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Swede hit with 10 month jail sentence in Turkey

TT/Stuart Roberts · 1 Jan 2010, 13:30

Published: 01 Jan 2010 13:30 GMT+01:00

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Ramazan Kizil was tried by a Turkish court on Christmas Eve for spreading propaganda in Kurdish on behalf of a prohibited political party at a political rally in Turkey.

The court found Kizil guilty and sentenced to 10 month’s prison in ruling issued on New Year’s Eve. Kizil, who returned to Sweden after last week's court proceedings, will be arrested if he enters Turkey again, news agency TT reports.

“I have lived in Sweden for 20 years, and I have been punished for travelling to Turkey and speaking my own language and airing my opinions. It is completely unacceptable,” Kizil told news agency TT.

Kizil is one of the founders and current chair of the Dalkurd football club in Borlänge in central Sweden. On Christmas Eve he was tried in a Turkish court, accused of agitating, in Kurdish, for the pro-Kurdish People's Democracy Party (DTP).

"I have been accused of speaking Kurdish in a public place, and they asked me why I have been with and established Dalkurd," Kizil said.

After the court proceedings, Kizil travelled home to Sweden, to avoid incarceration if the judgment went against him. And on New Year’s Eve he was sentenced to 10 month’s prison, for spreading terrorist propaganda, according to Sveriges Radio (SR).

"They know that I will appeal to the High Court and the EU court. They don't want the issue of the Kurdish language to stand on accused, so therefore they accused me of terrorism," said Kizil.

The Turkish authorities have recently carried out a series of extensive actions against members of DTP, which was recently forbidden by the country’s constitutional court, according to TT.

The party is accused of having dealings with the separatist guerrilla movement, PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organization in Turkey, the EU and the USA.

According to Kizil, over 100 Kurds have been detained, accused of having dealings with Kurdish political parties.

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"A coup against Kurds and Kurdish politicians is underway," he said.

Kizil would like to see a strong reaction from Sweden and the EU against these events in Turkey.

“It is strange that the EU has not reacted earlier, and clearly, and put a stop to Turkey’s crime against democracy,” he said.

TT/Stuart Roberts (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:11 January 1, 2010 by rowdyeyes
Strange attitude of governments
17:34 January 1, 2010 by lingonberrie
He runs "home" to Sweden after his "home" in Turkey finds him guilty. He still agitates from Sweden by wishing for the Swedish government to get involved in what is purely Turkish business .

Twenty years later, and he is neither a Swede nor a Turk, except in name only.

"Citizens" come in strange forms these days.
18:08 January 1, 2010 by warriorwithin
i agree with lingonberrie....and why doesn't this local put it as ''swede of kurdish/turkish decent tries to do this and that'' ...this guy thinks his home country is kurdistan and his language is kurdish...what the hell is he doing in sweden
18:23 January 1, 2010 by alpercelk
Turks and Kurds are living together for many years and we are brothers and sisters for millions of years. Turkey has/had Kurdish prime-ministers, diplomats, business men, engineers,doctors and we will continue to live together. But there are some who do not like this and creates problems to separate Turks and Kurds.

This guy, for example, is lying because speaking Kurdish is not prohibited in Turkey, even Turkish government has a Kurdish TV channel (http://www.rojinliyiz.com/kurtce-televizyonlar/144172-trt-6-ses-canli-izle/).

He says; "I have lived in Sweden for 20 years, and I have been punished for traveling to Turkey and speaking my own language and airing my opinions. It is completely unacceptable"

1- Traveling to Turkey is not a crime as long as you are not a member of a terrorist organization or did not make any illegal stuff.

2- Speaking Kurdish is not a crime as well, as far as you are not propagating terrorism and terrorists.

3- Airing your opinions is not a crime as well, as far as they are not terrorist or illegal ideologies.
19:47 January 1, 2010 by lingonberrie
So, what he has said is pure fabrication as well?

Agitating with even a modicum of truth is still free-speech agitating; agitating with falsehoods is a form of terror.

