Politician caught with child pornography stash

A Moderate Party politician in Stockholm has been arrested and charged with possessing child pornography material including a collection of films and photographs.

Johan Steenhoff Eriksen, who has a seat on Södermalm’s local council, was arrested on Friday evening, writes newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

During rounds of police questioning, the 51-year-old admitted possession of the material but denies any criminal charges.

He has been charged with acquiring and possessing 28 films and 1,455 photos with content that includes child pornography.

Two of the films and 96 of the photos are reported to expose the children to ‘particularly brutal treatment’.

Steenhoff Eriksen has held a number of leadership positions with Stockholm council, working with the annual gay event Pride as well as being known as a HBT campaigner.

Sverker Eriksson, spokesman for the Moderate Party in the capital told DN that Steenhoff will be relieved of all political duties with immediate effect.

“We are both disappointed and disturbed by this but we can absolutely not accept acts such as these.”

To strengthen the case in court, prosecutor Monica Mimer is set to refer to a conversation that Steenhoff Eriksen conducted over the internet, which reveals his interest in having sex with children.