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Swede gives millions to German anti-Islam party

TT/The Local · 25 Jan 2010, 07:48

Published: 25 Jan 2010 07:48 GMT+01:00

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In a Sunday report aired on Germany's public broadcaster WDR, Brinkmann said he fears Germany is becoming "too foreign" and that Sharia law will be introduced in the country.

"However, there are no, or very few, politicians who take this seriously," Brinkmann said.

"That's why I believe that a new right wing (in Germany) can not only succeed, but in five or ten years be as large as the FPÖ in Austria or the SVP in Switzerland," he added, referring to Austria's Freedom Party and the Swiss People's Party, two far-right groups which have enjoyed a certain amount of electoral success.

The millionaire, who reportedly already has ties to Germany's extreme-right NPD and DVU parties, will finance a building for Pro NRW to be used as an anti-Islam centre.

Burkhard Freier, the deputy head of the North Rhine-Westphalian branch of Germany's domestic intelligence agency, the Verfassungsschutz, considers Pro NRW and a related group, Pro Köln (Pro Cologne), dangerous organizations.

However, he added that Pro NRW's membership roll is so small, around 300, that it does not have much of an influence in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous state.

"That's why they play up every new member, every property purchase and every event as big as they can on the internet so they can give their own adherents the feeling that 'we are somebody'," Freier said.

In 2004, Brinkmann founded the Continent Europe Foundation (Kontinent Europa Stiftelse – KES) in Sweden, a group seeking to establish a “greater European civilization” that will include Russia.

Brinkmann later caused a stir in 2008 when it was revealed he had purchased a €3.3-million villa in the Berlin suburbs, prompting fears on the part of German authorities that the home would become a base for neo-Nazi activities.

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German intelligence agents view Patrik Brinkmann">Patrik Brinkmann as a leading figure among right-wing extremists around the world.

Although Brinkmann said at the time that the purchase was “purely private”, in 2009 a statement by the foundation conformed that Brinkmann would relocate to Berlin “by 2010 at the latest” to build a “Europe-wide Internationale of nationalists”.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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08:27 January 25, 2010 by franny66
This done to annoy Muslims and put more pressure on the UK and America, again a swede is leading a Nazi in Europe and the swedes choose to ignore it..
08:40 January 25, 2010 by michalino
Would be better to spent something to the people in HAITI and or invest in your economy in Sweden ......
10:03 January 25, 2010 by Rick Methven
These trolls like franny66 just come on TL to stir up trouble. Notice how the only stories they crawl out of the woodwork to comment on are those where they can try and resurrect the "All Swedes are Nazi's" theme as they did with the Organ harvesting affair.

There are Nazi nuts in every country. going on and on with posts like the ones these trolls make plays right into the hands of the Nazi's giving them more attention than they deserve. Ignore these racist thugs and they will disappear do not make them into a worthwhile story. The German Police and Säpo are watching them closely and will stop anything happening. Let him waste his money on supporting his own ego. He is just another would be Hitler who will be soon forgotten
10:09 January 25, 2010 by Texrusso
The guys is difinitely ins-a-n-e, only a f-o-o-l will waste money like that. He has completely lost it. I wonder how much the guy is worth to be giving out that kind of money for nothing? any answers? There are hundreds of Patents and new buisness ideas and innovations lanquishing in Sweden. With young Entrepreneurs and innovators in sweden seeking funding everyday from Business Angels and Venture Capaitalist and the answer they get is no money, While this i-d-i-o-t go wasting money. Why didn't he just set up an INCUBATOR or Business Angel/Venture funding to fund new innovations in Sweden that will generate economic growth and improve the lives of Swedish Nationals.
10:15 January 25, 2010 by Bostonexpat
Franny66--you're no better than any Nazi you claim is around every corner.."again a swede is leading a Nazi in Europe".....do you even know where Sweden is?

There are racist loons in every country ..this one/Brinkmann just has money so he can easily buy his way into the headlines.
10:46 January 25, 2010 by CarlBlack
I would like to understand this link anti-muslim = Nazi presented in newspapers or some people on this forum. Since Nazi were against Jews as well as Muslims were/are, and I am not aware about any anti-muslim actions from Hitler's Nazis, this really does not give much sense.
10:54 January 25, 2010 by franny66
@Rick Methven

The german police and SAPO are you joking me...do you know anything about the cops in sweden??
11:36 January 25, 2010 by Rick Methven

"The german police and SAPO are you joking me...do you know anything about the cops in sweden?? "

Do you anything about Sweden. I doubt that you could even find it on a map:LOL

And the name of the Swedish security police is SÄPO with the Swedish character Ä

Proves even more that you are a troll who knows nothing about Sweden or the Swedish language
11:39 January 25, 2010 by livinginsweden
@ rick M

God you are so bitchy ... he wrote SAPO becos of his english keyboard.... and of course you know all and everything about sweden.....