He had better stay "home" in Sweden because after this flare-up became news on the Local, and thus to millions on the internet, Turkey might just extend his sentence

or render him to the United States.
20:33 January 1, 2010 by sthlmstdnt
I wish just once! only once in a lifetime, one European journalist would dare to do an interview with:

Turks, Abkhazians, Albanians, Arabs, Armenians, Azeris, Bosniaks, Bulgarians, Chechens, Circassians, Georgians, Greeks, Hamshenis, Jews, Kabardin, Kurds, Laz, Levantines...

which are the ethnicities living in Turkey, who has suffered from this PKK terrorist organization.

There has been 5-6 political parties which are closed because of their connection with this terrorist organization. Turkish government are criticized of not letting democracy being properly applied.

However, nobody looks at the situation from a positive perspective which is that in Turkey they can always start a political party...

If to create a similar example for Sweden, read below and judge things again...

A group of people start an organization in the north of Sweden and then they say that Swedish government does not behave well to Sami people.

They start killing police, villagers (both Sami and Swedes), engineers, teachers, doctors and they bomb schools, factories, mine the roads.

And then they say that Swedes do not let Sami people speak their own language (which is not real) and they say that Swedes kill Sami people (which is not real (!)

And then they provocate people saying that Swedish government does not send them teachers, does not bring them service, electricity, factories, education, health service, etc. (Which indeed they themselves kill these people and stop these services by attacking them)

Also, Norway, Russia and Finland helps these terrorists as well as they are getting financial, military and political aid from USA, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Estonia, etc. because Sweden has great sources which these countries need and also Sweden is in a very important location. Also Sweden has been a great power for the last centuries, against these countries.

This organization was founded in 1984 and 40.000 Swedes, Samis (villagers, police, soldiers, teachers, doctors, children, babies, women, elderly people) which of some are your friends, relatives, people you knew lost their lives. (Yes, think about those Gustavs, Fredriks, Malins, etc. Your friends, neighbours, etc. who were killed by them)

At the end, they create their audience from the north where education, health, and all those essentials could not be provided 100% properly because of that organization, that they can influence and then they start a political party which gets some votes which enables them to enter the parliament... (I have to mention that these terrorists, some years ago, wore Swedish military uniforms to burn some villages and killed most of the people there, where the people think that Swedish soldiers burned the houses) (These terrorists were caught with Swedish soldier uniforms later on)

However, this political party is in strong connections with these killers and they are closed by the courts of Sweden.

It goes on like this
21:36 January 1, 2010 by Kaethar
@sthlmstdnt: Except the Swedish government DID mistreat the Sami. They were victims of forced assimilation in the past and eugenics fairly recently. The difference though is that the Swedish government admits to this, whilst the Turkish government is in complete denial of horrors committed against the Kurds and other minorities both now and in the past.

It's not all roses in Sweden either. The Swedish government still has to sign a UN treaty concerning reindeer rights of the Sami as well as further upholding language rights of the Sami. The former is being worked on and is being held back due to technicalities whilst the latter is lagging due to lack of funds and interest. As Sami is a national minority language by Swedish law all legal documents as well as schooling etc are to be available in Sami but it's not always the case in reality.

Bur still Sweden - unlike Turkey - would never ban a party fighting for the rights of the Sami or any other group. Whatever they may support banning a political party is going against freedom of speech. Turkey's censorship of media and treatment of minorities is the reason other EU countries are having a hard time ever seeing Turkey as a member. All countries have problems - including Sweden - but it's the ability to admit to these problems and putting effort into fixing them that truly sets countries apart.
00:07 January 2, 2010 by krdx
Lİngonberry: News is not fabrication and not the guy but alpercelk is a liar. He/she talks about brothership but ask him if he has never heard any sentence of founder of the Turkey M.Kemal when he was talking about Kurds (none of Turkish history books at schools give credits about Kurdish people). But the reality is, even the Nutuk [(Modern Turkish: Söylev) was a speech delivered by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk from 15 to 20 October 1927, addressed to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey] was manipuleted and the sentences related Kurds, Kurdistan were deleted from his speech after his death.

