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Sweden slammed over sexual violence inaction

AFP/The Local · 8 Mar 2010, 06:23

Published: 08 Mar 2010 06:23 GMT+01:00

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"In spite of all the progress towards equality between women and men in many fields in the Nordic societies, when it comes to rape the legal measures are still not adequate," the human rights group said in a report.

"Rape and other forms of sexual violence remain an alarming reality that affects the lives of many thousands of girls and women every year in all Nordic countries," it added.

The report, entitled "Case Closed," said that Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden all suffered from gaps in their legal systems, making it complicated to sufficiently prosecute and punish sex crimes.

Across the region, only a small percentage of rapes are ever reported, and even when they are reported, only a few make it to court, where the acquittal rate is very high, the report showed.

"There is therefore a common cause for concern about the lack of legal protection for victims of rape in the Nordic countries," it said.

In Finland the situation was especially egregious, with only between two and 10 percent of rapes ever reported, compared to 25 percent in Denmark.

In most respects, Finland figured at the bottom of the list when it came to protecting victims' rights, the report said.

"Compared to the other Nordic countries, it is clear that Finland has been slower to reform its legislation on violence against women and rape."

One concern, according to Amnesty, was that instead of following the European Court of Human Rights definition of rape as all non-consensual sexual acts, all four countries allowed the "use of violence or threats of violence define the 'seriousness' (and thus the criminal liability) of rape."

If there is little or no violence involved, Finnish law for instance defines the crime merely as "coercion into sexual intercourse," which is only prosecuted on explicit request from the victim and which is often punishable with mere fines or a few months in prison.

In one case documented in the Amnesty report, a man had forced a woman to have sex in a car park toilet by banging her head against the wall and twisting her arm behind her back.

The prosecutor argued the violence was of a "lesser degree", and the man was sentenced to seven months behind bars for coercion.

By comparison, Amnesty said, Finns who refuse the compulsory military draft face a minimum of six months in prison.

The human rights group also highlighted that in Finland and Denmark, having non-consensual sex with someone who has rendered themselves helpless, through alcohol for instance, is not considered rape.

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This "sends out a message that raping a person who is unable to give her free agreement is a less serious crime than raping a person who is able to resist," Amnesty wrote, insisting this definition of rape rests on "discriminatory gender stereotypes."

The report called on all the Nordic nations to improve protection for victims of sexual crimes, insisting they needed to "ensure that all legal procedures in cases involving crimes of rape and other sexual violence are impartial and fair, and not affected by prejudices or stereotypical notions about female and male sexuality."

This is not the first time the human right group has slammed Sweden on its rape record. The Local reported in April 2009 that the country had been accused by the UN and Amnesty of allowing rapists to "enjoy impunity".

Futhermore an EU study published in the same month showed Sweden at the top of a "European rape league" with 46 incidents reported per 100,000 residents - twice the figure recorded in the UK and four times higher than its Nordic neighbours.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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07:41 March 8, 2010 by Nemesis
I am glad to see this issue raised.

For to long Swedes have been ignoring a major problem in there midst.

Ther is serious problems regarding sexual assault in Sverige that do need to be tackled.

Rape does need to be treated as a serious crime which in Sverige at present it clearly is not.

The police do not take it seriously, neither do the prosecturots, judges, advocats or politicians.
09:28 March 8, 2010 by Mackan2017
Just about how long has it taken them to catch-on to this???
09:32 March 8, 2010 by SarahRF
This is extremely sad. You'd think that as pro-equality as Sweden is, working towards to equality in salary/education/opportunities, that they'd have stringent laws against these kinds of crimes. It's like a person getting all these honourable doctorates at various universities, only to have him say he can't read.