11:47 January 25, 2010 by glamshek
Terrorism has deep roots in whole Europe, America, Israel, Britain, Russia, India, some groups linked to Taliban in Pakistan, Iraq under Saddam, Iran under Reza Shah Pahlvi and Radical Muslim groups like Al-Qaeda and Taliban. They are the extremists of this world and we must do some research on these terrorists. Let the normal people live in Peace. Also please do not try to defend these people because the list of their crimes is not small. Its long and you cannot support yourself in front of that long list. Thanks.
11:48 January 25, 2010 by franny66

How about the swedish ploice and rosengård in malmo and their attitude to young immigrants, compared that to the MET in london which truly are a great force now..

How about Osmo Vallo and the way he was treated andnhis mother...

How about the investaigation in Olaf Palm's murder and why the murder secne was never sealed off

How about the young Arab man left hanging in a police cell in mairestad for an hour

Just like the hated RUC in Northern Ireland where a police force for the protestant people the Swedish police are only a police force for white swedes...

I can go on about your twisted country that has this great image abroad and behaves like pigs at home
11:53 January 25, 2010 by entry
The Opinion articles at TheLocal.se are more substantial than the dangling headlines with a handful of superfluous paragraphs found in TheLocal.se News listings.

Where's the Beef?

TheLocal.dk had nothing more to add.

OMG, couldn't TheLocal.se at least point out that Swede's wanting to make additional or matching donations to Pro NRW could do so by going HERE (-http://www.pro-nrw.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=605&Itemid=364)or sign the Pro NRW petition by clicking (-http://www.pro-nrw.org/index.php?option=com_dfcontact&Itemid=300006) HERE?
12:32 January 25, 2010 by locaxy
@CarlBlack: "I am not aware about any anti-muslim actions from Hitler's Nazis,"

They were classified as Untermensch under Nazi Germany.
12:48 January 25, 2010 by Kaethar
He has every right to spend his money the way he chooses and for whatever cause he chooses. If muslims are allowed to build buildings and centers to promote their cause and ideology so should he. Now, Brinkmann is no doubt a so-called white nationalist and I'm glad he's chosen not to stir things like that up in Sweden. But when it comes to this anti-Islam center I am supportive of him, as opposed to the people who do want to install Sharia in Germany. They do exist. In Sweden as well as in any country that has muslims and they should be seen as a serious threat to democracy.
13:30 January 25, 2010 by Beynch
Thanks for the tip. NRW huh? Well, he is probably doing europeans a service by contributing to anti-islam causes. This religion/culture/system is increasingly becoming a scourge in Europe, not least in Sweden. Before you all go berserk, is it possible to be concerned of the rising influence of islam without being labeled a "rasist"? Answer that before you lash out in pre-canned invective. I am concerned! The examples are many in England, France, Holland etc. No muslim appears to be willing to strongly condemn the militance of this religion/culture/system, but do so only mimicking rehearsed lines of "all religions have extremists, islam is a religion of peace(really?) or the Israel/Palestine mess. Address the issue from the perspective of radical alteration of european society, not lame generalizations. Since in almost all countries, these muslims exist on taxpayer funded dole, I think most european nations MUST re-think the entire issue, and make some hard decisions. Islam is a growing tumor which must be extricated. Basically, adapt or get out!
13:34 January 25, 2010 by Audrian
Just as the rise of Moslem fundamentalism is the failure of the social system in the Middle East and marginalization of the poor, the redistribution of wealth in favor of social parasites like Patrik Brinkmann is the failure of the market system or capitalism in Europe and the US. The elite in the US are war mongers, who engage in wars because there is money to be made.

Do not count off Patrik Brinkm. The right wing movement in Europe is growing a slow pace, but it is gaining momentum while the left is in disarray.
13:51 January 25, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Texrusso

For once i agree with you.

So many Swedish ideas are lying unfinanced it is a national disgrace. This money could have been used to seed some of those ideas and create home grown Swedish business's. This money could have seeded another IKEA or similar.

@ locaxy

Wrong. Muslims were not undermensch in naz in Germany. The Grand Mufti of Cairo was recieved by Hitler and though highly of by Hitler and particularly Himmler.

Look up Skanderberg, Kama and Handschar Waffen SS divisions. They were largely muslim and ineffective against Tito's partisans and then the Red army and British commando's.
14:33 January 25, 2010 by Audrian
Rember Egypt was under British rule during WWII. The resistance to British rule in Egypt Joined the Nazists to drive the British out of Egypt. The late President Anewar Sadath of Egypt fought along the Germans against the British because of the promise that Germany would not colonize Egypt after the Brisih were driven out.

For those under colonial rule, there is no idological difference between British, French Italian or German colonial rule. They were all exploitative and believed in the supermacy of the white race. The Germans in Nambia were as cruel as the British in Kenya, for example.
14:50 January 25, 2010 by Dinaricman
There was also a classfication of noble Untermensch and not so bad Untermensch.
15:18 January 25, 2010 by caradoc
@Beynch...."Since in almost all countries, these muslims exist on taxpayer funded dole"

As someone who has lived for some 14 yrs in Holland and recently moved to Sweden I can inform Beynch that most of the Muslims that I have met either work (very hard) or actively seek work in order to support their families and themselves. Perhaps if he left his dark isolation and met and talked to Muslims he may realize that the world he inhabits is small and seemingly bigoted.