Till the end of 90ties, Kurdish identity were not accepted and Kurdish were named as: 'Mountain Turks'!.

A kurdish deputy were sentenced to 10 years of jail since she said this in Kurdish in the parliament: 'I have done this swearing for the brotherhood of Turkish and Kurdish people'.

Did you know even colors were banned in Turkey? traffic lights were just in Red and Green in Kurdistan, while it was in 3 colors in Turkish cities! ' Because green, red and yellow are traditional Kurdish colors!

Yes, there is a Kurdish TV right now, but please as him/her, when did it start? Could you please tel alpercelk when did Kurdish news were broadcasted in Turkey and in Sweden? Even we are Kurds are owner of Kurdistan, their language and culture were banned, assimilated. Please Tell alpercelk how many political parties rejected the proposal of Kurdish TV.?Turkey had to accept Kurdish TV because they could not stay behind the technology since in Kurdistan in Irak, and in Europe there were tons of Kurdish TVs already. In Practical Kurdish alread had TVs. It was just a small gesture that Turkey had to do, which does not reflect of providing Kurdish people freedom.

Please ask alperclk, if it is possible to learn Kurdish at any university, highshcool, primary school?

I know what turkish military and police force has done in Kurdistan. If you were speaking Kurdish, it was enough to be taken to jail by being accused 'terrorism'.

Just ask alpercelk how many Kurdish, armenian, asurian names of cities, villages, towns were changed to Turkish?

Did you know that Turkish people in Sweden tried to bann Kurdish education in Sweden by doing lobby?

Turkish people are brainwashed where most of them think that they are the best race, best nation.

Did you know that, even primary school students have to wear uniform and every day in the morning have to swear that they (will) sacrifice their life to existence Turkish etnicity?

Ask him, in last 50 years, how many churches were builted in Turkey?

In Turkey, you can be doctor, engineer,political party leader, even prime minister as long as you forgot that you are Kurd, Armenian, Asurian, Christian, and behave like Turks, think in Turkish, write in Turkish.
00:25 January 2, 2010 by Frobobbles
This guy is not a swede.
01:35 January 2, 2010 by snakker1
''The party is accused of having dealings with the separatist guerrilla movement, PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organization in Turkey, the EU and the USA''

That is the whole idea...By the way do Swedish citizens do politics in Turkey?I really didn't know that.hmm...Do Swedish citizens have a politic party in Turkey as seen on the photo aswell?''Listed as a terrorist organization in Turkey,the EU and the USA'' and this man is sentenced for supporting this terrorist organisation,not speaking in kurdish but what he said in kurdish matters.Being a Kurd or speaking kurdish are not crimes, but being a terrorist or supporting the terrorism sub any form is and must be a crime in any part of the world.There are baby killers,there are drug dealers, and there are people who obtain the EU citizenship by using all these ... Anyway...everything is so clear...Thanks for your supports against terrorism(!)
04:05 January 2, 2010 by lingonberrie
Sweden should not have to listen to this business about Turkey and the Kurds.

You who are posting here from Sweden with all of this arcane and convoluted history should first understand that this is not the problem or the interest of native Swedes.

You are living in Sweden now, Don't use Sweden as a platform to follow your nationalistic agendas. Just be glad that Sweden has allowed you to come here to restart and to develop your lives and that Sweden has given you every advantage available to do so. You will not find those same advantages in Turkey, or in many of the other countries from which immigrants to Sweden have left for a better life in Sweden.

Swedes who left Sweden and settled in America became Americans and left Sweden behind.. They got on with their lives, still practicing Swedish customs and remembering their homeland but fully assimilating into their adopted country as they did so.

Follow their example and you will not find anyone who will take issue with you. Keep carrying on as you have done with these comments on this blog and no one will want you to remain in Sweden.
09:23 January 2, 2010 by brøklyn_bjorn
Biji Kurdestan!!!