Personally, I would rather have equal justice, where sex crimes are regularly reported and harshly punished, than equal salaries. To me, that's more important. That is true recognition of a woman's value, not some unisex paycheck.
09:36 March 8, 2010 by SarahRF
Oh, and I forgot.... the 70 yr old who slapped a 12 yr old got a rather harsh punishment, considering how little violence was involved. How is it that assault is so serious, whereas rape - sex acquired thru violence, either physically or mentally - is not? It's the same with embezzlement. Or shooting a wolf, for that matter...
09:39 March 8, 2010 by ATT
I am also happy to see this issue raised and I hope this puts pressure on Swedish legal system to make some changes.

Generally, I think the Swedish legal system is not logically coherent when it comes to sex related crimes. For instance, they have the law against paying for sex but a report released in 2009 showed that few actually got prosecuted.

10:01 March 8, 2010 by Siljie
Don't think the swedish system is coherent in general.
10:20 March 8, 2010 by peropaco
I don't see anything changing anytime soon. Swedish legal system suffers from impaired cognitive functioning. The reason the punishments are so laughable; is because the judges, politicians and those responsible to protecting the dignity of those poor rape victims are also bound to commit the same crime themselves. The only way we will see some justice is when the victims and their relatives start taking matters into their own hands. In this case vigilantism is not a bad thing..
10:29 March 8, 2010 by stenhuggaren
would recommend anyone who can, read: Flickan och Skulden by Katarina Wennstam - the situation is so much worse than these stats show.

This is not a result of greater equality it is as a result of resistance to it.
10:29 March 8, 2010 by Siljie
Really Jamis, are we regressing from globalization to closed borders, and why target foreigners?? Swedes don't commit crimes or is this sth else entirely?
10:48 March 8, 2010 by Tennin
I really hope they change the laws, and how they view rape.
10:54 March 8, 2010 by Lukestar1991
The government should be held personally accountable for every incident and so should the scum in other unspeakable countries.
11:03 March 8, 2010 by zircon
The Swedish Legal System makes interesting reading, ut supra.
12:43 March 8, 2010 by here for the summer

The difference between drunk driving and being sexually assaulted while passed out is clear.

1) Getting into a car while drunk is your choice.

2) Having sex while passed out is not your choice. It is the choice of the person not passed out and it is a crime in most other countries. Whether or not the person gave permission before passing out. BTW: Necrophilia is also illegal.

As to the pig status. It is not legal to physically assault someone who behaves as a pig. So why should it be legal to sexually assault?
13:17 March 8, 2010 by Kaethar
But when you are drunk, and don't resist, you can't PROVE you were raped as there is no physical evidence of violence. And then anyone can be accused of rape (if a woman for example regrets sleeping with a man and/or feels she was raped since she was drunk). I am Swedish (and a woman) and I see nothing wrong in the Nordic law. Maybe it's because our society is so equal that we share no stereotypical views of women and how they can do no evil. The fact that violence is a consideration is for PHYSICAL PROOF. Anyone can accuse anyone of rape. Unless they can PROVE it no one should sit behind bars. The other Nordic countries have some of the lowest rape rates in the world. Sweden's are higher and maybe it should be considered why that is - since it's clearly not because of Nordic law.
13:31 March 8, 2010 by Kevin Harris
Sexual crimes are only one area where Sweden's criminal justice system is in disarray. First-time tax offenders often receive longer sentences than violent career criminals. Unfortunately, political interference has warped the law and legal norms, as applied in most countries, have been cast aside to please special interest groups. Crimes which most countries (quite rightly) classify as serious sexual assault are classified here as rapes; presumably to impress feminist voters. Consequently the number of reported "rapes" in Sweden is far higher than elsewhere. The legal system has become confused and inefficient while trying to prosecute these misnamed sexual crimes and has lost the confidence of the people it is supposed to protect (the victims). It will remain that way until there is a normalisation of Sweden's criminal justice system, and crimes are correctly named, prosecuted and sentenced.
14:00 March 8, 2010 by zircon
Sexual crime I (first and last conclusion): showing explicit contempt for... Sexual Crime II: and than explain in a more technical language about the sexual assault. For example: "How far were you sitting or standing from the attacker? You can't tell?! And in terms of seconds, minutes?" To make sex a crime, it has to be on technical ground logical and factual, in terms of a real structure. And Sexual Crime III deals with the act of the crime itself. Isn't this the Swedish way of thinking?
15:39 March 8, 2010 by here for the summer
so .. to the men here. If you or your son passed out at a "friend's house" and another man penetrated them ( the equivalent ) should this be legal ?

