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Dope smoker reports psychedelic hash to police

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 22 Feb 2010, 13:05

Published: 22 Feb 2010 13:05 GMT+01:00

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The 26-year-old cannabis connoisseur declared to surprised police officers in the provincial Skåne town of Eslöv that he was not satisfied with the quality of his stash and would like to lodge a complaint, local newspaper Skånskan reported.

The man told officers that his ganja had not delivered the desired effect, leaving him feeling decidedly ill-at-ease and in the midst of a nightmare scenario where his girlfriend resembled a dolphin.

The young dope fiend confirmed to police that he was a regular user of hashish. In his ten years of recreational use of the drug, classified as illegal in Sweden since 1930, he had never experienced such a bad trip, he told the police.

The man thus suspects that his hash could have been laced with a psychedelic substance, such as LSD.

The man told how that as he sucked on his joint, his television began to talk to him and he came to the realisation that his girlfriend was in fact a dolphin.

The whole experience left the man feeling shaken and frightened, the newspaper reported.

Eslöv police told the newspaper that it was unclear if the source of the man's hash supply could face any charges relating to the quality of his product.

"It could possibly be classified as assault, if the hash is found to contain LSD," Mats G Odestål at Eslöv police told Skånskan.

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But either way it is unlikely that the dealer will face any charges as the 26-year-old proved reluctant to divulge the identity of his supplier.

The penalties for crimes involving cannabis and its derivatives in Sweden vary according to how serious the crime is considered to be. Possession of a small amount (under 50 grammes) is considered a minor offence typically punishable with a fine, while dealing generally carries a prison sentence.

Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

14:08 February 22, 2010 by Craptastical



Either this guy is a complete idiot or he has one hell of a sense of humor. I just can't decide.
14:19 February 22, 2010 by Great Scott
Is it April 1st already, my time flys
14:27 February 22, 2010 by Lemon1987
He is been still stoned while he was at police station.
14:29 February 22, 2010 by Prat
Dude was probably still under the influence...
14:43 February 22, 2010 by Blackman_for_Blondes
Hes a good brother....lol we need more like him in sweden honest people wishing to lodge a complaint
14:50 February 22, 2010 by dobermann
This article made my day:) It would be interesting to know in what language his girlfriens was talking then when he saw her as a dophin:)))) It is even more funny than Requiem for a dream :))) Stupid drug addict:)
14:54 February 22, 2010 by Swedesmith
Who do I complain to if my wife resembles a cow???
15:07 February 22, 2010 by calebian22

McDonalds or Burger King.
15:08 February 22, 2010 by Craptastical

You complain to Konsumentverket because the Vikt Väktarna program isn't having the desired effect.
15:38 February 22, 2010 by wifey
Love it!! :-)
15:45 February 22, 2010 by Ingka71
maybe I should start complaining about swedish drivers, who don't pull over when I'm doing a nice average of 140 km/h ,-))
16:47 February 22, 2010 by caradoc
I really like dolphins, does she have nice fins?
17:15 February 22, 2010 by Craptastical

Good question.

Another question that has yet to be answered: Is the guy concerned that she keeps getting caught with tuna?
17:31 February 22, 2010 by Nemesis
This is classic.

Someone should give the guy an IQ test.
17:44 February 22, 2010 by Rick Methven
Someone should give the guy an IQ test

After 10 years of smoking dope it is clear his IQ is ZERO
17:47 February 22, 2010 by eZee.se
Loved this story! Best one of 2010
18:23 February 22, 2010 by foreverblue
Funny how the mainstream news will ONLY report a story on cannabis if it has an anti-drug message.

The truth is that cannabis is so non-harmful that the powers that be have to repeatedly throw this kind of propaganda in our faces to keep us from questioning their authority.

