Woman beaten to death in Gothenburg

An 18-year-old woman has died after being found severely beaten in the Hjällbo district of Gothenburg in western Sweden early Wednesday morning, prompting a massive police response to hunt down the woman's killer.

The woman was declared dead at Sahlgrenska University Hospital just before 5am on Wednesday.

With a force of 50-60 officers, police have made their investigation into the murder a top priority.

No suspects have yet been arrested. The area near the Bergsgårdsgärdet residential area where she was found has been cordoned off for investigation.

Police remain tight lipped about the evidence they’ve collected so far, although they have found pools of blood and a trail of blood leading to a wooded area.

“Our working hypothesis is that this is also the crime scene,” Thomas Fuxborg of the Gothenburg police told TT news agency.

The woman lives several hundred metres from where she was found.

There was a party in the area and police believe she was likely on her way home when she was attacked.

“We don’t have any witnesses to the attack at this point in time, so we don’t know if there are one or more assailants,” Fuxborg said.

The cause of death is not determined, but 18-year-old woman had suffered severe external trauma.

Whether or not she was also raped is still unknown, although Fuxborg said that there is nothing to indicate that she had been.

The woman was unconscious when she was found outside by a passerby who called police at 1:25am Wednesday.