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Iranian demo in clash with Swedish police

TT/AFP/The Local · 12 Feb 2010, 06:59

Published: 12 Feb 2010 06:59 GMT+01:00

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Some 250 demonstrators hostile to Tehran's regime gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in Stockholm to mark the 31st anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

About 30 of the protesters started throwing rocks and pieces of ice at the police, Stockholm police spokesman Ulf Lindgren said.

He said one policeman had been hit and a protester was hurt, while two other protesters were arrested for violence against police forces. Police dispersed the crowd.

The demonstration, which had a licence to continue to 4pm, ended prematurely at 3pm.

A witness told news agency TT that the clashes occurred when the demonstrators tried to force a way through a police line.

A police officer is reported to have been slightly injured after getting a piece of ice in her head, while one demonstrator suffered a broken arm.

According to the police, the demonstration gathered around 300 people. Further demonstrations occurred at Mynttorget, Medborgaplatsen and Sergels torg in central Stockholm.

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Sweden has a large Iranian community, estimated at around 80,000 people, including around 57,000 born in Iran, most of whom are exiles from the Islamic regime.

In Tehran on Thursday, Iranian opposition leaders Mohammad Khatami and Mehdi Karroubi came under attack and their supporters clashed with police as vast crowds massed to mark the 1979 revolution.

TT/AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

07:25 February 12, 2010 by benraph
I support the demonstraters, I dont however support any violence against the Police.

Why would they do that? It just turns people against their cause.
07:56 February 12, 2010 by calebian22
Yes, of course because the Nazis and the Middle East are on each other's holiday card lists. They are the best of friends. Everyone knows this, right Trowbridge? Or is it just you and your little lonegunman conspiracy club?
08:45 February 12, 2010 by Uncle
O yeah... Iranians and the Nazis are the best buddies. Nazis are in excellent relationship with African opposition as well.

On the other hand the soft and loving Ayatollas government is helpess in front of the violent horrible attacks of the nazis. Let's make a fund to help Ayatollas to defend themselves, eh Trownie? Let's get them some money and call it Lend Lease agreement?

Because clearly the the iranian people cherish and adore their government! There could be no other reason for demonstrations, but an evil plot of the nazis!
09:14 February 12, 2010 by Localer
what could they gains from the demonstration in stockholm ? please, leave Sweden in peace, and if you wanna fight for your country, please go back and fight....no here ! I'm really tired of some people who used Sweden as their based, especially on the weekend in Sergel torget ! you guys had caused too much problem !!!
09:38 February 12, 2010 by WelshSwede
Got nothing to do with Nazi's? I also agree with localer, if you're so angry with who has been voted into government, or allegedally voted in, why not go there if you feel so strongly about it.

I think Gordon Brown is a tool, doesnt mean Im going to stand in a Sergel Torget with a banner proclaiming it, I live in Sweden now!!!!!!!

09:52 February 12, 2010 by misssh
all protesters that throw rocks that are from another country should be deported so they can throw rocks or what ever else they want to throw IE: bombs in there own country

i am from another country and i will not throw rocks at police.... its called respect !!
10:49 February 12, 2010 by calebian22
I guess Sweden will be better off appointing Trowbridge as head of police affairs. He seems to have all the answers. Not the obvious answers, but the "real" answers.
11:41 February 12, 2010 by Uncle
I disagree with making Mr Ford some low-level police chief. I would propose making him a prime minister directly. No need in Neo-Nazi elections or other nonsense. With his convincing arguments and always related to the topic assumptions he would win with no problems anyways.

Then he would show all the Nazis and Corporate marxist-lenininst capitalistic neo-non-conformists, who are trying to poison the good relationships with lovely Iran and Russia!
12:12 February 12, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Sweden could do worse...calebian22 and Uncle. Why is it that if anyone appears to be interested in the TRUTH that they are labeled a conspiracy theorist? If you can follow the train of thought in the written word...which granted is a big if for you and your minions, then you would know the difference between the ability to discern and discuss rationally from the delusional comparison outbursts of say...you and your minions. Uncle...you are particularily guilty of faulty logic with your delusional if this then that illogical conclusions. It makes me minimally curious of your background and how one becomes so misinformed...so abysmally stupid.

