Proposed tax writeoffs for computer and TV installation

Proposed tax writeoffs for computer and TV installation
Swedish national elections are still months away. But political parties are already vaunting enticing proposals to woo voters.

The latest enticement was put forward by Centre Party leader Maud Olofsson, who suggests income tax writeoffs for professional installation of home computers and television sets.

Olofsson, who also is Minister of Industry in the ruling coalition government, said in an article in Aftonbladet on Saturday: “there are many of us who don’t belong to the computer generation and who find it very difficult to install new computers and TVs.”

She said tax incentives would provide many young people the opportunity “to start a company for doing this type of work. We would be giving young people jobs, and lots of older folk would be very happy. This (incentive) is particularly important right now because youth unemployment is so high.”

She said she was not able to say at this stage how much the incentive would cost the government.

Her proposal was positively received by a spokesman for the Moderate Party (Moderaterna) which is the single biggest party in the coalition.

“If we can find suitable guidelines as well as financing for this reform, we would certainly be prepared to work further on this,” said Tomas Tobé.

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