Children’s rights worker charged with abuse

A man working with authorities in matters of children’s rights and family values in Borås, south west Sweden, has been charged with physically abusing his two daughters.

One of the daughters told police that she was five years old when the beatings began. She explained how her father hit the pair heavy-handedly with a slipper and caned them.

The abuse is alleged to have happened numerous times over a period of years.

The other daughter was thought to be too young to be subjected to in-depth questioning by police.

The accused father has worked for the local Borås council and other authorities in children’s rights issues and questions of family values. He is therefore fully aware of the law in Sweden, which forbids parents from smacking their children.

On Friday, the 45-year-old was formally charged with abusing his two daughters but defended his actions.

He admits to hitting one of his daughters on numerous occasions but insists they were necessary acts of discipline.

The mother of the two girls has also been charged on similar counts.

Authorities in Borås first raised the alarm to the police surrounding the suspected abuse.

According to the Borås Tidning newspaper, the oldest daughters explained how the abused unfolded.

“My sister and I were beaten if we had done something naughty,” she said during police questioning.

“First, out mum told us off and then if we didn’t listen she came back with a slipper and hit us on our bottom and hands.”

In a letter to the police the parents attempted to explain their actions and nature of raising their children.

The two reportedly said had stopped smacking their children but that they “need other tools to continue to bring their children up in a proper manner.”

As a consequence, the two were investigated which resulted in official charges brought against them on Friday.