All of the current news coming out of Iran looks remarkably similar to the noise we were fed in the lead up to the Iran invasion...which, Uncle, you have more less concluded in a previous post was a load of nonsense. Not to say that the situation in Iran is some Utopian affair...which would be your anticipated retort.

I am not suggesting either that you guys should shut up...you are really very funny in a strange sort of way.
12:46 February 12, 2010 by wifey
I say deport the trouble makers....
13:03 February 12, 2010 by calebian22

The problem is that Trowbridge just sits in his mom's basement or the equivalent, dreaming up far fetched conspiracies. When one yells, 'the sky is falling," or in Trowbridge's case, "it's Mossad!" at every turn, one comes off as a nutter. The "truth," according to Trowbridge? I say, no thank you.
14:14 February 12, 2010 by calebian22
Oooooh a website that publishes your theories. It's on the internet. It must be true!

Let's see if I can remember some of your theories.

Mossad is behind the Auschwitz sign theft, not a gready Jew hating collecter.

Nazi's are behind the Iranian rioting on embassy row in Stockholm, not exiled Iranians who are still angry about the regime change in Iran 30 years ago.

Lasers controlled by the CIA caused the earth quake in Haiti, not the movement of tectonic plates, known as an earthquake.

Yes, thank you for setting me straight. All perfectly reasonable.
15:17 February 12, 2010 by Jimmy
Question for Trowbridge, if you fart in a restaurant, Do you say that it is poison gas made by mossad and the cia to embarass you so much as to have you isolated.

Demonstrate if you like, but if you want to take it a step further, jump on a plane go back to that country andn then take the next step.

And I have no respect for the swedish cops, but still shouldn't attack unprovoked
15:40 February 12, 2010 by Antioche
I don`t think they are angry for the revolution but simply their leaders and families get humiliated and attacked all the time in Iran. Probably that was only an outburst of group anger and when they got pushed and stopped by Swedish Police, some chaos have happened.

I agree Sweden is not part of the problem or where solution is going to happen but they cant simply resist to guard, militants and polices in Iran so only think they can do is to make industrialized countries to have stand against Iranian government. I can`t say they have much of a chance.
15:41 February 12, 2010 by mdl29907
I sympathasize with the Protestors but to fight with Swedish police is counter-productive. If they really want to topple the current regime they really need to be in Tehran and fight the reigime's forces (Bring Guns)
16:41 February 12, 2010 by Uncle
Trown B Ford. If it would be ONLY the theories of the nazi-western governments that cause any disturbance in the world, as if the local people everywhere never have disagreements.

If it would be ONLY your suggestions that all natural disasters are whether sponsored by US or Israel (6 mil people country, the size of NJ state and a GDP between Nigeria and Romania, as if there is no chance that natural disasters happen naturally....

But my special FAVOURITE is when you start babbling like an old lady wrapped in bags in subway passage:

"It reminds me of the blitz krieg of the Unit 221 towards Kola Peninsula in an attempt to wage a war, and that was prevented by a mutinous officer Pablo El Johansson and the bravest actions of 5 GRU agents and their mothers in law..."

Or "It is exactly like when I mentioned in my correspondence with the leader of the socialist party of Norway, of course before the famous case of stolen documents that brought the world to the brink of extinction and prevented through the actions of my buddy soviet minister Boris Oklamenko and crazy german street singer Jörgen Schultz... uhahahah"


This ones are my utmost pleasure to read!

@Jonnyrebel. thank you dear... I knew that you actually love to read my posts...
17:52 February 12, 2010 by amirhosein
I was born and raised in Iran, and I lived there till september. Does that make me know what the Iranian government is doing, or what Nazi's want or why Alexander attacked and conquered Persia?