As for Patrik Brinkman , he has earned his money and if he choses to throw it away supporting stupidity and ignorance that is his owm buisness.

Perhaps Beynch can get some money from him also..
15:57 January 25, 2010 by eZee.se
Dont really know much of the details of everything he is backing, but i do support him in wanting to prevent Sharia law anywhere in Europe.

I myself am a foreigner here, i try to fit into society not change it what i am used to or the country I was born in. No prizes for guessing what Sharia law is trying to do.
16:38 January 25, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö
I wish He could give this money to the poor Africans specially the THE homeless people of HAITI who really need money and support.

oh yah your 5 or 10 millions would not help you to succeed over Islam or to create another Hitler. Germans are smart they do not want another Hitler. Today against Muslims next day against who? Of course France, UK would be next target.

I think they are more than millions spend everyday against ISLAM on these Medias.

But here is what Almighty God says "And (the unbelievers) Plotted and planned, And Allah too planned, And the best of planners Is Allah."

If you do anything you will not be succeed over ISLAM or Muslims that is the plain fact.

Everybody Jews, Christians lived a very happy life under Islam and at the time of Prophet Muhammad pbuh . Islam did not create any hatred against nobody. nor we are allowed to lie in other to archive our goal.

Lets live to together in love and peace, if you spend money on education and works. nobody will think DARK such this business man. I dont know how he made money?
16:50 January 25, 2010 by Beynch
@caradoc: If you say so. I only know what I read in the media, and my own anecdotal observations. In either case though, Europe needs to aggressively reign in these backward (yes, backward) islamists in order to prevent a "radical transformation of European society and culture". Some of this will have to be done using means that are not always palatable to some knee-jerk liberals, but I, and others, are convinced it needs to be done and without any compromise whatsoever on our open and free legal system and cultural reference points. And now! - And I too have some met some very hard working, contributing, tax paying, immigrant muslims. More power to them. But a leisurly stroll through Bergsjön will show you what I'm talking about, with desired clarity. . PS I don't need any money from Brinkman. I'm quite comfortable, thank you. In fact I'll contribute some of my own to NRW.
17:17 January 25, 2010 by caradoc

Of course you may also throw away money in order to support stupidity and ignorance. And perhaps you may remember that within "our open and free legal system and cultural reference points" these refugees are entitled to our support and help.
17:48 January 25, 2010 by Twiceshy
sure - these guys are idiots.

but is it not true - that in islam - if you leave and become a jew or something else - they can KILL you according to the koran?

no other religion says that!

the world would be a better place without yayayayya booom!
18:02 January 25, 2010 by Newyork-Växjö

Some guys can not afford to buy Winter shoes for themselves in this winter season. So dont take them serious LOL.

Arab Sheikhs would give 10 billions to German to ban this party LOL

As human we should let others to practice their faith.

No Muslim or Islamic Countries has interfered with European law or told Sweden or Norway to change your law. it is non Islamic countries who got itch up in their assses all they do is selling deadly weapons, invading and interfering into everybody is life and system.
18:38 January 25, 2010 by bezjaj
Millions is pocket money compared to what the Saudis are giving to the worst fundamentalists.. Every mosque in Europe is sponsored..The liberals has signed for the end of the western culture.
18:50 January 25, 2010 by calebian22
Moderate politicians and lefties have ignored an emerging problem in Europe so extremist thinking on the right is the result. If a problem is ignored for too long, drastic measures need to be implemented. Politicians like Brinkmann and Geert Wilders and their rising popularity is the result of ignoring a serious issue prevelant through Europe. If you don't want extremism on the right don't have extremism on the left.
19:37 January 25, 2010 by Johan X
SD 2010 got my vote, tobad he didn't give them the cash instead.
20:15 January 25, 2010 by calebian22

You said,

"Everybody Jews, Christians lived a very happy life under Islam and at the time of Prophet Muhammad pbuh . Islam did not create any hatred against nobody. nor we are allowed to lie in other to archive our goal."

I wasn't alive in Mohammed's lifetime and neither were you, however, can you name a Muslim country in the world today, where minority religions or non-religious groups have the same rights as the Muslim majority?
20:28 January 25, 2010 by dsc
If the far-right, racist Nazis with all their money square off with the fanatical Islamist extremists (with all their money) and then we get a winner, it would be good for the world because we would have ridden ourselves of one huge problem.

But I wish there was way of ensuring we eliminate or limit the collateral damage of this insanity . . .
21:40 January 25, 2010 by Alex-Spain

You quoted "NewYork-Växjö", well, I wanna tell you BIG YES s/he is absolutely RIGHT

Let me educate you, I am Spanish and I know very well the history of my country.Muslims and Arabs when they came to my country they built the most wonderful architecture in the universe.

Muslims (They had the power) allowed us (Christians) and Jews to live together in harmony for over 7 centuries.

But us (Christians and Catholic monarchs - Ferdinand and Catherine) when we took over the power we thrown away all muslims and jews.