The difference here is passed out not just drunk .. here your analogy of driving fits. if you are so drunk you don't know if the person your are sticking it to is passed out or not then it's your fault ..

I'm not in favor of drinking till passed out but I don't think the punishment should be rape for men or women .. There have been a few reported rapes by men on men recently in the Stockholm area ..

@Kaethar .. I'm not an expert here i understand that sex that is not excited ( as in being passed out ) will cause tearing and can be detected in a rape kit .. as seen on TV .. to call this "Nordic" law is wrong. as pointed out here the laws are not uniform ..
16:16 March 8, 2010 by CarlBlack
@here for the summer: the original article is about rendering helpless by alcohol, not passing out. More accurate definitions are really needed, even render helpless is inaccurate. The most common situation is not passing out, but somebody gets so drunk that the next day he/she doesn't remember what happened. And then starts with nonsense about rape although agreed while being drunk - such cases should be excluded from the definition.
16:30 March 8, 2010 by here for the summer
The term rendered helpless is pretty clear to me and the Finish example is also disturbingly clear.

Loss of memory "blackouts" is uncommon and mostly the case with older alcoholics. Not remembering what happened in young adults isn't normal unless you are passed out or drugged ( loss of memory is common with on date rape drug ) which qualifies.

I would say that if an adult male is seriously worried about being charged with rape because he has sex with near passed out women he should rethink his life...
16:42 March 8, 2010 by Kevin Harris
In a civilised country, every person, no matter what their alcoholic condition, should be entitled to the protection of the law.

The problem with these cases is often one of evidence. Usually there are only two witnesses, the accused and the victim. The victim was usually drunk, and often the accused too. The poor judge has to make a life changing decision based on the evidence of a couple of drunks.

Most judges feel these cases do not meet the "beyond reasonable doubt" standard and acquit, they prefer the old legal maxim "Better ten guilty men go free, than an innocent man go to prison." Interestingly, the Nazi legal system had it the otherway around. Once again Swedish polititians are interfering with the law by seeking to alter this sacred legal safeguard in favour of the alleged victim. This will shift the burden of proof onto the accused who may soon have to prove he did not rape, rather than the victim having to proove that he did.
17:20 March 8, 2010 by calebian22
This is a problem in every country, not just Sweden. As someone stated earlier, usually rape involves an accuser and an accused; a he said, she said situation. Unfortunately, an accusation alone is never enough. Additionally, since many rapes are date rape style, there is rarely evidence of excessive violence or even violence. Sadly, lawyers are adept at painting victims as being at fault when overwhelming evidence of violence is lacking.
17:39 March 8, 2010 by Alex Coman
Seem to me you all are going too far. The facts:

Sweden is not Nigeria

The corruption in Sweden is not like that in Russia

Sweden, in that matter at least, is worse than countries like those two above. There s no excuse for the legal system, for the police and for Swedish politicians.
17:59 March 8, 2010 by Jamis
The facts are out there, but with sweden of course they will never be allowed to be in the public eye. Its well known that the majority of rapes and sexual crimes are committed by Foreigners. The suspect is always a "swedish citizen" but if you go to a court where a hearing is held in connection with a sexual crime, the only swedes in there are representing these beasts. I think they should put an end to this type of debate and actually release the stats, which will of course but prove my point!!
19:14 March 8, 2010 by soultraveler3
For the cases that can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt there should be a much harsher penalty here.

However, like others have said, it's often just the accuser and the accused and it's more often than not, hard to tell if 1 or both were really drunk and did something stupid then regretted it or if it was a case where one party took advantage or someone being passed out or near there.