I'm studying computer science at Chalmers, but, each time I happen to have a conversation with someone, they want to talk about politics. Am I a politician by birth?

Some jerks throw stones at Swedish Police; should one say deport all the demonstrators in that vicinity? is that the kind of logic we use in the 21st century?
19:43 February 12, 2010 by glamshek
Millions Supported but these traitors cannot support their own land, what can one expect from them in Sweden? These tiny and derisory cowards are the same materialistic society who if pitted against a war, will run away. They ran from there and should you come harsh, they'll fly from here as well. If you do not have the ability of sacrifice for your own land and blood, everyone will trample you.
22:10 February 12, 2010 by dmj123
Police have a job to do and should be granted respect reardless. Unfortunately there always seems to be a few troublemakers that think they are huge wits by challenging and provooking the police. They are half right. As to the comments on Nazi's etc, last i checked there are few hiding behind the bushes these days. Is it that big a problem in Sweden these days???
00:13 February 13, 2010 by Rutkowski
If anyone really think these demos should go to Iran and demostrate then they are really dumb because if someone goes down there to demostrate there's a very good chance he or she will end up being tortured repeatedly by the government. Here they can demostrate outside the embassy and the Iranian government can't do anything about it.
00:48 February 13, 2010 by Uncle
Yep. 3000 are reported sent to jail without any trial and are not allowed to see their family, medic or a lawyer. 1000 men and women are raped in the prisons. The guards are so tired of that, that they are using tools and cause irreversible injuries... Many families don't even know where their relatives are.

Media is not allowed on the streets, Gmail service is shut down. TV does not report anything. Discussion of a total disconnection of Internet is becoming serious. Snipers are taking down people with live fire.

No - for sure the people are supporting the government... Just got a bit too excited in their love for it.
08:11 February 13, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Jimmy...it depends upon where you are when you farted in a restaurant. In some cultures it is interpreted as a great complement to the chef and signals a bottoms up moment to your dining companion.
10:04 February 13, 2010 by glamshek
@ Uncle:

It is a strange set of logic, Isn't it? Care about 3000 anti-system but forget the millions. 3000 people who want Alcohol, sex, freedom from their cultural rules, prostitution for money, support for Money lords US, cronies in Israel, Cronies in Jundullah terrorism group, other personal and poltical interests... You just love them. But you would not love the people who stand against US for their own oil reserves. For their own cutural idedntity. For their own religion. For their own children. For their own system. For their own afterlife. For their own land. For their own self-respect. You just want to impose your systems on them. This is logic in you eyes. This is legal in your eyes. This is important in your eyes. This brings you happiness. Just leave Iranians and try to develop your own own energy resources. Try to develop your own system. Your own culture. If you have so much pride in your own religion just bring your own religion to your place. Try to convert through hearts , not through such satanic tactics. Let your behaviour speak for you.
12:51 February 13, 2010 by Uncle
glamshek clearly you do not know what the demonstrators want, you moron.

They are actually a bit fond of hanging of gays on the streets... If this is iranian tradition, which I doubt. They love Montazeri who was ayatollah if I am not mistaken and they just want to put religion a bit aside from politics. The protesters are good muslims who go to mosques and such.

They just want to change the acting government. Mousavi instead of Ahmadinejad. Why? Many reasons, which are not important. The main is that Ahmadinejad manages to isolate Iran whereas Mousavi gained allies in his time.

In regards to Mousavi. He was the one who started the Iranian nuclear program and developed the iranian army, quietly and without threats.

Now, say, you genius... When Mousavi was the prime minister between 1981 to 1989, did iranians lose their identity? Was love for Israel developed? (oh, I forgot, he was actually buying tons of weapons during the Iran-Iraq war from Israel, because when sh.. hits the fan, the little Satan is not so bad, but he actually built Hezbollah, so no worries - iranians still had the ability to kidnap and kill Jews, as the beloved tradition dictates).