The article clearly states he's a Swedish citizen. Is that not good enough?
09:27 January 2, 2010 by Rick Methven

While I agree with what you say in principle, people should move on and make a new life in their adopted country, at the same time you can not take away the fact that people get upset and angry at the abuse of their family and friends in their country of origin.

The Swedish government/people still condemn the actions of other countries from within Sweden, Do we have the right to tell immigrants to stop having any feelings for the plight of their compatriots still in their native lands?
11:54 January 2, 2010 by Norrlands Turk
Read what sthlmstdnt and lingonberie have written over and over.

No kurds have been punished in Turkey for no reason. They have been punished because they have been supporting a terrorist organization recognized by pretty much every nation in the world.

Swedes, including politicians, are just too naive towards this issue.
13:37 January 2, 2010 by Rick Methven
"No kurds have been punished in Turkey for no reason."

16:16 January 2, 2010 by kenny8076
jeeze 10 months for speaking kurdish? you dont see that much time in sweden for rape!! Poor guy!!
17:44 January 2, 2010 by krdx
I ceration ways I agree lingonerry, thats way Kurdish people are more integrated to Swedish society compared to Turkish people since they feel, undestand the freedom provided to Kurdish people and they are respectful.

I do agree, we should not "just" concentrate on what is happening in Turkey or other countries, but to fix the problems if immigrants and all Swedes in general. But, I could not stop posting a long comment when I see total lies. How could I stop if I know it is totaly lie from all my experience in my lifetime? What Turkish do is: they blame you on terrorism, even tough you have never had any tie, then you became guilty without any evidence but the witness of police or soldiers!

I am just so sorry for Turks that they have no any idea and information what is going on in Kurdistan and how they are manipulated by Turkish media and goverment and racist party.

On the other hand, I have lots of Swedish friends who do concern about education in Vietnam, political situation in Iran, Irak and situation in Africa, I can understand them. That's way I expect you also understand immigrants. We should not differentiate us native Swedes and adopted Swedes. We are all citizen of Sweden.

Anyway, longlive Sweden. I would like to be concerned about problems in Sweden for sure but I can not stop myself if I see any lie here, as Rick Metven states.
19:36 January 2, 2010 by lingonberrie
The reference to the Swedish/American diaspora was made to underscore the necessity of integration and assimilation into a foreign environment without losing ones ethnic identity or surrendering ones emotional attachments to one cultural heritage/identity.

That reference should stand as a given and likewise be understood as such by those engaged in an intelligent and educated discourse where pro and con arguments are cited to strengthen points of view. No one is denying anyone the right to have or not to have emotional attachments. That is not the issue.

There is now in Sweden an attitude that prevailed in the past during the first and second waves of immigration to American where Italians, Swedes and Irish were treated as less than dirt.

Swedes walked 10 to 15 miles to timber-falling job sites and back to logging camps under extreme weather and often crippling job conditions, where the loss of a mule was considered more detrimental than the loss of life of a Swede.or a Norwegian. Italians and Irish suffered similar fates, especially in the mines and on the railroads.

Sweden is now awash in crime and poverty and with those who refuse to learn the language or the culture, and who rape and pillage with no concern or regard to the customs of Sweden where they are being taken care of because they lack the initiative or self-reliance to do so.

Traditional Swedes recoil in horror, and some act out by joining right-wing organizations to preserve what they see as their Government's giving up for the sake of political correctness.

In the light of this factor, comments are generated on this Swedish blog, and never forget that this is a Swedish blog, that strike out at Sweden and Swedes.

I will not let that pass.without reacting.
01:12 January 3, 2010 by AbdulBenHassan
Once again common sense at play, Assuming it was Jonny Johansson for example the "Swedish Citizen" (Ha), why do they always try to get around the full name of the immigrant. I degress, If He is not a terrorists, then they have no need to worry, but We never know about these things until it's too late. Especially in Sweden, as there seems to be a lot of problems with the post 911 immigrants inhabiting cities like Malmö. For Me I could care less, I will never force my wife to wear a burka, throw rocks at EMS personnel or demand that Sweden make cultural changes for My Religion or Race. However, American's, as an example, would never stand for that, So, I'll leave that for the insurgent immigrants.