You have to take some responsibilty for yourself as well. Rape is rape no matter if you're sh#tfaced or sober. Having said that though, people need to be smart about the situations théy place themselves in.

If your plan is to go out and binge drink until you pass out, which for alot of swedes that's the plan every weekend, do it at a trusted friends' house, not at some random party or the pub. Rape could still happen but the chances are less if you're around people that care.


I agree with you that crime statistics should be reported 100% of the time. People have the right to know what's going on in their communities and the politicians need to be honest about it. It doesn't matter if it's swedes or "swedish citizens" doing it, the good people in the community should have that knowledge so that crime can be minimized. Different programs might be more useful in deterring one group vs. another.

I'm not sure about your comment that most rapes are committed by foriengers. Most of the time people are raped by people that they know, a friend, family member or acquaintance, not by strangers. Seeing how, that at least here in Sweden, natives don't mix too often with immigrants in social settings your statement may not be true.
20:30 March 8, 2010 by johnnyrebel
My advice to women in general is be careful and dont put your self in compromising positions...especially with strangers.
20:39 March 8, 2010 by peropaco
Jamis, so what you are saying is that those English, French, Italian, Germans,Swiss, Monégasque and Australian blokes are the ones committing all the rapes in Sweden???? How slanderous is that statement!
20:54 March 8, 2010 by Alex Coman

So the police is protecting all these foreigners. The legal system too.

Man, you re way out of it, you don t know what you re talking about.

So Swedish don t like the foreigners, but when they commit crimes like rape, well, they suddenly become more...

You, funny guy!!!
20:55 March 8, 2010 by pintoflex
Want to fight against sex crimes?

Castration (also referred to as: gelding, spaying, neutering, fixing, orchiectomy, oophorectomy) is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which a male loses the functions of the testicles or a female loses the functions of the ovaries. The term "castration" generally refers to males, but may occasionally refer to females.
22:32 March 8, 2010 by Alex Coman
Still looks strange to me, Uncle. Amnesty International can t put immigrants in a bad light, it would be against their policy.

How come the police is not acting furiously against them?

In Romania, where I live, jail really is something to be afraid of. Really.

So, those who commit rape has psychological problem 100%. And those who are not Romanians...man, they know their life as men is in danger if they, somehow, must spend time in jail here for such a crime.
23:07 March 8, 2010 by telzey
Parts of this comment thread are deeply shocking to an American. Especially those who act as though defining "non-consensual" is difficult. Non-consensual sex is sex you didn't, or couldn't, consent to. Simple as that. If you have lost consciousness, you have also lost the ability to consent to anything, much less sex. I don't see why that's so difficult to see. And letting the perceived degree of violence decide the issue is also a very primitive standard to use. If someone is terrified of being subject to violence, they may not require as much explicit violence to force their submission to a sexual act. Yet that act was no less forced, the rape no less rape.

It's very disturbing that these basic issues - long settled in more civilized part of the world - continue to mystify Swedes.
04:59 March 9, 2010 by Greg in Canada
This is a contraversial subject. It also depends so much on definition and how statistics are reported.

Not to minimize the problem but the fact that Amnesty International is concentrating on scandianvian countries rather than other places in the world where this is a genuine serious problem indicates that A.I. is a little off base in their priorities IMHO.
07:38 March 9, 2010 by stenhuggaren
I wonder why Brå crime statistics are only divided up by place of birth. There must be all sorts of relevant dimensions here - class, employment status, home situation etc.

But there is one glaring stat which is no doubt whatsoever - 95% of all violent crimes are committed by men. I wonder why that is - is there some sort of socio-cultural explanation?

So just as most immigrants are not criminals, neither are most men - even if they are over-represented as a group.
09:35 March 9, 2010 by Liquidmonkey
rapists are scum


if the laws were tougher, it would deter many.

why should hard working tax dollars even go to keep this scum alive after conviction?

the trauma faced by rape victims FAR OUTWEIGHS a few months or years in a cushy scandinavian prison the rapist gets.

there have been 2 rapes in örebro the last 2 months and at least 3 reported attempted rapes. its sickening and needs to be dealt with..........YESTERDAY!!!
10:37 March 9, 2010 by Alex Coman

"the trauma faced by rape victims FAR OUTWEIGHS a few months or years in a cushy scandinavian prison the rapist gets."


