Finland to cede small slice of border territory to Sweden

Sweden is set to undergo a territorial expansion following a government decision on Thursday which will alter the border with Finland to Sweden’s advantage.

The move will expand Sweden’s territory by a few hectares, based on an agreement with Sweden’s neighbour to the east.

A parallel decision on the matter is expected shortly from Finland.

“Every 25 years we review the border between Sweden and Finland,” said Karin Kristiansson, a desk officer with the Swedish foreign ministry, to the TT news agency.

In the north, the border is partially defined by a groove along the bottom of the Torne river which separates Finland from Sweden.

A joint Finnish-Swedish border commission has now registered that the groove has moved somewhat in the last quarter century.

As a result, approximately 35 hectares of previously Swedish territory has been handed over to Finland – but Sweden is set to receive a bit more in exchange, said Kristiansson. Finland will not receive any financial compensation for the adjustments.

One hectare is equal to 10,000 square metres.

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