(which I believe Sweden would have to revert in the years to come), Finland will be the next destination (still is) for the students from developing countries (including India). I am very optimistic that Finns would tackle this situation in a much better and swift way. Sweden and Swedes only love people sitting in the balconies of their homes having no worries about bringing their food on the table. A perfectly beautiful mistake.
02:29 January 1, 2010 by mrbad
A student expenses in Sweden for a month is enough to study a whole year in India. so not many can afford spending something like 20 years expenses for a 2 year program. But the quality of education in Sweden is much higher and people are willing to do that.

I agree with the application fee because it eliminates not so serious types who are many. The application fee is in par with some American colleges but note that with one Swedish application is enough to apply for multiple colleges.

If the fee imposed will eliminate a lot of Masters programs, so be it. some of them are not doing much ground breaking work anyway.some of these Subjects are over saturated and dead fields anyway, the better courses will always survive because of the demand. It eliminates unnecessary costs and brain drain to the government because people graduating in those fields are unable to find jobs in Sweden. Maybe it is better to cut costs by sinking a dying ship rather than keeping it afloat.

By imposing these fees, will the govt give any Tax cuts? personally think it is better to spend money on something like this rather than spend money on some posters on the highway or the aid given to third world countries. people who get better education will tend to do good things for their home countries.
14:32 January 1, 2010 by ashish.uppsala

hi...happy new year !

thanks for ur reply here...i am not in a mood to go for a discussion on that topic.

just wanted to let u know that i am not an indian.

and please try to show ur name identity truly in public.

why shy or scared??

meet me on facebook..or some place...i will talk with u...some time later..!

04:43 January 2, 2010 by Hedley

I am studying in an international program, there are about 25 people in our group whom 4 are EU student.

I really understant that 1000 SEK nothing, but I really invite the tax payers to read the economic problem outside Sweden (I recommend the UN Development Program report of the Human Development Index), how much worth their taxes are spent in other programs like the unemployment programh and also compare the benefits between them.

Cutting expenses without looking for consequences is dangerous: I have heard about closing some high school and an increase in gangs.

I am living with a loan (it means MY MONEY) to spend in accomodation and food. I have found no chance to work because idiomatic barrier, but it really does not matter.
11:03 January 2, 2010 by ckrisasa
Before discussing things i want to put here something more than that..

Student can be of 4 types, intelligent(talented+ hardwark), average(hardwork), goes with time(talented-hardwork), below average(poor talent+ no hardwork)..first criteria we need not worry..they will be supported by any means like government funding or other means..second criteria..if he is sound..he can support himself else he has to get some other sources like part times etc..third kind also can support himself if he has..else forget about it..4 criteria you can think it..So upon international students, if sweden is not free for education and also in language barrier in part times..think about applications from them..I dont think they will choose sweden where they can afford US and UK where english is communication tool. If they afford for university admission and once they get it, for later semesters and supporting they can get partime easily when compared with sweden..


Application fee type of system doesnt work with countries where there is language barrier. One should be learned if one is providing free. I mean language will be learned by student if education is provided free...Third world countries+ non EU countries never peep in future in to this kind of language specific countries if there is fee for education.Supporting he has to show 1.5 lakh swedish krons+ if there is fees for education+ no work permit.Its impossible you guys to expect an international third world country student to come here...think about it guys..its my opinion..u may contradict me with your justification..
18:28 January 3, 2010 by neostar
@ ashish.uppsala

No Pakistani is on asylum in Sweden

I as a Pakistani Student spend around 5000 - 6000 krowns every month for living, housing, food, traveling, clothes, fun, etc.. and for all these purchases I pay VAT . Isnt it ??

And i do no job in sweden, and the money i spend comes from my home country and it directly works as addition to Sweden economy. Isn't it?

Most of the International students are Job less in Sweden, When they will be asked to pay fees, they will look for a place where they can at least find some job to full fill there expenses.

In case of Fee most of the Masters programmes needs to be closed as master programs includes a minority of Swedish students. And in case if fee will be imposed, it will reduce the number of students but the operating cost will remain the same, if there are 10 students sitting in front of a professor or if 60 students are sitting, the operating cost remain same up to a big extent.

If there is to be fees, why fees for only Non Eu Students. Why not other EU Students.

I am not against application fees, but it should not be above 500 SEK.
21:09 February 8, 2010 by lzeppelin
first a few facts

Most "international students" are in fact - Pakistanis, Chinese and to a lesser extent Indians.

The standards of people getting into Swedish universities are truly abysmal in some cases - the level of english proficiency in some pakistani students is extremely poor as is evidenced by some of the comments.

- more chinese and Indians go to the states and australia to study despite the fact that the fees there are high.

To everyone who keep stressing that international students help keep several masters programs afloat - If sweden doesent have applicants of its own to keep these programs alive then it can afford to lose them. Sacrificing quality of education just to keep programs afloat is stupid.

My take on solutions

1. Application fee good. Fees for non-EU nationals better. Prices on par with those in Germany should be acceptable. If I were Sweden and looking for some bucks id tap into the american market, there are scores of people there who would not mind paying (less than an american tuiton fee) to study in sweden if there was more awareness in american industry about the quality of education here.

2.Increase entrance standards - some non-EU students fall far short in this area. Sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak - if you dont get this this means you. Sweden deserves better to be seen as a last hope for underqualified non-EU nationals.

3. For pitys sake reduce the price of booze!!
00:21 February 19, 2010 by yuqian
No...that's sad/....
09:02 February 22, 2010 by waleola
To start with i am a nigerian and i study in finland,though i was thinking of coming to study in sweden due to the fact that it's free and there is more likelyhood that i get a job when i finish here because in finland most people who finish never get a job due to the racist attitude of most finns and to be honext most of the teachers teaching the english courses are not qualified to teach those courses in english.Though most of them are good at the course they teach but their english language is nothing to write home about. Finland had thought sometime ago to introduce tution fee but the idea was dropped knowing for fact that many foreign students wouldnt come again cos the weather is not favourable neither is the job market open to foregners even when u speak perfect finnish.

Now coming to the tution been proposed by the swedish government,i had the opportuinity to speak with many foreign students studying in sweden(i came for exchange) on the issue of the tution and most if not all said they would rather go to the United states,UK,Australia or even germany with the money and study there because their chances of getting a job there are far more higher than that of sweden.

i do believe that if sweden introduces the tution fee,it will most likely backfire(my personal opinion) because the job market is harsh to foregner but in my view the easiest way to get the best students out of the lots is to introduce an application fee and extrance exam in the applicant home country.Because if the applicant pays a non refundable application fee and had to take an entrace exam before being granted a visa to student,only the best students will be admitted but to make students from 3rd world countries to pay tution will be suicider for swedish education system because many foreign student will not come again!!

Look at denmark today,due to the fee they collect from foreign students,non of its higher institution is within the first 200 in the world because foreign masters students shifted their attention to finland and sweden and atleast both countries have their universities in the top hundren.

As i said earlier,this is my personal opinion so i rest my case
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Dylan removes Nobel-mention from website
The American musician has more or less responded to the news with silence. Photo: Per Wahlberg

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Sweden could be allowed to keep ID controls on its border with Denmark beyond the current end date of November, following discussions among EU leaders in Brussels last night.

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