The victims can be affected with lifelong trauma. Many victims of sexual abuse become persons with lifelong sexual problems which problems can destroy their ability to have a functional family, so husband and kids will suffer...

Many victims of rape commit suicide.

These are facts!


Man, you just show a predisposition to life a dangerous life. Vivere pericolosamente. You just said things nobody are allowed to say. Run for your life! Feminist are now after you!

Or you just can say you really wanted to say that 95% of all inventions are made by women.
11:14 March 9, 2010 by Liquidmonkey

i think you misread or i poorly worded my comments.

i totally agree with you and thats what i was trying to say.

or did u mean 'amen' in a good way?

either way, i think were on the same page ;)

there is a whole lot of THE PUNISHMEN SHOULD FIT THE CRIME talk in law but it rarely seems to be the case in murder / rape / sexual assault which is a real shame.
11:31 March 9, 2010 by Sjayna

So you mean that its my fault, if I get raped after a party, where I (of course dressed like a 'sexy dream') danced 'provocative'? I forgot to make a risk calculation before I went out... Do you also mean that it is my fault that a man can get an illusion that a women only exist to fulfil his 'wishes'?...Maybe we should apply your 'Victim blaming' concept even on other crimes? In that way every victim will be less victim (=partly responsible for the crime) and every guilty person will be less guilty...Interesting..hmm...

In Sweden around 45 % of the convicted are foreigns and ONLY 20 % of the reported rapes resulted in a court trial in 2008, so there are many rapists walking free... For me as a woman its not important,from which country this sick men come from...Foreigners, swedes or utopian people, who cares? Put them in jail and if the perpetrator commit ones more a sexual crime, then chemical/ physical castration.

Unfortunately the view of a rape is still influenced by the perception of norms for women's and men's sexual behaviour and the discriminatory attitudes against drunken women, women from specific countries,homeless women etc are also barriers to better legal protection/law. I am so bored ...As a woman you have to be careful, avoid strangers, drink carefully, avoid outgoing etc. Do I also have to dress me up as a scarecrow, train my dog to kill men and get a firearm permit?! Why do this men exist?
21:27 March 9, 2010 by Alex Coman
There are a lot of victims of sexual assault who never risk anything but, somehow, the criminals finds ways to attack them.

Speaking about stupidity of some women who are heavy drinkers or drug addicted has nothing to do with the real victims of the rapist.

Not to forget, there s a lot of fake claims of rape between those kind of persons. A LOT OF.

Anyway, a rapist must receive a punishment which can fit the dimension of the crime he did.


"As a woman you have to be careful, avoid strangers, drink carefully"

Don t worry, as a man you must be careful too. There s a lot of no go areas in EU towns. Being a man doesn t help much if you go to Barcelona in a Real Madrid T-shirt...
06:59 March 10, 2010 by Uncle
This is just amazing! Looky looky here. A statement about 95% of all criminals is still here, however the insulting statement about 95% Nobel prize domination of men (94,8% to be exact) is removed. I mean is the moderator serious?

This is exactly what I am talking about - Alex. The massive bashing of men as a general group is A-OK! It is totally acceptable and encouraged. However answering to the bashers is a serious offense!

OK. Just to have a comment here.

Men are SoB's who do not want anything, but to rape the smart and free women, who shall not be careful, but free and wild. Men shall be also castrated if there is a shadow of doubt that they never planned to call the next morning and/or the female has any regrets the morning after.

Men shall always post/say whatever the free females deem to be acceptable. Men are also criminals, warmongers and if women would rule the world, there would be peace and love all around the world.

UUff. Hope I satisfied the moderator here .
09:57 March 10, 2010 by pjtaipale
"Not to minimize the problem but the fact that Amnesty International is concentrating on scandianvian countries rather than other places in the world where this is a genuine serious problem indicates that A.I. is a little off base in their priorities IMHO."