FYI, LSD is also safe, fun, and eye-opening, provided it is used responsibly and at a mild dose.
19:19 February 22, 2010 by johnnyrebel
Why do you think they call it DOPE!
19:22 February 22, 2010 by el dude
Rick Methven, do you really think that 10 years of smoking cannabis will make you brain-dead? I have been smoking it for more than 10 years, and I can honestly say that, um, wait, what was I writing?

lol, just kidding. I actually have excellent short-term memory, and pretty good long-term too. Strangely enough, though, the time before I started smoking pot is kind of blurry.
19:29 February 22, 2010 by pintoflex
Dating dolphins and blaming harmless piece of hash....
20:08 February 22, 2010 by Pando Beach Videos
Either this dude is a real player or he´s bonkers. In any case, bravo for complaining to the police. That´s cool.
22:21 February 22, 2010 by charl
As stupid as this guy is the thing that most annoys me about this one is how the police doesn't realise that there is no way that hashish has any LSD in it. LSD can't be smoked for starters. You'd think the police people in charge of narcotics would know something about the drugs they are tasked with destroying.

Also to the writer: hashish is not weed. Weed is slang for marijuana.
23:55 February 22, 2010 by saucymugwump
I guess now he will be receiving all the "tail" he wants from his girlfriend.

Is that a fin in your pants or are you just glad to see me?
00:10 February 23, 2010 by Miss Kitten

Only someone stoned off their ass would do something like that.

Not unlike this cop who stole confiscated pot and baked it into brownies:

01:10 February 23, 2010 by algo_man
Googles says that LSD leads to creativity..whopsssssssssss.........creation is there in case of 'girl and dolphin'...
09:45 February 23, 2010 by zooeden
I want some of that stash man!!! :D

Agree, must be the best headline for 2010!!!
12:32 February 23, 2010 by Audrian
We can learn from this humoress story. Namely, decriminalization of illicit drugs make it easy to control it spread an carry effective campaign. This man would not have gone to police stations of many other countries and confess his drug use and left free.
16:03 February 23, 2010 by J Jack
Anything that turns your wife into a dolphin sounds promising, i wonder if the police tested it after all.
20:05 February 23, 2010 by meanroy
This is hilarious!

I've been smoking pot for over 50 years.

I had something similar happen 20-30 years ago when I rolled a doob from a tray someone had used to roll up with PCP (popular at the time, though not with me!)

Just the residual powder left in the tray was enough to provide a very strange experience.

So it might be someone had 'spiked' the hash to make it more potent. Who knows with what.

I like it they didn't bust him on the spot though.
20:46 February 23, 2010 by sissygirl
I'm not an expert but I remember when it was popular to put a little LSD in a joint. So I do believe he could have had a spiked doobie.
22:35 February 23, 2010 by feydrautha
LSD is not an active substance when smoked. The only thing that could have possibly been on that hash is PCP. LSD doesn't even cause hallucinations like that without having taken a fairly high dose, of course, he could be an exception, but LSD still can't be smoked.

LSD is only active through oral ingestion or intravenous injection.

Like someone else said, you'd think the cops would know at least the basic facts of the things they are attempting to combat.

It boggles my mind how ignorant/moronic most people are, and how effective misinformation campaigns have proven over the last century. Especially when the truth is so easily discovered. Look at most typical drug schedules and something is immediately fishy. In the United States Marijuana, LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, peyote/mescaline, and 2C-B are all schedule one, the most restrictive classification. All of these substances have been shown repeatedly to be for the most part, extremely safe when used responsibly. In comparison, schedule II includes cocaine, opium, methadone, oxycodone, fentanyl (a strong pure opioid antagonist), methamphetamine and ampthetamine. All of these substances cause horrible phyiscal and psychological dependency, as well as having the potential to cause instant death as a result of overdose or withdrawal.

Excuse me, what is wrong here?
02:26 February 24, 2010 by James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil
I love how the supposedly "neutral" news likes to use words like "dope fiend" to describe a cannabis smoker. "fiend"? How many pot smokers has anyone heard of getting high and starting a bar fight and destroying property? Or robbing someone to get money to buy pot? Selling their car and house for more weed?