Were the reserves given to US during these years? Was the country sold?

So what the HELL are you banging on about, eh? Embarrassing that I, who is not Iranian at all know way better history of your wonderful and loving islamic republic. Pity that such an advanced country until 1979, started to grow such cavemen. A real regression.
14:01 February 13, 2010 by glamshek
''To judge a person, the criterion is the current conduct''. Khomeni. I have some questions. Who was Bani Sadr? He was initially supported by Khomeni but later on he tried to deviate Iran from religion so Khomeini said that man is prone to make mistakes and if one has the knowledge of future, why would one commit mistakes. Mehdi Bazargan falls in the same category. Mousavi was the PM. He has a good role in the past. Today the stand taken by him is contentious. He wants power even at the cost of system. This casts a doubt over his credibility. MOtazeri wanted the Mullah back in mosques. Hoever, this is the basis of revolution that Mullah play the important role in Government. The politics cannot be separate from religion is proven in the hard years of wars and peace in Iran after revolution. You say it is regression but look at the places where Poltics is separate from Religion. Have they achieved the moral supremacy? Have they got the purity of souls? US forces use Blacks, machinery and local people of the area for their wars. They are not ready to sacrifice for their lands. Is this what you call development? This is the laziest generation of Europe. Streets of Sweden are littered with empty Wine cans every Friday and Saturday. The young have indulged in immoral ways. The universities and euipment is asking for students. All they do today is to study some Language courses and Dance. They are bringing international students for technical courses. Is this the kind of generation you want. Iran is advancing by the day. They are going for science, technology, and their developments are coming fast in every field. Who made this possible. Was is Shah? Or is it the Religion?
18:16 February 13, 2010 by Iri
What the hell are these demonstration, they are just disturbing the peace of Stockholm and Sweden. Swedish government and Police should strictly cope with these situations before its too late.
19:28 February 13, 2010 by Uncle
Glamshek are you just throwing stuf into the air? Do the demonstrators want to be LIKE the west? No, they want fair elections and a different guy in the government. That is all. No Britney Spears, no women with uncovered hair (what an image of a real hooker eh? REAL HAIR!), no freedom of choice to gays, no equality of rights for Jews... All that highly moral things that the muslims cherish and love.

No way! The demonstrators do not want to take your right to beat your woman to death if she is seen with her cousin in a store without your presence! The would not like to actually make you accept and not cut the head off transvestites. They want a different guy that is all. Mullas in mosques is a bonus that is not so much needed.

Do not worry.
10:54 February 14, 2010 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Ahmadinejad did declare that Iran is now a " nuclear power"

For weeks the opposition media was abuzz with foretelling that it would be the beginning of the end - the end being regime change. However, the demonstrations in Iran were not as big or as counter-revolutionary or as bloody as had been expected, probably because everyone knows that when the Revolutionary Guardists issue a warning that they are prepared to deal with anyone, any of the traitors who would even think of causing trouble on the day of glory, it means that they really mean business

About a hundred policemen and women and few dozen police vans were parked outside the Kulturhuset where the demon-stration was scheduled to begin at 1700. I noticed that there were no mounted police and concluded that it was going to be calm and uneventful. On the plaza below, Persian vocal music was blaring from a speaker and a crowd of about 500, mostly comprising the elderly and young veterans had already assembled by 1730…many camera flashbulbs were flashing….

What has been described as happening later means that the demonstrators who became unruly of course wanted publicity and that's the only way that they could get it - by trying to turn a peaceful demonstration into a riot of the kind that would not have been tolerated by the authorities or the Revolutionary Guardists on the streets of Tehran. Well, they got the publicity and the headlines that they wanted and the message probably got to Tehran and Qom.