Again, I will answer you about your question "can you name a Muslim country in the world today, where minority religions or non-religious groups have the same rights as the Muslim majority?"

Answer: Jordan which it has about 5-7% Christians and they are well integrated in the society.

Finally, just read history and learn, then, open your mouth...
21:54 January 25, 2010 by Clint Hart
@Kaethar, @Beynch and the like

I have a question for you! When will you ever learn?

Whether you like it or not more Muslims, Somalis, Arabs ...etc will be coming to the Great Sverige and Europe in general. Do you know why? Because the decision makers in Sweden and Europe are nice people.

Just accept the fact that soon the Muslims and Arabs will represent kinda big percentage of Europe. The majority of Muslims and Arabs who live in Europe do get married, and they produce kids like rabits unlike us (Europeans) who broke the records in having the minimum rates of family-size.

Therefore, we ought to sincerelytry to love them, welcome them and do our best to help them to integrate in our society without requesting them to leave their traditions and values.

No disrespect, but tell me what africans or latinos have contributed for our Europe? Can you use your little brain and see how many Arabs and muslims professors in European universities compare with Africans?

So, no matter how much you cry or shout, you will never ever make them leave :) just be HUMAN and learn NOT to hate

BTW, don't deny the fact that some our girls love to date and marry guys from other nations and cultures - We've seen a lot.

@caradoc I like how you hammered Beynch - That was awesome !
22:08 January 25, 2010 by ou2chi

If you beleieve in what you are saying stop masquerading as a Spaniard. Come out into the open and identify yourself as a muslim. Hiding mkes people think that there is something wrong with your real idenity. or is there?
22:21 January 25, 2010 by calebian22

If Jordan is such a wonderful place for Christians why has that demographic been reduced from 12 percent at the beginning of the 20th century to it's current rate of 5 percent? In the Christian faith, "spreading the Word" is a requirement, but preaching the Christian faith to a Muslim is not allowed because under Jordanian law conversion from Islam is illegal.

Do you have any other examples of Muslim countries that don't have a glass ceiling for religious minorities? Your first one was a relatively good example, as Muslim countries go, but Jordan can certainly not be compared to the West regarding religious freedom.
22:26 January 25, 2010 by Alex-Spain

What are you talking about? Why you want to cry? Why you are so mad at me?

Hey kid, I didn't say anything out of my mind. Or do you want me to change historical facts? Or do you want me to lie like some Swedish people who claim that they support human rights and deep down they hate everyone (Including themselves).

Again: just read history and learn, then, open your mouth...
22:42 January 25, 2010 by Clint Hart

You said "but Jordan can certainly not be compared to the West regarding religious freedom". Did you say that out of anger? please be honest...

As for the West religious freedom as you calimed. What freedom if whole Switzerland has only 4 Minarets and we prevented those 400 000 persons to build another 1 or 2 more...

FYI, the law in Jordan gives Christians to practice their rights 105% fully, they have their own organizations for marriage, divorce, charity...etc Show me country in West (starting from Spain to Norway) allows muslims to marry 4 muslim women, or if the muslim man wants to marry muslim woman then they go to thier own islamic organization. They will be forced to go to our orgnization and follow our procedures, isn't?
22:49 January 25, 2010 by Alex-Spain

Do you want me to write more FACTS?

Guys, please for God's sake if you want to have intellectual discussions then lets be honest and say the truth.
23:29 January 25, 2010 by calebian22

I am not angry. What part of what I wrote sounded angry?

Going to church and talking to other Christians is only part of what Christians are commanded to do. Missionaries have been kicked out of Jordan for preaching. Is that full religious freedom?

As for Switzerland, they are just cracking down on a religion that is exclusionary in it's tenants. They have seen the problems that other European countries have been experiencing with their growing muslim populations that wish to make Europe into Eurostan. Rightfully, the people of Switzerland want Switzerland to remain western in it's culture and it's secularism.

And yes Alex, more of your facts would be appreciated, since apparently you have cornered the market on the truth.
23:38 January 25, 2010 by ou2chi

I am challenging you not lie. You claim to be a Spanish Christian. Now that is a serious offence under your religion. What is wrong with saying the truth - that you are a Muslim? Ashamed? Why?
00:03 January 26, 2010 by dsc
"No disrespect, but tell me what africans or latinos have contributed for our Europe? Can you use your little brain and see how many Arabs and muslims professors in European universities compare with Africans? "

Its very often the subtle, deceptive nuances of such statements that do the tell tell about the speaker's real views. They state an inarguable fact but in doing so reveal to the discerning who they really are; really not far from the rot they are claiming to condemn.

The stench of the hypocrisy!
00:14 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

First of all, I am posting my thoughts for two reasons:

1- I heard that nordic countries are the top in prosperity, freedom, human rights bla bla bla..., Therefore, I had a profound desire to discuss some topics with sample of the people just out of curiosity to see how do they reason. And what kind of knowledge they have.

2- I'm posting here to educate some elements such as You, Kaethar, Beynch and others about how to have constructive arguments which reflect certain level of intelligence.

