Smuggler with underpants package bites Swedish customs officer

A suspected drug smuggler, caught with almost 100 grammes of cocaine in his underpants, tried to bite his way out of the clutches of the Swedish customs.

The 41-year-old man consented to accompany customs and excise officials when he was challenged on the platform of Malmö Syd Svågertorp station in southern Sweden in December 2009, according to local newspaper Kvällsposten.

The suspected drug smuggler went as far as to agree to removing his clothing down to his underpants, at which point he refused to undress further, claiming to be shy.

“It looked like he had something very large nestling aside his sexual organ,” a customs official said in a police interview according to the newspaper.

With the search at an uneasy stalemate, the man tried to dispose of a package on the sly, and a wrestling match broke out with customs officials.

As the officer and the minimally clad 41-year-old became embroiled in a tugging match on the floor of the interrogation room, the officer felt the would-be drug smuggler’s teeth bite into his upper arm, the newspaper reports.

After the situation had calmed down customs officials were able to conclude that the package contained almost 100 grammes of cocaine.

The 41-year-old man has now been charged with aggravated smuggling and assaulting an official.

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