On a positive note...

I used to say "Swedes are afraid to stand up for themselves and say enough is enough". But, now that the Democrats will take office, things will change for the better, of course that remains to be seen - Politics Ya' know. Where are the Vikings?

There Coming, Just be patient. : )
03:26 January 3, 2010 by sthlmstdnt
@lingonberrie: what makes you think that this platform is for the Swedes? Have you noticed that we all are speaking in English here. If one thinks for some seconds, then he would figure out that this platform is addressing mainly foreign people living in Sweden. Or am I a genius to understand this? I am living here in Sweden and this does not mean that I became a Swedish. I wonder how you behave when you go to another country for holidays...
06:28 January 3, 2010 by Aureliano Buendia
Dear "The Local" staff, why did not you investigate or call the turkish court or anyone who is related with the arrest decision in Turkey and asked all the details, and instead you have published one persons personal attitude, of course, even if he didnot say these words, we would had imagined the same meaning.

The fact that he is a citizen of Sweden does not really change the matter, propagating terrorist organization is not the same to speak his own language! And how come, people can judge about "kurdish problem" in Turkey not being aware of the problem and just talking with kurds? dont you feel to be objective? may be you dont like turks, but at least you have to be objective in order to respect yourself first...
20:59 January 3, 2010 by moaca
When in Rome, act like the romans. THis old saying is true. When moving to a completely different country it is vital to integrate. We all have our traditions and habits, but when they clash with the country that so kindly has taken you in, problems WILL occur. I fail to see why everybody gets so agitated about some bloke being denied access to the country he came from?

He left, didnt he?

I have now lived and worked in 3 different countries, so I do know a little about moving away from your own country.

He is very lucky to be living in Sweden and should get on with it. He has got a second chance many can only dream of and If he doesnt like it, I suggest he returns to his country of origin! I am a Swede living and working in the UK, and I make darn shure I fit in and act like they do in the UK. I may not agree with their way of living, but I sure as hell am not gonna bite the hand that feeds me.

I will however go back to Sweden as this is where I belong. Maybe this is something the foreigners living Sweden should consider as well. If you are not happy there, hey we are not stopping you to leave. The choice is yours. When in Rome, act like the Romans!
11:40 January 9, 2010 by jazzIIIlove
Turks must remember 80s that they construct a "correctional institution" named as Diyarbekir Prison that the plots of Prison Break and OZ are very ligt wrt. to this prison.

Note that Kurds are under pressure in Turkey especially for the late months search for

So, better to flee from that land...

If you ever want to do some stuff in the streets, you will end up with lynch of other 'turks', Search randomly in newspapers of Turkey, you will get the point:

http://www.milliyet.com.tr/Yasam/SonDakika.aspx?aType=SonDakika&ArticleID=1182627&Date=06.01.2010&b=Askere gitmek istemeyenler polisle catisti&KategoriID=15

On the other hand, Kurds in Turkey are always whining as they were purely saint but they are not since they formed one of the most dangerous gang that Turkey has ever seen.

All in all, I guess this country will end with a split in the end this decade.
15:06 February 18, 2010 by Antioche
It is not crime or whatsoever to speak Kurdish in Turkey.(I don't understand how people believe this at the first place).There are private institutions to learn Kurdish. Some kurdish people got trouble maybe before as same as many other parts of the world but not anymore which is what suppose to be in first place. Government is willing to give more rights to kurdish people but they got stuck to provocations by the terrorist group and supposedly democratic party which in command of leader of these terrorists. I should add that these terorists kill much more kurd than any other power. They are accepted as terrorist group by a reason. Now they mostly attack to military which is a smart move for them to have your sympathy and lie about things that you cannot possibly know. They also have some city demonstrations (mostly children to blame the turks).
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