Based on the two reasons mentioned above, I can tell you that I am here not to challenge anyone, even if I decided to then, trust me you are the last on on earth who I will think of, don't you get it kid?

Second of all, since my parents baptized me, then I can include myself in that group, however, it doesn't mean that I care.

Thirdly, why you hate me? Kid, just bring me facts and show me that you worth my time.
00:27 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

Wow ! All of you are just attacking him, indeed this is how weak act when they are cornered.

Do you wanna marry him? Why you are judging him and attacking him?

Can't you bring facts and discuss things and prove by logic and facts that he is wrong ...

Just a little advice for free! Don't take things personal. So let's get down to bussiness and show us what you've got.
00:38 January 26, 2010 by dtes
fuc the nationalists and the rag heads, i hate all people equally, our whole species is no more than a bunch of parasites feeding off this beautiful world, we need to evolve past our obsession with our fairytales and get on with the good things in life, like using our brains!
00:48 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart
Alas, It seems that our world still have plenty of goons who feed their childrens with milk hating others...

So let's work hand in hand to educate those, If it turned out that all these efforts are just dreams and undoable in our world, then, I guess the only one who I must blame is Abraham Lincoln, because he is the one who inspires me when he said "I have an irrepressible desire to live till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it".
02:53 January 26, 2010 by DavidtheNorseman
If you want to understand about the Occupation of Spain by the Pagan Islamics just go to :

02:54 January 26, 2010 by NYC76

I'm not sure what African and latino immigrants have contributed to Europe but, if we're including African Americans in that "loop" I can give a small list of what has been contributed to the U.S. and the world.

Any form of Modern Music- Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, R&B, ETC. any modern variation of music is essentially derived from this group.

Lewis Latimer-carbon filament

Jan Ernst Matzeliger- invented machinery used to mass produce shoes.

Granville T. Woods- Train-to-station communications

George Washington Carver- invented peanut butter and 400 other edible goods.

Madam C. J. Walker- invented hair growth solutions.

Garrett Morgan- invented the gas mask

Otis Boykin - invented the electronic control devices for guided missiles, IBM computers, and the pacemaker.

Dr. Patricia E. Bath- invented a method of eye surgery that has helped many blind people to see.


DREW, CHARLES RICHARD - Invented the Blood Bank and a system for the long-term preservation of blood plasma.

Other items brought to the world via African Americans

Sugar Processing

Potato Chips

First incandescent electric light

The Lawn Mower

The Safety pin

Rubber Ban

03:38 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

JOOC, do you have any kind of any degree after high school ? - Obviously, it is not my business but you surprised me !

Let me tell you play-by-play how you surprised me:

1- We were talking about "religious freedom" based on your statement "but Jordan can certainly not be compared to the West regarding religious freedom".

Anyone has a little brain will think that you will bring a documented or trusted example about how the Christians in jordan can't build churches or celebrate christmas...etc.

Ironically, you've heard word of mouth, about how missionaries who are coming a foreign country that has identity to change peoples' religion, and make them convert like the zillions they did in Africa nad Latin America. I wonder, do those missionaries aim to give them as names such as peter, jesus, lucas...etc as they named africans such names?

If a group of religious people from Saudi Arabia came to Germany, Sweden and Belgium and they started to request Europeans to convert, how will we react?

Don't you see how the West is making the life hard for muslims, they record their prayers, they are preventing their woemn to wear Hijab in France and Italy. The West with its great freedom as you claimed is walking over their very-basic rights.

Don't you feel shy and ashamed by giving the example of how those missionaries have been kicked? In fact, Arabs and Muslims in Jordan were increabilly kind and nice with them. Because, if some Islamists try the same in Europe then they will be in Guantanamo and accused or endless crimes.

As for this point, I proved that you are blind because you don't see things from different perspectives. Also, your trusted source of info is word-of-mouth. Also, you don't have the minimal level of discussion and analytical skills where you bring irrelevant examples and illogical comparisons.

2- As for the another sin which you committed, you said "Europe into Eurostan. Rightfully, the people of Switzerland want Switzerland to remain western in it's culture and it's secularism", that part makes me laugh my heart off and till my ribs hurt (BTW - tthis is why I asked if you have any degree...)

Tell me, are you Swedish? Well, I don't care, Anyways, there is a country called Finland which it has been for ages as a part of Sweden then part of Russia. Over those centuries, Have the Finns lost their ral identity? Have they lost their language? …. and so on.

I think that Alex should educate you about the Catalonia or Basque. I am surprised how some stones and buildings will destroy a culture and identity as you claim.

Finally I would CONCLUSIVELY argue that you lack the ability to think, to reason, to compare, to discuss and to talk with people.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to read books (Don't listen to what others say and repeat as a Parrot), and hopefully with some prayers of your missionaries friends you gonna be ok.
03:50 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

Are you Spanish? Have you ever talked with educated Spanish person(s) about the role of Arabs and Muslims in Spain that time? Have you ever asked them about the value of the Islamic culture in their hearts and how it is associated with their life?

I think when you meet some Spanish you will feel how much they are proud to be Spanish and grateful and honored to have some Islamic flavor that has been stamped on their life.
03:55 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

Learn to be accurate! OK ?