Well, they need to appear to be impartial, and that means that they have to point out problems everywhere, not just where the problems are worst. Moreover, you cannot effectively collect NGO funding from rich countries unless you also point out some near-shore problems. I would assume most of AI's private donors are women, so they obviously need to find some new appeal every now and then.

I'm all for preventing sexual violence, but some of the ideas floating around, such as not requiring the same confidence level of proof in sexual crimes as in other crimes, sounds pretty scary. It actually sounds like I could be convicted on loose grounds simply because I am a man, and I think this is totally counter-productive to AI's stated goals.

I'm also rather sceptic about findings like "only between 2 and 10 % of crimes are reported". How do you know?
10:25 March 10, 2010 by stenhuggaren

correction - 96%.

80% of all crimes - http://www.bra.se/extra/pod/?action=pod_show&id=56&module_instance=15

"So just as most immigrants are not criminals, neither are most men - even if they are over-represented as a group."
11:28 March 10, 2010 by svenskdod
It makes me sick to my stomach when I think how lax the punishments are for rape here. It is worse than murder, because the vicim has to live with this for the rest of their lives. Say nothing for the family involved. A country where rapists get treated better than people who lie on their tax returns, it is almost unfathomable.

I would suggest castration, but that would upset the liberal elite. In NY city a few years ago they had convicted rapists pick up trash in the Park, and sent their names to reporters. These reporters than came down and tried to ask them questions.

Up the punishment, up the protection for victims, but more importantly prevention is better than cure. Try to figure out a way to stop these animals from falling into darkness. There has to be a way.
13:34 March 10, 2010 by Roy E
It's astonishing to see how disrespectful and even hostile The Swedish Government and Legal System is to the innocent. It's as though because the situation reflects badly upon them, they choose to believe the problem does not exist at all. It's shameful.

And Sweden is developing an international reputation for this inverted morality. .
20:59 March 10, 2010 by Sjayna
Alex Coman,

A raped woman with drugproblems is not a REAL victim?!!! So its ok to rape a heavily drunken woman. Are you serious?! Have you made research on this subject or is these only your own vague ideas about drug addicted women and sexuall crimes?

I am SURE that there are only few women, who come with false claims. The problem is opposite, the women DON'T report the crimes to police. In Nordic countries surveys and prevalence studies shows that the unreported cases seems to be very high,as in Finland. Why don't the women report? Because they feel ashamed and blame themselves. Why? The negative attituds around them, the view of women's sexual behaviour, how woman should act, talk etc, all these things prevent easily the raped woman to make a report...

Some of the 'talented men' here: Your insinuations and attituds only undermine womens possibility to get better protection...The man who live in the illusion that the revenge wanting women would make a rape report about the men who 'never planned to call'...Haha...sorry, but why would any woman spend time and energy...No man is worth that.

Ungle, unfortunately not you, but your sentences are approaching the 'Holy Truth'.
21:55 March 10, 2010 by Alex Coman

"A raped woman with drug problems is not a REAL victim?!!! So its ok to rape a heavily drunken woman."

I didn t say that. I just said that reality shows us we first must take care of ourselves.

You know:

"Open your eyes girl, and you ll be safer! Think girl! Do not act stupid!"

It is called common sense.

" Some of the 'talented men' here: Your insinuations and attitudes only undermine women possibility to get better protection..."

I hope is not the case, I don t think anyone here want that. Read again what people wrote here.

"The problem is opposite, the women DON'T report the crimes to police."

Correct, I agree with you.

This really is a big problem.

"No man is worth..." Could you say that when you were 18 years old?

I hope your husband don t read what you write here :-)

Please, read what people write here, before you try to say something!

00:08 March 11, 2010 by VickyRoos
This news article does not surprise me at all. I thought that Sweden had a progressive caring policy toward victims of crime. Wrong. It is so far behind the times of other western society in many aspects.

