‘No sex ring links to ex-police chief’

'No sex ring links to ex-police chief'
Media reports of a sex ring link to a former police chief suspected of rape and plotting to rape minors are untrue, according to the police officer leading the investigation.


Jonas Trolle, who is leading a 25-man police team investigating the case, called for an end to “rumour mongering and falsehoods” in the Swedish media. He said that the former police chief, Göran Lindberg, who was arrested on Thursday, was the only suspect at present.


“A lot of people feel affected, targeted and accused by this rumour mongering,” Trolle told journalists in Stockholm on Saturday.


The case has attracted enormous media attention, partly due to the high profile of the suspect, a well-known public speaker on moral issues, particularly equal opportunities and human trafficking. Swedish media organizations took the unusual step of publishing the suspect’s name immediately when he was arrested on Thursday, justifying the move by his high profile position.


Following Lindberg’s arrest, media reports have suggested he was linked to an earlier case involving an illicit sex ring which includes a number of well-known Swedish men. Since then speculation has been rife in the country’s tabloid press including lurid details of the police chief’s sex life from a prostitute who claims he was a regular client.


“There are no other suspects at the moment,” said Trolle. ”All the speculation about well-known men in high positions has nothing to do with our investigation,” said Trolle, adding that it was important that the media exercises some restraint.


“We must be allowed to carry out the investigation in peace and in a professional manner.”

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