I said "what africans or latinos have contributed for our Europe". So, I don't mention anything about US. It is pointless to post an entry which irrelevant.

You just proved that your contribution to this website is completely useless.

Learn... Learn... Learn
04:08 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

I swear that you are not hammerable !

No matter how hard they try - they just hammer their own fingers. Exactly as you said "They will never ever learn"

Well done !
04:10 January 26, 2010 by Kaethar
@Clint Hart: Nice try. It won't work on me though. I disagree with the fundamentals of white nationalism. I am neither ethno-centric nor racist. The only thing I am against is ISLAMISM and I'll support any messages to protest that and only that. ;)

@Alex-Spain: Oh please. Quit trolling. The expulsion sharia along with all muslims from Spain (the Reconquista) remains the biggest blow to the Islamic empire throughout history. You can't handle the fact that they wouldn't take your bullshit. Why should Spain be thankful for being colonized? They threw you brethren out, and rightly so.
04:29 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

After intensive analysis you came out of the blue just to state clearly and openly your deep hate towards them... Good for you!

All I can say is that I hate to hate...
05:04 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

Compare the Islamic colonization in Spain with any other colonization and you will know why Spain is lucky to be colonized by Muslims and Arabs.

-Islamic colonization didn't force us to learn Arabic, as the French colonization does!

-Islamic colonization didn't export any natural resources and stamped on it made in France as the French colonization does with the poor african countries!

-Islamic colonization didn't come to Europe for gold or diamond as the British and Dutch colonization in South Africa and other countries.

-Islamic colonization built universities which have its doors open for muslims and christians.


Endless points

BTW, we named our streets in Spain with Arabic and Islamic names to express our gratitudes and perpetuate their greatness, and keep reminding ourselves and the next generations that we are extremely grateful to them.

P.S. -Islamic colonization wasn't colonization as you think. It was cultur that has sciences, poem, art and so many sensational things
06:32 January 26, 2010 by NYC76
@ Clint hart

Get a grip! Last time I checked my comment was @ DSC,

and it wasn't meant to disparage what YOU said, rather to answer dsc's post. Predominately European ancestry nations and the value of its citizens of African descent…………sound's relevant to me.

Maybe it's you who needs an education in literacy or counting so we can avoid these little spats in the future.
10:00 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

I think you are right, I'm the one who needs an education, more specifically education in the field of how to ignore small useless elements such as YOU.

"'sound's relevant to me." :) No wonder! Everything makes sense for ignorant...

P.S. Next time, when people discuss about the rights of ethnic and racial minorities in Sweden, DON'T forget to come by as a clown and share valuable info such as: Sweden is a country and it has a flag. OK?
10:30 January 26, 2010 by NYC76
@clint hart

And Next time remember to take your medication.

Remember that Nations with European Majorities = Many nations Not just Sweden.

P.S. "Sweden is a country and it has a flag"........so do many European nations??!!!??

"ethnic and Racial minorities....." you sound confused



European descent

European nationality

Get a life, and off my tip!
10:46 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

Well I don't take any kind of any medication, however, to protect myself from the like I use gloves, and after reading your words I do clean my screeen.

Don't cry ... OK ?
10:57 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

Just admit it that you are incompetent and incapable to discuss with others, Stop making me laugh at you :)

@Clint Hart

I believe that you are doing a great job in teaching others, but I cordially request you to focus and hammer the big racists, I want you to teach them manners. Leave the little ignorants such as NYC76 and the like because they are ... :)
11:08 January 26, 2010 by NYC76
@clint hart

@ Alex-Spain

Seriously, you sound drunk, lonely, and retarded simultaneously. Try having a disagreement with someone without name calling or Better yet, donate to the NRW & FPÖ because they sound like your emotional and intellectual equals. Trolls like you are common on blogs and in chat rooms- in person your usually insecure, inarticulate, and unemployed. My advice, work with your strengths; your obviously patriotic and I am sure your Princess will be looking for a jester for her upcoming nuptials. Maybe you can do the Foaming @ the mouth-Rabbit Dog routines you've mastered on this blog (Don't forget your Swedish flag). I can't wait Make sure you post pictures.

BTW: Remember that you're responding to a person that wasn't responding to your post & whose argument supported your orignal post. DUH
11:29 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

I'll not waste my time teaching you because you just decribed who you really are.

BTW: I don't need elements like you to support my arguements. I've perfected the art of frying buffoons long time ago, maybe when you were still swimming in your dad's .... )

I wonder, do insults make you feel happy and satisfied ?
11:48 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

From your words, it is pretty clear that you've got serious issues. What kind of help do you need to transform you into useful creature?

@Clint Hart

I've literally begged you not to waste your efforts trying to educate empty-headed. They are TRULY worthless by all means
12:49 January 26, 2010 by calebian22

So, since I disagree with your opinion (which is not fact), in your eyes, I am uneducated. In your mind, if I can't see Islam through your eyes, I am just in need of further education? Thanks for making me laugh.