I have had a severe problem with a woman, and I posted it in the discussion section of The Local. From many in that area, I was met with scorn and derision which showed to me the level of understanding, compassion and attitude of those persons. I believe, the husband mentioned in my web page, used his position or company legal people to have the Local remove all discussion and ban me from posting. Of course I can easily create a dozen Gmail addresses, reregister and post again, which is what I am doing right now. So have a look at my page. It is all true, and that upsets these bad people. They believe they have the right to go around hurting others without suffering any consequences. Of course, this points back to the attitude regarding rape etc in Sweden. With people that do not care about others and try to stop them or have the laws changed, it will stay as it is.

00:13 March 11, 2010 by Uncle
Sjayna, I am sure you LOVED my sentences. Feels good eh? Mm, mm

The argument is not about the percentage of women who false report people, but the definition of Amnesty there, that ALLOWS such a reporting. Sweden is a leading country in rape reports in Europe. Not because there are more rape cases, but because of fuzzy definitions and confusion in the legal system.

Some "talented" women here suggested that sometimes the fear could be so strong that woman cooperates w/o any sign of disagreement. This fear could come from simple assumption of the woman that the man dangerous. How is that even in theory provable? "Oh, he was black...so I assumed... better to cooperate..." I mean seriously?

And again - "no man is worth it"... You are just full of yourself, ain't you? You must be some sort of super model with a PhD degree and TV success. Get off the high tree you have climbed on!

Look at the behaviour of 40 y/o unmarried women. Look at the real hunt for rich people. Look at the suicidal 17 y/o with crushed hearts.

I knew women whose sole purpose of life was to find a very specific man and then hold to him, even if he is violent or drunk. In 80% of the world a woman who did not get married early, is a walking dead, who cannot provide for herself and cannot have kids. Sweden is a magical island of happiness for women compared to the rest of the world and that is good, but get into reality mode for a second there.
04:54 March 11, 2010 by johann2340
Amnesty International should better care about political prisoners and not about 'rape' in Northern Europe.

In Western feminist society nobody knows anymore what is rape and what is not. Even judges have problems to find a ruling after days of consultation in certain cases.

No sign of violence. The woman invites him in her own home, both are drunk, have sex, and after some days or even weeks she regrets and is accusing him for rape. - What shall a judge do in this case? A typical he says, she says...

Another problem are false rape allegations, crimes which never took place except in the fantasy of a female who is in a bad mood.

Women are getting away with lenient sentences in case of false rape/sexual harassment accusations or are even free to offer ther sexual services against payment. Only the man who pays for sex, even in case he was drunk and she was not, will be punished - ridiculous.

It is difficult to understand, why only the man should be kept responsible and be punished in case of differences between men and women regarding a sexual relationship.

If women want to be treated as equals, they should also be kept responsible as equals for bad behavior and wrongdoings.
08:52 March 11, 2010 by Alex Coman

Man, please, show a little understanding. Don t be so specific. The truth hurts. Look here: "no man is worth it" - Denial phase

How do you think she could got this ? Well, classics calls this ANABASIS (Xenofon).

" Look at the behaviour of 40 y/o unmarried women"

Some of them are married and still...

19:45 March 11, 2010 by Sjayna
Uncle, Sweden is a leading country in rape reports in Europe, WHY? BECAUSE IN SWEDEN THERE SEEM TO BE A INCREASED WILLINGNESS to report rapes to police. Thanks to the progress of better supporting system, slowly changing attituds etc we will get enormous number of rape cases and MAYBE then the societies,politics take this problem seriously.The FEW false rape reports ( as needles in a haystack) and the 'allowing to come with false claims' are not a excuse to minimize the problem with the lack of much better legal protection system. Try this one: Imagine a person who has been robbed undergoing the same type of cross-questioning that a rape victim have to do. Maybe in that way its easier for you to understand that there are only FEW false reports and even only few real case reports...As you should know its impossible to get fairness down to the last detail, but Sweden/Europe can do MUCH MUCH more to protect their women!...And remember, a person is presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty.

