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Council urges action to hinder wife importers

TT/Christine Demsteader · 15 Jan 2010, 13:59

Published: 15 Jan 2010 13:59 GMT+01:00

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"We are asking for a specific commission from the government to find measures to reduce the number of these wife importers," said county governor Eva Eriksson to news agency TT.

The present problem is the lack of accessible knowledge about the men who repeatedly tie the knot with women from abroad.

It is believed the men are abusing a Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) rule, which states that a foreign wife can be deported if the marriage ends within two years.

The National Organisation for Women's and Girls' Shelters in Sweden (Roks) has surveyed how many women coming to Sweden to marry end up seeking help through their women's centres.

In 2008, 38 out of 515 women who needed assistance were living in Värmland where the situation is significantly worse than in Sweden's big cities.

By way of comparison, there is one case per 7,000 inhabitants in Värmland and one case per 19,000 residents in Stockholm.

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"We could obtain information about which men are exploiting the system from the migration authorities but at present those records are confidential and protected by law," said Angela Beausang, chairwoman of Roks.

"In order to help the women from winding up in the clutches of these men, we would like the element of confidentiality to be removed," she added.

TT/Christine Demsteader (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

15:36 January 15, 2010 by benomax
This is a very interesting article. Tracking wife importers? Do they import wives? Every one has the right to fall in love with whoever one wants. This is what democracy and human right is all about. Well if a relationship ends for whatever reason, then that person may or more not be in sweden because the immigration board will look inot cases to determine who stays and who goes.
15:57 January 15, 2010 by livinginsweden
As much as Sweden wants to make itself the leader in political correctness, human rights, non-racist, equality, etc...... the ugliness and reality seeps out thru the seams.....

ha ha
16:46 January 15, 2010 by Rebel
Someone on the Local messed up big time if some feminist sees a picture of 4 wedding-cake couples and not one of them features two men or two women getting married. Remember, in Sweden a man can be a wife too, and a woman can be a husband.
16:55 January 15, 2010 by rugla
Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but about time people!

The problem with guys that bring wives on a regular basis from Thailand, and or South East Asia, is the damage they cause and cost they incur for the various Kommuns.

if the wives do not put out as they wish and this ladies are basically maids, they kicked them out and the system has to take care of their mess.

The government should also go after the agencies that promote this mail brides, maybe a sort of bond or insurance policy should be taken and paid by the would be husbands to cover costs just in case things do not work.

One of our neighbors has been married five times in the last six years to Thai and Vietnamese ladies, he is a major p….ck treats them like s ………….t and uses them like maid slaves this is appalling.

What they need to do is if to require a warranty that if the marriage does not work the person bringing this expensive imports to the various Kommuns, will have to cover the expenses of their future ex-wives to be housed, educated, and or sent back to their respective countries of origin.

In a way why should we pay the tab for a dirty old bats to get l………id, have his meals cooked and household clean?
18:32 January 15, 2010 by Kaethar
Wait... what exactly is the problem here? First I thought this was a case of human trafficking and men continously marrying women from abroad to smuggle them into the country for whatever means. But that doesn't seem to be the case here since there's no talk of organised crime. So is the problem that men are marrying women at an alarming rate and then divorcing them before the 2 year deadline is up? So basically an advanced form of prostitution... if that's the case it should be looked into...
20:48 January 15, 2010 by moaca
Hmmm, here in the UK there is a major problem with people who have the English nationality to marry foreigners in order to get them a passport in to the UK. But these fake marriages are for money and whoever does this gets a very nice sum for it. I believe the going rate is at least 10.000 pounds. As there is no mentioning of this I am unsure exactly what the root cause is for these marriages. Is it Swedish men who cannot get a woman that is obedient enough? Is the story related to foreign men marrying women from the country of origin to ensure they get an obedient enough woman? Or are these marriages in general where money changes hands in order to get a pass and a ticket in to Sweden. There are many ways how the system can be manipulated.

As long as people are free to marry, and there are no rules with regards to its legitimacy, then people will always find ways to abuse a system. The no of cases may not seem to bad now, but if this trend keeps on for another 20 years, Sweden will soon enough end up like the rest of Europe with to many people manipulating their way in to a country.
21:05 January 15, 2010 by livinginsweden

in sweden most men are wifes..... or pussies..... the woman wear the pants so they are the real husbands ..... and in homosexual couples.... the 'wife' is usually known as the bitch.....
00:38 January 16, 2010 by dizzymoe33

Yikes or ouch don't know which one fits your comment?LOL
02:04 January 16, 2010 by wenddiver
Why not keep the wives and send the importer to Thailand or Viet Nam to work as a maid/sex slave.
07:57 January 16, 2010 by krow
what of the swedish women that go to Gambia, Ghana and thailand to bring him men and divorce them before the expiration of the two years. Most of the men are made servants and under serious threat to be deported if they dont perform the duties assigned to them by this ladies. The Government should also look at it.
08:41 January 16, 2010 by MTH
The point is whay is this happening? why the swedish guys can not find a wife at home? why do they have to go look outside?
08:49 January 16, 2010 by Nemesis
It is good to see someone speaking out at last about this practice.