I forgot to address one of your earlier points. Some sects of Christianity make room for polygamy just like in Islam. However, polygamy is not allowed in Sweden or the west. So Islam is not being singled out. Some religions allow for animal sacrifice as well, but that is not allowed in Sweden either. Freedom is never complete, or else their would be chaos. Rules in society exist to prevent chaos. But in Sweden the rules apply to everyone.

In Jordan, Christians are not allowed to proselytize because conversion from Christianity to Islam is illegal there. Christianity is singled out for one of it's basic tenants. In true Christianity, there is no forced conversion. Belief is a personal choice. I wonder why Islam is so frightened by this?

In Switzerland they are only stopping an invasion of an intolerant religion. They are heading off a problem before it gets too big. Good for them! I hope the rest of Europe follows suit. The immigration of Islam into Europe is just as bad as an invading army.
13:40 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

First of all, you need 1 trillion light years to be able to see things (Islam, freedom, human rights...etc) as I see them, and I think that I've given clear reasons.

"is not allowed in Sweden or the west." I'm glad to see some progress here, Not bad, you are learning. This is what I'm talking about. Freedom is a BIG lie everywhere and it much bigger in the WEST than any other place in the universe.

I'm commenting here only to defend human rights!

I feel physically sick when I see some Europeans who live in peace and most of them are well-being try so hard to trash walk over poor peoples' rights. Do you enjoy beating up weak persons?

Have you ever tried to think about: how it feels to be poor, how it feels to be colonized and being exploited, how it feels to be weak… On top of that you see many people hate them just because they are Muslims.

The moment I tried to talk, many of you attacked me just because I was fair with Muslims and Arabs.

calebian22, I'm not requesting you to see things through my eyes or anybody's eyes, just see things as a HUMAN being.

Abraham Lincoln says "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.".

So for those of you who think that Islam and Arabs are our enemies, my primary question is: Where the feelings of hate, racism and the double standards will lead us?

BTW, I stressed on education because it has the greatest potential for enabling people to develop tolerance and learn to live with difference.
13:43 January 26, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Alex-Spain

The start of end of that gentle cultural takeover ended at the battle of Tours. That was followed by countless wars to remove the arabs and send them back to Morrocco, where upon they continued kidnapping Europeans from Europe and selling them as slaves, until the barbary wars.

The later battle of Vienna I assume you also consider to be a cultural issue.

Islamic colonisation came to Europe for resouces just like any other conqueror.
13:58 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart

Just to make you happy and laugh more :)

Since Sweden and The West have laws and rules, so does Jordan.

Why do see applying rules and laws in the West and Sweden is fair to everyone, but when it comes to Jordan you see that as injustice?

"sects of Christianity make room for polygamy" hahahahahahahhaha

I think Christianity makes plenty of rooms for may things not just that one!

So, let's brag how Christianity makes wide room for gays - Hey, I have nothing aganist anyone! I'm very liberal and I do believe that people are entitle to do whatever suit them.

@calebian22, I don't know you, besides, I love to hate sounding judgmental, But you are exemplary pathetic creature.
14:09 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

I'm perfectly capable of shutting your incoherent and inconsistent argument as I shut down the computer.

But I must admit something, during this discussion I learnt that some elements should be ignored.

Nemesis you know very well that you are marked by quite many as a racist (Those who don't believe me, Just go and check the archive and see what other people said about him). Unless, you proved the opposite then, don't dream of having a proper discussion with me.
14:28 January 26, 2010 by Uncle

-"Islamic colonization didn't force us to learn Arabic" - it does in Africa and ONLY because people can read now. French TAUGHT people to read.

-"Islamic colonization didn't export any natural resources" -It does in Africa. Besides muslims did send timber to Marocco. It just could not extract oil from the ground. French could.

-"Islamic colonization didn't come to Europe for gold or diamond" - That is true. Because THERE IS NO gold and diamonds there. That is why europeans went whrereelse for it you genius! For that the muslims went south - to steal the gold and diamonds from the africans. To Europe muslims came in the name of Jihad and in order to spread Islam. and of course they were not ashamed of taking slaves and living well on the taxes of the spanish.

-"Islamic colonization built universities which have its doors open for muslims and christians" - So did France in all over Africa plus infrastructure, medicine and government.

When one compares the Crusaders who lived for 200 years with acceptance of Islam and Judaism in Palestine, but with occasional mass rape, burning of villages and warring - muslims colonization was PRESICELY THE SAME. It is just christianity developed a bit.. Islam is delayed 1,000 years back.
14:29 January 26, 2010 by Nemesis
@ Alex-Spain

Yes I know that Islamic fundementalists, Zionists, Christian fundementalists and conspiracy theorists do not like me. I also do not like them. The feeling is mutual.

Personally I prefer the average, everyday, peace loving, pay there bills, help there friends, muslim, jew, christian, questioner and level headed person to be friends with, goto a cafe with, talk to, see a film with, have a party with, joke with, etc.

You should try that sometime. You might see a different part of life, although in your case you are so blinded by hate, I doubt you would.
14:38 January 26, 2010 by Clint Hart
@all of you!

