Berry pickers set to keep mystery stash of cash

A group of berry pickers who came across a sizeable sum of money last summer while working in a forest outside of Växjö in southern Sweden will most likely be allowed to hang on to the mysterious loot.

“So far none of the roughly 20 people who have made claims to the money have been able to prove that it’s theirs,” Ingvar Fredriksson of the Kronoberg County police told the Smålands Posten newspaper.

The berry pickers discovered the stash of money in late July and subsequently turned it over to police, who suspected the money had been partially dug up by an animal.

Police have refused to release information about exactly how much money was found, saying only that it was in the six figures, or at least 100,000 kronor ($14,000).

“Everything indicates that the money came from a crime of some sort. Among those who have contacted us are business people who have lost large sums of money for different reasons or people who’ve had their homes broken into,” said Fredriksson.

In addition to fielding inquiries, police have also reviewed other theft reports involving large amounts of money.

But as of yet, no reports match the description of the berry pickers’ find.

If no viable claim on the money is made in the coming weeks, the stash of cash will be reclassified as missing property.

Nevertheless, the berry pickers will still have to wait an additional three months before being allowed to claim the cash as their own.

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