About the women around the world...WHOSE fault is the worldwide situation of women? Millions of women who have to stay with their drunken, violent, imbecile men ...even worse, have to get married with this mentally ill persons! Fortunately this will also be changed, even if slowly.

Alex Coman, the modern young women can easily feel,say,spell: 'No man is worth...' I don't own 'a husband', but anyway, why would he care about the 'NO MAN IS WORTH TO SPEND ENERGY/TIME making a false crime report'. Don't you agree? The truth hurts? Personally I prefer ruthless honesty.

VickyRoos, You hang out one woman, I can hang out thousands of rapists/bad men and they are only from one country... Whats your point?!
21:26 March 11, 2010 by Alex Coman

"Millions of women who have to stay with their drunken, violent," correct, this is a tragedy, but, you follow: "imbecile men" what??? This can be only applied for men??? Is this just a male characteristic? This is where you start to fabulate.

Then is worse to come:" ...even worse, have to get married with this mentally ill persons!" Mentally ill, like depression or hysteric??? :-)

"The modern young women can easily feel,say,spell: 'No man is worth..."

I don t know what to say about this: delusional, or stupidity? Somehow a modern woman is not a woman anymore?

I say: a woman is worthing...

"NO MAN IS WORTH TO SPEND ENERGY/TIME making a false crime report'. "

I agree, but I am a clinic mentally sane male, married, having kids, graduate of 2 univ, and so on. So don t tell me that, tell that to a woman in love.

Somehow you get near to the scientific facts: there are much more men with mental disability than women.

But, if a woman act crazy from time to time, THIS IS NO SIGN OF MENTAL ILLNESS. IN FACT, THIS IS NORMAL.


00:22 March 12, 2010 by Sjayna
Alex Coman,

Notice, these is my definitions in THIS CONTEXT/diskussion ... Imbecile man = a mentally and moraly weak person. A mentally ill man = suffers of behavioural/psychological problems...

The meaning 'No man is worth..' only refers to false crime report...So some men are still qualified for the word 'worth'...

'Crazy' acting woman = A woman with healthy mind signing that something is BADLY wrong. Quite natural and normal behaviour as you wrote. The symptoms are highly recognizable.

'Crazy' acting man = A man with sick health of the mind, the mental processes such as reasoning are defekted. Abnormal behaviour, not easy to recognize.

Ok, I give up...You are right.. There are 'women in love, crying after the man who never planned to call, turning into a rewenge hunting she-wolf'....Many? NO, like needles in a haystack, as I wrote before.
12:04 March 12, 2010 by Alex Coman

Err, 'women in love, crying after the man who never planned to call, turning into a rewenge hunting she-wolf'....Many?

I don t know how many are in that situation.

Not only women, men act stupid as well in that situation.

C mon, you re a post-modern woman, I expected you to say that.

12:52 September 4, 2010 by Finnish guy
I think this is case of bad reporting, at least conserning to Finnish situation. In Finnish law having sex with somebody that has passed out is a crime although it may not be called rape. If the perpertrator has caused the victim to pass out, it is called rape, otherwise it is sexual abuse.

In fact Finnish law didn't even have crime called rape until few years ago. The law had a crime called forced intercourse which in ordinary language was usually called as a rape. When the law changed few years back the idea was to modernize the language by calling it rape and to have three types rapes (mild, normal and aggrevated rape) defined in similar way as many other crimes are defined with three versions. Some women organizations opposed this strongly by emotionally appealing and saying that there is no such thing as mild rape and for this reason the mild rape was replaced with a crime which was called different name, to please the women -- and which caused this mess.

But I think that women organizations use rape and violence againsts women as some kind of politic weapon by exaggerating the effects, belittling the role of women as aggressors and by having double standards. For example, if man and woman have sex and both are equally intoxinated, they think man should be convicted of rape if woman regrets afterwards -- but if man regrets afterwards, woman should not be convicted of rape.
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