Perhaps the Iranain counter-revolutionary emotions could have been stoked whether in Tehran or Stockholm with this kind of fiery rhetoric:

14:20 February 14, 2010 by Uncle
Glamshek, you know, out of principle I checked your "most advanced" country for scientific achievements... Can you PLEASE explain to me what is it in my kitchen, or computer, or car that is an Iranian invention? What scientific breakthroughs did Iran achieve except Shihab 3 and human mine field clearers?

I checked Nobel prize per country and you know what? Iran INDEED has full 2 Nobel prizes! Amazing. One in literature - note the name Doris Lessing. Born in Iran and ran away from the advanced Iran already in 1919. Educated in Rhodesia and living in UK.

The second one is actually a real Iranian. Peace prize laureat Shirin Ebadi. Got the prize for OPPOSITION to the advanced and scientific iranian government which CONFISCATED her prize by that being highly moral and progressive.

Iran invented nothing except weapons (that were already invented by others). It achieved no breakthroughs and no additions to the world knowledge. The only famous iranian scientists ran away from there and oppose Iran openly, so stop with your inventions, buddy.
19:50 February 14, 2010 by ATT
Guys, thanks for sharing your opinion but seems that few even know slightest about Iranian politics and the Iranian opposition groups in Sweden (Anyone heard of Iranska Kommunistiska Arbetarpartiet? Does anyone knows whats their agenda? Knowing that should have gave you a clue who to blame for the clash). That for of course did not discourage anyone from sharing their opinion.

Specially I like those who strongly feel that any crime by foreigner should be punished by deporting. The level of moral standard is shamelessly low in the comments in this site. Anyone knows why?
22:16 February 14, 2010 by Uncle
I know, I know... Can I answer please? Please.. Me...

We are deeply immoral because we are not following the good morals of islam, we allow our horrish females to express opinions without husbands consent and we do not believe that the ways of the one true God will bring us salvation through jihad. We allow gays and Jews to walk our streets not hanged. We also lie to our kids about the untrue darvinism, when clearly ayatollas know much better.

We also are too stupid to understand how the blessed Muslim countries are much more advanced, moral and righteous in their science, society and culture and we harbour those betrayers of the blessed government of Iran, which clearly brought nothing but good to the Iranian people and the world as a whole.

Was it right? How did i do?
14:15 February 15, 2010 by ATT
Uncle, thanks for sharing your opinion again. It seems you have lots of them.

First of all, who told you I am Muslim? Did I give you any hint in my comment? Maybe the fact that I was not happy with your comments was enough to categorize me as Muslim and then go on about how morally backward Muslims are. For your information, I am atheist and I am strongly against Islam ideology! Not everyone that oppose your racistic comments is Muslim!

Secondly, thanks for proving me right by your comment which contained your opinion and some miss represented information you read in aftonbladet. Big mouth with an empty head is such a bad combination.

Thirdly, it seems your empathy to other human beings is in the similar level as ayatollahs. Why don't you apply for a job there? I am sure they can provide you with a job that allows you to satisfy your hatred.
14:37 February 15, 2010 by Uncle
1. Who said that I think that you are muslim? Where did you see an indication for that? Did I give you any hint in my comment? Jumping into conclusions are we?

2. Who said that my comments are racistic? I am not against any race, or people, or nation. Are you assuming that being muslim is being a member of certain people? in that case you are definetly racistic.

3. I just repeated the legitimate teachings in every mosque in every muslim country and a lot in Europe. Without exaggaration and without lies. Point at one "misrepresented information" that I have provided in here. I can send you Youtube links with mullas saying just that...

Are you saying that mullas have zero empathy and a big mouth? I would be rally careful there. Threading on a minefield, ATT...
17:17 February 15, 2010 by glamshek
A soldier killed of Canadian origin in Afghanistan drawa more sympathy by World channels than some civilians killed in Afghan war. This is one kind of moral degradation.

A black is being discriminated in its own country.