The majority of Swedes marrying abroad do so for genuine reason. However there is a substantial minority who marry abroad specifically to abuse.

The Swede goes abroad and is so nice to the partner and there family. They are seen as the perfect partner.

Then they bring the partner back to Sverige and treat them like a live in servant or in some cases like a slave as in house slave and sexual slave.

They are quite often very badly abused, mentally sexually and emotionally. Quite oftent they are prevented from attending SFI where they can learn Swedish and make friends, so as to keep them isolated. After about 12 to 18 months they are literally thrown out in the street. The Swede then goes abroad and brings back another one.

If they keep the partner 24 months legal obligations kick in. That is why they are discarded before 24 months.

As for the figures produced. They are way to low.

@ krow

Precisely. The women are at it as well. They are just as bad and in some cases worse.
10:58 January 16, 2010 by Puffin
@ Nemesis

I agree - many of these women are badly abused both physically and sexually - many end up in domestic abuse shelters - but the men are never convicted because they arrange for their wives to be deported before they can testify in court - the women have to rights as they can only be in Sweden while they are living wwith their husband.

There was a case a few years ago of a mane who had brought in 5 or 6 'wives' over an 8 year period who had ended up abused - yet he arranged for all to be deported and was never convicted. At the time of the article he was on he was abroad for a new marriage and the authorities were powerless to stop him.......
11:41 January 16, 2010 by Jim__in_Vietnam
It should be obvious why so many Swedish men are importing wives! Each time I visit "The Local's" home page, the Gallery section always has a picture of a Swedish lesbian couple. One would think that Sweden's women are all lesbian.

I am a Yank who has lived and worked in Vietnam for the past decade. Believe me, the Vietnamese government is quite alarmed at the reports of VN women being exploited in these marriage scams. They (The VN government) have been successful at breaking up scams run by South Koreans and Chinese, but it is more difficult to do so with US-based and Euro-based scams.

Most of the VN girls who are \married off in these scams are poor girls from the rural provinces. They lack education and are frightened to death. If you know of one being exploited, please get involved and inform the authorities.

Thank you.
12:54 January 16, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Puffin,

I have seen the scenarios you are talking about locally. One of the guys who does this locally, works in Migrationverks.

My neighbour is married to a Thai woman for four years now and he is constantly complaining about men and women who do this.

@ Jim__in_Vietnam

The pictures in the local, are the local pathetically appealing to the most basic of men to try and increase interest. There is the same percentage of lesbians and gays in Sweden as in any other country.

The problem with informing the authorities in Sweden is that they do nothing in Sweden. They make great speeches and present brilliant documents at international conferences, but at home in Sweden they make a point of turning a blind eye.

Swedes need to be caught and jailed for this in other countries. Also the people who previous abuse cases are reported to, but they have ignored, need to be publicly named and shamed by other countries. Only then will the Swedish authorities do something about it.

There is a very big problem here in Sweden of the authorities turning a blind eye to such abuses.

The vietnamese and Thai governments need to publicly take Sweden to task for this. It would be really good if China publicly critised Sweden for this as then they would have to do something about it.

If some of the people involved work in the migration department, it is difficult to report them without them finding out, which is part of the problem.
11:45 January 17, 2010 by J Jack
If it's gets out of hand I would suggest introducing a NAG TAX. Don't we already have more than enough Women making demands and emasculating our society?
01:11 January 18, 2010 by soultraveler3
There's alot of abuse of the system and of people going both ways.

1) There are some creepy guys bringing in asien or eastern european wives, using them for a babysitter, sex and as a maid service then throwing them away before the time is up.

2) The other side of the story is the women that take advantage of lonely or shy men put up with the sex and cleaning until their 2 years is up. The second they get their pug they file for divorce.

I've actually seen way more of the second. When I was in SFI we had 7 girls from thailand and laos. I heard 4 of them say, on different occasions, that they couldn't wait to get permanent residence and divorce their swedish guys.

I don't agree with the whole idea of bringing someone who is stranger or mostly a stranger to another land for marriage but I can see the attraction in it for some.

For the men. If they're shy or a little strange or lonely or older and divorced or widowed etc. I can see where someone would look into that for companionship. They probably look at it how it is.

He gets someone to take care of him in different ways and in exchange he takes care of her and possible her children and offers them a life that is way better than anything the would likely achieve at home.

I think alot of the women feel the same. An older european man may not be the ideal husband but they can offer security and a better life for them and any children they may have. Even a below average life in sweden is often times better than what they had in their homeland in terms of living standard, education and health.

If the guy is nice it's a bonus, otherwise you do the 2 year thing then leave him I guess.
13:15 January 18, 2010 by glamshek
The department of marriage is very important and it should not be discussed with so much materialistic ideas. Migration verket and the Swedes are thinking only in terms of materialism. What about the life of men and women who are kicked out before 2 years? Can you people think in terms of human values and dignity of life?
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