Deadly snow storm heading for Sweden

Storm Xynthia, which has claimed several lives in Portugal, Spain and France, will hit southern areas of Sweden on Monday.

Deadly snow storm heading for Sweden

“It will snow up to a decimetre in southern and eastern parts of the country, with brisk winds in Skåne,” said Lisa Frost at the Swedish meteorological agency SMHI to news agency TT.

The agency has issued a class one (on a climbing scale of four) storm warning in eastern areas of central Sweden. The coast of Norrland will also see snowfalls, although somewhat lighter.

Train services will be hit over the coming days. National rail operator SJ will continue to run fewer trains on the Stockholm-Malmö and Stockholm-Gothenburg routes, with high speed X2000 trains from Malmö-Gothenburg suspended completely.

The weekend thaw has prompted snow and ice to fall from roofs across Sweden.

In central Norrköping the emergency services and the police issued warnings for falling snow and ice, but no one is reported to have been injured.

“But that had more to do with luck than anything else. Masses of snow and ice has fallen from roofs in Östergötland today,” Johan Holgersson at Linköping county communication centre told news agency TT.

There were several reports of damaged cars in Stockholm on Sunday as the warmer temperatures and light rain dislodged massive amounts of snow and ice on roofs.

But after the snow cometh the sunshine – a high pressure front with clear weather and above-zero temperatures will follow later in the week.

“As the sun warms the days, there will be slight feeling of spring,” Lisa Frost said.

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So did Sweden beat its all-time temperature record on Thursday? Not quite

Sweden on Thursday came close to beating its 75-year-old temperature record, but fell short by just under one degree with a top temperature of 37.2C.

So did Sweden beat its all-time temperature record on Thursday? Not quite

The village of Målilla in Småland came close to beating the 38C heat record it set in 1947, logging a temperature of 37.2C. 

“It’s the highest temperature recorded in Sweden since 1947,” Mattias Lind, a meteorologist at Sweden’s state forecaster SMHI, told the country’s TT newswire. 


As the punishing heat seen across the rest of Europe briefly rose up to touch Sweden, several cities beat their own records, with Linköping setting a new record with a 36.9C temperature. The city of Jönköping, with 35.3C, recorded the highest temperature since records began in 1858. 

Even the north of Sweden saw the mercury rise above 30C, with Gävle recording a temperature of 33.5C.

Temperatures are forecast to drop significantly on Friday, sinking below 20C across the country on Saturday, with thunder storms expected in many areas.