Gay is given the right to marry when the very human anatomy does not permit it. Your respect for values is well known, even your sisters marry your brothers. The moral degradation is so rife everywhere that every 3rd girl complains of sexual harassment. You have been compelled to compare a war hit Iran with the 300 year old bastion of sceintific development, this is the first sign of your weakness. I wonder when will you ponder? Deaf, Dumb and Blind
19:08 February 15, 2010 by ATT

This was my initial post: "Specially I like those who strongly feel that any crime by foreigner should be punished by deporting. The level of moral standard is shamelessly low in the comments in this site. Anyone knows why? ". I was clearly referring to people with racistic view (if a middle eastern born did a crime should be deported while they have no similar stand if e.g. a finish guys commits a crime).

This comment was answered by you like this: "We are deeply immoral because we are not following the good morals of Islam, ....". which starts with WE! That means you put yourself on the same boat as people with racist views. However, I read the rest of your comments later and I don't think you were one of the people I was targeting with my comment to start with. So, I think it's been a bit of misunderstanding.

Regardless, I think the way you refer to Islam is very general. It's like saying all Christians don't use condom. That is generalizing all the different branch of Christianity into single big group. There comes nothing positive from such generalization and it shows your short sightedness. Similar to Christianity, there are many different sects in Islam ranging from fanatics to modern. For instance, there is an Islamic Gay community. Instead of criticizing all the Muslims or Islam as religion, it more constructive to criticize the immoral practices in Islam that you correctly mentioned. This way, at least you help to empower the more moderate version of Islam. As an atheist, of course, I don't believe in even the moderate version of Islam or Christianity, however, it is important for the future of the Europe that we try to empower the moderate version of Islam. Don't you agree?
06:57 February 16, 2010 by Uncle
ATT I agree. In regards to not generalizing. I think that the marginal extremism in islam harms everyone a lot more than in any other religion, given also that wherever is islam, is war at this very moment (in broad geographical terms). But I think that we agree on the main points.
08:58 February 16, 2010 by glamshek
Current Music-cum-sex trends and Women rights are the most important area where we do not agree with the West. The irony is that the West wants to speak for the gay rights who would wreak havoc in society by praticing such shameful and un-natural act but it wants to throw the Hijab of a modest woman who does not want to expose her body parts for her own purity of soul or fear of sexual harassment/attraction by men. She wants to protect the honour of her family. Doesn't immoral dressing invite the unwanted looks of a man? Obviously, it provokes advances of lust. This later on ends up either in a rape story or killing or hatred. The West is always blowing its own trumpet.
09:57 February 16, 2010 by ATT

If the anatomy doesn't allow for being gay and if being gay is so unnatural, why there are homosexual animals? If you don't know about it, read here to start with: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals

I know that your first reaction is denial. But you can't deny science since it is based on facts (not on believe like religion). I hope you don't want to be the modern version of who denied Galileo claim that earth goes around sun.

So, since being homosexual is not unnatural, then does this mean God allowed homosexually only for animal and forbid it for humans? Then why did the almightily forget to remove the desire? Was it to just punish small portion of population? Do you think any sane person would choose to be gay in a country like Iran? Or maybe we and animals are the result of evolution and what your Imam has told you is not true?

Have you ever tried to verify the claims of your Imam? If your religion is true, you should not be worried to pass it through some tests, should you? Wake up man. Don't follow anyone. If there is a God, he has gave you a brain. Read for God's sake. You can start by readying God delusion by Richard Dawkins or Breaking the spell by Daniel Dennett.
12:53 February 16, 2010 by glamshek
I think your level is too low. Now I cannot give you lectres on differences of animals and human beings. First raise your level to an acceptable level at least where you can understand something that I say.
13:17 February 16, 2010 by ATT

Didn't you said these?

1. "Gay is given the right to marry when the very human anatomy does not permit it."

2."The irony is that the West wants to speak for the gay rights who would wreak havoc in society by praticing such shameful and un-natural act".