Yep, real fiends, no doubt. Real good journalism here, plenty of doubt. Real intelligence in the writers? Sure, if you like lazy, stupid people reporting the news.
08:41 February 24, 2010 by Byggare Bob

fiend has several definitions:

1 a : devil 1 b : demon c : a person of great wickedness or maliciousness

2 : a person extremely devoted to a pursuit or study : fanatic

3 : addict 1

4 : wizard 3

Only one of which as you can see is "negative".

It wouldn't have taken much energy on your part to check that out before you start venting your bile; or perhaps all that hash use has you rooted to the sofa munching choc chip cookies?
09:34 February 24, 2010 by morchad
mmmmmmmmm choc chip cookies
11:44 February 24, 2010 by James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil
Byggare Bob: So are you saying that the use of "fiend" in this story was not intended to be negative? You are an jerk that can't comprehends what he reads. Do your own research dummy, and tell me where even one word I wrote is wrong.

Maybe you don't think "addict" is negative? You don't even comprehend what you write.
11:50 February 24, 2010 by asteriks
this consumer is spoiled brat
12:04 February 24, 2010 by Byggare Bob
The young dope fiend confirmed to police that he was a regular user of hashish. See 2 above.

didn't the writer also describe him as a 26-year-old cannabis connoisseur...See 2 above.

Little paranoia creeping into that warm and cosy sofa perch, perhaps?
12:16 February 25, 2010 by DamnImmigrant
Reality is for those people who cannot handle drugs!
13:35 February 26, 2010 by jjoensuu
well at least the guy is proof of the fact that 10 years of hash smoking affects the brain...considering that he is "dumb" enough to walk to a police station and tell about his drug use...
16:25 February 26, 2010 by tadchem
"You can't fix 'stupid'." - Larry the Cable Guy
17:44 February 26, 2010 by Nimbulo

Since we have no idea whether this guy was as prone to strategic errors prior to his acquaintance w/cannabis, there is no basis for your inference. In particular, a sample size of one proves nothing.
14:25 February 27, 2010 by MichaelZWilliamson
You can't look at the Phish/Dead crowd and say with a straight fact that Marijuana is "harmless." Once stoned, they actually think that crap sounds good.

It's harmless to me, because I don't take it. But it very clearly rots the brains of people who do.

Incidentally, a friend of mine is a professor in medical research, who extracts and tests compounds from marijuana for medical purposes. He's pretty clear that he wouldn't smoke the stuff either, and has biopsies of brains that show how "harmless" it is.
16:57 February 28, 2010 by jjoensuu

Since we have no idea whether this guy was as prone to strategic errors prior to his acquaintance w/cannabis, there is no basis for your inference. In particular, a sample size of one proves nothing.

ok, I sort of expected some reply like that.

On another hand, the following might be related to what the guy went through:

Marijuana Use Can Up Psychosis Risk

SATURDAY, Feb. 27 (HealthDay News) -- Long-term use of marijuana can lead to increased risk of developing hallucinations, delusions and psychosis, a new study shows.

Australian researchers asked nearly 3,100 young adults averaging about 20 years of age about marijuana use. They found that almost 18 percent reported using the drug for three or fewer years, about 16 percent for four to five years, and just over 14 percent for six or more years.

Among the participants, 65 had been diagnosed with a "non-affective psychosis" such as schizophrenia, and 233 had at least one positive item for hallucination on a diagnostic interview conducted for the study.

(full story at: http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/marijuanausecanuppsychosisrisk)
17:13 March 1, 2010 by dmj123
I see articles of this ilk quite regularly. I think the funniest involved a Caifornia couple who call to report a buglary. When they filled out the "losses" list for the police report they included guns, multiple types and amounts of illegal drugs, and what amounted to a pot growing setup. Not sure if they recovered any of it but they did get multiple years in the state pen.
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