Those who still need some education - just follow me on (http://www.thelocal.se/article.php?ID=24590#comment496760). I've already started there.

Of course, I can continue here, but this page will be archived soon.
14:46 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

Keep on begging...
14:58 January 26, 2010 by Alex-Spain

I will quote the HERO of this website Clint, and ask you "do you have any kind of any degree after high school ?"

Don't you realize that you've based whole your arguement on 1 single factor which is: France has the technology/techniques/mechanisms and Muslims didn't have that time.

I pity you!

I think others have seen how is your enthusiasm shows how do you reason, and explain things
17:01 January 26, 2010 by Uncle
Alex-Spain - you are amazing. I applaude such a keen way of managing an argument!!!

So you are comparing 2 countries that exersised colonizm at the difference of 500 years and the different abilities of these countries are not a valid argument for your infantile assumptions!

So in your PhD research you have surely established all the historical proof comparing situations and not the time: "Well of course the Soviets are much more cruel than Baybars because he killed only 100 thousand people and soviets killed much more!" The fact that the soviets were a little bit more advanced, was omitted in your Noble prize work!

What more-an argument that there was no gold in Spain did not prevent from you to claim that the muslims are BETTER because they did not come for the gold, but just for the sake of conquest... What a great logic for the little fluffy Islam.

BTW, you are a bit illiterate also, since you have clearly missed the point that the muslims are making all their colonies do whatever the horrible french did RIGHT NOW! People in africa speak arabic, the oil is pumped out and the gold is dug by the wonderful muslims - but who counts eh?
17:26 January 26, 2010 by Xcellent
I CANNOT believe i have scrolled through 70+ comments from seemingly educated people saying things that are unfortunately (refering to most of them) absolutely barbaric.

You guys are failing to accept one simple fact.


STOP drawing lines !!
21:37 January 26, 2010 by orre
@Xcellent: right on spot man.
00:14 January 27, 2010 by ou2chi

Super-intelligent Alex/Clint. You have a problem and a lot of time. What's the point in having two names and supporting and praising yourself? That is sick and pathetic. And why don't u take an appropriate name like Ahmed. So Spain loves Muslims even after the Madrid massacre. That bombing did help Spain and they are so grateful. What would they do without Muslims to butcher them through the ages?
16:35 January 27, 2010 by glamshek
The answer to such a destructive call is a plumb No. This is a huge racism and discrimination drive against Muslims and Islam, not just since 9/11 but even earlier than that.
02:05 January 28, 2010 by Joannes den Hollander
Thanks for this great gift Patrick Brinkmann. Europe is awakening. Progress has started.

If you have som money left, Geert Wilders (party for FREEDOM in The netherlands ) is selfsupporting. This in the contrary of left parties.
04:10 January 29, 2010 by Twiceshy
simple - outlaw islam...... no more yyaayyaaya booooooom!
15:17 January 29, 2010 by Labrys
If they Sharia doesn't enter by the front door, it will enter by the back one - as it has seemingly just done in the UK:


How fast is the Muslim population rising (Immigration and birth rate) in Sweden? Muslim couples in the UK seem to have more children than non-muslim couples.
16:46 January 29, 2010 by Danish Omer Zuberi
The far right is doing Islam a great service DRAW A CLEAR LINE. There is a difference between Islam and Muslim as theory and practice. There are just plain born Muslims and there are those ISO 9000 certified Muslims that eat sleep drink use the toilet even make love as per the dictates of Quran thier holy book. They even think the way Quran tells them.

And when some tells you Islam is a religon of tollerance take it with a pinch of salt.

Isalm starts with the verse "NO GOD BUT ALLAH". Muslims who beleive in Islam are not even willing to beleive that any other religon, faith, ideology, or philosophy might be correct. Yes, Islam restricts killing anyone for holding a different faith, but still "NO GOD BUT ALLAH".
08:46 January 30, 2010 by Skanssi
When will the world finally believe in the words of John Lennon?

Imagine NO religion.

The only thing that creates this much nasty conversation and most of the wars on the planet have their basis in RELIGION.

Any smart Scandinavian country and any other country on the planet will eventually learn that the ONLY WAY to stop the idiocy is to BAN RELIGION.

How many Agnostic or Atheists do you know are willing to do this much harm to another human being? Harm here is meant as distrust, but can just as easily be meant as "willing to kill". Christians, Muslims and Jews are the root of all of the worlds pain. Go find a Buddhist or Hindu that would cause this much trouble and then maybe we can compare apples to apples.

Western religion NEEDS to die in order to save the planet and humanity.
05:51 February 2, 2010 by ajs42548
Newyork-Växjö.. Yeah sure. Jews and Christians lived in peace under Muslim rule AS DHIMMIS. As long as they paid jizya (protection money) and lived as second class citizens, they could almost worship as they pleased. They had to wear distinctive clothes, could build churches or synagogues or marry Muslim women. If a Muslim murdered a kuffir they were not punished as hard as if a kuffir murdered a Muslim and the list goes on and on.

And of course they did make countries change their laws. Ever hear of the Islamic conquest of Spain? Hoe about when the Muslims conquered the holy land?
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