Anna Lindh widower Bo Holmberg dies

Anna Lindh widower Bo Holmberg dies
Bo Holmberg, the husband of assassinated Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh, has died aged 67.

Bo Holmberg was found dead in his home on Thursday afternoon, according to the Expressen newspaper.

The newspaper had the death confirmed by Anna Lindh’s father. The cause of Holmberg’s death has not been released.

Holmberg had a long career behind him within the Social Democrat party. During his career he served as municipal affairs minister and then as civil affairs minister, as well as occupying a seat in parliament for over ten years.

After he left parliament in 1996 he took the position of governor of the county of Södermanland, a post he held until 2005, when he became a director-general at the Government Offices of Sweden.

Bo Holmberg married Anna Lindh in 1991. The then foreign minster was stabbed to death in September 2003. Holmberg leaves behind two sons, aged 16 and 19.