The fact that there are homosexual animals means that

1. There is no problem with anatomy.

2. It is natural.

So, instead of running away from answering defend your position or educate yourself.

And by the way, who has given you the right to decide that something is moral or not? Do you know where the human morality is coming from? I guess you will say God. What about readying a bit about the morality and evolution? Read this for instance: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Evolution_of_Cooperation

Or why is it that regardless of race and religion people answer similarly to moral questions that are not defined by religion. Let me give you a famous example:

Imagine there are 3 people who are dying in the hospital and they need body parts to survive. Is it moral to sacrifice a health human to save these three people? Without needing your Imam or God, you know the answer. The answer of Atheist is similar to Muslim and to Christians. So, maybe the source of morality is not what you think. As I said before, you are need to put aside your pride and start educating yourself.
16:02 February 16, 2010 by glamshek
If the two of these people were robbers and they killed the children and wife of the other one . He can still be saved by the body parts of the 2 mildly injured robbers who killed his wife and children, what would be the scenario? You can expect thousands of different answers but God knows the answer and God is right.
18:29 February 16, 2010 by ATT

My point with that example was not to show that we know the answer to all the problems but to show that there are moral questions which are not as simple as don't lie, don't steal, don't kill, and they are not addressed by religion but we all know the right answer. Therefore, you can not explain the morality by saying its comming from religion.

I think you understood what my point was. But I don't understand why are you trying to defend and undefendable postion? Just because you like something to be ture, it doesn't make it true. If you prefer to keep yourself in dark, suit yourself. All I am trying to do is to show you that there are a lot to learn. The simplified good and evil answers that religion gives are for simple minded people. Don't let yourself to be an instrument in the hand of an Imam or a prist. Grow up.

instead of defending your position with
22:15 February 16, 2010 by glamshek
Throw your dress, this is also the way the animals live.
10:08 February 17, 2010 by ATT

As I said, the simplified good and evil answers that religion gives are for simple minded people which seems to be satisfactory for you. Don't bother to answer.
14:30 March 26, 2010 by mitrap
every time i read local i just get so sad that there is so much racism in swedish people!

first to make clear,these red people are from a really strange opposition group,which i think people in iran rather have the current government than them. They have beein fighting against iran in iraq war! they always fight with any other oppositions. they were throwing stone to other iranian when they have been to the embassy to vote this summer.

i just said these to know that their aggressive behaviour is nothing to do with all iraninan and oppositions.

however,some of u say that people should go back to their countries and have demonstrations,havnt u seen what government has done to them??its not as easy as in sweden! and people who r living here are not on holidays! they are forced to be here,so ,they cant! they just want to show you that this government doesnt represent all iranians,but it seems u have closed ur eyes!
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Here's where it could snow in central Sweden this weekend
Analysis & Opinion
Are we just going to let half the country die?
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6 October

10 useful hjälpverb (The Swedish Teacher) »

"Hej! I think the so-called “hjalpverb” (auxiliary verbs in English) are a good way to get…" READ »


8 July

Editor’s blog, July 8th (The Local Sweden) »

"Hej readers, It has, as always, been a bizarre, serious and hilarious week in Sweden. You…" READ »

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7 reasons you should join Sweden's 'a-kassa'
Angry elk chases Swede up a lamp post
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
The Local Voices
'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
People-watching: October 20th
The Local Voices
A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Swedish for programmers: 'It changed my life'
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
Property of the week: Linnéstaden, Gothenburg
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How to vote absentee from abroad in the US elections
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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'There was no future for me in Turkey'
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
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'There was no future for me in Turkey'
People-watching: October 12th
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
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Last chance to vote absentee in the US elections
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
Property of the week: Triangeln, Malmö
Sweden unveils Europe's first elk hut
People-watching: October 7th-9th
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
Missing rune stone turns up in Sweden
Nobel Prize 2016: Chemistry
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